Sunday Services

by The Jint Fan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Harry wants to know why his sixty year old mother doesn't want a ride to church on Sundays. He witnesses something he never thought of.

Harry Andersen couldn't understand why his mother tells him every Sunday that she doesn't need a ride to church on Sundays into the city. He even offered to take her because he goes to the same church. She doesn't have a car. There was no big deal. She told him that the minister comes by every Sunday afternoon to give her cummioun.

Harry spent a couple of hours thinking why she would do this to him for the fourth time in a month. He wanted to know what was so important to receive commiun at home instead at the church. He decided he would watch what happens.

Harry parked his car around the corner from his mother's house. He wanted the corner so he could see when the minister arrived at the house then he would walk over there.

Around three in the afternoon and a whole Sunday paper read, a small blue car pulled into the driveway. The minister stepped out of the car. He moved slowly towards the back of the house, so he wouldn't be caught by his mother. He moved towards the back and down the side of the house towards the front.

The minister looked like he was forty years old. He is very tall and filled his jacket. Harry wondered if that was fat or muscle.

The car was park in the driveway and it was empty. Harry moved to the side windows and looked inside. The view wasn't the best. His mother is talking to the minister but she was dressed like she was ready for church. She was in her best white dress with white pantyhose and white pumps with a three-inch heels. Harry couldn't understand that part. Why was she dressed up like that?

Jane stood in front of the minister and shook his hand. She nodded her head and knelt down in front of the minister. Harry watched as the minister opened a small tin can and picked up a small round bread wafer and Harry could hear the minister say. "The body of Christ." "Amen." Jane replied as the minister placed the wafer on her tongue and she ate it. It looked like a standard church thing.

Harry moved to another window. He needed a better view of the action that was happening. Something was wrong and Harry wanted to know what. He made his way to the front of the house. He knew that window would be perfect.

Looking through the window, Harry's eyes bugged out. He couldn't believe that this was happening. His mouth dropped open and the sight in the living room. His mother was still kneeling but instead of eating the wafer, she was sucking on the minister's cock. Her mouth was taking the full length of the cock within seconds of receiving bread.

Harry couldn't believe he was watching this. His sixty year old mother was sucking on the cock. The cock was a thick and heavily veined. Her head was moving back and forth as the minister's hands were holding onto her head by her hair.

His mother's mouth was running so quickly over the cock and the moans coming from the minister are incredibly loud. The cocksucking continued for almost fifteen minutes when the minister gave out a loud moan.

Harry's jaw hit the floor when he saw the pool of sperm leaking from her mouth as he pulled out the squirting penis. The white sperm was dripping down her chin. He heard the man say to his mother. "Lord be with you." "Also with you." Jane replied with a smile.

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