Francine Pulls a Train

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: She changed when they got married, but as far as he was concerned the change was not for the better.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Slow   .


It was a dirty trick to pull, but I didn't see any other way of accomplishing what I wanted. There was a fifty-fifty chance that it would ruin my marriage, but I was at the point that I really didn't care. The truth was simply that if things didn't go the way that I hoped they would I would be getting divorced anyway. The dirty trick? Setting my wife up to get fucked by some one else.

I've known Francine for most of my life. We grew up just down the street from each other, attended school together from the second grade to high school graduation and we even went to the same college. I was in the next room watching for her parents when my best friend Max took her cherry and I always seemed to be around whenever she let someone in her pants - which was often. I was present at her first gangbang and at several of her subsequent ones, but I'd never fucked her myself. I don't know why, I was certainly attracted to her and seeing her in action never failed to give me a hard on. I think it was because she seemed to look upon me as being her big brother.

I do know that it was because of her that I was a voyeur. After watching her several times and getting a kick out of it I began looking for others to spy on. I watched my mom and dad, my Aunt Peggy and my Uncle Tom, Aunt Peggy with a man who wasn't my Uncle Tom and a couple of times I got to see my sister and one or two of her boyfriends. I would walk the neighborhood at nights looking for open windows and I got lucky quite a few times. Mrs. Meadows, who lived one block over and whose husband traveled a lot, entertained men quite often and while I'm not sure I do believe that she left her shades up on purpose. As I said, I'm not sure, but once at the supermarket she did give me a knowing wink as we passed each other in the paper goods aisle.

In college I had several interesting experiences, the most memorable being the time I was buried balls deep in a married woman when her husband had come home. She hustled me into the closet, grabbed a rubber cock out of the bedside table drawer and was using it on herself when her husband came into the room. "Hurry baby, I was so horny I couldn't wait for you." For the next two hours I watched as they went sixty-nine and fucked. I was stuck in the closet until I heard snores and then I snuck out of the room as quietly as I could. I was out of the house when I remembered that my backpack was still in the living room. When I went back to get it I heard them upstairs laughing - it had been a set up! Apparently one or both of them got their jollies pulling that trick. I really couldn't complain; she had sucked me to completion once and had fucked me twice before they sprung their surprise. I hoped that she forgave me for the load that I splashed all over their clothes while I was in their closet.

Meanwhile Francine was the queen of fraternity row. No one frat house had her exclusively, she went where the party was loudest and wildest and she was so good at what she loved to do that it was a badge of honor for a frat house to have 'Francine was here' written on the wall of their mattress room - written in lipstick and by Francine's own hand. One day I was sitting in the Student Union when Francine sat down across from me. I looked at her and marveled, and not for the first time, at how someone who looked so sweet, young, innocent and beautiful could be such a cock hungry slut.

"Ryan, can I ask you a personal question?"

I shrugged and said, "Shoot."

"We have known each other forever and I know, or at least I think, that you like me. Why haven't you ever made love to me?"

Again I shrugged, "I don't know" and then I gave her the big brother theory about why I hadn't.

She smiled, "That's so sweet. I never knew you felt that way. Anyway, I'm sitting here because it's now or never for me. We are going to graduate in a couple of months and I might never se you again. I want to go to bed with you Ryan. I've wanted you since I was old enough to know what sex was. I wanted it to be you taking my virginity and Max to be the look out on that night, but you just didn't seem to ever want me. Please? For old times sake if for nothing else?"

It was an offer that I couldn't refuse.

The sex was fantastic! It was as if the moment we touched an electric charge passed between us; I could not keep my hands off of her and it seemed to be the same for Francine. Our first coupling had been on a Friday night and we never left my room, not even for food, until six o'clock Sunday night. I was in love. Francine and I became inseparable. We saw each other almost every night and the sex was incredible and was followed by some of the tenderest moments that I had ever experienced.

But a leopard cannot change its spots and Francine, on the nights she wasn't with me, could always be found underneath someone or at a frat house underneath a lot of someones. At first it bothered me. How could she be the way she was when she was with me, and then go and spread herself for someone else. Then I realized it was an ego thing and it didn't matter because I was the guy she came back to. It got to where I would take her to a party and after a while she would disappear upstairs and then I would go up and watch for a while and a couple of hours later she would come back down. We would leave hand in hand and then go to her place or mine and make love for the rest of the night. I also came to realize that Francine was the perfect woman to become my wife. She could have all the cock she wanted, I could watch, and we would live happily ever after. But even though that is what I was thinking I never mentioned marriage to her because I was afraid I might scare her off. I never did ask Francine to marry me - she asked me.

"Ryan, when are you going to marry me and make an honest woman out of me?"

The wedding took place three months after graduation and everyone I knew warned me against marrying 'that slut' but I ignored them. They didn't know what I knew - that 'the slut' and I were in love and that I wanted her as my wife because she was a slut. On the Thursday night before the wedding some friends had a bachelorette party for Francine. They brought in a stripper and Francine fucked him into a nervous wreck, but Francine was still hot and so he called in some friends and it turned into an orgy. Her maid of honor and every one of her bridesmaids had sore pussy lips the day of the wedding. At my bachelor party on Friday night I had entertainment too. I watched as the fourteen guys present fucked my future bride until there wasn't a stiff cock in the house. We honeymooned on St. Thomas and for a week we rarely left the room. We just couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

We had been home from St. Thomas for almost three weeks when I casually mentioned that I was having some guys over for a poker game on Friday night.

"You can let your hair down and have a good time."

She gave me a strange look and asked, "What does that mean?"

I said that I'd just thought she might want to loosen up some, "I'm the only one you've had sex with in almost a month. I just thought you might be ready for a gangbang."

Her face turned angry, "Ryan Hayman, I'm your wife, not some fucking whore you picked up on the street." I was confused and I babbled on about why I thought she'd be the perfect wife for me and that we could both have what we both seemed to want.

"You should have told me that before you married me. It would have made a difference - a major difference - in my marrying you. I married you because I love you and I had hoped that was why you married me. What I did before I said 'I do' has nothing to do with what I do now that I have promised to be true to you. If the boys are expecting anything other than a poker game you had better call it off because it just ain't gonna happen." The game went off as scheduled and while the guys were disappointed that Francine wasn't there (she had gone to a movie with one of her girlfriends) we still had a good enough time to agree to do it again.

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