Not My Daughter's Fault

by DG Hear

Tags: Ma/Fa, Cheating, Interracial, White Couple,

Desc: : Reunions, old girlfriends, and new beginnings. They all affect our lives.

This story could be in a number of categories. I chose loving wives since it's about a marriage with problems. I want to thank my two special editors and friends LadyCibelle and Techsan for their editing. They always make my stories a much better read. Just so you know that after they edit my stories, I make the changes and still make mistakes.

It's hard to believe I've been out of high school for five years. I'm now a college graduate and headed for my five-year class reunion. I wasn't the most popular guy in school; in fact, most people considered me a geek. I was of normal size and weight in stature, but since I didn't play sports and was more into computers than most, I was considered a geek.

I was the valedictorian, getting straight A's all through school. I was also named most likely to succeed. I hung with the so-called geeky students. I seemed to have more in common with them. I never understood why kids always teased other kids. To make fun of someone because they are smart never made sense to me.

During my senior year, I became friends with a lot of the students. I didn't hang out with most of them but they treated me fairly decently. I helped a lot of them out with their studies. I never had to study much myself; it all came rather naturally. I really didn't date in high school. Like every guy, I had the hots for different girls. Sandy was one of the cheerleaders that spoke nicely to me. We were friends but never dated. I remember telling her that someday, she would wish she went out with me because I would own my own business. She was the school flirt, so everyone wanted to date her. She pretty much stuck with the jocks.

Then there was Elizabeth. There was just something special about her. She was a mixture of Afro-American and Italian. She was one of my friends at school but wasn't allowed to date me, because I was white. I went to her house one day and her dad, who was black, said, "Son, don't take this wrong, but I don't want Beth dating right now. Please understand that it is not you personally but I want her to learn the black culture. So please stay away from her."

I couldn't believe it! Beth cried and went to her room. I left the house wondering what the hell I had done wrong. I asked my dad about it when I got home. He told me that there were black people who were just as racist as some whites. He told me that maybe in time things might work out, but for now I should heed the man's words. After all it was his daughter.

I saw Beth the next day at school. She told me she and her dad got into an argument about me. She told her dad that she liked me and I was a nice guy. He just got madder and forbid her to see me.

I asked her if she was allowed to date black guys and she told me her dad had to approve of them first. I asked her what her mom had to say about dating since she was white. She told me her mom said that one day she would be on her own and would be able to make her own choices, but for now she would have to listen to her dad.

I know during our senior year I saw her date a couple of the football players. She was a cheerleader also and they tended to lean toward dating jocks. I did date a couple of times with girls I knew, but we didn't have sex. My first time was at a college party but that's another story.

I headed off to the reunion. As I mentioned, I graduated from college and started my own computer firm. For a young guy, I was doing great. I actually started my business while in my junior year at college. My dad supplied me the front money and I had already paid him back. So I was going to the reunion as an entrepreneur. I earned my title, 'Most Likely to Succeed.'

I entered the reunion and it was funny seeing all the kids from my class; so many of them had changed. After signing-in, I walked around and talked to my so-called geek friends first. Most were college grads and in different businesses. Some of my jock friends changed quite a bit. Some made it through college and others dropped out or didn't have the scholarships to attend college. Most everyone at the reunion had jobs of some kind.

I learned that we had lost four members of our class. Two had been killed in the service, one died due to leukemia, and the last was a suicide. It really makes you think how fragile life really is.

I should mention that I no longer was taken for a geek. I did work out at the gym, I had a nice physique but it wasn't muscle bound, just toned. I guess I could handle myself if need be but I never had any altercations.

As I was sipping a beer, this beautiful blond came up to me. I knew it was Sandy. Like the saying goes, 'She was built like a brick shit house.' She came running up to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I have to say that I never expected it.

I spoke first. "Well, hello, Sandy, you look as gorgeous as ever. What have you been doing these past few years?

"Hi, Robert. God, it's so good to see you. I hear you have your own business and moved back to our big city."

I went out of state to go to college. I had a full ride scholarship and decided to take advantage of the best offer.

"Yes, I do, and, yes, I did. I do prefer to be called Rob now. A lot of people just call me Jonesy, but you can call me whatever you want. So, did you go to college or what?"

"I went to the community college for two years and got a business degree and I work over in the Montgomery Building as a secretary. So are you married, divorced, dating now?" she asked.

"No woman in my life yet. Would you like to apply for the position?" I laughed.

"Now that sounds like a proposition to me," she laughed. "I just might take you up on it."

She leaned over and kissed me again. Damn, she was hot. I spent the evening mingling with everyone. Sandy kept coming back to me. A couple of guys told me a little about Sandy since she got out of high school. They said she did get her degree and worked as a secretary in the Montgomery Building but that she was considered one hot mama. I asked what they meant by that and they told me she dated a lot of guys.

"She was looking for Mr. Right, or should I say Mr. Wealthy?" stated Bob.

Bob told me she was engaged to a guy named John for about a year but it didn't last. She was looking for security; someone with money to keep her. Brad, the guy she dated in high school was a year ahead of us in school so he wasn't at our reunion. He quit college and worked at one of the local businesses. He probably wasn't able to meet her financial requirements either.

I asked around about Beth but no one seemed to know much about her. I really kind of wanted to see what kind of woman she turned into. She didn't reply to the reservation form so of course she was a no-show. I did see a couple of her close friends; at least, they were five years ago. They told me Beth did well for herself and got a degree. The last they heard she got married.

It kind of hurt me inside. I didn't care if she was mixed race or not; I really cared for her.

As the reunion was winding down Sandy, came up to me and asked me to call her. She kissed me again and I headed for home. I couldn't believe my luck. The homecoming queen, the cheerleader everyone wanted, asked me to call her.

I mentioned that I had my own computer business. I had two good guys who worked for me. Even though I rented a small building, I usually worked out of my home. Of course I went into the office everyday and made sure business was taken care of. I also had a cute counter girl who took appointments and answered the phone. It was cheaper to pay a secretary and let my guys repair computers. I did most of the larger business jobs where I had to go to the businesses and do setups and repairs.

I did call Sandy the following Monday and asked her if she wanted to do lunch. We met at one of the local restaurants and talked over old times. You would have thought she was my old girlfriend or something the way she talked to me. She would say how she always liked me and regretted us not dating.

You have to understand that even though I was intelligent, I wasn't that street smart. I was a pretty naive guy. Sandy was looking for money and a man with a future. I guess I was it but didn't realize it at the time. All I could see was sex with a hot babe. My hormones were working overtime. I can't really say I loved her but I definitely wanted in her panties.

We began dating and had sex on our first date. Sandy was hot. This girl was a do-it-all sex machine. From the moment we entered my condo till she went home the next day, it was all-night sex. As I had mentioned, I did have sex with a couple of girls at college, but it couldn't hold a candle to Sandy. We did more in that one night then I've done in my short lifetime.

Sandy started coming over about three times a week and we had sex. We dated about three months when she asked me about getting married. I asked her why the hurry and she told me she was pregnant.

I told her of course I would marry her, especially since I got her pregnant. We were going to have a very small service and were going to get married by a judge and just have a couple of witnesses. I told my mom and dad about the wedding and the pregnancy. They weren't the happiest about it but they would go along with whatever I wanted to do. My dad told me to get a pre-nuptial agreement just in case the marriage didn't last. I told him I would.

I have to say a couple of things here. The sex with Sandy was fantastic. I learned so much in the way of sex from her. I can't say I was in love with Sandy but I did love the sex we shared. One thing that really bothered me was that Sandy was so good. She couldn't learn that overnight. I often wondered how many sexual partners she'd had. It was something we agreed never to talk about, which probably was a big mistake on my part.

As I mentioned, I wasn't sure I loved Sandy but I did get her pregnant and it was my child so I was going to do the right thing for the baby.

About two months after we were married, I was looking for some aspirin. Sandy was at work and I looked everywhere. For some crazy reason, I even looked in our drawers. I knew Sandy put a lot of her cosmetics in one of her drawers and figured she might have some kind of Excedrin or something. I didn't find the aspirin but I did find her birth control pills. I was wondering whether to confront her with my findings or wait to see what she had to say.

I was kind of pissed now. I didn't like being used and that was what Sandy did to me. I remember watching an episode of 'Desperate Housewives' where the husband exchanged the wife's birth control pills with sugar pills. I decided to do that. I went to the drugstore and found the closest pill to her birth control pills and went home and changed the remainder of her month of pills and the pack she had for the following month. It wasn't easy but I did manage to get it done.

I made sure Sandy and I had sex most every night. I checked after a couple of days and she was still taking the pills. About a month and a half went by and Sandy said she wasn't feeling very good. She felt nauseous and her stomach hurt. I told her it was probably from the pregnancy.

She looked at me and said, "Rob, I think the pregnancy was a false alarm. I was afraid to tell you because I didn't want you to think I tricked you into marrying me."

I wondered how long it would be before she made up some excuse. The problem is, if I divorced her, we had a pre-nuptial agreement and she really wouldn't have gotten much. It made me wonder if she might have been telling the truth.

"Sandy, you could have trusted me. Isn't that what marriages are all about? I would like to be a dad and maybe it will still happen. You aren't on birth control, are you?"

She waited a few seconds before answering me. "No, of course not. I'm not on birth control. Maybe it will still happen." She tried to force a smile but I knew she just lied to me.

"Well, you better take the time to see the doctor and get rid of that flu bug or whatever you have. I'll make you an appointment for tomorrow and I'll take you over at lunch time."

She knew better than to argue since she felt like she had just deceived me again on the pregnancy.

I made the appointment and drove over to her building. She came out at lunch time and hopped in the car. I drove her over to the clinic. I actually went in and sat with her till it was time for the doctor's examination. Before walking out, I mentioned to the doctor that she had thought she was pregnant but it was not to be.

After the examination, the doctor had Sandy wait with me in the waiting room. He then called us both into his office. He had a beaming smile on his face. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, you are going to be parents after all. I would say about seven and a half months from now. Congratulations!"

"No, it must be a mistake," Sandy replied.

"No mistake, Sandy. That's why I had you wait in the room while I reran the tests," the doctor replied.

I looked over at Sandy and said, "Isn't it great! We're going to be mommy and daddy after all." Before Sandy could say anything I leaned over and kissed her in front of the doctor.

I thanked the doctor and we got up and left the office. Sandy didn't have a lot to say. After all she had been taking birth control pills all this time and told me she hadn't. Now she was stuck with her lies.

I told everyone about the baby just so Sandy didn't try something stupid. She was always worried about her figure and now she was pregnant.

A couple of months went by and we still had some good sex but Sandy's mind was somewhere else. I asked her one day if she was going to quit work and be a stay at home mom.

She told me she would never quit her job. She wasn't sure what she was going to do. When she was around six months gone and was really starting to show she told me she didn't want the baby. She didn't say anything about it earlier because she thought she might grow to love the idea of being a mom. She told me she was not cut out for motherhood and didn't want the child. She was thinking about abortion but it was now too late. No doctor would perform an abortion in the sixth month of pregnancy, Maybe she would give up the child for adoption.

I was stunned! I told her, even though she was carrying the child, it was my child too. When we first married, it was because we thought we were going to have a child then. I thought we were going to be this happily married couple. I wasn't going to let her abort or give up our child. I honestly couldn't believe that a mother wouldn't want her child. It made me sad every time I thought about it.

We argued day after day about the child. She said she would have it but it wasn't going to get in the way of her life. She was too young to sit at home and watch a kid. If I wanted the child, then it was my job to take care of it. I knew from that day forward that our marriage was in a downward tailspin.

I should mention that Sandy was raised by her Grandmother. Her mother was unwed and got pregnant. Then after giving birth, she left the baby, Sandy, to be raised by her grandmother. Sandy told me she saw her mom only a couple of times when she was young. She moved to California to be a star. I don't think she ever got any movie deals other than being an extra. Sandy must have gotten her good looks from her mother. I guess she also received some of the same type personality traits as her mom. She never did know who her father was.

Her grandmother was still living but was in her sixties. I had talked to her and she wanted to be in our baby's life but of course couldn't take care of the child. My mom and dad were happy about the baby. They were sad about the way Sandy was set against the child. After all, the baby didn't ask to be born.

Now I was sitting there wondering about the trick I pulled on Sandy. God, I would never have done it if she would just have told me the truth in the beginning. It was my fault that she was pregnant. It was now my responsibility to see this child had a chance at a good life. With a mother who didn't care about her and, I guess, a stupid father, the kid already had a strike against her. Yes, it was a girl. When she was born, she was the sweetest, most innocent little creature I have ever seen. She was beautiful! I decided then and there that she was going to have a good life. I was going to be the kind of father she could be proud of.

After the baby's birth, our married life went downhill. Sandy did some of the motherly things when she was home. I honestly thought she was changing her mind about the baby. After all, it came out of her body; it was part of her.

I hired a full time nanny who treated Abby like her own child. Abby was short for Abigail. I named her after Sandy's grandmother. I took Abby over to see her great grandmother every week. Her great grandmother loved the child. You couldn't help loving such a cute baby. I figured that was why Sandy started to work longer hours. She didn't want to be home and become attached to her daughter.

I asked Sandy if she thought we should all have some type of therapy or counseling. Not wanting to be part of your child's life had to come from somewhere deep inside.

Of course she said, "The only problem I have is that I let you talk me into having the baby. I ought to sue the birth control company for their pills not working."

She looked at me stunned. She realized what she had just said. I looked at her and just stared. I didn't say a word. She thought she knew what I was thinking.

Now it was out in the open. "Why did you trick me into marrying you? Why didn't you tell me you didn't want kids? Was it always about the money?" I asked.

"I love you, Rob, but you never asked me to marry you."

"We only dated three months. What was your hurry if you weren't pregnant?"

"My past, if you knew the different men I'd been with, you might not have asked me to marry you. I wanted a secure future and I knew you always liked me."

I was sad thinking about what to do next. I figured my marriage was about over but I was still going to try for the sake of my daughter

I stopped in at the office the next morning and got a call from the receptionist at the Montgomery Building. I was a bit perplexed knowing that Sandy worked there. I returned the call and was asked if I could see them about some computer installation. This was one big account if I could land it. I didn't want to say anything to Sandy in case I didn't get it.

I headed over and was greeted by the receptionist. Sandy worked on the eighteenth floor and I was up on the vice president's floor. I was greeted by Jim Smith. I laughed when I introduced myself as Rob Jones. There was just something about the names Smith and Jones. We decided up front to call each other by our given names.

"Rob, I hear that if computer work is needed, your firm is one of the best."

"Yes, we try our best to please our customers. We try to give the customer what they want. What is it that you're in need of? It looks as though the systems here are fairly new," I replied.

"To be honest with you, Rob, we want a surveillance system put in. The owner of the building had a system installed but we want one of our own. Someone on the inside has been messing with some of the company documents and leaking out information to our competitors. It has to be an inside job. It's been going on for a few weeks now."

"When you look at the present surveillance tapes, doesn't it show who's in the building at any given time? Isn't there a guard check in system of who's in the building after hours?" I asked.

"Rob, the answer is yes to both of your questions. Mrs. Jones, my secretary, thinks that since most of our employees have a key access to the building and offices that they must have found a way in and know how to get around the present cameras. She suggested your firm could put in mini surveillance cameras and hide them in legal places because we don't want anyone to know where they are except me, you, and of course someone from our legal department to make sure we don't break any laws. Do you think you can handle it?"

"No problem, Jim. Just let me know where you want the cameras and where to place the computers to keep track of the surveillance. I'd like to meet this Mrs. Jones and thank her for the recommendation. Maybe we're related," I laughed.

"I doubt you're related; I'm sure she would have mentioned it. She's out for a few days on personal business. Maybe you can meet her another time. Rob, I know your wife works in the building and I must ask that you don't mention a word of this to her. We want as few people as possible knowing about this."

"No problem! I'll make sure she doesn't know. If she happens to see me, I'll just tell her I came to work on a couple of computers. Now if you show me what you have in mind, I'll give you my recommendations and we'll see what's best for your needs and still be cost effective.

We took a quick tour of the facilities and Jim showed me some different entrances that lead into the confidential computers. He explained that they had two computer networks set up. One was for all employees to use and the second network could be used only by senior partners plus a few up-and-coming managers. The second set of computers could only be accessed by someone on the twenty-second through the twenty-fourth floor. This still gave access to a goodly amount of people who worked on these floors or managers who had permission to use them.

Jim was pretty sure that it was someone coming in after hours and using the computers to take information. It would be taking too big of a risk during regular business hours.

I asked Jim about password codes to get into the computers, as well as sign-in times, private codes, log-in codes or any other method they had of tracing which computers were being used. He explained there was a general code to get into the computer, then a private code that allowed the employee to use all the resources of the network.

I suggested to Jim that he allow me to install a program that would record after hour log-in times on the network base since there were so many computers that could have been used. It would also give us the code that the user entered. I further suggested that we put hidden timed cameras on the inside of each entrance door. It would be triggered on the opening of the door and take a snapshot of whoever was entering after hours. Between the timed snapshot and the entrance time on the computer we would be able to narrow down the possible intruders.

Jim liked my ideas because they wouldn't be invading anyone's privacy. His computer would be the only one to see who entered the main offices after hours. I asked him if he needed any further approval, but he said he would run it by his legal people but didn't see any problems. He wanted to keep the knowledge to as few people as possible.

I told Jim I was going down to the eighteenth floor to see my wife in case anyone had seen me and mentioned it to her. I knew a number of people who worked in the building.

As I got off the elevator, I didn't see my wife at her desk. I could see she was in one of the junior manager's offices sitting on the corner of his desk, due to the door not being closed completely. It looked a bit inappropriate to me. I asked one of the other secretaries, Tara, if she had seen Sandy, loud enough that I knew Sandy would hear me. Tara looked somewhat embarrassed as she looked up at me. Almost immediately Sandy came out of the manager's office and asked me what I was doing there.

"I was in the neighborhood and thought we could do lunch," I said.

"Oh, I wish you would have called first. I have a meeting and lunch engagement today. Maybe we can do lunch another day," she gave me a phony smile.

I looked at Tara and she wouldn't look up at me. I figured Sandy was lying to me or didn't want to go to lunch with me. I told her I would see her later. I gave her a slight kiss and headed to the elevator. As I walked by the manager's door I checked for his name. Dave Conrad - I had to remember that for future use.

It was two days later when I got a call from Jim; our plan was a go. I got the material and supplies we needed and would be heading back to install the equipment. Jim set it up for me to have access by telling people I was doing some computer repair. I brought a helper with me so we could get it done quicker.

Before leaving the office I went through my usual ton of e-mail. I got an unusual letter. It read 'private, please open me.' I figured it was some company selling Viagra or something but it was a personal letter.

It said, "Robert, I believe Sandy is cheating on you. I just thought you should know."

It wasn't signed so I decided to find where the e-mail was sent from. The person sending it tried to cover their tracks, but this was my business. I went through two online e-mail accounts and then it led back to the computers in the Montgomery Building. Apparently, the anonymous letter came from someone working there, but who?

It bothered me because ever since Sandy had the baby she seemed more distant. Now I had to wonder if the baby was mine, if this e-mail was true. I decided to call Sandy and tell her I had a computer repair in her building and asked if we could do lunch.

She said she had to check with her supervisor and would get back to me. So I told her I'd see her at the office. I thought this was a little strange. She was just a general secretary. Why would she always have to work during lunch? Seemed a little fishy to me.

We entered the building with our boxes of equipment and headed up to Jim's office. I left my equipment and went down to see Sandy. What a surprise, she was at her own desk. As I approached it, she told me her schedule was clear for lunch and kissed me lightly. I glanced over and saw that this David guy's door was closed. Something wasn't right about him.

I told Sandy that I would see her in a couple of hours and went up and started putting up the hidden cameras. My helper and I ran the cable into Jim's office and I had an ear piece in so we could communicate with each other. On the twenty second and twenty third floor I had to run the wiring to other computers or it would have cost a bundle of money to get all the lines run to Jim's office. We just took a general office on each floor and wired the cameras to the computer. No one would know it existed so they wouldn't be looking for the pictures.

I did set up Jim's computer so that he could network to the computers on the other floors so he would be able to download the pictures of anyone entering those floors to his computer. I told him I would be back in the next few days to see how it all worked out.

I stopped at lunch time to take Sandy to lunch. She asked me exactly what I was doing there. I told her that a couple of computers malfunctioned and I was repairing them. She told me that a couple of people saw me with Jim, the vice-president.

"Yes, it was he who called me. Apparently the company who repairs your computers couldn't get here soon enough. It was a lucky break for me, because this is a pretty good size account."

I added that a number of people looked at me a little strange just to get her reaction. It wasn't true because Jim kept most people away. It made Sandy look a bit nervous. She told me she thought she might have to stay over for an hour or two tonight.

I asked her why she was working so much overtime the last couple of months. Her answer was she was trying to get ahead so she volunteered whenever she was asked. She hinted that since the baby was born it made it harder for her to advance her career. Everyone thought she should stay home with her child. I just let it slide; no way was I going to sacrifice the baby for her career.

After I finished setting up the equipment, I had to stop back at our computer office to drop off my excess supplies. I logged on to my e-mail and had received another letter.

"Robert, I'm so sorry about having to tell you about Sandy. I heard through the grapevine that her old boyfriend works for the company. She has been seeing him for about a month now. About a month ago he started here at the Montgomery Building as a security guard. I just thought you should know. I know you were probably smart enough to have figured out I work here in the same building as your wife." It was signed "a friend."

It was a surprise but yet I suspected as much. I would have to figure out what to do next. I wasn't going to live like this.

When Sandy got home, she headed directly into the shower. Later I tried to have sex with her and she balked for awhile but finally let me have my way with her. Once she got hot, she could never say no. Damn, she was one hot mama. I actually hoped that she wasn't cheating on me even though I watched her actions as though she were.

I waited a couple of days and stopped back to see Jim. He told me the surveillance cameras seemed to be working good. He showed me some of the pictures that he had received. It was shots of some of the managers and secretaries working late. He also had pictures of the guards making their rounds. I spotted the one guard who looked familiar. It was Brad, Sandy's old boyfriend from her high school days. I didn't say anything to Jim yet because Brad didn't seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary.

Jim was keeping track of log-in times of his managers. He was surprised so many put in the late hours. It made his job of finding wrongdoing a little harder. While we were looking at some of the pictures, I was surprised to see Sandy come through the door. She followed her boss Dave through the door. I asked Jim about Dave and he told me he was an up-and-coming manager and Sandy was his personal secretary.

Jim looked at log-in times and was surprised to find that a couple of the managers didn't log-in but were up on the higher floors. Dave was one of them. He fast forwarded the camera pictures to see how long Dave and Sandy stayed. It was almost a half hour. They were on the twenty second floor. Another manager and his secretary went to the twenty-third floor for about a half hour.

A couple of days went by before I got another call from Jim. He asked me if I could come and see him. It was both business and personal. He didn't want to discuss it on the phone. When I got to his office, he was looking at surveillance pictures again.

"Rob, I think I have a few problems to deal with. Marie, my secretary, and I have been discussing some of the tapes. We believe we need another hidden camera set up in our comfort room. We have a comfort room on the twenty-third and the twenty-fourth floors. They are used when we bring customers in and talk with them in a more comfortable area. They are set up like living rooms with sofas and comfortable chairs. We have beverage and snack machines in them also," he said.

"No problem, Jim. We can set up more hidden camera. Are you expecting improper use of the rooms after hours?" I asked. "Jim, is Sandy involved in this some way? You did tell me this was a personal issue as well."

"We have Sandy coming up with one of the managers after hours about three times since the surveillance was set up. By itself, it doesn't mean anything since he is her boss. What is odd was they never logged on so there wasn't any reason to be up here. Our middle managers come up here when they need special information as I mentioned to you. We have beverage machines on every floor so there is no need for anyone to come up here for that reason. According to the time line, they spend approximately a half hour up here. I hope we are wrong but we can't accuse anyone of wrongdoing without proof."

"I understand, Jim. My marriage is pretty rocky right now as it is. I need to know the truth also," I replied.

"Marie, my secretary mentioned the timeline for the guard was also strange. He was spending too much time on the twenty third floor. One day he showed up shortly after your wife came up. I don't know if you know this but you went to school around the same time as the guard. His name is Brad Evans," spoke Jim.

"Yes, I know him; he was Sandy's old boyfriend." I shook my head sadly.

"Well, he was up here again yesterday. Of course he is supposed to come through and check the offices, but Marie said someone logged into our records yesterday and used Dave Conrad's - your wife's boss's - identification. The only person we have a photo of coming through the door is Brad the guard. Dave Conrad was never on the floor. We are wondering if Brad is our suspect in the stealing of information. He has to be getting the ID's from somewhere. We have the ID's changed once a week lately as a security caution. We believe Sandy is getting him the ID," he said.

This was hard on me even though I had my suspicions. It still hits hard when you find out. Now I have to install a program for the proof the company needs, probably costing me my marriage. Hell, my marriage was a sham anyway. The only thing good to come out of it was my baby girl.

The following day Sandy phoned me and said she would be working late. I phoned Jim to keep him aware of the situation. I wanted him to have a heads up. He thanked me and said he would keep me informed on any updates. I wanted a little revenge so I called Sandy after hours and told her that I had installed a camera in the comfort room. I figured by now the nasty deed was done.

I heard her scream out, "No, God, no, you didn't and then she hung up."

It was getting late and Sandy should have been home by now. I was holding my daughter, thinking about her mother not wanting her when the phone rang. It was Jim.

"Rob, please get here as soon as you can. Sandy's dead!"

A shock wave went through me. I was totally stunned. It took me a minute to get my bearings. I didn't even ask what happened; I just told him I would be there. I had tears coming down my face and I was holding my baby girl who was smiling up at me. What a mixture of emotions I was having. I called my mom and told her that something had happened to Sandy and she was dead.

My mom screamed out, "Oh, my God," through the phone.

I told her I would be dropping my daughter off and she would probably have her the entire night. I had to go find out what had happened. I was in a half daze as I gathered up some stuff for the baby. I believe I was in a semi-shock mood. I dropped off Abby and hugged my mother, then headed over to the Montgomery Building.

As I headed into the lobby, there were a number of police officers present. I told them who I was and one took me up to Jim's office. Jim was in kind of a fuzzy mood also as he put his arms around me.

"I'm so sorry, Rob. I came by the office to check the cameras and found Sandy had been killed. We were going through the video cam and she was with Dave. The police are at his house now picking him up for questioning. I don't think you should watch this tape, Rob."

"What exactly is on it, Jim? Does it show the murder?" I asked.

"No, it's of Sandy having sex with Dave. I think after they left someone spotted the camera and cut the wires. We don't have the actual murder but since no one knew about the entrance cameras, we have pictures of Sandy with the guard, Brad, coming through the door. Only Brad is seen leaving the offices. The police put out a warrant for him and are looking for him now. We believe Brad did the killing, but we haven't ruled anyone out. In fact the police questioned me and they need to talk to you also."

Jim and I were pretty much cleared. I told the investigator about telling Sandy about the camera, but only the lounge one. Even though I didn't kill Sandy, I felt partially responsible for her death. If I didn't tell her about the camera, she might still be alive today.

Dave was brought in and questioned. He was shocked to hear Sandy was murdered. He said he didn't do it. He loved Sandy and they were both going to get divorced and marry each other. The investigator showed him the tape in the lounge and he started crying. He was having sex with Sandy which turned out to be his last time.

"I loved her, I really loved her," he said.

"How did she get your passwords?" the investigator asked.

Dave looked up at the officer. "She told me if I loved her I wouldn't keep any secrets from her so I gave her my passwords. You have to believe me; I loved her and would never hurt her. She didn't want kids so last month I even had a vasectomy for her to prove my love to her. She was going to go home tonight and tell her husband that she was going to leave him. It's the truth, honest, it's the truth." Dave started crying again.

The officers let me go but told me not to leave town. There was a manhunt now out to find Brad Evans.

The next morning I got a call from the investigator that they picked up Brad leaving town. He said he didn't kill Sandy and that we had no proof. I guess he figured he destroyed the camera and we couldn't prove anything. He was shown the tape of him leaving the floor with Sandy a couple of different days and then the tape of him and Sandy going back to the comfort room and only him leaving.

He broke down and told his story. Sandy had dumped him a few years ago because he didn't have finances to support her. He said he was devastated losing her. He found out that he could steal important data from the Montgomery Foundation and sell it on the black market. It paid some big money. So he got a job as a guard in the Montgomery Building and started seeing Sandy. She would have sex with him and he convinced her to get the codes and he would share the wealth with her.

He said the sex with her was always the best. He figured once he got the data and sold it that she would leave with him. When she told him it was just sex for her that she wasn't going to leave with him he became angry.

The other night she had come to him and said her husband had planted a camera that showed them having sex. They had no idea how the camera worked or how long it had been up, so he located it and cut the wires. He said he told Sandy that they had better leave town right now. She laughed at him and said she wouldn't get fired for just having sex. Hell, she screwed half the men in the building.

Brad said, "It hit me like a ton of bricks. I loved her and would do anything for her. I was stealing for her right then and she was laughing at me. I had my knife in my hand and stabbed her over and over again. When I regained some of my senses, I cleaned up what I had touched and left the building. I loved her but she pushed me too far."

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