Ruining Your Wife

by Flash of Stocking

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Do you fantasize about watching your pretty wife with another man? Be careful for what you wish for, you might run into the wrong guy.

I love screwing married women. And finding couples who want to screw is easier than you might think. I go to hotel bars outside the city, and look for couples where the husband is spending more time than his wife checking out the guys in the bar. Before I make my move I always make sure they're wearing wedding rings, to make sure they're married.

I strike up a conversation with the husband, and maybe have a drink with them — it doesn't take long to find out whether the wife is available. I ask the husband if I can dance with his wife. If he says yes then I know I've probably read them right. I make sure the wife feels my big hard cock while we're dancing, and I let my hands wander over her body. I make sure the husband sees me feeling his wife up on the dance floor. Sometimes I get a slap in the face, or the husband tells me to get lost. Most times, though, the husband buys me a drink, and moves over so his pretty wife can sit between him and me at the bar. At that point I know for sure I'm going to get some married pussy!

I've got a pretty big cock. Long and really thick. I think husbands who are into this kind of thing have small dicks, because I've never been with a couple where my dick wasn't a lot bigger than his.

I love watching the wife's face when she sees my big cock for the first time. Man, do their eyes get big! And entering her tight pussy for the first time is great! Hearing her moan and groan as I get more and more inside of her, and seeing her hands clutch the bed as I get all the way in, it's great. I take my time, so she can get used to my size. But pretty soon I'm screwing her real good, and she's panting and moaning and wrapping her long legs around me. When I feel she's close to cumming, I back off until she calms down. Then I start up again. I do this a few times, getting her close, but not letting her go over the edge. I love to hear them whimper, and beg me in front of their husbands to fuck them and make them cum.

Fucking is great, but that's not what really gets me off. I love playing with their heads. I want to take their nice little blissful marriage, and turn it upside down. I want the husband to know that I own his pretty wife's body, not him. And I want the wife to know that her husband is just a sissy boy with a little dick not worth fucking anymore.

Sometimes I'll have the wife give me and her husband a blow job at the same time, so our cocks are right next to each other. I'll motion to his little dick and say something like, "Dude, you're really small! Now I get why your wife needs other cock!" I say this as a joke, but sometimes I've seen husbands cum when I say stuff like that. I'll say to the wife, "Man, your husband really gets off on me fucking you. Guess he knows that he can't give you what I've got!"

All this talk is bound to start working in the wife's head. Pretty soon she's wondering if she's married to a real man, or a wimp. I mean, really, what real guy would let other guys fuck his wife? Then I really turn it on. I'll ask the husband to take my dick and guide it into his wife's pussy. Or I'll ask the husband to pump me a few times with his hand, or play with my balls, to get me hard for his wife. I'm not gay or bi, or anything like that. But I get rock hard because I'm watching the wife's face and I see her reaction as her husband plays with my cock. She's got to be thinking that her husband is a wimp for doing this. She probably starts thinking that her husband might be gay or bi.

I like playing other games, too. I like fucking the wife on their wedding anniversary, and on his birthday. I want the husband to know that his wife prefers me over him, and I want the wife to lose even more respect for her husband because he lets me take her on these special days.

I encourage the husband to beat off a lot. This is easy to do. I'll call him up at work and describe in great detail all the things I've done to his wife, and everything I'm planning to do to her. I'm sure the husband is in his office bathroom beating off just as soon as I hang up. Sometimes I do this a few times a day. I want him to beat off a lot because I want him to be limp when he's trying to have sex with his wife. I want the wife to be comparing my big hard cock to his little soft cock, even when I'm not with them.

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