Hot, Wet...and Wetter

by drsalt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Water Sports, BBW, .

Desc: Sex Story: A married couple tries watersports.

"Come on, honey, admit you're curious." My hand stroked the considerable curve of Millie's belly below her navel. We had been recovering from another great round of lovemaking. The sheet felt good over our sweat cooled skin. My cock, still coated with our fluids, was nestled at home between her big ass cheeks.

Millie pulled away gently and rolled to her back. I moved my attention to her left nipple then. "I'm not curious. It just seems nasty and so... unsanitary."

"Yeah," I laughed. "Not to mention kinky." Her elbow poked out and caught me in the ribs and I jumped back.

"Jesus, Dennis! I don't even pee in the shower. I couldn't pee on you even if I wanted to. It took me a long time to be able to go if you were even within hearing range. Then I got to where I could go as long as you weren't right there. I'm happy being comfortable enough to let you shave while I pee. I don't want to go any farther down that road."

Yes, I had been trying to get her to explore the wonderful world of watersports, or 'golden showers'. At the age of fifty five, I'd done a lot of exploring sexually. I'd never been interested in trying to have sex with a man and "bathroom" sex was only mildly interesting to me. At least golden showers were mildly interesting. Scat, or shit play, held no place in sex as far as I was concerned, though both Millie and I enjoyed licking ass and having ours licked.

But over the previous few months I'd visited several web sites that displayed photos of women peeing, both alone, just pissing, or accompanied by one or more other people. The pictures — and especially the videos -- showing them peeing on each other caught my interest. Sometimes the 'targets' would even make a point of letting the urine stream into their mouths and splash across their faces. Even with a tickle of interest in what it might be like to play pissing games with Millie I wasn't planning on drinking her pee.

Then one evening not too long after I'd started looking at those types of pictures I got a surprise. I'd been horny all day and couldn't wait to get between Millie's thighs. I got home from work and my cock started to harden in anticipation. I could see my wife in the kitchen from the door. She turned and waved me a kiss with a "Hello, honey," before returning to her food preparations. I smiled to myself as I hurried into the bedroom to strip to my skin. (That, in itself, was not unusual. It's always the first thing I do when I get home.)

I went out to the kitchen, my boner waving around in front of me. I pushed it under Millie's crotch and pressed against her, grabbing two handfuls of tit as I did. Millie laughed and clamped her legs together on my hard on. She reached behind me with a (cold) wet hand and grabbed my ass. I lowered my lips to her neck and gave her a kiss. It drives her nuts when I do that. As I was bringing my mouth to her ear (The ultimate foreplay, as far as Millie goes. I've made her climax just by sucking and nibbling her ear lobe.), she released my cock and pulled away.

"Come on, Den, I have to make dinner," she protested.

"Let it wait. I'm only hungry for you right now." I took the paring knife from her hand and set it on the counter next to the carrots she'd been chopping up. "Come on," I took her hand and led her — only slightly protesting now — down the hall to the bedroom. I turned to her and pulled her tee shirt off over her head. For a woman of Millie's proportions, she had fairly small tits. (I was glad of that. I don't like those big balloons most men want.)

I'd already known she was without a bra but when I pulled her loose-fitting shorts down I wasn't surprised to see she was also without panties. She likes to "go commando" a lot of the time, even in public in a skirt or dress. I sort of envied her the cool breezes wafting up against her bare (and shaven) crotch. I pushed against her again and felt her warmth against my chest and groin. By then my cock was throbbing and I kissed her all the way to the bed. She fell backward with a bounce but rolled away before I could join her.

"Let me go pee first, at least," she pleaded.

"Okay but hurry up. Hell, I might as well swish out my mouth, while you're going. I had a meatball sub for lunch." I followed her to the bathroom. The sight of Millie's big curvy ass helped keep me hard, too.

"Yeah," she replied. "I noticed." In the bathroom Millie went about her business and I grabbed the bottle of mouthwash. In a few seconds I heard her stream begin to hit the water in the bowl. Some of the hotter photos and videos I'd been watching passed through my mind. I spit into the sink as she reached for the tissue. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. "Dennis! I'm dripping!" she squealed.

"I don't care. I want you right now!" Hearing my voice convinced her. She came without further protest. I returned us to the bed and Millie once again fell to her back. I took an ankle in each hand and spread her legs wide apart. I wasted no time getting my mouth onto her damp pussy. I tasted the tang of her urine along with the sweetness of her vaginal secretions. For some reason — the kinkiness; the 'nastiness' — I got a charge out of tasting her pee. I think it excited her more, too, to see my eagerness to taste her.

I licked and sucked her to her first orgasm. Then I rose up and planted my aching cock in her all the way, the way she likes it most times. She groaned and lifted her legs along my sides, stroking my ribs with her thighs. I pounded into her long enough for her to reach three more climaxes before I exploded with the strongest climax I'd had in a while. As I slid in and out of her I leaned down and whispered to her. I told her, among other things, how good it felt to be inside her hot pussy. I told her how hot it had been to lick her just after she had peed. She just groaned into another strong orgasm. All of that brings us back to the start of this story.

Millie sighed and looked at me. "Honey, you know I've never denied you anything you wanted from me." Her eyes searched my face before she went on. "I guess if you want to try it sometime... I can try. I can't promise I'll be able to go, though. And don't expect me to get excited about it. You'll have to shower before I'll touch you afterward, too." I grinned and took her in my arms. We kissed and our hands roamed over each other's body.

"That's easy. I was thinking we'd do it in the shower to make cleaning up easier."

"Good idea," she replied. After a beat she added, "It sounds as though you've been thinking about this a lot." While she talked her hands were caressing me. We kissed again. She made an appreciative sound into my mouth when she discovered my new erection. She broke the kiss and tugged my arm. "Climb on here cowboy!" she urged me and spreading her thick legs. "Jesus, if just talking about it gives you another hard on that fast I can't wait to see what actually pissing all over you will do!" I rolled back into position and slid my cock into her; into the gooey mess we'd left there only a little while before.

After we finished a second time, Millie said she had to pee again. "You want to try right now?" she offered.

"No, I couldn't get hard again now. Let's wait for a better time." I was reluctant to pass up the opportunity, but I wanted to see if it made me climax when she pissed on me. She kissed me lovingly and slid out of the bed. When I heard her pee splashing again my cock actually twitched, but that was the extent of its energy at that moment.

It wasn't until Saturday that we actually did it. It was three days after she'd consented and I was getting horny again. I'd spent a lot of time online since then and of course I searched out even more golden shower sites. Millie had gone to the grocery store for some bread and I was sitting naked in the den clicking happily away. I heard her come in and called to her. "Hey, honey, come in here and look at this." I heard the sounds of her keys hitting the counter and plastic bags being set down. A few seconds later she was standing behind me and peering over my shoulder at the screen.

There was the usual box for mpg videos. The action was frozen before I clicked the play button. A dark haired woman was on her knees over a naked guy with a huge erection. Her hands held his at his shoulders and they were both grinning. A third person — it looked like a woman's legs — stood mostly off to one side. They were out on a patch of lawn or grass on a blanket. I clicked the play button.

Immediately their voices came from the speakers. "Oh, yeah, baby, do it," the man was urging her. An unintelligible comment from the off-screen woman came next. Then the woman rose from her knees to a half squat. She placed her fingers on either side of her hairless mound and... nothing... at first. A second later she began to pee. The original trickle increased in volume and her stream glittered in the sunshine as it sprayed brightly out and down to strike the man at groin level. The camera focused in and the screen was filled with his hard cock and his hand as he stroked it under the spray.

"Oh... my... God!" Millie's voice was barely above a whisper. I glanced back and saw that her eyes were riveted to the scene. My cock got even harder than it had been. I looked back at the screen just as the stream fell to a sporadic trickle. At first it looked like she was finished. But then the guy slipped farther under her and waited. A second later the golden spray began again. The woman could hold gallons apparently, and let it loose at will. Millie gave a little gasp as she watched the man open his mouth to take the hot liquid into his mouth. I didn't think he swallowed much of it because a lot just ran out and down his chin and chest.

The video stopped. Millie let her breath out. She glanced into my lap and reached for my cock. "Come on Dennis. It's time I pissed on you." Her voice was strong then, and her words weren't a suggestion. Her taking control added something to my arousal. I was shaking with excitement as she led me to the bathroom. She shucked off her clothes and ushered me into the shower. "Lie down, honey. I have to pee really bad." I did as she told me.

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