by juanwildone

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Just when you think you have the neighbors figured out - things go off in a completely different direction.

I sat quietly. Contrite.

My husband Bill stalked back and forth in front of me. Seething.

He had every right to be angry. I couldn't imagine him (I didn't want to imagine him) anymore angry than he was right now. I don't know what angered him more: the red welts across my ass, my cum splattered breasts, or my inability to explain any of it.

Earlier today I was baking for Bill's birthday. He loves chocolate chip cookies. I was surprised to discover that I was out of sugar, so I headed next door to Beth and Mike's. In the year since they moved in next-door, Beth and I have become fast friends - we talk about everything - and we have that kind of "open door" policy good friends and neighbors often have. We talk about everything including sex. Lately - especially sex. I thought I had a fairly complete understanding of Beth and Mike's sex life.

I didn't.

I crossed into their backyard and walked right to their kitchen door. I didn't knock; I simply opened the door and walked right on in. That's when I saw them.

They were bent over the kitchen table.

Well actually Mike was the one bent over the table. Beth was bent over Mike fucking him hard, really hard. She was wearing huge strap-on dildo that looked more like the business end of a baseball. A loud slap-slap-slap thundered in the room as hip met butt and the dildo disappeared into Mike's ass again and again and again.

The strangest thought entered my mind, I wondered how long it would take Mike's asshole to return to normal after Beth was done fucking him. Strange — huh?

I should have left right then - they would never have noticed that was ever there. Even if they did notice - a quick "excuse me" and hasty retreat would have been better than what I did. I did nothing. I stood there and watched.

Okay, I didn't exactly do nothing. I touched myself. I pushed my hand into my shorts, under the elastic of my panties and into the unexpected wetness of my cunt. I touched myself to the rhythm of Beth's brutal fucking of Mike's rectum.

When Beth grabbed Mike by his hair and pulled him upright I tilted my own head back — though I could still see them. He cried out as he rose up off the table and for the first time I looked at his cock. It was hard and glistening. A thread of clear fluid stretched from the tip of his cock to the table. I clearly remember observing that Mike's cock seemed about the same size as Bill's.

I watched his cum shot out onto the table. It was only when Beth disengaged from his ass with a loud pop that I made my presence known.

I watched in fascination at the way Mike's rectum remained open after Beth's withdrawal. That's when I came — loudly - my knees buckling beneath me sliding into a heap on the floor.

I returned home - clothes in hand, cum splattered breasts, and whip marks across my ass. Bill was waiting for me. If only I had returned a few minutes earlier.

I should have been crying. I should have been begging for forgiveness. I should have been able to express some form or manner of coherent reason and explanation - some plea for understanding. Except I couldn't understand what had happened.

"I can't explain it," I said to Bill.

"Don't you move until I get back!", Bill warned. He stormed out of the house.

At least I finally had some quiet time to think. I sat down and tried to understand what had happened.

I've always had a very imaginative fantasy sex life. But my fantasies had always been just that. But today, I had nothing that could explain today.

I could still see Beth walking toward me, that dildo pointing right at me. I was unable to resist, let alone run home. She took my hand and led me to the table Mike had just cum all over. I barely registered my ankles being tied to the table legs. It was only when my breasts made contact with the sticky, cool cum on the table top that I realized I was completely naked — when had that happened?.

To say I was shocked when I felt Beth's tongue pierce my cunt would be an understatement. I had never even kissed another woman in anything remotely sexual. No less surprising was Mike pushing his cock into my mouth. I struggled against that until Beth started whipping my ass - with what I didn't know.

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