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Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Dan uses subliminal suggestions on his wife and some others. They work so well, he goes a little overboard and isn't careful enough about who hears them.

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton

"What goes around, comes around." - unknown

I have heard of people 'snapping' before but never really understood it - until now.

Perhaps I should begin by telling you a little about myself. My name is Dan Smith (Yeah - right). I am 38 years old. I stand 6' 2" and weigh about 225 pounds. I am in pretty good shape, my job is very physical and I work out regularly so I can keep up with the young guys on the job site.

I am lead carpenter on a framing crew. I started construction right out of high school and I used to like it, but for the past few years all we have been doing is cookie cutter condos. Takes all the challenge and fun out of it. Lately it has really begun to suck.

I didn't have to be a blue-collar type, at least at one point I could have avoided it. I had brains; most of my hobbies were pretty cerebral. I could do crossword puzzles pretty fast and I had tried a few college classes and had aced them. I loved computers and did a lot of independent research on the Internet.

Simple fact is - had I applied myself even a little bit back in my teens and early twenties I would be a whole lot better off now. But, back then the only things that mattered were parties and pussy.

That is until Melanie had come along. She is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen (then and now) and she is the love of my life. Standing about 5' 4" she weighs in at 100 pounds (but don't tell her I told you) with long golden blond hair and intense blue eyes. Her breasts aren't huge, but 'C' cup tits on her lithe frame are plenty big.

We have been married for just over fifteen years but don't have any kids, which is just fine with me since her tiny waist and tight round butt have never been tampered with by mother nature.

Back to my lament...

After we got married we bought a house with a mortgage just a little more than we could really afford. We furnished it on credit and did a lot of nights on the town - on credit. Credit cards were like magic money to us.

So, here I am. Working six days a week at a job that is sucking the life out of me, trying to crawl out of the debt hell I put myself in. Take my word for it... credit cards are evil. But they did require my cooperation to put me where I was. At least I wasn't digging in deeper even as I tried to pull myself out. Perhaps I should repeat that with the emphasis where it belongs... at least 'I' wasn't digging in deeper.

My lovely bride, on the other hand, had no problem spending money we didn't have. What she did have a problem with was working outside the home, or inside the home for that matter. To be fair, she did laundry and cleaned up after herself. I took care of my own messes and did most of the cooking as well as everything outside.

I dragged my ass home from work one particular evening, completely worn out, trying to decide if I had enough energy to make something for dinner but I didn't think so which really sucked because I was starving. I walked in the house to find a big screen TV in the middle of our living room. Melanie came bounding out of the kitchen (what she was doing in there is anyone's guess) with a giant smile on her face.

"Do you like it sweetheart?" She beamed.

"Where did it come from?" I asked tentatively, afraid I knew the answer and it was making my blood boil.

"That new Bestest Buymart. I signed up for their store card and got 10% off. I saved you over three hundred dollars. And we only have to pay fifteen dollars a month until it's paid off."

Saved... Three hundred... oh shit... at 26% interest. With a three thousand dollar balance fifteen bucks a month wasn't even half the interest. I was barely making the payments we had now. There was no way we could afford this.

I felt pressure inside my head. My ears were hot. I looked down to find my fists tightly clenched. Every muscle in my body was tight with rage. I tried to control my breathing.

Calm down... breath in... slowly... breath out... in... out...

Okay... I could deal with this...

"Sweetheart." Melanie said with a pout, "I'm bored, can we go out to dinner tonight?"

So much for the breathing.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I could feel my eyes bulging as I screamed at her.

Melanie looked at me in shock. In the fifteen years we had been married I had rarely even raised my voice to her.


"But I WANT it." She said defiantly, stepping up to me.

That was when I snapped. For a brief second I was totally out of my mind and I did the most hideous thing I could ever imagine doing. I put out both hands and pushed her backwards... hard. The moment my hands made contact I was horrified.

She went over the coffee table and onto her back.

I immediately went around to see if she was okay, apologizing as I neared her.

She slapped me.


"Melanie... no... I... I'm so sorry... I never..."

"SHUT UP!" She yelled as she ran into the bedroom and locked the door.

I tried knocking on the door, begging, pleading, I told her she could keep the television but nothing worked. She wasn't talking, and I couldn't blame her.

Then I saw her MP3 player and knew that if I was going to keep her, I had to do something drastic.

For a little over a year I had been toying with the idea of subliminal messages. I started screwing around with them when I thought that I could use them to get Melanie interested in sex more than once a week. She was so damned beautiful that I wanted to fuck her two or three times a day but I would settle for two or three times a week.

I had been copying her play list off of her MP3 player and making a super secret revision of it. I had found a program that I could use to edit MP3's and I could program macro's to edit batches of files as long as I did the same thing to every file. I used this to record messages and insert them into her songs just under the music. It took some trial and error but I finally got it down to the point I knew just what levels to use.

It started with just suggesting sex more often and grew to include more budgetary discipline and a desire to get a job. Lately I had added that she was totally submissive to my desires and yearned to please me in any way she could. Since I hadn't really planned on using it, I guess I went a little crazy.

It was sort of my 'ace in the hole' when she pissed me off. It gave me an 'I know something you don't know' feeling that helped calm me down as I fantasized about what life would be like after I had conditioned her. I hadn't tried it because I didn't really think it would work - but now I had no choice, whether it worked or not. I was going to lose her anyway, and this was my only hope.

I went to the computer downstairs next to my workout room and hoped she would stay mad - and in the bedroom - just a little longer. I didn't want to take any more time than necessary but I needed to add one more message. I picked her favorite song and added that as long as I never hurt her again she would forgive me. I wasn't sure it would take, but it was worth a try.

I plugged in her player and made the switch as fast as I could. It took forever and I was terrified she would come down while I was doing it.

I needn't have worried. She was still locked in there when I went to work the next morning still wearing the same clothes I had worn the previous day.

While I worked I wondered if she was using her MP3 player, if she was subconsciously hearing the messages hidden just below the music.

<I love Dan>

<Dan is very sexy>

<Dan has an incredible body that I love touching>

<Sucking Dan's cock is very exciting>

<Sex with Dan is the most rewarding and satisfying activity I can think of>

<I want sex with Dan every day>

<Pleasing Dan gives me great pleasure>

Then there were some of the later ones.

<Spending money should be done carefully>

<Credit is bad>

<A job is a very good thing>

<Dan's decisions are always right>

<Dan is the boss>

<Dan is not to be questioned>

<Disobeying Dan is scary>

<Obedience to Dan is pleasurable>

Then there was the message hastily added to her favorite song.

<Dan should be forgiven for pushing me, as long as it never happens again>

I hoped they worked.

I noticed, when I got home that the player had been moved. That didn't mean she had listened or if she had that the messages had worked. I found her sitting out on the back deck. She looked at me coolly. Without saying a word she went inside the house and locked herself in one of the guest rooms. At least I could get a change of clothes.

It was the same story the next day as well. But on the third day...

I walked through the door and she was standing not four feet in front of it.

"If you ever do anything like that again I am leaving." She said with a very serious look in her eye.

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