My Husband's Family

by CapitansSlut

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, InLaws, Oral Sex, BBW, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: While my husband is off on business, I find his mother and father to be irresistable.

I married an oilman, richer than god, and as arrogant. By forty-five he owned wells on three continents. I lived in a mansion in Houston, Texas. At twenty-five I had no illusions that I was a trophy wife. My parents knew I was a beauty and for my high school graduation present gave me a nice pair of D-sized tits. A modeling agency took me in, and my face made four national magazine covers before I met Jack at a movie premier. His money overwhelmed me. The private jets, the parties, and the restaurants seduced me and in three months we were married.

After the honeymoon, I was deposited in the mansion. His parents lived in a small house on the grounds. His father performed as handyman, his mother as the cook. Both of them were country people Jack moved to the city. Harv, at sixty-two, and Mable, as sixty, welcomed me as a member of the family. We saw each other constantly and after eating alone for a week. I invited them to each with me in the formal dining room. Their discomfort at the fancy surroundings faded and we would retire to the living room to watch movies or just talk.

It was a week into a three-week business trip that our relationship changed. I woke up just after midnight to the sound of laughing. My bedroom window over looked the back yard. Harv and Mable occupied the hot tub and were splashing each other. I turned off the lights in my room to avoid their seeing me. The couple was naked and laughing when splashed. Mable's body was on the chubby side, and her tits showed the affects of gravity. It brought to mind a movie where a nude Kathy Bates settled into a hot tub with Jack Nicholson. Harv had a hard body from years of work. Mable pushed him back against the side of the tub and he jumped on the side. Mable grabbed at his cock and my eyes widened at the size. I watched as she jerked on him and it grew to almost a foot long. God, I though, what happened to Jack? He had about half his old man's length and width. Marble lowered her bulk into the water and took the end of his cock into her mouth.

I was nude as I watched and her ability to swallow his sword had my fingers deep in my pussy. Harv let her have her way with his dick. My wet pussy made squishing sounds in my room.

Harv looked up to my second floor window. I thought he looked me in the eye, so I stepped back from the window. My curiosity and horniness forced me back. I looked down and saw him still looking at me as his wife blew his massive cock.

I stared down at him, challenging him to give some sign he knew I was watching. His hands trapped Mable's head as he fucked her mouth. He lifted a hand from her head and waved to me.

I jumped back from the window. I resolved to go to bed, but my arousal prevented that. I stepped slowly to the window and looked down. Harv had Mabel leaned over the side of the hot tub fucking her pussy.

He waved again at me. This time I moved up to the window, letting him know I was watching. I waved back. He smiled and began to fuck his wife.

He never looked up again and fucked his wife until they climaxed together.

The next morning I saw Harv in the kitchen. He was making coffee.

"Morning, Jenny." This morning I looked closer at him than before, especially the crotch of his pants. His son didn't have the equipment I saw on his father last night. "I'm sorry about last night. Mabel and I use the hot tub sometimes after dark."

I tried to act casual, "Hey, I'm sorry I interrupted, Dad." He insisted I call him Dad. My own father had died when I was a child.

He poured water into the coffee maker. "You didn't interrupt Mable, she never saw you."

"She's a lucky woman."

He grinned at me. "Why is that?"

"You're rather well endowed I saw."

Harv chuckled, "You are too."

I looked down at the cleavage I displayed. He could see deep down into my vee. "You think so, Daddy?" His frank stare at me tits lit a fire in me.

He flipped the switch starting the coffee brewing. His eyes foretold his reaction. "Yeah, they're very nice."

I slipped my fingers into my lapel and pulled it out to let him see more. "They were a high school graduation present."

"You have very understanding parents.

"I was my mother's idea." I let the label slip back.

My father-in-law had my panties dripping. His cock bulged out and angled down his pant's leg.

"It's quite the tool you have." I couldn't resist a light rub down the length of his cock.

"You shouldn't be doing that." He smiled.

"No? Am I bothering you, Daddy?" I exhaled the last word in a wet breathy voice. His cock firmed up and I knew I had to see it up close.

"Not at all." His quiet confidence came from living life with a big dick. Knowing that his cock was a hypnotic attraction to many women. His hand moved inside my robe and cupped one of my fat tits. His thumb and forefinger rolled my nipple while it hardened.

We heard Mabel walk into the kitchen. He casually dropped his hand. I looked like I just got caught gang banging the football team. She didn't notice anything and walked over to the coffee pot and filled a cup.

"I've got to go to the butcher to pick up some steaks for dinner tonight."

Harv volunteered. "Do you need some help, dear?"

"No. It's just a small trip. You stay and catch up on gardening."

He glanced at me. "Yeah, dear. I'll get to work on it right a way." I couldn't move. Mabel was leaving us alone. Harv stood behind a counter and his wife couldn't see his firm cock angling down his pant's leg.

I watched her sip her coffee and I wondered what he saw in her. She was fat with huge tits and a very wide ass. We chatted a moment and I tried to remember from last night her appearance. At the time I was hung up on Harv's cock and didn't have a clear picture of her body.

Harv watched her go and turned to me. "You wonder what I see in her, don't you?"

I reluctantly nodded.

He slipped is hand back inside my robe, his fingers to my nipple. "In forty years of marriage, she's never turned me down for sex. Never. If I get horny she's ready to make me cum."

His fingers plucked at my erect nipples. "Yesterday, we were in the parking lot at Wal-Mart and she unzipped my pants and sucked my cock. She got out of the van and got into the back. She's too fat to fit between the seats. She leaned over the rear seat and pulled up her dress. Her ass cheeks quivered at the slightest touch. She didn't wear panties and she tossed me a tube of K-Y." His other hand found my wet pussy and he gently stroked me while he told his story. I couldn't stop myself from unzipping his pants.

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