The Auction

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The country club is having a 'dream date' auction where wives of members auction themeslves off for charity. Brad, a wealthy businessman has been talked into attending even thought he really isn't interested, that is until he see's Vivian on the runway. A beautiful black woman that he can't resist bidding $5000 on. He wins and takes her to an exclusive club but what is his agenda. More importantly what is hers?

Vivian stood behind the changing screen and looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head. She was more nervous this evening than the day she walked down the aisle and she knew it was probably apparent to anyone who cared to look at her. No matter how ready she thought she was every time she stood up her legs started trembling and she felt dizzy and she had to sit back down in the wooden folding chair. Even though her husband George was being very supportive of her, still she wasn't sure that she could go through with it. Vivian was beautifully dressed in a $14,000 stark white Dior gown, an off white, almost cream colored pair of Mephisto high-heeled shoes and 35-carat diamond necklace with a pair of matching earrings. None of the clothes or jewelry was hers of course; it was all on loan for the annual charity auction... still anyone looking at her had to realize that she was a stunningly beautiful woman. But she knew it was her skin that set off the gown and jewelry; a light, almost coffee colored skin that had a beautiful sheen to it.

As she sat there trying to gather up her courage George was down on his haunches massaging her bare back. "Honey, don't be so darn nervous, you look wonderful and every one out there will know it. Christ baby you're drop-dead gorgeous!"

"Oh God George how did I ever get talked into doing this. I've never been any kind of a model much less auctioning myself off for some 'dream date' with a complete stranger. This just isn't me honey."

"Look Vivian, this charity is your thing but think about what it means honey; the money all of you are going to raise tonight will help so many unfortunate women, especially the ones in the homeless shelter trying to protect themselves from the mean streets and the elements. It seems to me that auctioning yourself off for a 'dream date' is the least you can do. Besides you're not the only one doing it, the eight of you has agreed to volunteer, and good God it's the country club crowd bidding on a date, not a bunch guys at some strip club."

She took a deep breath. "Well George... I guess that you're right." She got up and shakily walked across to the edge of the curtain and signaled the emcee that she was ready.

"Next up on the runway wearing... is Vivian..."

She didn't even hear most of the announcement, just her name. When his voice finally stopped Vivian pulled the curtain to one side, took another deep breath, put on her best smile and walked out onto the stage and into the eyes of more than a hundred paying guests.

Brad Penny was standing in the back of the auditorium sipping on a scotch. It crossed his mind that not only had this been a dumb idea, but he had been stupid enough to let his neighbors not only drag him down to the country club for this 'dream date' auction, but they had actually talked him into buying him a $500 bidding number. It wasn't like he couldn't afford it, hell the money he paid for the bidding number was nothing but pocket money, no it was just that he wasn't even involved with the membership rarely using any of his privileges, privileges that he paid $1000 a month to not use. Oh sure once in a while he used the golf course but only to entertain some of his high rolling financial clients who really enjoyed playing a difficult course. Brad took another sip of his scotch then he heard Vivian being announced. He didn't know Vivian or her husband and he wasn't much interested, at least not until he looked up at the stage. The three women who had preceded Vivian in the auction had been all right as far as 'the looks' department went and they had brought in $3000 dollars. One woman went for $750 while the other two went for $1125 apiece, still he thought, he wouldn't be caught dead on a date with any of them. But when he looked up and saw Vivian his mouth fell open.

My God what a woman, he thought! She looked like a cream colored goddess, maybe even an Amazon, but whatever she was she was certainly the best looking woman Brad had ever laid his eyes on. He listened carefully as the emcee described her... 'At 34 years of age and standing a statuesque 5' 11" and weighing 120 pounds with a 36B bust line and a 22 inch waist Vivian Brown is the stunningly beautiful wife of George Brown, our co-chairman of the clubs golf sponsorship committee. She is the mother of two, a son who is 10 and a daughter that is 8 and yet somehow she still finds the time to be the President of the Homeless Woman's Shelter Board of Director. Now all of you males out in the audience, what do I hear for a starting bid?'

Brad saw a card go up and a voice called out. "$500 dollars."

"$750." Someone behind him called out.

"A thousand," the first man called.

Vivian was slowly walking down the runway, turning this way and that way, showing off her wonderful body when a voice from his far right yelled, "$2500!"

Brad watched as her breasts swayed in the gown, her butt moving seductively from side to side and he raised his bid card. "$5000." Now where in the hell had that come from he thought to himself?

A hush fell over the crowd. Several of the guests turned to see who had made the bid. Brad even blushed a bit when people looked and pointed to him.

"Sold!" The emcee yelled. "For five thousand dollars to Number 81, Mr. Brad Penny."

The crowd was still abuzz over his bid although most of the men and women turned back to the auction and quieted some as the next wife came out onto the stage for the next auction. When the final gavel tolled all of the auctioned women came out from behind the stage and started to mingle with the crowd, thanking the member for showing up and for participating. They also found and introduce themselves to the winning bidders. Vivian and George walked up to Brad.

"Mr. Penny, I'm Vivian Brown and this is my husband George. I want to personally thank you, as the President of the Board of Directors, for your generous donation of $5000."

"It's Brad, Vivian and you're more than welcome, it's a wonderful charity and a great cause." He lied.

George and Brad shook hands but it soon became apparent that the two men really didn't have anything in common so it was Vivian who was left to carry the conversation. "So Mr. Penny..."


"Alright, Brad. So tell me, when would you like to go out?"

"Out? Oh sure, out. Well I hadn't really thought about it... what's the proper thing to do in a situation like this?"

Vivian turned and listened to the band playing a nice slow song. "Well why not ask me to dance and then we can discuss it?"

He looked a little surprise at her boldness but shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, you don't mind George?"

"No. Absolutely not Brad, I'm not much of a dancer anyway. Please, go right ahead."

Actually Brad hadn't even heard the band playing until Vivian had suggested they dance. He took her by her elbow and led her to the dance floor. He reached out and took her right hand into his; put an arm around her back, and keeping a decent distance between the two of them he led her around the dance floor. "I have to tell you Vivian you look absolutely spectacular in that dress."

"Well thank you. You look to be quite the gentleman yourself, in you tux I mean."

They had barely danced for a minute when she smiled at him then asked. "Are you scared of me Brad?"

Where had that come from? "No, not really, why?"

Again she smiled at him. "Well I know that you're not prejudiced or anything like that or you wouldn't have bid on a date with a black woman so I was just wondering why you were keeping yourself so far away from me. I mean most men I know would have immediately pulled me into their arms as we danced." Now where the hell had that come from? Jesus Vivian you're inviting him to maul you.

Brad smiled back and pulled her into his chest. "No disrespect meant Vivian, none. To be honest I was trying to keep up with the image of you country club folks and I was trying to make sure that I was treating the married mother of two quite properly." His hand eased just a bid lower on her back as they danced. Her breasts were now pushing into his shirt and he was enjoying the feeling of her nakedness under his hand.

"Well now, that's much better." She said as she laid her head onto his shoulder and sniffed the air. "What's that you wearing Brad?"

"Pleasures for Men. Estee Lauder."

"Well it smells wonderful on you." And it did! Vivian wasn't sure what was coming over her but this man, a man she had never laid eyes on until tonight was somehow turning her on. The way he held her in his arms, the way he respected her as a woman and mother and then there was his manliness, Christ she was getting wet just dancing with him. If her husband only treated her this way maybe they would have sex more than once a month!

"Thank you." The band played another slow number and Brad continued dancing with the beautiful woman. As her breasts rubbed back and forth on his tuxedo shirt he was positive that he could feel her nipples and that thought caused his cock to start to grow. Embarrassed he tried to keep his pelvis far enough away from her leg that she wouldn't notice this small indiscretion but he realized that it was quickly becoming a fruitless effort. Even thought she didn't say anything or try to move away, he knew she knew. His face turned red and he smiled at her.

She simply smiled back. "So Brad, when?"

"Huh? Oh sure, the date. Well what's good for you?" As they twirled around the dance floor he looked at her as she thought about it. Her face formed into a little pout, her lips protruding but her eyes sparkled and he thought it was sexy as hell.

"Well why not next Saturday night."

"Saturday it is. What time?"

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