by Flash of Stocking

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Size, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Sex Story: A new bride fucks another man on her wedding night, with the blessings of her husband. This story is about what happens next. The first half of the story is almost the same as my other story, "Getting What I Asked For - A Husband Watches His Wife." The rest of the story is mostly different, and the ending is completely different.

Author's Note: This story is mostly written from the point of view of Mike, the husband. But about halfway through, I realized that the story would benefit from getting inside the heads of Jen (the wife) and Ralph (Jen's lover). I hope the back-and-forth from first person narrative to third person isn't too confusing.

Chapter 1

During our wedding reception, my new bride and I had a bit too much to drink. After the reception, Jen and I piled into our rented limo and headed off to the Inn where we were staying. Our friend Ralph also got into the limo, since he was staying at the same Inn.

Jen's pretty with blond hair. She's petite with long shapely legs, a flat stomach, a tight shapely ass, and small but perfectly shaped tits with perky nipples.

While Jen and I were going out, we often fantasized about her fucking other guys. In fact, almost every time we fucked we talked about her with other guys. She wasn't that into it at first, but she soon learned that it was my passion, so she indulged me. Eventually she started getting into it, and things moved from just fantasizing in bed, to real-life playing. We often played games in public where she'd "accidentally" flash her stocking tops to some guys, or lean over a counter and let a guy look down her blouse. But despite all my cajoling, Jen never went beyond just teasing other guys.

Our fantasy life was always more intense when we included guys we actually knew, instead of nameless strangers. And Ralph was always one of our favorites.

Jen met Ralph at work. They became good friends, and every now and then the three of us would go out. Ralph's tall and lean, and has a dark complexion and dark hair. He's handsome, and never seemed to have any problem attracting girls. Whenever we went out he always had a beauty on his arm, and he freely shared with us that he didn't often go home alone.

Jen told me that Ralph often flirted with her at work, and she admitted that it was fun for her to flirt back. Although nothing every happened, she admitted that she was attracted to him. Thus, Ralph was often the focus of our hot wife fantasies, and my jealousy of Jen and Ralph working so closely together while harboring this mutual attraction just made the fantasies more exciting. Also, truth to tell, I didn't really like Ralph. I mean, he was okay, but I thought he was a bit arrogant, and the only reason I hung out with him was because of Jen. Strangely, while my dislike of Ralph increased my jealousy of his relationship with Jen, it also increased the excitement I felt when I imagined the two of them fucking.

On the way to the Inn we drank more, and smoked some pot. Jen always got so horny when she got high. We got frisky in the limo, and then Jen mischievously whispered into my ear, "I know what you want for a wedding gift." She then flopped onto the seat next to Ralph. With a sly smile on her face, and looking directly into my eyes, she wrapped her arms around Ralph's neck. She continued to look into my eyes. She seemed to be daring me to stop her. I was frozen, mesmerized by what Jen was doing. She had never before taken our game so far, certainly not with someone we knew. When I took no action to stop her, Jen brought her lips up to Ralph's and kissed him. The kiss was tentative at first, but soon it became passionate. Ralph's hands started wandering and soon he was groping Jen over her wedding gown.

When we got to the Inn all three of us went to our bridal suite. I started making out with Jen while Ralph made some drinks. I was so excited, I wanted to see more of Jen with Ralph. But in the walk from the limo to our room Jen had sobered a bit, and she giggled, "Okay, Ralph, you can go now."

But that's not what I wanted. I whispered to Jen, "It turned me on so much to see you and Ralph making out. I loved it! You looked so sexy making out with Ralph." I played with her through her gown as I said this. I glanced at Ralph. He was watching as I fondled Jen's body. "I want to see more. I want to see Ralph fucking you. You want to fuck him, don't you?" Jen didn't say anything, but I could feel her body responding to my touch. I moved my hands under her gown. I worked my fingers around her panties and stuck a finger into her pussy. She was incredibly wet. Jen moaned and gyrated her hips as I finger-fucked her. Ralph was still watching us. I'm sure he could hear what I was saying. I turned Jen around so she was facing Ralph. She couldn't help but look at him. My hand was still under her gown, still finger fucking her. Her gown was bunched around my hand, so Jen's ivory white bridal stockings were on display for Ralph's eyes.

I said into Jen's ear, loud enough for Ralph to hear: "You're so wet. You're so ready for Ralph's cock. You want his cock, don't you? You've always wanted to fuck him." Jen didn't say anything, she just ground her pussy harder against my hand.

Ralph had heard enough. His hard cock was tented in his pants. He walked over to us, and he took Jen into his arms. He began kissing my new wife. She initially tried to push away, but he was insistent and continued to kiss her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Ralph's hands moved down her body, and I felt one of his hands move under her dress and brush against her panties. I removed my fingers from Jen's pussy, and Ralph quickly entered her with his. Jen had stopped struggling, and seemed to welcome Ralph's fingers in her pussy. I moved away from them and sat in the sofa, to watch the show.

Jen was still wearing her wedding dress. With his other hand, Ralph reached behind her and unzipped the gown, pulling it down off her shoulders. She was wearing an ivory bustier. Ralph pulled one of her tits free and started sucking on her nipple. Jen's moans became even louder. Her nipples had always been so sensitive, almost a direct line to her clit.

Ralph laid Jen on the bed, and then moved up between her legs, pushing her gown up until it was bunched around her waist. Jen was wearing ivory white, thigh high stockings. Garters from her bustier held the lace tops of the stockings. Jen opened her legs, and Ralph started to eat her out. She was still wearing her panties, but they were little more than a string, so he had no trouble pushing it aside as he ravished her clit with his tongue. Jen moaned and squirmed on the bed. She grabbed his head and pushed her pussy into his face.

I started thinking that perhaps I should stop this, when Ralph got up and moved towards Jen's head. He unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. His cock was huge! Ralph moved his cock towards Jen's lips and she immediately took him into her mouth. I watched as my new bride wrapped her hands around his big cock and pumped him while sucking its head. Jen's hands looked tiny as she stroked his huge cock. I was mesmerized by the sight of Jen going down on another man. I pulled my dick out and started playing with myself.

Soon, Ralph pulled out of Jen's mouth and moved between her legs. Jen kicked off her satin heels and spread her legs even wider to allow Ralph easier access. Ralph pushed her gown farther up around her waist as he moved up between her legs. Good sense prevailed and Jen said, "Wait," as she reached over to the nightstand for a condom. Jen was not on the pill; we were using condoms. She almost frantically opened the package and tried to put the condom on Ralph. But the condom, which we had bought to fit my dick, couldn't fit over Ralph's larger cock. After trying for a few minutes, Jen threw the condom on the floor in frustration and said, "Just don't cum in me, okay?"

Jen laid back down and moved her hand between them. She reached for Ralph's cock and guided it into her pussy. Jen said again, "Remember, pull out, don't cum in me." Ralph said okay, and then I saw him thrust into her. Jen squealed, and I knew he had penetrated her. He started pumping, but she said "Wait, wait, not so fast, I have to get used to you." In response, he moved slower in and out of her.

I imagined Jen's tight pussy stretching as Ralph pushed more and more of his monster cock into her. It took a few minutes, but eventually he had penetrated her completely, and their fucking began in earnest. Jen's stockinged feet were on Ralph's shoulders as he savagely fucked her. I watched as Jen arched her back as she had her first orgasm of the evening. I came as I watched her toes curl as she came all over Ralph's big cock.

Ralph had amazing staying power. He fucked my new wife for another 15 minutes. His grunts and groans became even more urgent and it was clear he was about to cum. Jen urged Ralph not to cum inside her, so he pulled out and shot a huge load all over her wedding dress.

After a few minutes to recover her senses, Jen pulled away from Ralph and walked over to me, still in her wedding dress. She got on her knees and looked at me, her beautiful blue eyes looking intently into my eyes. She stroked me for a few minutes, and then lowered her face and started going down on me. It felt good. I started getting hard again. But that's not what I wanted. I was incredibly turned on by my wife being fucked by another guy. I wanted more!

I pulled her head up. She looked at me again and she instantly knew what I wanted. It wasn't that hard for her to figure out, given all the times we had talked about it, fantasized about it. All the times I had urged her to go farther. She softly asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded yes. She hesitated, and then slowly stood up. She walked back to Ralph. While happy, I was kind of surprised. I guess the champagne was still working on her inhibitions.

Jen stood in front of Ralph, who moved to kiss her. But she stopped him, and said that she wanted to get out of her gown. She turned around so her back was to Ralph. She looked into my eyes as Ralph finished unzipping her gown. Her gown fell around her, and Ralph helped her step out of it. She now stood in just her bustier, garters, and stockings. She paused, still looking into my eyes. Maybe she was having second thoughts, thinking that this had gone far enough. Silently, she asked me again, "Are you sure?" For all my lust, I was feeling insecure and jealous. But this was my fantasy finally coming true. I was too in lust to stop it. So, instead of telling her to stop, I nodded my head, answering her silent question with my silent answer. "Yes, I want you to fuck him again."

All of Jen's resolve disappeared. She knew I wasn't going to stop this. She knew I didn't want it to stop. Slowly, she moved backwards into Ralph's arms. He nuzzled her neck as he reached around and cupped her breasts. Jen melted into him, becoming more and more lost in passion as he fondled her body. He freed her breasts from the bustier, and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Then he moved one of his hands down over her tummy. He pushed two fingers into her pussy, and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Jen moaned and squirmed to his touch, and humped his hand. I had never seen her so turned on or animated.

Jen pulled away from Ralph. She turned around to face him, and then got on her knees. I watched Ralph's face as my bride put her lips around his cock. Jen wrapped her hands around his cock, and started to pump him. While doing that, she took his cock deeper in her mouth, in and out, in sync with her hands stroking his cock. Ralph gripped Jen's head and clutched her blond hair, and started pumping into her, fucking her face. With each stroke, Jen took more of his cock into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged when he pushed in, and became shallow when he pulled out. Her wedding and engagement rings became covered with saliva and pre-cum as she kept her hands locked around his cock as he fucked her face.

I thought Ralph was going to cum in her mouth. But, finally, Jen took Ralph's cock out of her mouth and looked up into his face. "I need you inside me right now!"

Ralph pulled Jen towards the bed. Jen paused to pick up her wedding dress, and used it like a towel to wipe the saliva and pre-cum from her hands. She got on the bed and straddled Ralph. She lowered herself on him, using one of her hands to guide his cock into her. Although she was wet and stretched, she still had to go slow to get all of him inside her. She grunted a moan of satisfaction as she finally became completed impaled on his monster cock. For the next ten minutes I watched my new bride grunt and groan as she passionately rode Ralph's big cock.

Then Ralph abruptly threw her onto the bed and mounted her. He fucked her frantically. Jen's stockinged legs were wrapped around him, and she was moaning, "Oh god oh god oh god." Ralph's muscular body tensed. I knew he was coming, and Jen sensed it too. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him deeper inside her. Her toes began to curl. They both were cumming. As Jen climaxed, she held Ralph tightly against her. Seconds later, he began to orgasm, shooting his cum deep inside her pussy.

They embraced for long moments, and then Ralph rolled off of Jen. I moved onto my new bride, and entered her. The feeling was incredible. Her pussy was so wet and loose, I could barely feel myself in her. But I was so turned on, I came after just a few strokes.

Chapter 2

I woke up early in the morning. Ralph was on the other side of the bed, and Jen was between us.

I was facing Jen's back. Jen was awake, and I could see her face in the mirror on the opposite wall. She was looking at Ralph, who was still asleep. He had fallen asleep on top of the sheets, completely nude.

Jen was looking at Ralph's cock. She seemed mesmerized. Even soft, it was huge. It was like a pylon, long and thick.

Jen saw me looking at her in the mirror. She turned over to face me. We didn't speak for a long time, we just looked into each other's faces. Last night had turned our fantasies into reality, and now we had to deal with the consequences. Jen started by saying, "I'm sorry, it got out of control last night."

"I know," I said. The silence was awkward. Finally I said, "I think the most important thing to do is for us to be completely honest with each other."

"I think you're right."

"No, I really mean it. If we're going to get through this, we have to be completely honest. We can't worry about hurting each others feelings. If I ask you something, you have to answer me honestly, and I have to do the same for you. Otherwise, we'll just end up hurting each other. Okay?"


"Do you promise?"

"Yes, I promise. I really agree that we have to be honest to either other, completely."

I paused, took a deep breath, and then started. "Last night was incredible. I've never been so turned on in my life. Seeing you with Ralph was -- I just can't describe it. It was a dream come true. All my fantasies came true last night."

Jen seemed surprised that I was saying this. I guess she thought I would be regretting last night. "But didn't you get jealous? I could never see you with another woman."

"And I don't want to be with another woman. You're the sexiest woman alive. You make my fantasies come true. And I was jealous. I was really jealous. At times I couldn't stand it. But I think that's part of the turn-on. It's being on the edge. I don't understand completely why this excited me so much, all I know is it does."

"I guess I don't understand it either," she said, looking down.

"But you liked last night, didn't you? You don't regret it?"

She looked back into my eyes. "Yes, I liked it. I guess I don't regret it. I don't know, I just don't want this to break us apart."

I kissed her softly. "It won't. I love you. But I don't think we can go back."

"What do you mean?" she asked, startled.

"I want it to happen again. I want it to happen all the time."

"You can't mean that," she replied incredulously. "Last night was enough. I don't want to do that again."

"You don't want to?"

"No, I don't -- I don't," she said, unconvincingly. I knew she was lying.

"You said you'd tell me the truth."

"I am!"

I took her hand and put it on my dick. I was rock hard. "See how hard I am? Just talking about you fucking another guy turns me on."

"Just by talking about it?" Jen said, again incredulously. She began stroking my cock.

"That, and it also turned me on to see you staring at Ralph's cock a few minutes ago."

Her cheeks turned red. She was caught red handed. But she kept stroking me. "Tell me why you like big cocks so much," I said, so lost in lust. I looked over Jen's shoulder and saw Ralph looking at us. I didn't know how long he had been awake. Ralph edge closer and spooned Jen. I could see he was pressing his hard cock against her, between her legs. Jen resisted. To help loosen her up, I reached down and stroked her clit. Before long, she relaxed and Ralph was able to get his cock between her legs. He started to dry hump her. Jen was panting, I could tell she wanted him. But still she resisted. Finally I said, "Good ahead, it's okay. Put him inside you."

Jen hesitated. She looked deep into my eyes, questioning. I nodded, and said, "It's okay. I want you to do it. Put him inside you. Let him fuck you."

Jen was too far gone to resist any more. She slightly raised her leg, and then reached down and guided Ralph's cock inside her. Ralph started to pump in and out of her. After a few moments, I said again, "Tell me why you like big cocks so much."

With a lustful look on her face, she said, "It feels so good to be stretched. To feel it rubbing against my insides. Having a big cock inside me when I cum is, like, a complete orgasm. It's better than being eaten out. It's fulfilling. To feel the cum explode inside me. It feels so good to feel cum shoot into me. It's like an explosion against my g-spot. Oh god, you have no idea how good it feels!"

I played with myself as I watched them fuck. They didn't last long, and Ralph shot his hot cum into Jen's pussy. I kissed my wife as she climaxed. As soon as he pulled out, I pushed into her. I was so worked up, I came after just a few strokes.

Chapter 3

We were at the Marriott next to the airport, a few weeks after getting back from our honeymoon. Jen had gone on the pill as soon as we got back, and this was the soonest we felt it would be safe for her to sleep with other guys without the risk of pregnancy.

Since being with Ralph on our wedding night, we had both decided that this was the life we wanted to lead, at least for now. Jen had found that she enjoyed the sexual excitement of being with other guys. For me, seeing my wife being seduced and then thoroughly fucked by other guys was my ultimate fantasy. We were both in a constant state of sexual excitement, and were anticipating a wonderful evening playing our game.

Jen was sitting at the bar. She looked incredible. In the crowd, I watched her twirl her blond hair, and play with the buttons on her dress. She smoothed her stockings, letting her dress slightly ride up so her stocking tops flashed every now and then, and dangled her heels from her toe. Jen was flirting with Dan, who looked to be a lawyer (I learned his name later). As they spoke, they touched each other. At first they touched the other's hand or arm, then sides and back, and then legs. Jen's touching was more subtle than Dan's, but her slight caresses seemed to encourage him, and he became bolder and bolder. His hands caressed her knees, then moved up her silky thighs until disappearing for a moment under her dress. Jen grabbed his hands as he explored under her dress, seeming to protest, but then let go and Dan continued his caresses.

Dan whispered something in Jen's ear, and Jen said something back, nodding as she did so. Dan got up, and offered his hand to Jen. As Jen slid off her stool, her dress seemingly inadvertently rode up high, showing everyone in the bar the lacy tops of her stockings and garter straps.

With a hand on her back, Dan guided Jen out of the bar and into the hotel lobby. I knew they were going to an empty ballroom. This hotel had many, which is why we had picked it. It was hard for me not to follow, but according to our plan I waited in the bar, knowing that Jen would give me all the details later.

After about 30 minutes Jen returned to the bar. She was by herself. Her hair was a bit disheveled, as was her makeup. She seemed somewhat shaky on her heels as she walked. Even from across the room I could see runs in her stockings around her knees. I wondered if her stockings had laddered from kneeling on the floor to give Dan head.

Jen stayed in the bar only long enough find me in the crowd, and glanced my way. She then left, and I followed her.

We were in our hotel room, and Jen was telling me the story of her quickie with Dan. She was lying in our bed, her dress around her waist, playing with herself. She still had her stockings and heels on. I was completely dressed, but I had pulled my cock out and was playing with myself as she told me the story.

"Dan was all over me in the bar. He was touching me everywhere. It was so wicked with you watching, it made me more turned on. He reached up my skirt, and he got even more excited when he felt my stocking tops and realized I was wearing garters. He said he wanted me, and he took me to the ballroom on the mezzanine. I can't tell you how exciting it was to know that you were watching as we left the bar. That you knew that I was going with this stranger and he was going to fuck me. As soon as Dan closed the door he attacked me! He practically ripped off my dress and bra. He started sucking my nipples, and he put his fingers into me. It felt so good! He made me get on my knees and suck him. Then he pulled me up and pushed me over a table. He pulled my dress up and ripped off my panties. He fucked me from behind. Then he said he wanted to cum in my mouth. So he pushed me back on my knees, and I sucked him until he came."

"Did you cum?" I asked.

She answered honestly. "No, it happened so fast." Seeing the disappointment in my face, she quickly added, "But it was exciting, and I had fun."

"Was he big, as big as Ralph?"

"God no, not as big as Ralph. I mean, this guy was big, but Ralph is huge." She looked at the ceiling, and said wistfully. "And Ralph is so good. It's not just his big cock, it's his whole body, and he knows what to do with it."

Hearing this, I reached over and rolled Jen's nipples between my fingers. "I bet you wish you were with Ralph tonight. That he bent you over the table and fucked you. Fantasize that it was Ralph fucking you. Make yourself cum." Jen closed her eyes, and rubbed her clit harder and faster. "How does it feel with Ralph fucking you, with his big cock in you?"

Jen moaned. "So good, so good, oh yeah, yeah, so good, Ralph fucks me so good." Her eyes were clenched closed as she neared her orgasm, as she fantasized about Ralph fucking her. "Oh yeah yeah so good Oh god so good Oh god yes yes yes!" Jen's stockinged toes curled as she made herself cum.

I rolled on top of Jen and entered her. Even though Dan wasn't as big as Ralph, Jen's pussy still felt stretched and loose. But I was already so close to the edge from watching Jen getting picked-up at the bar, and hearing what Dan had done with her, that I was soon shooting my cum into her.

Long after Jen feel asleep, I lay awake in the bed, trying to process what had just happened. Our lives were moving so fast. I was incredibly happy that Jen had taken this step towards being a hot wife. My fantasy had come true, and I didn't want to go back to a monogamous lifestyle. But what had just happened? Jen's appetite for sex suddenly seemed unbounded, she was insatiable. But it seemed like she wasn't satisfied with just any big cock, or just any anonymous lover. She wanted Ralph!

As I lay in bed I was trying to process my feelings about this. It was one thing for Jen to fuck around with faceless dicks. It was another for her to lust after someone we knew, someone she worked with, and someone I didn't like much. I knew the risks. Jen could develop romantic feelings for Ralph. Where would that leave our relationship?

The jealousy and insecurity I was experiencing was intense, and left an aching feeling in me. But my cock was also rock hard. All of this was making me so hot! I didn't know why, but the emotional twist to this game was making it even more exciting for me. I knew I was risking my wife to another man, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop it. My lust was overwhelming, like a drug, controlling my actions. I stroked my hard-on, and I thought of Ralph fucking my wife.

The next weekend, I said that maybe we should invite Ralph over. Jen's eyes immediately sparkled.

"Are you sure?" she asked tentatively. "Maybe we should keep this game to strangers. Don't you think it's dangerous to play with people we know?" There was an edge to her voice, and I sensed she wanted me to give her the okay to play with Ralph.

"Yeah, maybe, but we've already started playing with Ralph, so I think it's okay. Besides, I'm sure Ralph has been hitting on you at work."

Jen's cheeks flushed. She almost looked guilty. "Yeah, he has been pretty persistent." She paused. "If you really think it's okay..."

"Let's call him now," I said as I reached for the phone.

Ralph fucked Jen for hours, while I watched and played with myself. I lost count of the number of times he made Jen cum. Afterwards, Jen was aglow from the fucking Ralph had given her, and couldn't stop telling me how great Ralph was, and thanking me for letting her meet up with him again.

For the next few weeks, we often played the game, but only with strangers. Jen enjoyed the experiences to varying degrees, but compared to Ralph, they were disappointments. She actually started talking about stopping the game. She said how the game was just a phase in our lives, and maybe it was time to move on.

That was the last thing I wanted to hear. I said that maybe we should meet up with Ralph again, since she seemed to enjoy it so much. She hesitated before replying, and then said, "I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to keep seeing Ralph."

"Why? Has something happened at work?"

"No -- it's because we know him, and..."

"But I thought we decided that Ralph would be the one exception to the stranger rule."

"I know, I know, but I just think it's a bad idea," Jen insisted.

"But why?"

Jen's next words made my cock spring to life. "Because I'm afraid I might develop feelings for him."


"Just listen for a minute," Jen said softly, talking my hands in hers. "The experiences I have with Ralph are so intense. There's so much pleasure. I'm afraid that I can't keep having such intense experiences with Ralph without developing feelings for him. I mean, I think about him all the time. All the time. It's starting to be that I can only climax if I'm thinking about him fucking me. Think about it -- when we're having sex, I can't cum unless I'm thinking that it's Ralph that I'm with. If I keep sleeping with him, I'm afraid my feelings for him might become emotional. I might even fall in love with him! And then what would happen to us?"

The smart thing for me to have done at that point was to stop the game right then. Let it rest for a while. Then, in a few months, I could try to start it up again, with strangers. It would still be exciting, but there wouldn't be the risk that she would fall in love with Ralph.

But her words were getting me so hot! It was the risk that made this game so deliriously thrilling. I was addicted to the risk, to the excitement. Her words made me jealous, but somehow that just made it more exciting. My lust wouldn't let me stop the game. In fact, I was determined to convince Jen to not only continue the game with Ralph, but to expand it.

"Look, I think you're overreacting," I said. "I mean, sure you might develop a crush on Ralph, and that's normal, but that's a long way from love. You get so much pleasure from being with Ralph, and I get so much pleasure from your pleasure, that I think we shouldn't rush to stop something that we both enjoy so much."

"I don't know -- I'm not sure."

"Just go on a date with Ralph," I persisted. "Talk about it with him."

"A date? You mean by ourselves, without you?" Jen had gone out on dates with other guys since we started playing the game, but never with Ralph.

"Sure, you've done it before with other guys. You know the thought of you dating guys turns me on. Go out with Ralph, let him take you back to his place. If you decide to end it afterwards, at least we'll have this last memory."

Jen still looked unconvinced. "I'm not sure -- I feel like I'm at the edge of a cliff, about to fall over."

I was so excited by this conversation, but I tried not to show it. "Let yourself be on the edge, at least this one last time."

A long pause. Finally Jen looked up at me, and said "You really want this, don't you?"

"Yes. I really do. And I know you do, too. I know it. We both want this."

A few moments passed. I sensed that Jen was almost convinced. Finally I took her hand. "Come on, let's go call Ralph. Then I'll help you get ready for your date."

Chapter 4

Jen made it home around 2am. Ralph had ravished her. We had wonderful sex as she told me in great detail everything Ralph had done to her.

After that evening, we stopped talking about ending the game, or going after strangers. We had reached an unspoken agreement. Jen played the game, but only with Ralph. Ralph was her boyfriend, and with my blessings he used her body whenever and however he wished. In the process, Jen and I enjoyed the most exciting sex of our lives.

One evening I came home from work and I saw Jen looking into the mirror. She was playing with her hair. Jen was a natural blond, and her milky white complexion (as well as her neatly trimmed bush) proved it. I loved her blond hair. I loved leggy petite blonds, and Jen fit that picture perfectly.

"Hi honey, what're you doing?"

"Oh," Jen said, startled. "I didn't realize you were home."

"I just got here. What're you doing?" I repeated.

"Oh, nothing."

"No really, what are you doing?"

She hesitated. She ran her fingers through her long blond hair again. "I was thinking about something that Ralph said the other day."

My dick stiffened. "What?"


"Come on, you can tell me."

Jen continued to hesitate. Finally she said, "He said -- Ralph wondered what I would look like as a brunette, with short brown hair."

"What?" I said, surprised.

"You know, it's the look nowadays. Short dark hair, kind of page boy. I'd slicked back my hair with gel, and my bangs would kind of swoop over my forehead."

I was alarmed that Jen was talking like she had already decided to do it. "But I love your blond hair. And I like your hair long."

"I know, honey, I was just thinking about it. It was just something Ralph said. He said he likes girls with short dark hair. He said I'm the first blond he has ever dated." My knees became weak when Jen said that. The thought of my wife dating another guy turned me on so much.

"You'd really have to cut off a lot of your hair," I said hesitantly.

"I know, but it would grow back. Do you think I should do it? It would be fun to have a new look, I've never been anything but blond."

My lust was so overwhelming. Thinking of Ralph's increasing control over Jen made me lightheaded. This might not seem like a big deal, but in fact it was huge. Jen knew that I loved blonds, that I had never even considered going out with anyone but a blond. She also knew that I loved long hair. The fact that she was considering cutting and dying her hair because Ralph wanted her to do it was incredibly -- thrilling.

I managed not to choke out my next words. "Well, okay, I want you to do what you want to do. Do you want to do it?"

"Well, I guess so," Jen said almost nonchalantly, although it was obvious she was containing her excitement. "It might be fun, at least for a little while." She made it sound like she wanted to do it anyway, but we both knew that she was doing it because Ralph wanted her to.

Jen didn't waste any time. The next day, she cut and dyed her hair. I didn't get to see it until late that evening, because she rushed off to show Ralph. Ralph loved her short dark hair. By the time I saw her, he had already fucked her silly.

When I finally saw Jen that evening, I saw that she had cut her hair really short, to a few inches above her shoulders. Instead of brown, she had dyed it jet black. When I mentioned that she had gone farther than we had discussed, she said that that morning she had spoken with Ralph and he convinced her that if she really wanted a new look she should go all the way.

As I stared at my wife's new look, she edged close to me and lightly stroked my cock through my pants. "Ralph got so excited by my new look that he threw me on the bed and practically raped me. He made me cum twice. Then he pulled me down on my knees and made me go down on him."

"See my stockings?" I looked down at my wife's legs. Her stockings were scuffed and laddered around her knees. "He was so rough, he made my stockings run." I groaned. The image of Jen on her knees, getting face fucked by Ralph, turned me on so much.

Jen pulled my cock out of my pants and started to stroke me. "Ralph was so incredibly big and hard. And he pushed so deep down my throat, I could hardly breath. Then he started to twitch, and I knew he was about to cum. But he pulled out, and came all over my hair."

Jen stroked me harder and faster. "Then he told me to comb his cum through my hair, like gel, and I did." She brought her head close to mine, so I could smell Ralph's cum in her short black hair. "Do you like smelling that, does that turn you on?" The smell and Jen's story sent me over the edge, and I answered my wife's question by cumming all over her blouse.

Interlude — Jen's Perspective

Jen put the finishing touches on her makeup. As she put her lipstick down, her hand brushed across her birth control pills. She had forgotten to take one this morning, so she popped one of the tiny white pills out of the container and popped it into her mouth.

"How had it come to this?" she asked herself as she swallowed the pill. Deep down, she didn't want to have sex with other guys, not even Ralph. Yes, it was true, Ralph was a great lover, the best she had ever had. It was exciting to sleep with other guys, to be so promiscuous. But she didn't really want this. This was not the life she envisioned growing up.

She loved her husband. She wanted their sex life to be just between them, like normal married couples.

But it was because she loved her husband so much that she was playing these games, and having sex with other men. It seemed that Mike could only get excited if she was getting ready for a date or had another man's cum inside her. He was constantly pushing her farther. It wasn't enough that she had sex with Ralph. Mike wanted her to have a relationship with Ralph, too.

Jen looked into the mirror and touched her short black hair. It wasn't that long ago that her hair was its natural blond. But when Ralph suggested she cut it short and dye it black, she knew her husband would get turned on by the idea, because she'd be catering to Ralph's desires. So Jen had played along because she wanted to give her husband what he wanted.

But didn't Mike see the danger of this game? Encouraging her to be with Ralph, have a relationship with Ralph, cater to Ralph's desires — didn't Mike see how this was affecting her?

She loved her husband so much. But there were feelings for Ralph growing inside her, feelings that went beyond sex. She didn't want this to be happening, but she couldn't help herself.

Before this game with other guys had started, she had always felt so safe and secure when she was in her husband's arms. But lately, it had started to feel differently. Often when her husband held her, she was filled with another man's cum, and they spoke not of love, but of how she had been recently fucked by another guy. Lately, it was in Ralph's arms that she felt most secure. Things were changing, and Jen was scared of the changes.

Chapter 5

Ralph and Jen were sitting across the table from me. We were seated at a dark corner booth in a restaurant. Ralph's arm was around Jen, and he was lightly caressing her neck, and playing with her short dark hair. His hands lightly graze her breasts over her blouse. Jen extended her shapely leg until her stockinged foot rested in my lap, and rubbed my hard crotch.

Ralph said something, and then Jen pulled her foot from my lap. Jen's hands went under the table and I saw her wiggle. Then, looking almost apologetically at me, she brought her hand up and dropped a thin wisp of lacy fabric on the table. It was her panties. I picked them up and held them in my hand. They were soaking wet.

Ralph's hand went under the table. Soon Jen's face flushed and her breath quickened. Her nipples got rock hard under her tight blouse. I saw movement in Ralph's arm. He was fingering my wife under the table.

Jen laid her foot back in my lap, not to rub me, but instead to open herself more fully to Ralph's hands under the table. I lightly caressed my wife's stockinged foot, tracing my fingers along the soft seam running along her toes. Soon Jen's body tensed, and her hands clutched the edge of the table. She clenched her eyes tightly closed. I felt her foot arch and her toes curl in my hands. Ralph had given Jen her first orgasm of the night.

After Jen's breathing returned to normal, Ralph whispered into her ear. Jen hesitated, and then looked around the restaurant. She scanned the crowd, making sure no one was looking. Then, with a glance into my eyes, Jen slid under the table. Ralph slid down his chair slightly, and I saw his body tense. Jen was giving him a blowjob under the table.

It took about 5 minutes for him to cum. The entire time, Ralph looked right into my eyes. I was so hard. Before long I watched his body tense, and I knew he was cumming in my wife's mouth.

Jen slid back into her seat. She took her napkin and wiped a little cum from the corner of her mouth.

Ralph put his arm around her. With his other hand he flipped the small package at me. It was a condom. I took it, and then hesitated. This was the game we were playing tonight. Ralph had thought of it. It turned me on so much when Jen had told me about it earlier that week. But now? I looked at Jen. I couldn't read her face. She wasn't encouraging or discouraging me. But she did have a look of — anticipation?

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