Lizzy Gets Burned

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: His sister fucked over him and he got even.

"Let me in damn it" she hollered as she beat on my bedroom door.

"Go away" I yelled back.

"Open this door you little fucking pervert or I'll tell mom what a sicko you are."

"You won't tell her shit because if you do I'll tell her what you were doing and then let her decide who the real sicko is."

"Come on Bobby, open the door, we need to talk."

Liz was my older sister. We shared the same birthday, but were four years apart in age. How mom managed it I'll never know, but Liz was born on October 29th at 6:14 AM and I was born on October 29th at 6:29 AM.

My sister Elizabeth was, for the sake of truth and honesty here, a tramp. If she wasn't my sister I'd call her a round-heeled slut or a whore, but she is family and tramp doesn't sound as bad as slut or whore. Our current situation came about as a result of my sister's round heeledness and my current (or most probably ex) girlfriends lack of the same trait.

I'd been working on getting into Gloria's pants for almost six months and on each date she would get to within a cunt hair of giving in and then shut me down. I began to see her as a lost cause and I began to pull back. I dated her less and less and began looking for another girl who might be receptive to playing 'bury the bone.'

There was a party that Gloria desperately wanted to go to that night, but she couldn't go alone and I hadn't asked her to go with me. Since all the other guys knew she was my girl they stayed away from her so none of them had asked her to the party. She decided that the best way to handle it was to call me and ask me what time I was going to pick her up. I don't know whether she thought I'd think I'd asked her and then forgot or if she was assuming that since she was 'my girl' it was a foregone conclusion that we would go together.

I told her flat out that I was looking for some other girl to take to the party, someone more in tune with how I thought a date should go. Gloria then led me to believe that this would be the night she would give in. Being weak minded and with visions of pussy dancing in my head I told her I would see her at seven. To make a long story short I picked her up at seven, went to the party and then got in an argument with her, told her to piss off and then I went home.

At the house Liz, secure in the knowledge that mom and dad had gone out of town for the weekend to attend a wedding, and assuming that they had taken me with them, went about using the house as if she were alone. I got home at nine-thirty and as I walked in the front door I heard:

"Oh yes, oh God yes" from the upstairs.

I knew what was going on, but it didn't concern me so I ignored it and headed for my room. When I reached the top of the steps I was surprised to find that the noise was coming from mom and dad's bedroom. I had to pass their room to get to mine and since the door was open I looked in. On my parent's bed, naked and flat on her back was my sister Liz. There was a guy between her legs pounding her pussy and two more standing next to the bed stroking themselves while they watched and waited their turn.

I knew Liz was a tramp [, but I hadn't known how big a tramp. The reason I knew she was a tramp was because everyone else knew it and they talked about it and I overheard the talk.

When Liz was eighteen she was engaged to be married and the night of her fiancée's bachelor party Liz went out with some girlfriends. It was her bad luck that her fiancée and his buddies left the apartment where the bachelor party was being held and went to the bar where Liz and her girlfriends were partying. Gary got there just in time to see Liz leave the bar with some guy and get in a car with him. They got in the backseat and when Gary walked over Liz already had the guys cock out and was taking it in her mouth.

Gary knew the guy and he knew that the guy knew Liz was his intended, but the guy was going to fuck her anyway and that pissed Gary off. He opened the door, grabbed a handful of Liz's hair and jerked her out of the car and then he pulled the guy out and stomped the shit out of him. The entire time Liz was wailing:

"It's not what you think; I can explain baby, I can explain."

She couldn't of course, not that Gary ever heard her explanation. He spit on her, walked away and never spoke to her again.

Two years later she got married and four months into the marriage her husband lost a finger at work, went to the emergency room at the hospital and as a result of the injury he came home three hours early. He let himself into the apartment and caught Liz fucking the landlord. Turned out that she was pocketing the rent money for spending money and fucking the landlord to keep a roof over their heads. After Joe moved out she couldn't find a job that paid enough to support herself so she begged mom and dad to let her move back in. They told her that she could, but she was told that she could never bring a man into the house and now here she was with three of them and on mom and dad's bed at that.

None of the four noticed me and I stood there and watched for maybe thirty or forty seconds and just as I was going to head for my room one of the guys standing next to the bed said:

"Fuck this shit. She's got two more holes. I'll take her ass and you can have her mouth and then we can switch" and he climbed on the bed.

"Fuck" I thought, "I've got to see this" and I moved out of the doorway so they wouldn't see me as they moved around. I stood off to the side behind the wall and listened.

"Roll her over Deke and get her on top of you."

Sounds of movement and then Liz asked, "What are you doing?"

"We gonna make you airtight sugar dumpling."

"Oh no, I don... glmph oomph."

Laughter and then, "Well, that's sure one way to shut her up. Be careful she don't bite your dick off when I drive it up her dirt road."

"Moogph oooog blpth."

"Stop squirming sweetie."


"God she's tight. Must not do much ass fucking. Relax honey bunch, just relax. You gonna like this, I promise."

I waited another minute and then I looked around the doorframe. All three were plugged in and were battering Liz between them. The guy in her ass said:

"I think she's getting the hang of it" and he stopped pushing. Sure as shit, when he stopped Lizzy started pushing her ass back at him. The man laughed and parodied that old cereal commercial, "She likes it, Lizzy likes it" and he laughed and started banging her again.

A minute or so later the man in Liz's mouth said, "Here it comes sweet cheeks" and he grabbed the back of her head and held it while he pushed his cock down her throat. When he pulled out of her mouth he looked up and saw me.

"Hey sweet cheeks, looks like you have a fan club."

Liz looked over her shoulder and saw me standing there, and not just standing there - somewhere along the way, and without even being aware that I'd done it - I had freed my dick from the confines of my jeans and I was standing there stroking it.

Liz cried out, "Oh God, not him. He's not supposed to be here."

That broke the spell and I turned and beat feet for my room. As I fled down the hall I heard Liz crying:

"He's gonna tell. Oh God I'm gonna get thrown out. Oh fuck, why me? Why does this shit always happen to me? You guys have to go. I have to stop him. You need to leave now."

While she was saying that the men were talking. One was saying, "Bullshit sugar dumpling, I ain't cum yet." Another one said, "Forget it sweetie, you're already busted. No sense in stopping now" and the third guy was saying, "I ain't leaving until I cum in your butt." Then one of them said, "When were done here we'll go talk to the boy. We'll make him see reason, right boys?" The other two chimed in with, "You bet Deke" and "Damned right bud."

I got to my room, locked the door and then propped a chair under the doorknob. That done, I debated going out the window and getting away from the house, but then I realized that the drop from the second floor window would probably fuck me up worse than those three guys would. I took several deep breaths and got myself under control. They couldn't do anything to me! If they kicked down the door I'd have to tell mom and dad what happened to it and why. Same if they beat me up. But I still left the door locked and the chair jammed under the knob.

It was maybe an hour later when I heard them come out of my parent's bedroom telling Liz they would call her in a day or so. I heard the front door open and then close and I went to my bedroom window and watched as the three of them got in a car and drove away. It wasn't but about sixty seconds after that when Elisabeth tried the door handle, found it locked and started banging on the door.

"Come on Bobby, open the door. We need to talk."

"No Liz, I don't need to talk to you. Just go away and leave me alone."

"Open this fucking door you little creep!"

Well that was certainly the way to go about getting me to respond so I shut up and let her beat on the door until she got tired and went to her room.

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