Olivia Got Caught

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She got caught doing what she ahouldn't have been doing.

The only thing nicer than her warm, wet pussy is the feeling I get when she hands me the money. The look on her face is worth a lot to me too. The disgust that plays over her face, the absolute loathing in her eyes as she kneels in front of me to suck my cock. The hatred displayed for me when she opens her legs for me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The contempt in her voice when she says, "Okay damn you, go ahead and fuck me" sends a tingle through my loins. But the absolute, all time greatest feeling comes when I'm stroking into her asshole and she screams, "Oh God, don't stop, don't stop, fuck me, please fuck me."

I laugh and say, "Oh but I am mother in law dear, and in more ways than one."

My mother in law hates me. She has always hated me and I am giving her good reason now, but it wasn't always that way; my giving her good reason I mean. She has had it in for me since the day Julie took me home to meet her parents. It never made any sense to me. I'm a decent looking guy, I have a good job and I worship the ground that Julie walks on. What more could a mother want for her daughter? A lot more apparently, at least as far as Julie's mother was concerned.

She was against me from the start and I hadn't even gotten out of the driveway following that first visit when she was on Julie about how unsuitable I was and that Julie should waste no time in getting rid of me. The funny thing about it is that she was never even able to give Julie a reason why she should dump me. It was always something like, "I have a bad feeling about him" or "I just know he isn't right for you. Trust me, I know these things."

She hated me so much that she would not even attend our wedding even though she paid for it - indirectly through her husband of course).

Things did not get any better after the wedding. Julie talked to her mom every day and her dear mother never passed on an opportunity to try and shoot me through the grease. It could be something like her mom asking her what she was doing.

"Well, since Rob is working late I'm trying to get some things done around here."

My dear mother in law would say something like; "He sure spends a lot of evenings away from home. You do know that is one of the signs that tells you that your husband is out running around on you, don't you?"

For my mother in law putting me down was a duty and it was a duty she never shirked. Julie knew that mommy couldn't stand me so everything she got for mommy dearest went in one ear and out the other. I could have fucked another woman in front of my mother in law and when she ran to Julie to snitch me out all she would get for her trouble was a, "Yes mother. Thank you for telling me" and that would be the end of it.

I tried hard to be cordial around the old girl. I remembered her birthdays, sent her cards on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day and I even offered to stop by and lend a helping hand if she ever needed with anything when my father in law was out of town.

But no matter what I did or how hard I tried it never mattered. She had no use for me and she never would have. I'm only human so after several years of her bullshit my bullshit meter pegged out and I finally reached the point where I wanted to do something to get even with the bitch.

Olivia must have also pissed off the gods because one day, about five years after Julie and I married, they sent me a gift. It was a Tuesday night (Oh but I remember it well) and a client of mine had flown into town for a series of meetings. We had already planned on a working dinner and at the last minute Henry asked me if I would mind changing our plans a little.

"My daughter lives in Colorado Springs and I wondered if we could have dinner there instead of in Denver. That way she can meet me at the restaurant and take me home with her so I can spend a couple of days spoiling my grand kids."

"No problem Henry. I live in Castle Rock which is about halfway between Denver and the Springs so it will work out fine."

We pulled into the restaurant parking lot and just as I shut off the engine Henry said, "My, my, my. Now there is something that could make me stray."

I looked over to see what he was looking at and my jaw dropped a foot. Olivia came strolling out of the restaurant hand in hand with a man who was not my father in law. I watched them walk to a car and get in and then they sat there and necked for about five minutes and then they drove off.

"She turns you on Henry?"

"Rob, I have never cheated on my wife in over thirty-one years of marriage, but I would do that woman in a heartbeat."

"She is kind of expensive."

"She's a hooker?"

"She prefers to be called a 'courtesan, ' but yeah, she is a high priced call girl."

"Sign me up Rob. Put me in touch."

"She is usually booked well in advance Henry. I doubt if we could set you up this time, but on your next visit we might can do it."

That night I found out from Julie that her dad was out of town for a week on business. The next morning I called a private detective and put him on Olivia's tail. By Friday I had names, dates, times, places and film — very explicit film — and I began to make my plans.

It was two weeks before my father in law went out of town again. The day he left I stopped by his house at lunchtime and rang the doorbell. Olivia answered the door and I could see that she had planned on going out. Low cut blouse, short skirt, high heels and makeup just ever so perfect.

"Why Olivia, you are looking sexy as hell. Getting ready to go and meet Mark?"

Her face paled when I said that and she stuttered when she said, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"No? You don't know Mark? Mark Willard, husband of Martha, father of Cory and Kevin? But hey, I guess that I can understand that given that he has so many names to use. Let's see now" and I looked at the piece of paper in my hand. "On Tuesday you were registered at the Courtyard in Colorado Springs as Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baxter. Wednesday saw you at the Best Western as Mr. and Mrs. John Tyler. Thursday he signed you in at the Marriott as Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller. I can see where you might be confused about the name."

"What do you want?"

"How about asking me in for a start. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that you don't want your neighbors knowing your business and my voice does carry sometimes."

Olivia stepped aside and I walked in. I headed straight for the living room and made myself comfortable on the couch. Olivia followed me into the room and sat down on a chair opposite me and in a voice clearly meant to put me in my place said, "All right Steve, what is this all about?"

"What it is all about mother in law dear is payback for all the years you have been fucking over me. You have been shitting on me since the day Julie brought me home to meet you, but I have suffered it in silence because you are Julie's mother.

"Two weeks ago I happened to be in Colorado Springs on business and I just happened to see you and Mark holding hands, hugging and kissing and I got curious. I got so curious that I did some investigating. You have been a bad girl Olivia, a very, very bad girl and now I am in a position to get back at you for all those years of abuse."

"What do you want?"

"I've given it a lot of thought Olivia and what I came up with is something that I'm absolutely sure you will hate. You may even hate it so much that you will refuse to do it, but that's okay because then I will see to it that these get out to everybody including your husband and Julia"

I walked over to her and handed her an envelope that contained a copy of the detective's report and copies of all the photos he had managed to take. When she saw them her face lost all of it's color and I saw her hands shake as she looked through them.

"I don't know how the detective managed to get those pictures, but you have to admit that they are very clear and explicit. I especially like the one where Mark is buried in your ass. The expression on your face says it all, doesn't it? What I have come up with Olivia is something so degrading that you will hate doing it. If you do it I get to enjoy seeing you degrading yourself. If you don't do it I get the pleasure of seeing your life destroyed when I go public with the information you have there in your hands."


"You are going to be a high priced call girl Olivia, and I'm going to be your pimp."

Olivia's face went red as she said, "You're mad, stark raving mad. I'll do no such thing."

"Good. That's what I was hoping you would say" and I got up and headed for the door.

My hand was on the knob when Olivia said, "Where are you going? What are you going to do?"

I turned back toward her, "Well, let's see now. First I am going to hand carry a copy of what you have in your hand to Mrs. Willard. Then I'm going to send a copy to everyone that you know. Next, since the photos are all ready loaded onto my computer I'm going to set you up with your very own porn site.

"I'm assuming that your hubby took his laptop with him on his trip so I'll drop him an email, something along the lines of, "Dear Dad, I'm sorry as hell to have to be the one to tell you, but I really thought that you ought to know" and I'll send what you have in your hands as attachments. I can't just go to Julie and say, "Look what I have" but I will leave them someplace where she will manage to find them. I'm sure that some other things will occur to me. Maybe I can leave a copy in all your neighbor's mail boxes."

I turned and reached for the doorknob.

"Wait Steve. You aren't serious, are you? I mean, even you couldn't be that despicable."

"Why mommy dear, how can you say that? For years you have been telling everyone how bad I am and now you are going to act shocked because suddenly it is true?"

I turned again to go and again she stopped me. "Okay, I apologize and I'll never do it again, isn't that enough?"

"Too little, too late Olivia. I gave you your two choices. You turned down the one that would have kept things quiet."

"Please Steve. This will ruin my life."

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