by BillyRay

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Dan uses subliminal suggestions on his wife and some others. They work so well, he goes a little overboard and isn't careful enough about who hears them.

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton

"What goes around, comes around." - unknown

I have heard of people 'snapping' before but never really understood it - until now.

Perhaps I should begin by telling you a little about myself. My name is Dan Smith (Yeah - right). I am 38 years old. I stand 6' 2" and weigh about 225 pounds. I am in pretty good shape, my job is very physical and I work out regularly so I can keep up with the young guys on the job site.

I am lead carpenter on a framing crew. I started construction right out of high school and I used to like it, but for the past few years all we have been doing is cookie cutter condos. Takes all the challenge and fun out of it. Lately it has really begun to suck.

I didn't have to be a blue-collar type, at least at one point I could have avoided it. I had brains; most of my hobbies were pretty cerebral. I could do crossword puzzles pretty fast and I had tried a few college classes and had aced them. I loved computers and did a lot of independent research on the Internet.

Simple fact is - had I applied myself even a little bit back in my teens and early twenties I would be a whole lot better off now. But, back then the only things that mattered were parties and pussy.

That is until Melanie had come along. She is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen (then and now) and she is the love of my life. Standing about 5' 4" she weighs in at 100 pounds (but don't tell her I told you) with long golden blond hair and intense blue eyes. Her breasts aren't huge, but 'C' cup tits on her lithe frame are plenty big.

We have been married for just over fifteen years but don't have any kids, which is just fine with me since her tiny waist and tight round butt have never been tampered with by mother nature.

Back to my lament...

After we got married we bought a house with a mortgage just a little more than we could really afford. We furnished it on credit and did a lot of nights on the town - on credit. Credit cards were like magic money to us.

So, here I am. Working six days a week at a job that is sucking the life out of me, trying to crawl out of the debt hell I put myself in. Take my word for it... credit cards are evil. But they did require my cooperation to put me where I was. At least I wasn't digging in deeper even as I tried to pull myself out. Perhaps I should repeat that with the emphasis where it belongs... at least 'I' wasn't digging in deeper.

My lovely bride, on the other hand, had no problem spending money we didn't have. What she did have a problem with was working outside the home, or inside the home for that matter. To be fair, she did laundry and cleaned up after herself. I took care of my own messes and did most of the cooking as well as everything outside.

I dragged my ass home from work one particular evening, completely worn out, trying to decide if I had enough energy to make something for dinner but I didn't think so which really sucked because I was starving. I walked in the house to find a big screen TV in the middle of our living room. Melanie came bounding out of the kitchen (what she was doing in there is anyone's guess) with a giant smile on her face.

"Do you like it sweetheart?" She beamed.

"Where did it come from?" I asked tentatively, afraid I knew the answer and it was making my blood boil.

"That new Bestest Buymart. I signed up for their store card and got 10% off. I saved you over three hundred dollars. And we only have to pay fifteen dollars a month until it's paid off."

Saved... Three hundred... oh shit... at 26% interest. With a three thousand dollar balance fifteen bucks a month wasn't even half the interest. I was barely making the payments we had now. There was no way we could afford this.

I felt pressure inside my head. My ears were hot. I looked down to find my fists tightly clenched. Every muscle in my body was tight with rage. I tried to control my breathing.

Calm down... breath in... slowly... breath out... in... out...

Okay... I could deal with this...

"Sweetheart." Melanie said with a pout, "I'm bored, can we go out to dinner tonight?"

So much for the breathing.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I could feel my eyes bulging as I screamed at her.

Melanie looked at me in shock. In the fifteen years we had been married I had rarely even raised my voice to her.


"But I WANT it." She said defiantly, stepping up to me.

That was when I snapped. For a brief second I was totally out of my mind and I did the most hideous thing I could ever imagine doing. I put out both hands and pushed her backwards... hard. The moment my hands made contact I was horrified.

She went over the coffee table and onto her back.

I immediately went around to see if she was okay, apologizing as I neared her.

She slapped me.


"Melanie... no... I... I'm so sorry... I never..."

"SHUT UP!" She yelled as she ran into the bedroom and locked the door.

I tried knocking on the door, begging, pleading, I told her she could keep the television but nothing worked. She wasn't talking, and I couldn't blame her.

Then I saw her MP3 player and knew that if I was going to keep her, I had to do something drastic.

For a little over a year I had been toying with the idea of subliminal messages. I started screwing around with them when I thought that I could use them to get Melanie interested in sex more than once a week. She was so damned beautiful that I wanted to fuck her two or three times a day but I would settle for two or three times a week.

I had been copying her play list off of her MP3 player and making a super secret revision of it. I had found a program that I could use to edit MP3's and I could program macro's to edit batches of files as long as I did the same thing to every file. I used this to record messages and insert them into her songs just under the music. It took some trial and error but I finally got it down to the point I knew just what levels to use.

It started with just suggesting sex more often and grew to include more budgetary discipline and a desire to get a job. Lately I had added that she was totally submissive to my desires and yearned to please me in any way she could. Since I hadn't really planned on using it, I guess I went a little crazy.

It was sort of my 'ace in the hole' when she pissed me off. It gave me an 'I know something you don't know' feeling that helped calm me down as I fantasized about what life would be like after I had conditioned her. I hadn't tried it because I didn't really think it would work - but now I had no choice, whether it worked or not. I was going to lose her anyway, and this was my only hope.

I went to the computer downstairs next to my workout room and hoped she would stay mad - and in the bedroom - just a little longer. I didn't want to take any more time than necessary but I needed to add one more message. I picked her favorite song and added that as long as I never hurt her again she would forgive me. I wasn't sure it would take, but it was worth a try.

I plugged in her player and made the switch as fast as I could. It took forever and I was terrified she would come down while I was doing it.

I needn't have worried. She was still locked in there when I went to work the next morning still wearing the same clothes I had worn the previous day.

While I worked I wondered if she was using her MP3 player, if she was subconsciously hearing the messages hidden just below the music.

<I love Dan>

<Dan is very sexy>

<Dan has an incredible body that I love touching>

<Sucking Dan's cock is very exciting>

<Sex with Dan is the most rewarding and satisfying activity I can think of>

<I want sex with Dan every day>

<Pleasing Dan gives me great pleasure>

Then there were some of the later ones.

<Spending money should be done carefully>

<Credit is bad>

<A job is a very good thing>

<Dan's decisions are always right>

<Dan is the boss>

<Dan is not to be questioned>

<Disobeying Dan is scary>

<Obedience to Dan is pleasurable>

Then there was the message hastily added to her favorite song.

<Dan should be forgiven for pushing me, as long as it never happens again>

I hoped they worked.

I noticed, when I got home that the player had been moved. That didn't mean she had listened or if she had that the messages had worked. I found her sitting out on the back deck. She looked at me coolly. Without saying a word she went inside the house and locked herself in one of the guest rooms. At least I could get a change of clothes.

It was the same story the next day as well. But on the third day...

I walked through the door and she was standing not four feet in front of it.

"If you ever do anything like that again I am leaving." She said with a very serious look in her eye.

"If I do, don't worry, I'll leave instead." I said in all honesty. "Melanie, I am so sorry... I never want to hurt you."

She studied for a few moments, then stepped to me and slid her arms around me.

"You're forgiven, but you really scared me."

"It scared me too. I promise I will never do anything like that again."

She looked up at me.

"I'll call the store and have them come pick up the television. I guess we really don't need it."

"Thank you sweetheart." I wondered if her new play list had anything to do with that. She had returned things before, so it wasn't a sure thing.

"What would you like for dinner?"

That, however, had never happened before.

I looked down to see her perfect features and stunning blue eyes looking up at me expectantly.

"Whatever you feel like making is fine with me."

After a meal of baked chicken thighs, steamed vegetables, and mashed potatoes I decided that I didn't mind cooking all that much. I'm sure she would get better with practice, but wasn't sure I was willing to endure it. How, exactly, do you screw up steamed vegetables?

We cleared the table together and loaded the dishwasher.

"Now," she said taking my hand, "I have a special dessert planned."

She led me to the bedroom. Pushing me back onto the bed she quickly had my pants off and fondled my cock to full hardness. She smiled sweetly, her gorgeous golden hair framing her beautiful face as she lowered her mouth to my twitching hard-on.

She licked it slowly up and down a few times. I shivered in pleasure as her full lips descended around my pulsing member. Her mouth slid up and down while her tongue lashed from side to side. Her hand followed her mouth with a twisting motion.

She kept this up for long heavenly time. Just as I was about to blow a load into her mouth I stopped her. She again smiled sweetly up at me. I rolled her over and stripped off her pants and panties. She spread her legs and I was face to face with her delicious pink pussy.

I touched my tongue to it and she gasped. I slid my tongue up the slit and down the right side, up the slit and down the left side. It was small enough that I could cover it completely with my mouth and suck on it while I drove my tongue as deeply into it as I could. It was hot, tight and wet.

"Ohhh... God... Dan... Yes... feels so... good..."

I lapped up her pussy's wonderful nectar. Again driving my tongue into her tight tunnel, I worked on her clit with my upper lip.

"Fuck... good... Mmm..."

She moaned and thrashed. Her legs wrapped around my shoulders and I reached up outside her legs to knead her firm tits. I took her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and twisted gently.

"Ohhh... Yes... Yesss... YES... YESSS"

She came hard, holding me tightly with her legs.

She slowly came down into after glow and my hands left her tits, caressing down her sides, past her narrow waist and onto her slightly flaring hips. I lifted my face from her dripping snatch and slid up to give her a kiss.

She hugged me closely as we kissed.

"I love you, Dan." She breathed as we parted. "I need you to fuck me now, fuck me hard."

My thick cock slipped easily into her wet pussy, its snug walls closing firmly around it. The slick friction always felt wonderful. I had been fucking this pussy for over fifteen years and it was always fantastic.

As my cock drove into her slick snatch I gazed into the wondrous beauty of her green eyes. She met my gaze while she gave voice to the pleasure she was feeling.

"So good... your cock... Oh God, Dan... give it to me... fuck me good..."

She clenched her pussy sending thrills swirling about my body. I slowed my pace and savored inch of delightful friction as I slid in and out. I felt the first signs of an orgasm beginning deep in my balls and I rolled over to put her on top. This always gave me a slight reprieve and allowed me to enjoy this lovely vision on the end of my dick just a little longer.

She put her hands on my chest and began working my cock with her pussy. She tried to keep eye contact with me, it was a little game we played while we screwed - it ensured we were thinking only of each other. As her orgasm built I could tell it was getting harder and harder for her to keep her eyes on mine.

I bent my knees slightly and started slamming my cock into her. This put her over the edge and she screamed in orgasm. This time her after glow found her resting on top of me. She nuzzled my neck and whispered loving affirmations as she regained her strength.

She rose up on her hands with her elbows slightly bent and moved her body along mine. Her tight pussy slid up and down my shaft while her nipples caressed my chest. I guided her tits so the soft breast tissue and her hard nipples were brushing my own.

The hot friction on my cock and the thrill of her tits and nipples on my chest soon had me at the edge. I wrapped my arms around her firmly and held her hips in place. My cock was buried motionless in her tiny twat, allowing me to come back from the edge.

When I had recovered sufficiently I released her and she continued her previous ministrations, which soon had me again at the edge. I tried to hold off again. This was another game we played, I tried to prevent my orgasm as many times as I could, she played along knowing that the more times I was brought to the edge without cumming, the harder I would finally cum.

But this time she was having none of it. I tried to hold her hips in place but she struggled. The tiny movements of her tight pussy around my cock slowly continued the build up of my orgasm. I felt it boil up, it simmered for a long time and finally I moaned as thick jets of hot cum flooded her greedy snatch. She smiled and sighed as I gave her my cum, our eyes locked the whole time.

My hips jerked involuntarily as she milked my cock with her pussy, she smiled. She loved seeing me twitch as her tight pussy stimulated my cock, which was always overly sensitive just after I came.

We snuggled together and drifted off to sleep. I knew in the morning that the suggestions had definitely worked since we made love again before I left for the day.

I should have tried these things a long time ago. Of course the job sucked... but not as bad as usual.

It continued like this for several weeks. I did take out the hasty message in her favorite song. She had forgiven me and I was afraid it would only act as a reminder.

We had worked as a team in the kitchen, she was picking it up pretty quick, but I found I enjoyed cooking now that she was with me. It gave me more time to ogle her firm tits and round ass. We would 'accidentally' bump into each other often. I got used to eating with a tremendous hard on. Dessert was always worth the wait.

One day I arrived home and she was waiting with a huge smile.

"I have a surprise for you." She said happily.

I felt a knot in my stomach and quickly looked around to see what she had bought. There was nothing there.

"I got a job!" She screamed and bounded into my arms. I hugged her back enthusiastically.

"I start next week as a cashier and the food mart."

Subliminal messages were awesome. Things were working out better than I had hoped.

Then I got an idea.

We had always enjoyed watching porn together. I had often caught her getting a little turned on by the girl on girl or two-girl one-guy scenes, so I thought with a little push or two...

Within a few weeks the regular messages embedded in her play list were augmented.

<Other girl's bodies are very intriguing>

<Tits turn me on>

<Tight little asses turn me on>

<I want to lick a pussy>

<I want to have sex with Dan and another woman>

Before the week was out, we were watching quite a bit of porn in the evenings and I noticed she was picking the movies that had a lot of multiple girl scenes.

Saturday afternoon she brought it up.

"Sweetie," she began, "I was thinking that maybe we could go out tonight."

"Where would you like to go?"

"Uhm..." she hesitated, "I was thinking we should check out the Streetcar."

I acted surprised. "Isn't that a gay bar?"

"I think so."

"What do you want to do? Pick up some bisexual guy and have a threesome, sorry I'm not into that."

"No... Well, sort of... yes to the threesome... but no the other guy... I want another girl to join us."


"Well, honey, if its what you really want... I guess we could try it."

The club was dim. Bright colored lights placed around the dance floor occasionally made it hard to see as they overshot their target. The place was pretty packed and there were a large number of very hot women.

We took a seat at the only table we could find. It was located well out of the way, which was fine with me. Melanie went up to the bar to get us some drinks. That was part of the plan, she would mingle and draw the attention of any women interested in her - there would no doubt be plenty of those. Her long blonde hair hung in loose ringlets. She wore barely any make up, she never really needed any, but she wore enough to compensate for the lighting in the club. A touch of mascara and soft red lipstick accented by the slightest hint of rouge brought out all the finest features of her lovely face. She wore a tight shimmering silver halter and matching mini skirt displaying lots of luscious skin and very shapely legs atop her tight round ass. I was certain that every person who saw her that night was forced to redefine their concept of 'the sexiest woman ever'.

She stood at the bar and an attentive bartender immediately asked what she wanted. I could have stood there for twenty minutes and never gotten served. As she waited for our drinks a beautiful blonde started talking to her. She was tall and statuesque with large breasts and a fine hourglass figure. They chatted for a few seconds when Melanie shook her head and pointed at me. The blonde looked my way and I liked what I saw. But I guess that she didn't because she turned back to Melanie, touched her arm as if to say good-bye and walked away. By now, Melanie had our drinks and made her way back to our table.

"What was wrong with her?" I asked, my mouth close to her ear so she could hear me over the music, "Didn't like my looks?"

"She didn't like your gender." Melanie answered, her shoulders swaying with the music while she scanned the crowd.

We decided to dance and Melanie made it a point to brush up against several hotties. We finally got a bite in the form of another tall statuesque woman, this time with thick strawberry blonde hair that fell in waves almost to her tiny waist. She was about 5' 9" and large 'D' cup tits were her upper body's best asset, but she also had very nice legs. Her ass was every bit as tight and round as Melanie's. She had olive skin and soft green eyes over a petite nose. Full lips highlighted her dazzling smile. She was wearing a skimpy white dress with spaghetti straps and a deep plunge in front showed plenty of her ample cleavage.

We went to our table and made small talk over a few drinks. She was bisexual and very interested in coming home with us. I got the feeling she was a bit more interested in Melanie than in me, but I would take it. Just seeing this beauty naked would be enough, seeing her have sex with Melanie would be awesome and if I got to fuck her... well... life is sometimes too good.

Her name was Dawn Baker and she lived about four miles away from us. She was a bank teller and had no steady relationship at the moment. She was twenty-eight years old and was actually shocked to find out I was in my upper thirties and Melanie was in the middle portion of that decade. I wasn't too surprised, Melanie still looked seventeen and I was in pretty good shape with all my hair and none of it gray.

We got back to our house and I cracked a few beers while we got comfortable in the living room. I sat on the couch, Melanie sat next to me and Dawn sat next to her. I burned my own cd's and the stereo was softly putting out a selection of classic rock love songs.

Dawn put her arm around Melanie and I leaned back against the arm of the sofa to watch. It was Melanie's first kiss with another girl and she was very tentative. Dawn understood and moved in slowly. A soft kiss on the lips... the heads turned slightly... another kiss, this time with a little more passion. As the kiss broke I could see Dawn's tongue leaving Melanie's mouth.

Dawn drank in Melanie's beauty with her soft green eyes. Another kiss and this time Melanie threw her arms around Dawn and their hands began roaming over each other's bodies. It wasn't long before I was treated to a nice showing of delectable skin. Dawn's tits were very firm despite being large and her nipples rose up like pencil erasers as Melanie suckled at them. Dawn looked over Melanie's head and into my eyes. Her gazed drifted down to the huge bulge in my jeans and she licked her lips.

In a motion that was almost too fast to see she was kneeling on the floor in front of Melanie, pushing up the miniskirt and stripping off her panties. Dawn began licking at Melanie's pussy. Melanie moaned and gasped at the feel of the only other tongue to touch her there in over fifteen years. I watched appreciatively.

Dawn sucked energetically at her pussy until Melanie shuddered with orgasmic bliss. Then she looked up at me.

"Nice to see you have taken such good care of this." Dawn remarked with a smile climbing up on top of me. Melanie snuggled up to me.

I occurred to me that my lovely wife was kissing nuzzling my neck while a gorgeous and stacked hottie was squirming naked in my lap.

I was living the dream, brother.

It got better when Dawn popped off my lap and Melanie and her stripped me.

My erection waved in the cool air but not for long. I soon had two beautiful faces hovering over it, their lips competing for time wrapped around it. Dawn had a bit of talent in the cocksucking department, she showed enthusiasm and adequate knowledge and the fact that I had a new beautiful woman sucking at me was quite a thrill all its own. But Melanie knew what I liked and after about five minutes I could feel my orgasm start to boil. I considered stopping her but figured that between these two I wouldn't have any problem regaining my erection if I came so I let them continue. I held off as long as I could but with Melanie kneading my balls, her mouth and tongue doing their magic and Dawn caressing and fondling my chest and nipples I could only hold out for about another five minutes before I felt myself pass the point of no return. I watched as Melanie pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked me off with both lovely faces waiting expectantly.

With a grunt, my cum shot out of my cock with the force of a fire hose. The first shot went right into Melanie's mouth; she then turned it so the second shot went into Dawn's. Melanie got another stream then it dwindled to a series of dribbles. They took turns sucking as much of it out of my cock as they could. When it was over I realized that not a drop had landed anywhere but in a hot little mouth. They kissed passionately again, sharing their bounty with each other.

We switched position again and this time Melanie sat on the sofa with Dawn reclined against her. I knelt on the floor and spread Dawn's legs.

Her pussy was every bit as exquisite as she was. Like Melanie, her pubic hair was trimmed well up out of the way. The full lips were just slightly darker than her olive skin but when I parted them the soft wet flesh inside was bright pink. I gave it a lick and she gasped. She tasted great and the nectar was already flowing as Melanie groped and fondled her tits. I dove in with abandon.

I started with the alphabet trick. You trace every letter of the alphabet on her pussy with your tongue, the various motions cover pretty much all the bases and by paying attention you find out what she likes best - then keep doing those.

"Mmmm... That feels good... Oh Yes... Right there..."

I found a rhythm she seemed to like. Holding her cunt lips open I licked a big X across her pussy from bottom right to upper left, across her clit (slowly), back down to the lower left and then across the skin below her pussy (some call it the 'taint - 'taint the pussy, 'taint the asshole) and back over the whole thing again. About every fifth trip I made a big 'T' instead for a few strokes and then back to the 'X'.

"Mmm... that's good... Ohhh... Yes..." she turned her head and kissed Melanie who was kneading her big tits.

"Oh God... squeeze my nipples harder... Mmmm... lick it there..."

I tickled her clit with my upper lip and flattened my tongue against the opening to her flowing love tunnel moving it in little circles.

"Fuck!... that's so... Ungh... good... I'm... Shit... I'm CUMMING!"

I held my tongue tight against her pussy while she came and her juices dripped off my chin.

Before she had finished cumming I rose up and plunged my thick hard cock deep into her dripping snatch. She screamed with a renewed orgasm and her pussy clenched down on my cock like a velvet-lined vise. Her tiny twat was hot and slick. Its walls hugged my cock tightly as I stroked in and out.

She was enjoying the feel of my cock while still in after glow and I looked past her to see my gorgeous wife watching me with a lusty fire in her eyes.

With my current angle my cock was rubbing the front wall of her pussy and she had barely come down from one orgasm when she headed for her next.

I stroked her tight hot pussy through two more eruptions before switching over to Melanie.

I sat on the sofa and Melanie straddled me. Her pussy was every bit as fantastic as Dawn's had been. She fucked me while Dawn kneaded my balls.

Melanie quickly came, which told me how hot the whole thing had gotten her and I did my best to hold off my own orgasm until she finally came again. Her pussy pulsed around my cock taking me over the edge and I filled her tight pussy with cum.

She hugged me tightly, my cock still deeply embedded in her pussy and I felt Dawn licking at the cum leaking out.

From there we went to bed and believe it or not, they kept me hard and I fucked each of them again until I finally came deep in Dawn's tight twat. I drifted off to sleep with Melanie sucking my cum out of her.

I awoke with Melanie snuggled up tightly to me, Dawn was spooning her. I reluctantly got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Coming out I stood over the bed and marveled at the two beauties I had spent the night with. I hoped we had impressed Dawn enough that she would return to us often.

Turns out I had no worries from that direction. Her roommate was moving and she was looking for a place to live.

"We have two empty bedrooms." Melanie said excitedly, "You can have whichever one you want."

"I don't anticipate I'll do much sleeping in it," Dawn said with a grin, "but I would need a place for my stuff."

"Then it's settled," I concluded, "you move in here and we'll figure out a fair rent. I don't see it being any problem at all." No problem... there was an understatement. I would be living - and sleeping - with two breathtaking beauties.

Yeah... my job sucks... who cares?

The next two months went very well indeed. Dawn insisted on paying a third of the mortgage as rent. I felt that was a bit much but I didn't argue too hard though we refused any help with the utilities. The rent she was paying was more than enough to help us out immensely.

So, she was gorgeous, smart, willing to pull her share and great in bed. And, guess what... she had an MP3 player and she listened to it quite often.

You see, I had noticed the first night that she seemed a little more attracted to Melanie than to me, and the longer she lived with us the more apparent it was. Oh, she was very cheerful and friendly towards me, and gave me plenty of attention in bed, but it was Melanie she truly lusted after.

Melanie was totally subservient to me. All three of us would get home from work within half an hour of each other. I would plop down in my recliner while Melanie brought me a beer and asked if I needed anything. She would kiss me and caress my chest and shoulders asking me what I wanted for dinner. I'd tell her what I wanted and she would either skip into the kitchen (she had progressed to the point I really didn't need to be there anymore) or let me know we didn't have it. Dawn didn't seem to appreciate Melanie's devotion and always had a bit of a 'what the hell?' look on her face during these exchanges. More often than not she would follow Melanie into the kitchen to help her out.

Those things were beginning to bother me just a little. But I could fix them. I managed to get a download of her play list, but I could only work on it when they were both out of the house or asleep so it took quite a while but I finally finished it and made the switch.

Since I thought she might know another Dan, I included my last name just in case.

Every time she put those ear buds in she heard:

<Dan Smith has a very sexy body>

<I like looking at Dan Smith's body>

<Dan Smith's muscles fascinate me>

< Dan Smith's cock is amazing>

<I love making Dan Smith's cock hard>

<Stimulating Dan Smith's cock in any way is very rewarding>

<Seeing Dan Smith cum is exciting and thrilling>

<Dan Smith is the boss>

<Dan Smith is not to be questioned>

<Obedience to Dan Smith is pleasurable>

<I love Dan Smith>

I hoped they worked half as good on Dawn as they did on Melanie.

I took a little over a week before I noticed that Dawn seemed to be making a lot more physical contact with me than she used to. At dinner one night all doubt was erased.

She passed behind me as I sat in my chair, her hand brushed along my shoulder and then I felt both hands caressing my shoulders and arms. She traced the contours of my triceps and biceps.

"I really like these." She said seductively.

Her caresses moved to my chest and I could feel her large tits against the back of my head as she unbuttoned my shirt. Her fingertips lightly brushed my nipples while she followed the lines of my pectorals.

I'm not sure if it was the light massage (which I have always enjoyed) or the rush of power but my cock was instantly at attention. Melanie noticed Dawn's attention to me and glanced at my bulge as she pulled out her chair.

"Okay you two," she said with a smile, "plenty of time for that after dinner."

As we ate I felt like a king. I looked at the two heavenly visions seated at the table with me and knew that they were both completely devoted to me and only me. When they looked at me I saw their eyes melt with love. There was no jealousy, no competition and no cattiness between them. Their primary goal was my pleasure - they would work as a team to fulfill my every desire.

The joy and power was intoxicating.

Later, in bed, it was just as I had hoped. Now, my stiff dick and I were the complete center of attention. They were, of course, attentive to each other but only because they knew that was what I wanted. Two dazzling beauties with talented mouths and hot tight pussies were devoted to my every whim. I came twice that night and again in the morning. They were sexy and seductive and driven with a singleness of purpose... my pleasure.

When I got home from work that night they were both already there. Melanie was wearing a white chemise with a tiny pink bow between her tits, no panties as far as I could tell. Dawn was wearing a black babydoll that tied at the breast with frilly matching panties. They ushered me to the sofa and fawned on me while I gave my dinner order. Suddenly there was a beer in my hand and Dawn's mouth on my cock as Melanie disappeared to start dinner. After I came, Dawn cleaned me up and put my deflating cock back into my pants. Then she went in to help with dinner while I watched Jack McCoy put another bad guy behind bars.

Gentlemen, now 'this' is living the dream.


One day at work one of the newer guys mentioned that he was looking for a room to rent. I had an extra bedroom but with Melanie and Dawn running around half dressed all the time it wouldn't be fair to him since I wasn't planning on sharing. But it got me thinking.

Since I had an extra room, we would all be doing a bit better if I could rent it out. Dawn could drop her share from a third of the mortgage to a quarter, and I would only have to come up with half. It would have to be a woman though. I didn't need to be fucking her, I had all the pussy I needed, but I would be much more comfortable if whoever it turned out to be wasn't looking to fuck one of my women.

I brought the subject up one night at dinner and Dawn said she knew a girl who always seemed to be having trouble with her roommates. She would speak to her about it. I asked if she was pretty.

"Oh, she is very hot," Dawn informed me. "But she is also very lesbian. As far as I know she has never had a guy. She and I have had a couple of flings but were never serious. Besides, I like cock... especially yours." At that point she moved over to sit in my lap and kissed me passionately. Her tight little ass squirmed against my cock causing an instant (and somewhat painful) erection. I stood with her in my arms, and Melanie followed us to the bedroom.

About two hours later they finally got around to doing the dishes.

Two weeks later we had our new roommate. Her name was Gloria and she was... well... glorious.

She was thirty but didn't look a day over twenty-five. Standing about 5' 6" she was a very well constructed Latina lovely. Long brown hair flowed in waves down to her pert round ass. Her hips flared perfectly under her narrow waist. Her tits hovered in the upper end of the 'C' cup range. Dark smoky eyes screamed sensuality and her full lips looked soft and very kissable. Where Dawn's skin had a slight olive tint, Gloria's was the color of coffee with just a touch of cream. She was a genuine babe.

She was a paralegal and a very adamant lesbian.

So... I couldn't fuck her. She was very friendly, playful, a little flirty and she made it clear she didn't mind me looking. Since the other girls wandered about the house in lingerie, she joined them.

She was very nice eye candy and if my dick got hard because I was looking at her voluptuous body, it was quickly attended to by Melanie or Dawn, often with Gloria sticking around to show off her silk or lace clad curves while my dick was being sucked.

Life just couldn't get any better.

Although... as much as I enjoyed looking at her, it would be pretty cool if she liked it as much as I did.

Gloria didn't have an MP3 player. So I bought her one as a gift. I had to wait until an appropriate occasion but luckily her birthday wasn't too far off. Her reaction wasn't quite what I had expected.

"Its nice... but have you any idea what those earphones do to your hearing? You wear those things all the time and you go deaf."

Crap... But wait...

"You don't need headphones, you can listen to it through your car stereo."

That convinced her and I had her give me all her cd's and she put together a play list from them. She began listening to it every time she was in her car. I was suddenly glad she had a forty-five minute commute.

Her first play list went something like this:

<Dan Smith's body is not like other men's bodies>

< Dan Smith's body is attractive and sexy>

< Dan Smith's cock is not like other men's cocks>

< Dan Smith's cock is very alluring>

<Seeing Dan Smith getting his cock sucked turns me on>

Within a few days I noticed her eyes lingering on me. Before, if my dick was being sucked she would pretend not to notice, but she would be watching out the corner of her eye, now though; she would openly stare at my rock hard cock. Seeing her attention and knowing that the conditioning was working was almost more than I could take and several times I was able to catch her eye just as I came causing a powerful orgasm. After these sessions she would disappear into her room with Dawn or Melanie for about an hour.

By the end of two weeks I caught her several times with one hand inside her lacy panties, her fingers moving furiously.

How could any job suck when I was living with three incredibly gorgeous women, two who would do anything for me in or out of bed and one who loved having me ogle her as she displayed herself in lingerie.

As sexy as she was in lingerie, I really wanted to see her naked tits and I would bet anything she had an adorable little pussy.

Before another two weeks had past, Gloria had a few new messages hidden in her play list.

<I want to display my body to Dan Smith>

<Displaying my body to Dan Smith turns me on>

<I want to play with myself in front of Dan Smith>

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