Ad Ostra

by Rajah Dodger

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Desc: Sex Story: Spying on his best friend's mom puts a young man in a delicate position


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My folks both had to go out of town on respective business conferences, and rather than leave me in the house by myself (even though I'm really old enough to manage) they asked me to find someone to stay with. I thought of Jeb; while he and I aren't exactly best friends, we've kind of knocked around together since getting into high school. We're both bookish types, and we both like science fiction, so he seemed like a reasonable guy to ask to bunk with for a week. I talked with him at school, and he checked with his mother later and called to let me know it would be cool.

Mrs. Ostra, that's Jeb's mom, is nice. She's maybe in her mid-forties, a little older than my mother, but still attractive in that way some mature women have. I don't know what happened to Mr. Ostra, Jeb never talks about him and it didn't seem polite for me to ask. When my folks dropped me off, she came out to meet them and discuss house rules. She's pretty strict with Jeb -- he has to be in bed by 9, and he doesn't have free run of the internet the way I do at home. But she said it would be okay for me to go by my parents' rules while I was staying at her house.

Jeb and his mom have a nice two-story house, with bedrooms up on the second floor either side of a long hallway. I wound up in Jeb's sister's room since she was off in college. It was okay, other than being all in pink, and had a nice bay window overlooking the front yard. There was a study across the hall with a nice collection of biographies and fiction; that's where they kept the computer for the kids to use. Jeb's room was right next to mine -- I mean his sister's -- and a shared bathroom connected the two. Way down at the end of the hall was the master bedroom. His mom made it clear that her end of the hall was off limits but that I had pretty much the run of the house otherwise.

Outside of not having my folks around, staying with Jeb and his mom was a lot like being at home. Get up in the morning, have breakfast, brush teeth, off to school after a big hug and pat from Jeb's mom. Come home, study, eat dinner, watch some TV if the homework is done, and off to bed. Jeb had to go to bed about an hour before I did, and his mom pretty much left me alone in the evening. I used their computer, checked in with my IM friends, and did the normal teenage guy stuff. The weekend was really fun -- his mother took us both out to the baseball game. Jeb went out Saturday night on a date, but otherwise we were together just like brothers.

Monday morning Jeb didn't come down for breakfast. When I asked his mom about it, she told me he was "indisposed" and wouldn't be attending school. She gave me a note to give to the attendance office, then gave me the usual big morning hug and pat on the bottom, and sent me on my way. When I got to school though, the staff was sending everybody back home -- a construction crew had sliced open the water main so the bathrooms were out of order. I shrugged my shoulders, turned around, and came back to the house. I came in through the back door and got a glass of milk from the kitchen.

While I was drinking, I heard what sounded like raised voices coming from upstairs. Curious, I set my glass down and went through the living room to the stairwell. I couldn't make out the words, but it sounded like Mrs. Ostra was really angry about something. I didn't mean to pry, but Jeb was like my best friend, so I padded quietly up the stairs to the landing. At the top I peeked carefully around the corner; the commotion was coming from the master bedroom. Slipping my shoes off, I tiptoed down the carpeted hall. When I got to Jeb's room, the door was open and I noticed that his room was empty and the bed looked freshly made.

I went on more slowly now as I got close to the end of the hall. The door on the master bedroom was open a crack, and I had to get right up to the opening before I could make out the conversation. Mrs. Ostra was really ticked off at Jeb, and just because he had a friend staying in the house didn't mean he was allowed to skip his duties. He was still part of a family, and he was going to meet those responsibilities. I didn't know what he had forgotten to do, but it must have been something really important.

That's when I first heard the slapping sound, followed by a low-pitched moan. I couldn't believe it -- was Jeb's mom still spanking him at his age? I had to look. When I edged the door open a hair more, I still couldn't see anything directly but there was a mirror over the vanity at the rear wall which gave me a view of the room.

Oh. My. Gawd... Jeb's mother was standing in the middle of the room, stark naked, all long strong legs, long auburn hair down to the middle of her back, and a fine full ass (especially for a woman her age). When she turned around I saw her breasts. For-real woman's breasts all right, wide and big with dark nipples and all swinging heavily as she swung her hand around and down. I heard the slapping sound again, but I couldn't see Jeb from my position. She was alternating heavy-sounding spanks with biting comments that were still not completely clear -- something about his being the man of the house since his dad left, and something else about a girl and protecting the family's property.

Right then the phone rang, and I almost jumped out of my skin. Mrs. Ostra turned aside to answer it, and I finally had a glimpse of Jeb. At least, it had to be Jeb, although all I could see was two legs dangling down off the foot of the bed, and a rock-hard cock sticking up quivering over a pair of baby-smooth balls. Big ones, too. I'd seen Jeb in the school showers at PE class, but I'd never really noticed just how big his equipment was. I stood there with my mouth hanging open until his mother's conversation finally penetrated into my brain. "Water main? And you're just now telling me? No, no, I'm sure he'll be getting back home any time now."

Oh shit! I was in for it now... I turned and half-tiptoed half-scampered down the hall, swinging around the corner at the landing and almost falling down the stairs in my rush to get back to the kitchen. I must have set the world's record for fixing a sandwich so it would look like I'd been innocently downstairs all this time, ripping it in half and burying one half in the trash. I was busily chewing on the rest of the sandwich when she showed up a few minutes later. She was wearing a suspicious look and a light weight dressing gown that did nothing to hide the curves of her breasts. I gave her my best innocent face, trying to keep my eyes above her shoulders. "Hi, Mrs. O, there was a problem at school and they sent us all home. I guess Jeb won't miss any classes after all." I indicated my sandwich and continued, "I was hungry so I fixed myself a snack. I'm sorry, I guess I should have called up to let you know I was back. How's Jeb doing, by the way?"

She just stood in the doorway and regarded me, kind of like you'd look at something peculiar on your dinner plate. I couldn't help thinking about what I'd seen upstairs; I was getting an erection for sure, but at least the table hid it. Finally, she spoke. "You know, Jimmy, you look a little flushed. Are you sure you're all right? I wouldn't want two boys getting sick on me at the same time." She crossed the kitchen to where I was sitting, and stood behind me to feel my forehead with her cool palms. She was leaning against me, and I could feel the pillowy weight of her breasts cradling the back of my head. "You're sweating, sweetheart!" I mumbled something about having jogged back from school, but she wasn't buying it. She went to the pantry and came back with two blue pills in her hand. "Take these," she said in a tone that brooked no argument. They were bitter, but the milk washed away most of the taste. "Finish your snack and get up to bed, young man. You don't want to miss any more school, and I don't want to have to call your parents to look after you!"

She left me alone then, and I managed to finish the sandwich. Thankfully I made it up to my room without running into her. I did notice that the door to the master bedroom appeared solidly closed now, and Jeb's room was still empty. I ran into the bathroom to relieve my erection, and after flushing and washing my hands grabbed a math book and flopped down on the bed, trying to figure out what it all meant. Obviously there was something going on in Jeb's house that he'd never mentioned to me.

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