Henry And Janice

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He played around with another man's wife and the other man didn't like it.

Henry spent most of the day at work wanting to go to the bathroom and beat his meat. Just the thought of Janice waiting for him at the motel kept him hard. She was the best piece of pussy he'd ever had and he had gotten her because of an off-handed remark. Janice and Doug were his next door neighbors and Janice had invited him over to a party she was throwing to celebrate Doug's birthday. He had wandered around talking to the few people he knew, mostly neighbors, and in general looking at the women and wishing he had one. His wife had split for parts unknown with a guy she had met in an aerobics class and he hadn't been laid in three months. He was leaning against a wall, sipping a drink and looking at a sexy looking redhead when Janice had come up to him.

"Careful neighbor, that look could melt the poor girl."

Without realizing what he was saying he had smiled and said, "Then I guess I'd just have to lick her up."

Janice had giggled and then had said, "Does that mean you are into oral sex?"

He had smiled back at her and had replied, "Isn't everybody?"

Janice's smile had faded a touch and an expression he couldn't read had crossed her face. She took a sip of her drink, shrugged her shoulders and said, "No, not really" and she had walked away.

Three days later he had been sitting on his patio soaking up sun and sipping a cold beer when Janice had come walking into his yard.

"Hey neighbor, spare a cold one for a thirsty girl?"

He had opened the cooler sitting next to his lawn chair, pulled out a Coor's Light and had handed it to her. She pulled up a lawn chair and sat down beside him and they had sipped their beer and watched the humming birds flit through the flowerbeds. Then Janice had cleared her throat and asked, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Yeah, but I don't promise to answer it."

"What is your position on oral sex?"

He had known what she was asking, but he grinned and said, "As far as getting is concerned I think I would prefer sitting here like this so I could just lean back and enjoy. Giving, I'd have to say any position that was easy on my knees."

Janice had blushed and then she had said, "I guess I phrased that wrong. What I was getting at was how you really felt about oral sex. All through high school and college I would hear guys say things like, "She could set on my face anytime" or they would say, "I would sure like to eat that," but when push came to shove none of them would do it. Is that common? Do guys just like to talk about it, but never do it?"

"What does Doug say about it?"

"He thinks it is disgusting and he won't talk about it."

"I don't know what to tell you Jan. Some guys do and some guys don't."

"Do you?"

"Every chance I get."

Nothing more was said on the subject and when Janice had finished her beer she had gotten up and had gone home to start Doug's dinner.

A week went by and then on a Saturday afternoon while Henry was lying on an air mattress in his back yard working on his tan Janice came over. She was wearing a bikini and carrying a 12 pack of Bud.

"I figured it was my turn to furnish the beer. Doug has gone fishing and won't be back until sometime tomorrow and I wanted some company. Hope you don't mind my imposing on you."

"Not at all. Just plop yourself down and help yourself to some of my sun."

Janice spread a towel and lay down next to Henry and for the next hour they made small talk, drank beer and rotated their bodies to toast all parts equally. When the 12 pack was gone Henry had suggested they move to the hot tub and on the way Henry had gotten more beer from the kitchen. They were on their second beer in the hot tub when Janice said, "Are you going to make me do it all?"

"Do what?"

"Use your imagination Henry. I bring beer to get you in a good mood, I wear my skimpiest bikini to show you damn near all of me and then tell you Doug is gone for the weekend. Doesn't anything come to mind?"

"Until just this second, no."

"Why not? You don't like the package?"

"No no, the package is just fine — great in fact — it is just that I haven't thought in those terms since Denise left."

"Why? Denise left, but you didn't die."

"I can't explain it. I'm just not comfortable around most women anymore because I can't figure out what is wrong with me."

"Why do you think that there is something wrong with you?"

"Why else would Denise have left? We had a great marriage — at least I thought we did — and I loved her and I was sure she loved me. Our sex life was great and there was no indication of any unhappiness or dissatisfaction with me at all. We celebrated our eighth anniversary three days before she took off. She gave me a fifteen hundred-dollar Rolex with "Love you forever" engraved on the back for an anniversary present. The morning of the day she left I woke up with her wrapped all around me and I listened to her tell me how glad she was that she was mine and how much she loved to wake up and be held by me. Ten hours later I came home to an empty house. How could I not feel that there was something wrong with me?"

"So, what you are telling me is that I'm going to have to do all the work and make the major move. Okay, I can do that."

Janice got up from where she was sitting and moved next to Henry. She dropped her hand to where his cock rested under his bathing suit and squeezed, "Still think that there is something wrong with you?"

"Why are you doing this? I always thought you and Doug were happy together."

"We are, but there is something I want that he won't give me and since I think you will and he is out of town I decided to go for it."

"Go for what?"

"I've wanted to have my pussy eaten ever since I was in high school, but no guy ever would. They sure didn't mind trying to get me to give them head, but they wouldn't even consider doing me. Doug is the same way. He would love it if I gave him head all day, but he flat out refuses to eat my pussy. He says the smell turns his stomach. Last week you told me that you eat pussy every chance you get so here I am throwing myself at you."

"That's it? You just want some oral sex?"

"One time I want to see what it is like."

"And you won't ever tell Doug?"

"No, he will never know. It may be my only chance Henry. I might never have this opportunity again."

Henry stood up, offered his hand to Janice, and led her to his bedroom.

Henry and Janice took off their swimsuits and dried each other off with towels and then Henry had Janice sit right on the edge of the bed, lie down, and spread her legs. With a finger her stroked the cleft formed by her pussy lips. With each stroke he went in a little deeper until he found the 'little man in the boat' and then he used a finger to start working on it. When Janice emitted a low moan and pushed her pussy at him he removed his fingers and lowered his head. Using his tongue the same way he had used his fingers he began working on Janice. She responded by arching her back and pushing her sex at him while she gave out several sharp little cries. Her hands found his head and while she didn't grab him hard and pull him against her she left him in no doubt that she did not want him to stop. After several minutes she began a moan that started out low and quickly rose to a loud, "Oh my God, oh God, oh God" and then she screamed and her body trembled as she had a climax. Henry kept working on her box until he felt her relax and then he pulled back from her and stood up.

Janice was breathing hard and she looked up at him, "Sweet Jesus was that good. I almost hate Doug for never doing that for me." Her eyes moved to Henry's hard cock and she said, "I'm sorry. In my eagerness to have the experience I didn't even think about what it would do to you." She raised her eyes to his face and after a moment's silence she said, "I don't want to be unfaithful to Doug. I know that sounds silly considering what we have just done, but somehow that didn't seem like cheating. It is something that he refuses to do and you didn't put your cock in me." Her eyes dropped back to his hard on. "I shouldn't do this, but fair is fair" and she patted the bed next to her.

Henry took the invitation and lay down next to her on the bed.

"All I can do for you is a hand job. I really shouldn't even do that, but I can't go home and leave you like that."

She reached over and took hold of his cock and began stroking him. After several moments her other hand cupped his balls and she gently kneaded them as she jacked him off. She felt the cock throb in her hand and she had the sudden urge to lower her head and take him in her mouth, but she knew that would be wrong. She had already gone way too far, but as long as she kept Henry's cock out of her body she could still say, at least in her own mind, that she hadn't cheated on her husband. She glanced at Henry and saw him looking at her with a strange look on his face. He wants me to fuck him she thought. He hasn't been laid since that bitch Denise broke it off in him and he expected that he would fuck me after he finished eating me. Her mind was roiling with thoughts:

-She wasn't being fair to him.

  • He had given her what she had wanted, shouldn't she give him what he needed?

  • I love Doug and so far I haven't cheated on him.

  • What did you expect? You came over here today like a brazen slut and you knew that you would fuck Henry if that's what it took to get your pussy eaten.

  • It's Doug's fault. If he would have taken care of me I wouldn't be here.

  • I loved being eaten and it may never happen again if I don't please Henry.

It was the last thought that got to her. She wanted it to happen again — she needed it to happen again — and so, with an inner cry of anguish, she let go of Henry's cock and moved over him. She used her right hand to guide him into her and then she gave herself over to him.

Janice was hooked. Three hours on Henry's bed and she was hooked. She couldn't believe how quickly she had turned into an absolute slut. What had started out as a simple hand job had turned into the strongest session of sex she had ever experienced. She had started out worrying about being unfaithful to Doug and had ended up not even thinking about him at all. When she had lowered herself onto Henry's cock he had taken over. He fucked her and when he came he had pushed her off him and then had rolled over into the sixty-nine position and had gone down on her cum filled pussy. His cock had been dangling over her face and she has stared at it for several seconds before bowing to the inevitable and taking it in her mouth. She couldn't believe how erotic she felt when Henry sucked his cum out of her pussy; it was a sexual high the likes of which she had never before experienced. The sixty-nine had the expected result on Henry's cock and when he was hard he mounted her and fucked her again. The second time he had taken it slow to allow her body time to gradually rise to the level of orgasm and then he had pounded her hard until she had cum for the third time that night. As soon as he had spit his seed into he had pulled out and moved into a sixty-nine again and buried his face in her cunt. That time there was no hesitation on her part and she quickly captured his cock with her mouth and avidly sucked on it.

Henry ate her to another climax and then he had pulled out of her mouth and had gotten her on her hands and knees. She was expecting him to fuck her doggie fashion, but when his cock began to poke at her asshole she realized that he was planning on corn hole her. Janice did not like anal sex and after the first few times she had refused to let Doug fuck her in her ass, but she didn't say a word to Henry when she felt his cock head start to push into her ass. After all the orgasms he had given her she would deny him nothing. She surprised herself when she pushed her ass back at Henry and she bit her lip to keep from crying out at the pain she felt as his cock split her open. Henry took his time as he slowly stroked into her and after a minute or so the pain subsided and was replaced by a feeling that wasn't all that unpleasant. Another minute went by and she felt something begin to build in her and then suddenly she was shoving her ass back at Henry trying to get as much of his cock in her ass as she could. Thirty seconds later she had another tremendous orgasm as Henry spilled another load of his cum in her and then she had fallen forward onto the bed as sexually satisfied as she had never been before.

The two of them had lain next to each other for several minutes, each with their own thoughts, when suddenly Janice had sat up. "I need to get home so that I can be there in case Doug calls."

"Want me to come along? The night is still young."

For a moment Janice considered saying yes as she thought of how erotic it would be to have Henry's cock in her while she was talking to Doug, but then she had a sudden attack of guilt. She had given what was Doug's to Henry and somehow she felt that letting Henry fuck her in Doug's house and on Doug's bed would truly damn her. She didn't say that to Henry though, what she said was, "No, I don't think so. I crossed some kind of threshold here tonight and now I have to go home and think about it."

"I guess I can understand that. Next time will you wear high heels and nylons?"

"Next time?" Janice had never really considered that there would be a next time. She had only wanted to do it once to see what it was like. "I don't think that there will be a next time Henry."

"Of course there will be. You loved it and sooner or later you will want to do it again and if you can't get Doug to do it you will try to find someone else. All I'm asking is that if you chose me you wear heels and hose."

No, Janice thought, there won't be a next time. The actions of the day had been a major mistake, an extremely enjoyable mistake, but a major mistake all the same. She loved Doug and she would find some way to make it up to him even though he would never know. And that is what she was still telling herself the next morning as she walked up the front steps onto Henry's porch. When Henry answered the doorbell she had opened the long raincoat she was wearing to show that all she had on underneath was high heels and nylon stockings. "You like?" she asked as he smiled and stepped aside to let her in.

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