Sally's Birthday

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: He hand't been able to help her so she decided to help herself.

I sat there stunned as my wife moved out onto the dance floor with the man. Had I really heard her right or had I had too much to drink and it was confusing what the words coming from her actually were?

It was Friday night and Sally's birthday and we were out celebrating. We went to the Landing Strip and settled down for an evening of drinking and dancing. Well, drinking for me, drinking and dancing for Sally. A land mine during the First Gulf War had put and end to my tripping the light fantastic, but Sally loved to dance so I sucked it up, put a lid on my jealous nature and let her dance with whomever asked.

Sally was in a good mood and I had thought that was a good thing since things hadn't been going all that well for us lately. But the bomb she had just laid on me told me that her good mood wasn't good for me, not even a little bit. Even if she didn't follow through on what she'd said the fact that she had said it was not going to go away.

The Gulf War had given me another problem besides my bad leg. It had given me some form of erectile dysfunction that the doctors just couldn't seem to nail down. They could find no physical reason for the problem so they were assuming that it was mental, but so far the head doctors hadn't found anything either. From the way they talked I got the impression that I was the only known case of whatever it was that I had.

The problem was that the condition came and went. I would have hard ons galore for seven or eight months and then one morning I would get up and Mr. Happy wouldn't. Blow jobs, porn movies and even the sexy big titted babes at the strip joint couldn't get me up. For two or three months my cock would lie dormant and then one day I would wake up with 'morning wood' and for the next eight or ten months I would be fine.

This had been going on for the last ten years and I had pretty much adjusted to the fact that every eight months or so I was going to go 'out of service' for two or three months and while my wife Sally wasn't happy about she too learned to live with it. We managed fine for a little over nine years and then things got bad. The eight months of good times ended and the out of service time began, but this time it lasted longer than two or three months.

It had been fourteen months now since I had last been able to meet Sally's needs. The last eight months had been really bad. Sally was constantly irritable and she found fault with everything I did. She would light into me over some little thing and then the next day she would apologize and not an hour later she would be on me for something else. I knew what was wrong; I know why she was being the way she was and I did my best to ride with it, but I'm only human and every once in a while I would bark back at her and then things would be really chilly around the house for a while. We were in one of those cold periods when I decided to take Sally out dancing for her birthday.

It started out well. We were not strangers at the Landing Strip and quite a few of the regulars knew the circumstances behind my sitting and sipping my drink while Sally danced the night away. So it was no surprise when as soon as we sat down a guy showed up to ask Sally to dance. The first hour went by and things went as they usually did with Sally being almost constantly on the dance floor and then things began to change a bit. I noticed that she was dancing most of the dances with the same three guys. And then I began to notice some things that I hadn't noticed till then. Things like how close she was dancing with them, where their hands were and how she was responding. She wasn't doing anything to stop them or slow them down.

The set ended and the band took their break and I waited for Sally to come back to our table so I could ask her what she thought she was doing. But Sally didn't come back to our table, she went and sat at the table with the three guys she had been dancing with. They were soon laughing and talking. I saw one of the men place a hand pretty high up on her leg and she didn't push it away, but she did turn and look at me and smile an evil little smile. After several minutes she got up and walked over to our table and said:

"I don't think I'll be going home with you tonight."


"My friends want to party with me and since you can't I've decided to do it."

She turned and walked back to the three men and the band started playing again and she pulled one of them up and moved out onto the dance floor. I sat there and watched her and wondered if she'd lost her mind. The song ended and she and the guy went back to the table and sat down. When I saw the man she had just danced with run his hand up under her skirt I'd had enough. I got up and walked over to the table and told Sally we were leaving and to grab her purse.

"I told you I'm not going home with you. My friends want to party with me, right guys?"

They all smiled and I said, "Okay, your choice." I reached over her shoulder and picked up her purse, opened it and took out her key ring. I dropped the purse in her lap, took the key ring and removed the house key from it and dropped the rest of the keys on top of her purse and walked away from her as she was saying:

"What are you doing? Why did you do that?"

I didn't answer her and I walked out of the bar. I got in the car, started it and waited about five minutes to see if she would come running out. When she didn't I moved the car across the street and parked in the supermarket parking lot and settled down to watch the bar parking lot.

Maybe five minutes later Sally came out and walked through the lot looking for me and when she didn't find me she walked back into the bar. Half an hour later she came out with one of the guys she had been sitting with and they got into a car. I expected to see it start up and pull out of the lot so the man could run Sally home, but nothing happened. I couldn't see into the car from where I was parked so I kept sitting there and watching.

After maybe twenty minutes the man got out of the car and went back into the bar and minutes later a second man from the table came out and went to the car. Twenty minutes went by and then I saw him go back into the bar and the third man come out. By then I knew what was going on, but as they say, seeing is believing.

I gave him a minute or two and then I got out of the car and walked across the street to the bar parking lot and moved to where I thought I could see what was going on without being noticed. I found a spot behind the car parked next to them where I could see and hear. I heard Sally's voice and I could see she was naked from the waist down. She was bent over the man and was sucking his cock. She slurped on him for a couple of minutes and then they changed positions. She got on her back and spread her legs wide and waited. The man maneuvered between her legs and then worked his cock into her as she cried out:

"That's it, fuck me, fuck your whore, fuck me hard."

I could see his ass rising and falling and hear the 'slap, slap, slap' of flesh meeting flesh. I watched for maybe ten minutes and then he said:

"I'm gonna cum."

"Not in me, not in me, you guys promised that you wouldn't cum in me."

The guy pulled out of her and shot his wad all over her stomach. Sally leaned forward and licked his cock clean.

"Who do you want next?"

"No one baby, at least not tonight. I've got to get cleaned up and then you have to run me home."

"You going to be all right?"

"He'll be pissed, but I can handle him."

"When can we do this again?"

"Give me a call at work and I'll see about taking a long lunch hour. Now come on. I really do need to get home."

I went back to my car, drove home and made sure that the house was locked up tight, windows and doors, and then I sat back and waited. About a half-hour went by and a car pulled into the drive, I heard a door slam and a minute later the front door rattled as Sally tried to open it. A minute later the same thing happened at the back door. Another minute went by and then the doorbell rang. I ignored it and it rang again and then again. Finally Sally started pounding on the door and I got up and went and opened it.

"What do you want?"

"I want to come in."

"I don't think so. I don't have any room in my house for a cheating bitch."

"What the are you talking about?"

"Just leave Sally. Go and party with your new friends."

"Oh come on baby, all I did was try some shock therapy on you. I thought maybe that might get you back to functioning again."

"Nice try Sally, but I don't believe you. I'll move your shit out of the house and into the driveway tomorrow" and I started to close the door on her.

"Let me in damn it!"

"No Sally, I am not letting you in."

"Where am I supposed to go this time of night?"

"Not my problem Sally. You were the one who said you weren't coming home with me. Go find your three friends; maybe they will let you stay with them."

I closed the door in her face and went into the living room and sat down to wait for the next act. Sally beat on the door, cussed and hollered until the neighbors got tired of the racket and called the cops. They knocked on the door and asked me what the problem was and I told them I'd locked her out for cheating on me with other men. Sally loudly denied cheating on me and the cops asked me to let her in and then work on the problem come daylight.

"The only way she is getting into this house is with a court order."

The cop shrugged and told Sally it was a civil matter and she would need to get an attorney. Then they offered to drop her at a motel. She said okay and they left.

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