Not My Daughter's Fault

by DG Hear

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Desc: : Reunions, old girlfriends, and new beginnings. They all affect our lives.

This story could be in a number of categories. I chose loving wives since it's about a marriage with problems. I want to thank my two special editors and friends LadyCibelle and Techsan for their editing. They always make my stories a much better read. Just so you know that after they edit my stories, I make the changes and still make mistakes.

It's hard to believe I've been out of high school for five years. I'm now a college graduate and headed for my five-year class reunion. I wasn't the most popular guy in school; in fact, most people considered me a geek. I was of normal size and weight in stature, but since I didn't play sports and was more into computers than most, I was considered a geek.

I was the valedictorian, getting straight A's all through school. I was also named most likely to succeed. I hung with the so-called geeky students. I seemed to have more in common with them. I never understood why kids always teased other kids. To make fun of someone because they are smart never made sense to me.

During my senior year, I became friends with a lot of the students. I didn't hang out with most of them but they treated me fairly decently. I helped a lot of them out with their studies. I never had to study much myself; it all came rather naturally. I really didn't date in high school. Like every guy, I had the hots for different girls. Sandy was one of the cheerleaders that spoke nicely to me. We were friends but never dated. I remember telling her that someday, she would wish she went out with me because I would own my own business. She was the school flirt, so everyone wanted to date her. She pretty much stuck with the jocks.

Then there was Elizabeth. There was just something special about her. She was a mixture of Afro-American and Italian. She was one of my friends at school but wasn't allowed to date me, because I was white. I went to her house one day and her dad, who was black, said, "Son, don't take this wrong, but I don't want Beth dating right now. Please understand that it is not you personally but I want her to learn the black culture. So please stay away from her."

I couldn't believe it! Beth cried and went to her room. I left the house wondering what the hell I had done wrong. I asked my dad about it when I got home. He told me that there were black people who were just as racist as some whites. He told me that maybe in time things might work out, but for now I should heed the man's words. After all it was his daughter.

I saw Beth the next day at school. She told me she and her dad got into an argument about me. She told her dad that she liked me and I was a nice guy. He just got madder and forbid her to see me.

I asked her if she was allowed to date black guys and she told me her dad had to approve of them first. I asked her what her mom had to say about dating since she was white. She told me her mom said that one day she would be on her own and would be able to make her own choices, but for now she would have to listen to her dad.

I know during our senior year I saw her date a couple of the football players. She was a cheerleader also and they tended to lean toward dating jocks. I did date a couple of times with girls I knew, but we didn't have sex. My first time was at a college party but that's another story.

I headed off to the reunion. As I mentioned, I graduated from college and started my own computer firm. For a young guy, I was doing great. I actually started my business while in my junior year at college. My dad supplied me the front money and I had already paid him back. So I was going to the reunion as an entrepreneur. I earned my title, 'Most Likely to Succeed.'

I entered the reunion and it was funny seeing all the kids from my class; so many of them had changed. After signing-in, I walked around and talked to my so-called geek friends first. Most were college grads and in different businesses. Some of my jock friends changed quite a bit. Some made it through college and others dropped out or didn't have the scholarships to attend college. Most everyone at the reunion had jobs of some kind.

I learned that we had lost four members of our class. Two had been killed in the service, one died due to leukemia, and the last was a suicide. It really makes you think how fragile life really is.

I should mention that I no longer was taken for a geek. I did work out at the gym, I had a nice physique but it wasn't muscle bound, just toned. I guess I could handle myself if need be but I never had any altercations.

As I was sipping a beer, this beautiful blond came up to me. I knew it was Sandy. Like the saying goes, 'She was built like a brick shit house.' She came running up to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I have to say that I never expected it.

I spoke first. "Well, hello, Sandy, you look as gorgeous as ever. What have you been doing these past few years?

"Hi, Robert. God, it's so good to see you. I hear you have your own business and moved back to our big city."

I went out of state to go to college. I had a full ride scholarship and decided to take advantage of the best offer.

"Yes, I do, and, yes, I did. I do prefer to be called Rob now. A lot of people just call me Jonesy, but you can call me whatever you want. So, did you go to college or what?"

"I went to the community college for two years and got a business degree and I work over in the Montgomery Building as a secretary. So are you married, divorced, dating now?" she asked.

"No woman in my life yet. Would you like to apply for the position?" I laughed.

"Now that sounds like a proposition to me," she laughed. "I just might take you up on it."

She leaned over and kissed me again. Damn, she was hot. I spent the evening mingling with everyone. Sandy kept coming back to me. A couple of guys told me a little about Sandy since she got out of high school. They said she did get her degree and worked as a secretary in the Montgomery Building but that she was considered one hot mama. I asked what they meant by that and they told me she dated a lot of guys.

"She was looking for Mr. Right, or should I say Mr. Wealthy?" stated Bob.

Bob told me she was engaged to a guy named John for about a year but it didn't last. She was looking for security; someone with money to keep her. Brad, the guy she dated in high school was a year ahead of us in school so he wasn't at our reunion. He quit college and worked at one of the local businesses. He probably wasn't able to meet her financial requirements either.

I asked around about Beth but no one seemed to know much about her. I really kind of wanted to see what kind of woman she turned into. She didn't reply to the reservation form so of course she was a no-show. I did see a couple of her close friends; at least, they were five years ago. They told me Beth did well for herself and got a degree. The last they heard she got married.

It kind of hurt me inside. I didn't care if she was mixed race or not; I really cared for her.

As the reunion was winding down Sandy, came up to me and asked me to call her. She kissed me again and I headed for home. I couldn't believe my luck. The homecoming queen, the cheerleader everyone wanted, asked me to call her.

I mentioned that I had my own computer business. I had two good guys who worked for me. Even though I rented a small building, I usually worked out of my home. Of course I went into the office everyday and made sure business was taken care of. I also had a cute counter girl who took appointments and answered the phone. It was cheaper to pay a secretary and let my guys repair computers. I did most of the larger business jobs where I had to go to the businesses and do setups and repairs.

I did call Sandy the following Monday and asked her if she wanted to do lunch. We met at one of the local restaurants and talked over old times. You would have thought she was my old girlfriend or something the way she talked to me. She would say how she always liked me and regretted us not dating.

You have to understand that even though I was intelligent, I wasn't that street smart. I was a pretty naive guy. Sandy was looking for money and a man with a future. I guess I was it but didn't realize it at the time. All I could see was sex with a hot babe. My hormones were working overtime. I can't really say I loved her but I definitely wanted in her panties.

We began dating and had sex on our first date. Sandy was hot. This girl was a do-it-all sex machine. From the moment we entered my condo till she went home the next day, it was all-night sex. As I had mentioned, I did have sex with a couple of girls at college, but it couldn't hold a candle to Sandy. We did more in that one night then I've done in my short lifetime.

Sandy started coming over about three times a week and we had sex. We dated about three months when she asked me about getting married. I asked her why the hurry and she told me she was pregnant.

I told her of course I would marry her, especially since I got her pregnant. We were going to have a very small service and were going to get married by a judge and just have a couple of witnesses. I told my mom and dad about the wedding and the pregnancy. They weren't the happiest about it but they would go along with whatever I wanted to do. My dad told me to get a pre-nuptial agreement just in case the marriage didn't last. I told him I would.

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