Future Wife Finger Fucked In Bar

by Flash of Stocking

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Desc: Sex Story: This is a story about my pretty wife Jen. She knows I like to hear stories of the guys who fucked her before we were married, and this is her story with Paul.

This is a story about my pretty wife Jen. She knows I like to hear stories of the guys who fucked her before we were married, and this is her story with Paul.

Jen was at some bar waiting for David, her current boyfriend. Actually, David was engaged and Jen only saw David when his fiancée was traveling. David played around with Jen because she had shapely tits (although small), was blond, and gave good head.

Jen used to wear pantyhose before David. But David bought her a garter belt and some stockings. She got the message and wore them all the time for David.

David liked Jen to wear thin silky blouses and short skirts. David was kinky and liked to show her off, so he told her to take off her bra and panties before going to the bar. I've always wondered whether David played these kinds of games with his fiancée.

Jen was waiting at the bar when she saw Paul, an old friend from high school. She was surprised to see him, as the last time she saw him was a couple of years ago at a reunion. She thought he was so handsome and hot. Both were still single, and they flirted a lot. They ended up sucking face in the parking lot, but nothing more happened. However, Jen told me that she masturbated twice while thinking of him that evening in bed.

Now Paul was married -- his wife was pregnant. He saw her and they began talking and flirting. She got all wet from just looking and talking to him.

Jen was sitting on a stool, facing away from the bar, with her stocking covered legs crossed. She was wearing black stockings and short, black patent leather pumps (blonds look so hot with black stockings). Jen allowed her skirt to rise above her knee a bit so that, every now and then her stocking tops would show.

Paul was standing in front of Jen. They were talking and smiling. He said his wife was meeting him here at the bar later. His hand was on her leg, just above her knee. His hand moved up her stockinged thigh as they talked. She was acting as though nothing was happening, but she was incredibly excited that she was having such an effect on him.

Soon his hand disappeared under her skirt. His hand moved up her thigh until he could feel the lace tops of her stockings.

Abruptly, Jen uncrossed her legs and squeezed them tightly together, and her hands went down to her lap and pushed his hand away from under her skirt. She was smiling as she shook her head, telling him that fun was fun but he was married and his wife was pregnant.

Paul was smiling, too. He moved closer to her, with his crotch pushing against the front of her legs. She could feel his hard on against her legs. He felt big and he was hard, and that excited her.

Paul put his hands on her knees and leaned over her, saying something into her ear. As he did, he pushed her legs apart. Her skirt was forced higher up her thighs, and her stocking tops and garters became visible. Jen laughed and pushed him away. She said something to him, and then hopped off the stool, pushed down her skirt, and started walking away.

Paul followed her, and pulled her into a secluded corner. Paul held her arms, keeping her from getting away.

"Paul, stop -- stop!" Jen said, although not very convincingly. She was really turned on.

"Jen, god, you're such a tease!"

Jen laughed. "And you're a jerk! Let me go, my boyfriend will be here in a minute, and your wife is pregnant!"

"Come on, god you look good! Just one kiss."

Paul lean into Jen and started kissing her. He was a good kisser. He then started lightly rubbing her back, and then started nuzzling her neck. She was really getting turned on. He pushed his crotch into her belly, and she pushed back. He felt huge! He then started to gently caress her braless tits and play with her nipples. "God, you're so sexy."

"Paul, please, we can't do this!"

Paul kept playing with her tits. "You feel so good. You're so beautiful!"

Paul then moved his hand to the hem of her skirt and started working his way up. His hand moved up her stockings, pass the lacy tops, to her pussy. He smiled when he discovered that she wasn't wearing panties. "Man, you are one sexy lady!!!"

Paul pushed her further back into the dark corner. With one hand he played with her tit, rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger. He pushed two fingers of his other hand up her wet pussy, and played with her clit with his thumb.

"That feel good, huh, that feel good?"

"Oh Paul, oh Paul --"

Paul continued to finger fuck her. Soon, she started pushing her body against his fingers. Her hips started moving to the rhythm of his hand.

"Oh yeah, bitch, you like that, don't you, you like that. Man, I want to fuck you!"

"Yeah, oh yeah, please -- please -- fuck me -- fuck -- fuck -- fuck me --"

His hand was building her towards an orgasm. Then, all of a sudden he took his hand away. She was disappointed, since she was so close. Paul looked around to check that no one was close. He pushed her down on her knees and took out his cock. "Suck it, baby, suck me before I fuck you."

At this point, Jen was too far gone. Without resisting she took him into her mouth and started giving him a blow job. Jen loves giving head.

But she wanted him inside her. She needed fucked really bad. However, all of a sudden, she felt Paul's fingers tighten around the back of her head. "Fuck, there's my wife!! Fuck!!" He was looking behind Jen back into the bar. He could see his wife, but she could not see them in the dark corner. Then, with his hands locked around the back of Jen's head, he started ramming his cock in and out of her mouth. It was clear he wanted an orgasm and he was going to use her to get it.

She struggled but he had his hands locked in her hair -- he was in complete control. She told me it actually turned her on to be so much in his control, even though she didn't like that he was using her that way. Soon, he started to come. "Gooooood, here it comes," he hissed. He shot his load into her mouth, and she swallowed it.

After cumming he pulled her to her feet and put his cock away. She wiped some cum from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. Paul looked kind of guilty. "Sorry for doing that to you, but I really needed it -- my wife hasn't been in the mood lately. Listen, I'll make it up to you next time, but now I really have to go." Then he walked away to go join his wife, who had gone to a booth.

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