Sam Prefers Daddy

by scouries

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Group Sex, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This continues the story started in 'Sam Gets Married'. In this sequel Samantha returns from her honeymoon and quickly rejoins her friends in her daddy's bed. Soon her new husband is introduced to the fun.

This is a sequel to the story 'Sam Gets Married'. I think you'll find it a fun and sexy read even if you haven't read the first part.

We were all waiting by the gate, talking excitedly but each of us nervous, when the doors opened and my beautiful daughter Samantha and her new husband Jimmy, both tanned and covered in colorful leis, rushed into view.

"Daddy, oh Daddy," she shouted to me as she launched herself into my waiting arms, and even among the swirling crowd and with her new husband just feet away, I felt a bolt of excitement climb up my shaft, and felt it fully harden as she pressed herself into me, kissing me as she laughed.

"Oh sweetie," I whispered in her ear, "I'm so happy your back." Holding her, I turned to Jimmy, who was being welcomed warmly by Naomi and Barb, and grabbing his shoulder, said, "Great to see you son. How was the trip?"

We talked excitedly as we collected their luggage and headed for the car, but we could see they were tired after the long flight and left them soon after we got them home, after Samantha promised to come over the next afternoon and give us a complete recap of the trip.

After dropping Barb at home, Naomi and I continued back to my place, a place Naomi now also treated as home, having spent the last three weeks next to me... and over me... and under me and... each night in my big bed.

"Oh God," she moaned, holding my cock firmly as she sat astride my thighs, ready to lower her moist, hot pit over him, "You're so big tonight Mr. R, so rigid, so hot... Sam's returns excited you, hasn't it?" she said giggling. "I think maybe Daddy'd prefer it was his hot little daughter Sam he was fucking tonight, wouldn't he?" she huskily whispered in my ear and then probed me with her wet tongue.

"Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little girl Daddy... uuuuuuuhhhhhhhn... pretend it's your little princess who's hot cunt is clenching your fat prick," she hissed, her deep groan of pleasure interrupting her words as she had lowered herself onto me fully.

"You hot little Irish slut," I laughed as I easily flipped her over on her back, "You're going to get so much of my big, fat, hard cock tonight you won't be able to walk for a week."

"Promises, promises," my red headed beauty teased, "I'm worried an old guy... uuunnnnnnhhh,... oh shit Daddy... like you just might have a heart attack sleeping with a sexy young thing like me," she finished, my last pounding thrust and her groaning response to it belying her words.

"Well, if I'm too old for you, there's always Babs, with her blond curls and her hungry mouth, or Samantha, still hungry for the King's bed," I responded acidly, as Naomi's body thrashed under me, rising to meet my every thrust, groaning helplessly as I ravaged her, twitching liquidly as I filled her again and again with thick strands of my hot seed.

"Jesus," Naomi finally panted, and nestling herself against my body while smiling lovingly, added, "Maybe the old man has still got a little left in him..."

We had talked hours and hours together over the past three weeks, often with Barb present but also often alone. She had let me know almost immediately after our first coupling that she wanted to live with me, that she was prepared to accept anything I was willing to offer.

"I'll be your wife, your daughter, your mistress, your lover, your slave," she offered. "As long as I can spend time with you... anything... please Mr. R... ," she had pled.

"Don't you worry my little Irish leprechaun," I had replied. "You're going to be my little daughter, my wife, and the mother of my children," I promised, but added, "I'll never give up Sam though, you know that, don't you? She'll always be welcome in my bed, are you sure you're ready to share me?"

"God yes, I think I need Sam and Babs more than you do Daddy. Do you think we can convince Sam and Jimmy to move in with us, their apartment is so small and we got so much room here Daddy?"

She had suggested exactly what I had thought of days before, and knew that with Naomi's help we were much more likely to convince the newlyweds to move in with us. Jimmy still had years of residency and specialist study to go before he started pulling in the big bucks as a Doctor and I knew the chance to live in a 4500 sq. ft. house with pool in the cities best area might just prove irresistible to the youngsters.

"And if Jimmy spends some nights working you wouldn't mind sharing our bed with Sam?' I asked slyly, "You wouldn't mind your husband fucking his sexy daughter while you watched?"

"I wouldn't always just watch," she had answered giggling as she slowly enveloped the thick head of my cock between her lips.

At one the next afternoon Samantha arrived, coming upon us as Babs was riding me by the pool, squealing in pleasure each time she slapped her bum down hard on my stomach, while demanding in a gasping voice, "Fuck me Mr. R, give me your hot sperm, oh fuck, make me a baby Mr. R, make your little Barbara pregnant, oh godddd yesssssssss..."

"EXCUSE ME, PLEASE EXCUSE ME!!! What are you two sluts doing with my poor sweet Daddy? I seem to remember a deal we made before I left, 'NO FUCKING DADDY' while I was on my honeymoon! Am I wrong? Babs? Naomi?"

The girls leapt joyfully into Sam's arms, my sticky cream still oozing down Babs legs as she hugged her friend.

"Like you kept your end of the deal Sam! Screwing your Poppa while your poor husband waited for you at the altar," laughed Naomi.

"It was the night before, you bithches. And anyway, it wasn't my fault; my big, bad Daddy seduced me, ravishing me with his fat cock, ruining me for my poor husband," she said, smiling happily.

"Right Sam, I think we know you a little better than that. Your poor handsome father told us all about it, how you slipped naked between his sheets while he slept, how you took his penis into your mouth, how..."

"Yeah sure," Sam replied, as the three girls fell into paroxysms of laughter, the utter joy they all felt being back together again shining clearly through. Finally, Sam stepped back and quickly stripped, and then sat down on me, and complained petulantly, "And how are you Daddy? It doesn't look like you missed me at all?"

Pulling her down onto my large chest, my arms engulfing her fiercely, I let my lips fasten hungrily to hers, my tongue eagerly probing against hers.

"I feel something that's still interested in me though," she admitted grinning, looking down at my pole pulsing against her stomach. "So how long did you two wait anyway before you took advantage of poor Daddy?" she asked, turning to look at Barb and Naomi.

As Naomi and I started to explain we were suddenly interrupted by a shouting Barbara, "Oh fuck wait, shit... oh wait, I almost forget to tell you about our slutty, lying friend Naomi, the girl who slept with all those boys in University. Do you remember the girl who told her two best friends about her wild romantic trysts, her nights spent with legs spread beneath a big cock, who was such an expert on making love?"

"So! What are you talking about Barb?" Sam demanded.

"Oh, I'm talking about our little friend, our friend who shrieked like a stuck pig when Daddy drove his long prick into her, the girl whose blood oozed around Daddy's cock, a girl who apparently had never had her hymen pierced in all her amorous adventures."

"But... What do you mean?... Naomi?... It's impossible! Right Naomi?"

Blushing, Naomi stumbled through an explanation, her two friends howling in glee as her embarrassment.

"But what about the night you screwed Billy in your backyard?" asked Samantha, still perplexed, unwilling to believe Naomi had lied all those years. "Or when you gave Jamie a blow job in your Dad's car?"

"It wasn't quite like I told you," she admitted, "I may have exaggerated a little," she added sheepishly.

"Exaggerated!! There has to be some truth, some basis for exaggeration, you nut," giggled Barb. "Oh wait, listen to this Sam. Guess how Miss Slut spent her nights, the nights we thought she was spending in some handsome college boy's arms?"

"Barb," I interrupted, knowing what was coming and trying to save Naomi from more, "Maybe we should save this for later," but I couldn't stop the rush of words.

"Yes Sam," Barb continued, "Sweet Naomi was lying in her bed, peeling banana after banana, practicing how to swallow cock, pretending it was your Daddy's thick prick that was in her mouth. Her Mom couldn't figure out where all the bananas were going to."

"No way," my gaping daughter said but after seeing Naomi blush even a deeper shade of red, added laughing, "God, you're a fucking banana slut Naomi."

After minutes of laughter and comments we finally gave Naomi a break and after a swim in the refreshing water we started to ask Samantha about her honeymoon.

"God, it was so beautiful, and the hotel was sooooo unbelievable. Thanks Daddy, it was the nicest place in Honolulu, it was so luxurious. We traveled all over the Island, flew to the Big Island for a day, went on a cruise and snorkeled on an offshore reef, surfed on Waikiki..."

"What about the bedroom Sammy?" Babs coyly asked, "What wild and crazy things did Jimmy get up to anyway? C'mon, spill."

"We made mad love, morning, noon and night," Sam answered smiling.

"And did Jimmy fill you up like your Daddy does Sammy?" Babs asked, her hand coiled around my growing shaft.

"We'll talk about that another day Miss Nosy," Sam replied, her tone disdainful. "Now let me give my big friend a kiss, I've missed him," she insisted, taking my pulsing shaft into her hand while she slowly ran her wet tongue across my chest and stomach, finally engulfing his head in her greedy mouth.

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