Role Playing With Kiersten

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Once she got a taste for it she wanted to continue.

I suppose you could say that I was naïve and maybe even that I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. It just happened. I thought that I was strengthening my marriage when actually what I was doing was weakening the fabric that would eventually let it disintegrate.

It started innocently enough. I came home from work one night to find Kirsten waiting just inside the door that connected our attached garage to the house. She was dressed in what she referred to as her 'come fuck me' suit. It consisted of a pair of thigh high nylons and a pair of high heels.

"Here or in the bedroom" I said as I dropped my briefcase on the floor.

"Here. I've waited long enough," she said as she climbed up on the kitchen table. "Hurry baby, I need it, I need it bad."

I unzipped, took out my cock and moved up to her as she spread her legs wide and planted both feet on the table. She pushed herself up to meet my thrust and cried out, "Oh yes" as I plunged into her. It wasn't the first time that the kitchen table had been used that way and the same thing happened that always happened — the table moved every time I pushed into her and eventually the table ended up against the wall. It was great; Kirsten and I always had great sex. When I'd cum Kirsten told me to hurry up and get my clothes off and she'd meet me in the bedroom.

"I promise you that I'll be able to get you up again."

As I peeled my clothes off I knew what the occasion was. Kirsten always got like that when she spent the afternoon with her sister Beverly. I was of mixed minds over her afternoons with her sister Bev. On the one hand I loved the way she was when she came home; she would not leave me alone until I was flat ass exhausted. On the other, Bev filled her head with so much off the wall bullshit that it drove me absolutely crazy.

I didn't really like Bev. She was beautiful and sexy, but she was a slut. She had worked her way through four husbands in six years and every divorce came about for the same reason — Bev's infidelity. She was a cock crazy slut and I was always uncomfortable when I knew Kirsten was going to spend time with her. Bev never tried (at least that I know of) to get Kirsten to go out and play with her, but Bev told Kirsten about everything she did and she made it sound so great that I was afraid that some day Kirsten might want to see for herself. And that was a big worry for me because by her very nature Kirsten was a very sexual person.

Some of Bev's talks with Kirsten were responsible for our great sex life. We were both virgins when we married and for the first six months of our marriage it was strictly missionary position; five or six times a week, two or three a night, but always missionary. Then Kirsten came home from Bev's one day and said:

"Why don't we try this. Bev says its great" and doggie style was added to the mix. Next came oral and then anal followed by sexy lingerie and 'come fuck me' pumps. I had a lot to thank Bev for, but the flip side of the coin for me was that if she could talk Kirsten into trying all of those things, what else could she talk her into trying?

The next day at breakfast Kirsten asked me:

"Honey, are we a normal couple?"

"I don't understand the question."

"You know, are we like other people?"

"In what way?"

"Oh I don't know. I sometimes wonder if our sex life is the norm or are we different in some way."

Aha, I thought, Bev's been at it again. "How could we know? I'm not going to go around asking people about their sex lives to try and establish a baseline."

"Don't you ever talk to the guys at work about sex?"

"Yeah, but we don't go into specifics. Mostly we just all agree that we like it and want as much as we can get. Why? What great idea has Bev planted in your mind this time?"

"She was telling me how much role playing can boost excitement in a marriage."

"Honey, Bev's experience with marriage is not necessarily something you can use as a yard stick."

"I know, but some of the things she told me about excited me just to hear about them, let alone thinking about doing them."

"Like what?"

"Like going out some night and letting me go into a bar alone and then you come in ten minutes later and pretend to pick me up. Things like that."

"Sounds harmless enough. I suppose we could try it if you would like to."

"Can we honey? Can we do it this weekend?"

When I got home from work Friday Kirsten was putting on the finishing touches of her outfit. She had on a black mini dress, nylons and a pair of black high heeled pumps. She finished her makeup while I took a shower and then we headed for a lounge on the other side of town where we didn't expect to run into anyone we knew. In the parking lot she leaned over and kissed me and gave my cock a squeeze.

"Give me five minutes baby. Don't wait too much longer than that or someone might beat you to me."

I watched her walk toward the front door and I wondered what I was letting myself in for. I gave Kirsten five minutes and then went inside. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Kirsten sitting at a table next to the dance floor and there was a guy standing there talking to her. It wouldn't fit the plan if I walked over and interrupted so I grabbed a seat at the bar and watched. By the time my drink had arrived Kirsten had gotten up from the table and had moved out onto the dance floor with the guy.

Kirsten never looked my way as she danced to two songs with the guy. At the end of the second song the man walked Kirsten back to her table and they talked for a minute or two and I saw Kirsten shake her head "no" and the man left her and walked back to a table where he sat down with two other guys. I picked up my drink and swiveled on my stool to go and make my move, but before I could get off my stool another guy was there. It was three guys and forty-five minutes later before I could get to my wife.

"What took you so long? I was afraid I might have to leave with one of them."

"Had to wait for an opening sweetie. I couldn't just come over and butt in, not and make it look right. Do I just sit down or do we dance first?"

"We dance first, have one more drink and then you have to get me out of here and fuck me. I'm hot honey, and the parking lot is not out of the question. I've had cocks poked into my leg and hands on my tits and ass since we got here."

And that's just the way it was. Once in the parking lot Kirsten had her head in my lap and she stopping blowing me just long enough to tell me to quickly find a dark place to park.

"I need it honey, I need it bad and I can't wait long enough to get home."

We fucked twice on the back seat on a dark side street and then she sucked on my cock the rest of the way home. Once in the house she spent the next three hours destroying me.

For the next month we repeated the experience every Friday night in a different bar and always with the same results. Each weekend was different only in the amount of time that Kirsten wanted me to wait outside before coming in. By the fourth week she was having me wait an hour.

"That way you don't even have to buy me a drink. By then I'll have been poked, prodded, groped and felt up enough that I'll want to fuck on the dance floor."

That night when I went in I didn't see her. I looked for almost five minutes and I was just on the edge of panic when I saw her coming from the hallway to the rest rooms. She didn't head for a table, but walked right by me and out the front door. I turned and followed her and as soon as I was outside I saw her running for the car. When I got there she was already on the back seat and pulling her panties off.

"Get in here. Hurry damn it, get in here now."

Two strokes of my cock was all it took to give her an orgasm and then she screamed — actually screamed — "Fuck me damn you, fuck me hard, make me cum, make me cum."

She had one more orgasm before I got my rocks off and then she cried out, "Get me home baby, get me home before I grab some guy off the street."

Her head was in my lap all the way home and when we got there she ran into the house shedding clothes and crying out, "Hurry baby, hurry."

I'd already cum twice that night, once when I'd first gotten home that night and then again in the bar parking lot, so it took me a while before I was able to climax again. I think that was okay as far as Kirsten was concerned; I think she was hoping that I would go all night. Lord knows I tried just as he knew I couldn't.

After I came and fell breathless next to her I asked her what the hell had happened that we had to rush out of the bar and she told me. She had danced with several guys, one of them three times, and then she had gotten up to use the bathroom. When she came out the guy she had danced with three times had been waiting for her. He had picked her up and pushed her against the wall and had shoved his tongue down her throat. Before she knew what was happening he had managed to get her skirt up to her waist, and hand down into her panties and two fingers into her pussy. She had no idea what might have happened had not two women come down the hall and threatened to tell the manager if, "You two don't take your filthy spectacle outside." The man had set her down, grabbed her hand and had headed for the back door, but she had broken away from him and had gotten the hell out of the bar.

"I guess that puts and end to that," I said.

"Why? I just have to make sure that I stay out in the open and don't go to the bathroom until you come in."

I couldn't dissuade Kirsten and we did it a couple of more weekends with me becoming more and more leery of what we were doing.

Then Bev came to my rescue, if you could call it that, by planting another idea in Kirsten's head.

"It's perfect honey, I don't even have to dance with anyone. All I have to do is play act and talk to them."

The new role play situation would be that Kirsten would pretend to be a prostitute. She would make herself look like a tramp and walk the streets downtown while I kept an eye on her from nearby doorways. She would flirt with the guys who pulled up in cars and tried to proposition her and lead them on as far as she could and then say, "No thanks sport; you smell like a cop to me" and then she would walk away. When she got good and charged up she would signal me and we would go home and fuck until I dropped from exhaustion.

This went on for a couple of months, but even though some nights were a huge turn on for Kirsten, like the times a guy would actually take out his cock and show it to her, most nights were 'ho-hum' and Kirsten eventually tired of it. We went back to the bar routine, but I obviously wasn't into it, Kirsten noticed and after a couple of weeks we stopped. Once again Bev came to my rescue.

"Would you feel like a sissy if I acted dominate?"

Oh God, what had Bev come up with now? "What are you getting at?"

"Bev says that some people can get turned on by the woman bossing the man around. Could we try that some weekend?"

"What are you talking, whips and chains?"

"No, not that. The man is a wimp and the woman treats him like one. Makes him paint her toe nails, clean house, do laundry and things like that while she sits around and bosses him."

"I won't wear a dress!"

"An apron maybe?"

And so began my weekends of servitude. The first weekend Kirsten pushed me out of bed and told me what she wanted for breakfast, "And make damned sure that you don't break the yokes on my eggs."

"Yes dear" I replied as I got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

Five minutes later she came into the kitchen and looked around, "Don't you have the coffee ready yet?"

"I put it on dear, but you know it takes a good ten minutes to perk."

"The you need to get up ten minutes earlier tomorrow."

"Yes dear."

Then for the rest of the day it was "Donald do this" or "Donald do that" and nothing I did was to her satisfaction. It was no big thing in that everything I did was stuff that I would have done anyway, but her constant harping and bossy attitude were starting to get to me and by bedtime I was ready to tell her to stuff the role playing, at least the bossy woman part anyway. I decided to let her have that weekend and then we wouldn't do it anymore. At least that was my plan until we went to bed.

When I finished brushing my teeth and walked into the bedroom Kirsten was already in bed and she was lying there with a pillow under her ass. Her legs were spread wide and she looked over at me and said:

"Well come on. Get over here and eat my pussy. At least that is one thing that I know you can do a halfway decent job of."

"Yes dear" I said as I got on the bed and set out doing what she wanted. It was a wild night. Kirsten was in total in charge and she was behaving in a way I'd never seen before. She told me what she wanted done every step of the way and ordered me to do it.

"That's enough pussy licking, now I want you to fuck my ass. Try to make that little cock of yours make me scream."

When I came she said, "Go wash that filthy little thing and then come back here and be quick about it."

She put me through the wringer that night and Sunday night and by the time I fell asleep on Sunday I wasn't minding her bossy ways at all.

Kirsten woke me Monday morning with a state of the art blow job and then sent me off to work well fucked. The rest of the week was more of the same. I don't understand why, but Kirsten's weekend of being bossy had some how charged her up sexually and the results had carried all through the week.

The following weekend started off with Kirsten pushing me out of bed to go and fix her breakfast. Then she led me to the laundry room.

"You will be doing the laundry from now on and this is the way I want it done."

She showed me how to separate the clothes, told me what soap to use, what batches needed bleach added and what water settings to use.

"When you are done with the laundry I want you to vacuum the living room. Do a good job and I just might — only might — let you in my bed tonight."

That night she damned near destroyed me. We slept in on Sunday and Kirsten woke me with a blow job and then sent me off to fix her breakfast. After breakfast I was told to run her a bath and then while she soaked in the tub she had me fetch and carry. "Go downstairs and get me... ," "Scrub my back," "Go and get me some orange juice," and on and on and on. When she was out of the tub and had dried off she told me she was ready for me to do her toe nails. She handed me the polish she wanted me to use and when I was done she looked at them and said:

"Not a bad job for the first time."

There was more bossing for the rest of the day and that night she ruined me again and again the sex continued through the week. Once again I debated putting an end to this kind of role playing, but this time it was to take the pressure off of me — Kirsten was fucking me to death!

Two more weeks went by and then one Saturday evening Kirsten grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

"Where are you off to?"

"Not that it is any of your business, but since it is obvious that you can't keep up with me sexually I've decided to go out and find you some help" and then she was out the door and gone. What the fuck I thought, has she gone off the deep end? An hour later she was back carrying a brown paper bag.

"My lover is going to fuck me now. If you want to watch you may, but I will expect you to suck his goo out of me when he is done" and then she went up to the bedroom. I finished what I was doing and then I followed her up. She was naked on the bed and fucking herself with a dildo. When I walked into the room she took the dildo out, squirted some KY Lotion into her pussy and then went back to work with the fake cock.

"That's it lover, that's it. Show my wimp of a husband how a real man does it."

She kept that up for several minutes and then took the dildo out to give herself another shot of KY. She inserted the rubber dick in her pussy again, gave it about six strokes and then took it out and set it aside.

"Get over here and clean his cum out of my pussy. Do a good job and I may just let you use your dinky little dick for a while."

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