Elevator Music

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two women share a moonlit ride up the outside of a tall hotel.

Author's Note. Yes, I know that in real life if you stopped an elevator for as long a period of time as this story indicates you would have alarms and inquires. It's a fantasy, darn it.

The bell chimed softly as the door slid open. Two women entered the elevator. The shorter one walked to the glass wall in front of them, resting her hands on the brass railing that guarded the three clear sides. Middle-aged, she was slender with light brown hair tumbling across her shoulders. She wore a simple black dress, held up by thin straps. Black stockings and black heels completed an outfit set off only by a gold locket suspended by a thin chain around her neck. The outfit might have been somber, but the wide open smile that she favored the city with and the dancing light in her eyes wiped any of those thoughts away.

Her companion pressed a button and waited for the door to close. The elevator began to rise and she stepped forward to stand immediately behind the other woman. She was taller, with a full, rounded body. Also brunette, her hair was darker, almost the deep rich color of the paneling surrounding the door. Her generous breasts strained at her coral dress. She too wore black heels, showing off her legs. Her gaze rested on her companion, a proprietary smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

The elevator rose smoothly. One of a matched pair that was duplicated on two other sides of the hotel, the glass walls laid the night time vista of the bustling Southern city in front of them. The soft illumination of the recessed lights allowed them to observe the twinkling lights both below them and the sky above that the surrounding towers pointed towards. A nearly full moon showered the city and the elevator in bright silver light.

When the elevator had reached some 15 stories into the sky, the taller woman reached back and pressed the "Stop" button. She stepped behind her companion. Her hands touched slender hips covered by fine black material. She bent her head towards a waiting ear. Her cheek grazed the other woman's in an almost feline gesture of possession. She whispered, her voice was low, carressing, full of suppressed emotion and desire.

"All night long I've wanted you. Throughout dinner I wanted to spring across the table and take you. When we went dancing, every movement made my desire for you grow. Whether you danced across the floor alone or with another woman, or you nestled in my arms to the slower songs, every touch, every glance made my heart beat faster, my breath come quicker. Now I have you, here before the entire city, and you are mine."

The smaller woman leaned back against her companion. She felt the hands on her hips begin to move in languid circles, moving slowly down her thighs until the fingers caught the hem of her dress. Slowly those fingers danced up, pausing to caress the flowered tops of the silk stockings, then the smooth white flesh above them. She moaned softly as her companion's touch almost reached the heat building between her legs, but then slipped away to follow the line of her French-cut black satin panties. Her dress bunched about her waist and the cool air made her shiver.

"Yours," she gasped.

The second woman pressed her hips forward, trapping the dress in place. She reached up, unhooked the top of the black dress and drew down the zipper. Her lips brushed over the ear she had been whispering in, then slid to the almost bare shoulders. She caught first one strap, then the other in her teeth, dragging them down trembling arms. She moved back slightly, and the black dress fell down the smaller woman's body, exposing a black lace bra that matched her panties.

"Step out of it, lover," whispered the woman in the coral dress. As the other woman followed directions, she reached around to run her fingertips over the skin exposed by the low cut bra. Reaching into the valley, a quick movement undid the front catch, letting the small but still firm breasts fall free. However the woman did not move her hands. Instead, she caught the black material and began to rub the lace at the top of the cups across the exposed nipples.

The smaller woman moaned louder as the lace scratched across her already hard nipples, rousing them to an even higher pitch of excitement. The other woman smiled and began to pinch and pull on the achingly hard nubbins.

"You like that don't you, my dear," she breathed.

"Yesssssssss," hissed the smaller woman.

"Take your panties off."

The almost nude woman caught the hem of her panties and pulled the wet satin down over her hips. She wiggled and then kicked them aside with one twist of her foot. The moon had risen, adding its glow to the dim interior lights, outlining and displaying her slender body, now clad only in her thigh high stockings and high heels.

The second woman stepped back, allowing the bra to slip away as she reached down and hoisted her own dress to her waist. She was wearing sheer silken pantyhose, the center of which was already translucent from her own dampness. She wrapped her arms around the woman in front of her pulling her back to her. Her legs slid apart and she pressed herself against the firm ass. Even though they were still covered, when her heavy breasts draped against the other woman's back, her nipples seemed to bore all the way through bra and dress to the smooth skin before them.

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