Super Bowl Party

by The Jint Fan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Orgy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dan Johnson is invited to a Super Bowl party with his wife. She helps out with the co-hosting.

Dan Johnson couldn't believe his luck that his boss wanted to talk to him about the annual Super Bowl party that he hosts at his boss's house. Dan finally arrived at the upper cooperate ladder and was ready to climb it some more.

Dan waited in the outer office of the cooperate offices. The girl at the front desk told him that Mr. Gordon was busy at the moment. Dan's eye caught sight of the woman's big breasts and realized that she wasn't wearing a bra. He could see her hard nipples poking against her white blouse.

Dan couldn't wait to talk to him. He was almost a nobody at the company. He didn't realize that he did something to catch Mr. Gordon's attention. He didn't do anything that would cause people to pay attention to his work.

His currently job is assistant to the Regional Sales Manager. It wasn't anything big but he was in the main office. He liked his job there at the company. It gave him paid holidays and two weeks vacation and insurance.

The waiting was very long and painful in the waiting room. He couldn't force the issue of the wait because he didn't want to destroy any good things that might come.

The secretary spoke up after thirty minutes of waiting. " Mr. Gordon will see you now. Please follow me inside the office."

Dan watched as the woman stood. His jaw almost dropped to the ground at the sight. The woman was a sex goddess. She was slim but had a huge pair of breasts. They were almost forty-six double d. Her ass was small and compact. She was wearing a white tight mini dress showing a lot of leg, which was encased in white stockings. She was wearing four-inch white high heels. Dan shouldn't be looking at her like this, he is happily married to Jessica. He wished his wife was like that.

Dan followed the secretary to the president of the company's office. He entered and watched the older man working at his desk. Mr. Gordon looked up. " Dan, please sit down. Amy, I will want to see you after Dan leaves."

" Yes sir." The secretary purred as she turned around.

Dan sat down in the chair but he swore there was a lot of sexual tension in the room. He didn't want to know anything.

" Dan, you are new here at the company, correct?" Mr. Gordon asked.

" Yes sir. I have been here for nine months." Dan informed him.

" Good. I know you are wondering why you are here." He spoke to him. " Don't worry, you are not in any trouble. I need something that you have and I don't."

" May I ask what you need from me. Anything you want." Dan told his boss. He wanted to be on the right team.

" Simply your wife." He informed him.

" Excuse me? Did you say my wife." Dan was stunned to hear that. What kind of company is he working for? A company where wives are traded.

Mr. Gordon laughed out loud. " I'm sorry I have confused you. Let me explain what I mean about your wife. Ok?"

" Please do."

" Every year. I host a Super Bowl party at my house. Every year I ask someone to see that they want to go and have their wife help out my wife. Plus I pay for the help. Your wife and you will receive fifteen thousand dollars and you will receive a vice president's position for this simple thing.

Dan couldn't understand why so much. He knew his boss was a rich man but to pay that much. There had to be strings, plus the promotion also. Something wasn't right with this.

"Why so much?" Dan had to ask that question.

" You see I love my employees. I have to tell you that there could be sex at this party. Is that going to be a problem with you." Mr. Gordon answered.

" I see no problem. Can I talk to my wife about it before answering?"

His boss smiled. " Oh course. Please email me with your answer I just need a co-host to help my wife with the duties."

Dan stood and shook Mr. Gordon's hand. He couldn't believe what he was offering. He wanted both money and the position. He wanted both. He wondered how he was going to convince his wife. He knew the money that was being offered would be a prefect tool to help.

Paul watched the little man leave his office. He had to laugh about this. His plan was going as planned. He had him when he mentioned the money and the so-called position, which he would replace someone else. That was no big deal.

Paul Gordon noticed Jessica Johnson at the Christmas party. She was a fox wearing the green dress to knees and her small feet in the small heel shoes. He was hard the instant he met her.

Paul pushed the intercom. " Amy, I need you now."

The door opened and the sexy secretary walked to him. " May I help you, sir?"

" Oh course. Hands and knees and suck." He ordered her as he slumped into his chair with his pants pulled down to his ankles.

Amy took the CEO's cock into her hands and slowly made it disappear into her mouth. She started sucking down the length of the large cock. She was moving faster.

His hands tangled into her long blonde hair. He loved the dye job on her hair. He loves blondes and Jessica is hopefully all natural. He did like the way Amy sucked on his cock the first time.

" Oh you are still good, Amy." He moaned as she sucked on him.

He received a sigh from her as her answer. He pulled her off of him just as he fired his sperm at her face. He still loves the look on her face with his sperm dripping from her.

" Thank you, Amy." He told her as he pulled her pants back up.

" You are so welcome." She replied with a smile and walked away without wiping her face off of the sperm.

Paul looked at his well trained slut. He started thinking of his next trainee for that position, Jessica Johnson.

Dan returned to his home after work and found his lovely wife in the shower. He walked into the bathroom. He watched her through the glass shower enclosure. Her body is prefect. She was no secretary at work but her figure was the same except that she has smaller but fuller breasts.

Dan striped out of his clothes and entered the shower stall. He turned her around and kissed her on the lips. His tongue entering her mouth and his hands feeling her long blonde hair. She sighed against him. " I miss you."

" I miss you too." Dan answered as he took her breast to his mouth and started sucking on the breasts. He loved sucking on her perfect sized breasts. He was in love with his thirty-five year old wife. Dan sucked on one and played with the other with his hand.

" Take me here." She cried.

Dan slowly entered her as pressed herself against the glass enclosure. Her breasts flattened against the glass enclosure. His cock working and sliding in and out of her wanton pussy. She bends her head back and kisses her husband. " I love you, honey."

" Me too."

Dan and Jessica got out of the shower and dressed. Dan couldn't wait any longer. He informed Jessica at the kitchen table. He informed her what Mr. Gordon wanted from them in exchange for money and positions. Dan didn't have to wait longer for an answer. Jessica wanted to do it. She wanted the money for them.

" You don't mind playing host at my boss's house during the Super Bowl?" He questioned his wife again.

" Of course not. We are talking about fifteen thousand dollars!" Jessica was excited about doing the hosting job. " It is so easy. You just give a drink and food. Easy."

" If you are sure, I will send the email to Mr. Gordon." Dan went to his computer and typed out the email to his boss. He was going to be a vice-president in the company after this Sunday. The money would be theirs.

Mr. Gordon sent an email back asking for her measurements including shoe size. Dan asked about that and Mr. Gordon said that the price includes her wearing an uniform of sorts. Jessica didn't mind giving out that information. She didn't care if they knew what her measurements were. She was 40D-28-32. She has small feet but loved to wear heels.

Dan and Jessica continued to do their regular stuff during the week. Jessica had an appointment with Mrs. Gordon for lunch to go over the details of the party. Jessica mentioned also that night. " You know I had a good meeting with Donna Gordon."

" Really? What is planned?"

" I really can't tell you, I want to but I promised not to. Sort of." She replied with a slight hesitation in her voice. Dan noticed it but didn't mind. He liked secrets.

" I like secrets so that is ok."

Super Bowl Sunday Dan and Jessica arrived at the huge house on the hill. Dan wasn't shock to see the size of the house that his boss lived in. It was twice the size of his house and that was large one. He parked his car in the long driveway in front of the garage. They were early so Jessica could get ready for the party.

Dan looked over the acres and acres of rolling hills in Virginia. The view to the east has Washington DC on the horizon.

There is a barn out back, where horses were kept. He was so amazed by it. The house is an old Victorian farmhouse with fifteen rooms inside.

The Potomac River runs on the edge of the estate. Dan couldn't believe his eyes about the owner's house.

They walked to the front door and hit the doorbell. They waited for a few seconds as they waited for his boss to answer the door. They were greeted by Donna Gordon. Dan looked at his boss's wife. She was amazing looking only wearing a sweatsuit that was worn for workouts.

Donna welcomed them into the house. Mr. Gordon descended the staircase. "Amazed by her age and beauty, Dan?"

" Yes, Mr. Gordon." Dan answered truthfully. " She is very young and attractive."

" Thank you for saying the truth. Please call me Paul." Paul offered his hand. " Let us go to the recreation room, so the ladies could get ready for the game"

Dan watched as Jessica left with Donna up the stairs. Dan walked with Paul into the recreation room to play some pool and drink beers. He had to admit that he liked that idea. He was having a beer and a game of pool with his boss. Paul told him that they don't talk about business on this day. Dan didn't mind that either. He wasn't sure what to say about business.

Dan won the first two games. He couldn't believe he is playing on a championship class pool table. He wondered how rich is his boss.

" I always enjoyed a game of pool before or after sex. How about you, Dan?"

Dan started at his boss's statement. " Excuse me?"

" Don't be shy." Mr. Gordon laughed.

" Well, I don't know. I don't own a pool table." Dan replied and took a sip of his beer.

" I understand. Maybe after today, you should have enough after tonight." Mr. Gordon lit his cigar. " Want one?"

" No, thank you." Dan couldn't believe his boss.

After three beers and two games of pool. He wondered where their wives were. " What is taking them so long upstairs?"

" You know women." His only reply as he shoot the eight ball into the corner pocket. " I won this one I see. Don't worry, they will be ready for the party."

Dan started wondering what was the women doing upstairs. How long does it take to change into an outfit? What kind of outfit?

Dan didn't mind being with his boss. It gave him more credit points towards the job that he has.

Dan looked at his watch. The guests were going to appear very soon. He played another game of straight pool. He didn't want to worry about his wife. She was in good hands with Donna. Paul told Dan. "I forgot to tell you. Every year we have a betting pool on total points in the first quarter, halftime, and the game."

" How much?"

" To bet, you have to give ten dollars per bet. The guys usually bet all three. So do you want in? You can have first pick."

Dan nodded his head. He placed his bet. He thought about winning and the money for what his wife was going to do. He didn't know the teams that were playing so he guessed the scores off the top of his head.

" Don't worry. The prizes are great." Paul informed him. " You will never forget about this day between your wife and you."

Prizes? He wanted cash. He wanted money due to of his greed. He turned to Paul to say something about his comment but the doorbell rang. Dan froze in place. The guests were here and his wife and Donna were nowhere to be found. Where are they? Dan thought to himself. They were still upstairs. Dan started moving towards the door but a movement caught his eye. His mouth dropped open as he stared dumbfounded. " What the hell!"

" What's wrong, Dan?" Paul asked.

" My God." Dan said aloud again.

Paul laughed out loud. " You must see your wife coming down the stairs."

" You know about this?" He was pointing at his wife as she was walking down the stairs. She was fully dressed in her uniform. She was wearing a black teddy with white lace, black fishnet stockings, and black pumps with five-inch heels. She walked graceful in her heels as she descended the stairs. Her makeup was perfectly applied. Her lips brightly painted in fire engine red. Her fingernails were longer and the same color as her lipstick.

Dan couldn't believe that she was wearing the teddy. The teddy had one small thing missing. Her breasts were pulled through the holes that were her cups. Her nipples were long and thick. He never seen her wearing such an outfit. He never seen her nipples so big before.

Jessica answered the door. " Welcome to the Super Bowl Party. My name is Jessica and I'm one of the hostesses."

Dan is still in shock to see her wearing such an outfit. He was speechless about the situation in front of him. He turned to confront Paul but saw Donna walking down. She wasn't in her sweatsuit any more. She was wearing an outfit like his wife's but hers was a regular teddy in red. Her breasts hidden in the outfit. Her legs in red sheer stockings and red pumps with five-inch heels on her feet.

" Welcome to our house." Donna welcomed the first two guys. Their attention was on Jessica's breasts. Dan didn't like it. He wanted to say something but he did agree and looking at her face. She didn't care and almost loved what she was doing.

" You are doing the right thing." Paul said from behind him. " I remember seeing you two at the Christmas party. She was wearing that two piece mint green dress and heels. My wife saw her also and told me that she was prefect for the party."

" But..."

" No buts. Your wife and you are going to be rich after tonight's events. Just sit back and watch. You agreed to having her hosting this party." Paul continued on insisting it to him.

Dan dropped his shoulders in defeat. He asked his wife. " You don't mind doing this? You will very soon and later."

" Not one bit."

" You mean you don't. Why?" Dan was stunned and dumbfounded.

Jessica gave him a sexy smile. " That is a long story. You see, the Gordons offered me something that I wanted for so long and I'm going to get it."

" What? Money?"

Jessica laughed and answered the door again with a sexy welcome. " You will find out.

She smiled at the three men in the doorway. " Please come inside."

After ten minutes, there was fifteen men in the house. They walked into the living room where the big screen television was on with the countdown to the Super Bowl only minutes away. Dan watched his wife walk around wearing the outfit. The men would accidentally touch them. Jessica would simply smile at them after the touching. The men were having fun by accidentally touching her.

Dan couldn't believe that his wife was doing this. She would wipe the bottle of beer off by sliding it between her breasts. She would smile and give it back to the man. The man would touch her thigh or somewhere on her ass.

Dan wanted to get up and hit the guy but his wife gave him a look to stop him. He turned and tried to watch the football game in front of him. He heard a sigh and turned to see his wife having her breasts worked on with a bottle of beer being rubbed against her nipple.

The first quarter was over and Paul stood in front of everyone. " The winner of the first quarter is Ron. Ron, come over to our mini stage and stand there for your prize."

The big black man stood in front of everyone. " Bring it on."

Dan watched as his wife walked up to him. Dan didn't want to watch anything. His wife was going to do something. He could tell she seemed very distracted towards the end of the quarter. His wife's eyes were glued onto the bulge in his pants. Her hands lowering towards it. Dan closed his eyes. He couldn't believe he was watching this.

" Honey, watch me do this.", his wife turned towards him.

Dan forced himself to look as his wife was unbuckling the pants of the black man. Her hands pulling at the pants. He dropped them down his legs. His underpants were pulled down and pooled around his feet.

Her hands went to the cock and touch it. Ron mourned over the touch. Dan knew that she was going to give the man some oral attention. His wife was going to give head.

" No Jessica. Not yet." Donna yelled from across the room.

Dan turned and saw Donna walk toward the two. She waved at Jessica. Jessica nodded her head and walked over to Dan. She turned and watched Donna start her work. She spoke to Dan. " Are you having fun watching me?"

Dan nodded his head.

They watched as Donna began to work on the cock before her. She was kneeling in front of Ron. Her mouth taking the long cock. She moved her mouth over the cock. Ron mourned once as her mouth took the whole cock.

Jessica's hand went to Dan's cock and rubbed at it as it seemed that she was getting aroused from the scene. She whispered into his ear. " Do you want me to do that?"

" Yes."

Donna's mouth was working faster and faster on the cock. Donna mourned slightly as the sperm flood into her mouth. It was leaking out of her mouth. She pulled her mouth away from the cock and turned towards Jessica. She motioned her over to her.

Jessica walked over to Donna. She kissed Jessica on the lips and let the sperm in her mouth flow into Jessica's awaiting mouth and she drank the sperm. Donna asked Jessica. " Did you like your snowball?"

" Yes."

Dan's heart dropped at his wife's words about liking the snowball. He didn't think she would do anything like that. What did they do to her? She was so shy about sex. He always thought that she was shy so he didn't do anything to bring it out.

Paul spoke up. " The second quarter is beginning."

Dan was stunned as he sat on the couch. Paul sat down next to him. Dan asked. " How did you do it?"

" Do what?"

" Make my wife do this. Did you blackmail her or something?" Dan needed to know the answers to his wife's behavior.

" Oh course not. My wife simply talked to your wife at lunch."

Dan couldn't believe that talking to his wife would cause this in her. She was turning from his shy wife into something he didn't want to know. He was shock to see his wife behaving like this. It was an eye opener for him.

" I bet you are wondering how." Paul asked him.

" Yes."

Paul laughed slightly. " You see. My wife is a theopist and she does wonders with females. She places them into a sort of hypnosis and she could get the information about her in a few minutes and it would seem only a second went by."

Paul continued. " You see when Donna took her to lunch that day. You remember?"

" Yes. I do. She said that she couldn't tell me what happened during the lunch or what was to happen today." Dan replied.

" Donna had her under her spell by the time the first course was served. She found out that you two don't make love or sex more than twice a week."

" She said that!" Dan was again stunned over the statement.

" Oh course. She couldn't help herself. She also told her that she has a fantasy of hers is to have a gang-bang and a child is a result of that. Can you believe that? So you know that we are able to do it."

" You don't mean you are going to do it tonight."

Paul's answer was a smile.

" You can't."

" Too late. We are doing to do it. She is going to love this Super Bowl and everyone in the room will make theirs." Paul told him. " You can back out but your wife is more than willing to be here. So sit back and enjoy what happens during the game."

Dan sat there. His eyes focused on his wife. She was going to cheat on him today. He was going to be a cuckold. He didn't want to be one.

Jessica bent over. Letting her breast dangle in front of one of the senior vice president's face. The older man squeezed her breasts slightly. Jessica gave him a sexy smile and whispered into his ear. The man nodded his head.

Jessica sat on his lap and she took her hands to his. She took the hand and brought his hand to her left breast and took the other hand to her crotch and let him touch her slit. She mourned out at the feeling of the finger rubbing against her clit.

Jessica turned her head at the older man and thanked him for the touching of her body with a kiss on his cheek.

Dan watched as she flirted around the floor with different guys. Dan continued to watch her and Paul announced. " Two minute warning."

Two minutes until what? Dan asked himself.

Dan didn't want this to continue but he didn't want to lose his job promotion and the extra money that was coming their way. He knew he should stop her but the money and power were in the way.

" Halftime and lets see who gets the halftime prize." Paul announced to the crowd. He looked at his chart. " The winner of halftime prize is Jeff. Jeff, come-on up to claim it."

The large man walked to the front of the group. Jessica walked over to the man and dropped to her knees in front of him. She began to remove his pants. Her shaking hands soon had the pants pooled on the floor. The huge bulge on the other side of the white underpants showed a large cock waiting to spring out at her.

The underpants were removed. Her eyes glued to the cock that sprung out at her. She moved her hand towards it. She opened her mouth also. She was going to take it into her mouth. Dan watched as her hungry eyes showed the lust.

She slowly let it into her mouth. The large cock disappeared into her lips. She was smiling as she forced her will to accept the stranger's cock. She moved her mouth slowly over it. Jeff gave off a mourn as he was ready to have an orgasm.

Dan's face turned into panic as he watched the cock in his wife's mouth. His wife was giving someone a blowjob. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He wanted to beg her to stop but he couldn't get it out of his throat. He continued to watch the cocksucking.

Jessica pulled her mouth off the cock. " She is for you." She said to Jeff as she was pointing out of the crowd toward Donna.

Dan turned his head and watched Donna walk to them. She changed into a new outfit. She was wearing all black. The tight black teddy with black fishnet stockings. Dan saw that she was wearing black pumps with a five-inch heel.

Jessica didn't move. She stood in front of everyone with Jeff. She waited until Donna was with them. She moved to her and slowly removed her black teddy for her. She unbuttoned the teddy and let it drop to the floor. Donna stepped free of her lingerie.

She moved over to Jeff and started to kiss him. Jessica walked over to Paul. Dan watched his boss's wife kissing another man. Jeff lowered his head to her breast and sucked on a nipple.

Donna mourned, " Oh that feels so good."

Jeff moved another hand to the other breast and groped it. His tongue playing with her nipple. His finger playing with her other nipple. Donna's hand grabbing a handful of hair and held him there as he sucked. Her other hand playing with his cock.

Jeff pulled away and told her. " You are making me really hard."

" Good." She mourned. " Now take me when I lay down."

Jeff didn't have to wait long. Donna laid down onto the mini stage. She slowly spread her legs to accept him. Dan saw as everyone else. She had a shaven pussy. It looked smooth. Dan was staring at it as Jeff knelt between her legs.

Jeff slowly entered her. His long cock sliding into her. It was almost the size of a sword. Donna cried out. " My God!"

Paul laughed with Jessica as they watched his wife was being fucked by Jeff. Dan couldn't believe that he was watching his wife.

Donna's body was going wild as he pumped into her. She was begging for him to give her more. She was holding him against her as they were having sex. Dan started getting aroused by watching the scene in front of everyone.

Paul announced. " Time for the third quarter to begin."

The look on the two faces was priceless. They stopped having sex. Dan was shocked that they stopped when told. Jeff's cock had shot off his load at her chest. It was dripping off her nipples. He couldn't believe he was able to do it.

Jessica stepped up to Donna and helped her getting up. Donna asked Jessica something. The next thing to Dan for a surprise. He watched Jessica use her tongue to clean Donna's skin.

Jessica licked up the dripping sperm coming off of Jessica's nipples. Jessica smiled at Dan and winked her eye toward him.

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