Dr. Gina Blair Dominates A Younger Man

by eric

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, FemaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A very sexy college professor teaches about ancient rituals and tradtions. One of her students cannot resist her and will do anything she asks. He submits to her and becomes a bi-sexual lover for her and her husband.

I was a freshman honor student in Dr. Blair's Ancient Mediterranean Cultures class. The class was my favorite because of my interest in history, and because Dr. Gina Blair was about the sexiest woman I had ever seen. The lecture hall was always packed the four days a week that she lectured so I arrived early on Tuesday morning to get a seat near the front. Dr. Blair arrived right on time and began to discuss the ancient Egyptians. I took notes and tried not to fantasize too much about the sexy Gina Blair.

Dr. Blair was about 5' 10" and slender. She always wore a tasteful business suit or long skirt that I was certain concealed a set of mouth watering, shapely legs. Her breasts were slightly fuller than average tapering to a trim waist. Her neck, arms, and hands were all perfect and without blemish. Her hair was reddish brown and shoulder length set in a very elegant style, but it was Gina Blair's face that haunted my dreams. Her perfect feminine face was so pretty and was set off by dazzling blue eyes. (Bedroom eyes in my private fantasies.) I could not guess her age. Her beauty was timeless. She looked mid-forties, but I suspected she was closer to sixty.

I sat through the lecture and was surprised when she came up to me after class.

"I'd like to see you in my office about this paper," she said handing me the most recent research paper I had turned in. I followed her to her office and she shut the door behind us.

She sat behind her desk and began, "I gave you a B on that paper because your research and writing were very good, but I am very disappointed in your overall presentation. This is far from your best work."

I asked what she meant and she replied, "You wrote a paper about sexual practices among the ancient Greeks, and you completely ignored the subject of anal sex. I'd like to know why?"

"Um... I guess I thought it might be inappropriate?"

"Inappropriate... You were concerned about offending my sensibilities? What I consider inappropriate is intellectual laziness. If you are unwilling to write about a topic honestly you should choose another field of study. We must not judge other cultures and civilizations by out modern day ideas."

"I'll try to do better work next time."

"Yes. I hope you will. I was generous with your grade this time. I have decided to choose a research topic for your next project and guide you a bit so that you produce better work. I want you to open your mind and see other possibilities. Let me ask you this? Do you think it is the natural state of humans to be monogamous?"

"Um I suppose... People do tend to marry and mate for life..."

"Do they really? What about the divorce rate of nearly 50% among marriages today. Have you ever considered the fact that polygamy was the standard family form in ancient times?"

"I never gave it too much thought. There are not too many places where polygamy is practiced today."

"No. There are not... and why is that? I want you to consider something else. Wealthy and powerful men in ancient times often had several wives, but women made up less than half the population in those cultures. What do you suppose was done about the problem of all the surplus men without wives?"

"I guess they sort of did without."

Gina rolled her eyes at my stupidity and said, "The surplus men were slaves. Slaves had no property and were considered the property of the men who owned them. This form of slavery was very different from the more recent chattel slavery system of the American South. Slaves were part of the family unit in ancient times and traveled with the families." Gina paused and then asked, "In a polygamous marriage what do you suppose women did to address their sexual needs when they shared only one husband?"

"Became involved with a slave?" I offered hopefully.

"In many cases yes, but always with the husband's consent and the sexual contact could never be of a form that would lead to conception of a child if the woman was thought to be fertile. Here is the project that I want you to research. You shall write a paper about ancient slavery as it relates to human sexuality and family life in those cultures."

Gina pushed a stack of books across the desk to me. "Do you feel uncomfortable discussing sexuality?"

"No." I lied. The truth was that even thinking about sex while I was anywhere near Gina got me too aroused to think at all. She directed my attention back to the books. There was one about Philistine, and another about Babylon. I was also was surprised to see an unfamiliar translation of the Bible.

Gina noticed my surprise and said, "You seem surprised to see a Bible among the documentation. Let me ask you this. Do you know what it meant to "know" someone in the Biblical sense?"

"Not really" I replied.

"It meant to have sexual knowledge of them." Gina replied testily.

"Well. I knew that."

"Then quit avoiding the subject just because it makes you uncomfortable! The ancient laws you will find have a lot to do with your topic, for example are you familiar with the law that states that no man shall lie with another man as with a woman?"


"The modern interpretation of that law is that it forbids all sexual contact between men, but I can tell you for a fact that male slaves were used for sexual pleasure by other men. The practice was commonplace, acceptable, and considered perfectly legal in those times in spite of the law I just quoted. I would like you to try to discuss the true meaning of this and other laws that have been misinterpreted. Your research should reveal the purpose of ancient slavery and its sacred purpose within those cultures. I expect a much more frank and honest discussion than your previous work."

Class was clearly dismissed so I left Gina's office and went to my dorm room. That evening I began my research. I was surprised by how advanced some ancient cultures were. As I read I began to develop my thesis. The premise of my paper was that human's were complex social creatures and that human families in ancient times were structured more like packs of wolves than families today. Every wolf pack has an alpha male and alpha female who are leaders of the wolf family.

I discovered that ancient human families also had an alpha male who was the leader overall. His most favored wife was the alpha female and it was she who ran the household and directed everyone else in their duties. In some families an "alpha wife" could have as many as thirty other wives and slaves reporting to her. As with wolves there were also omega humans who were subservient. These were the slaves, both male and female, who were used for labor as needed and for gratification of the sexual needs of the rest of the family unit.

I asserted that this ancient family structure was preferable and more natural than the modern family unit and set about proving my thesis. It took a couple of weeks of diligent research before I turned my paper in to Dr. Blair. The very next day I got a phone call from Dr. Blair. She said that she was highly impressed with my paper and asked me to come to her house that same evening to discuss it. I got directions and arrived at eight pm.

She greeted me in the door in a somewhat revealing dress. It was not lingerie and she was classy as always, but she was not wearing her usual "all business" attire. I tried to keep my eyes from staring at her breasts as she directed me to a couch.

She began, "I was very impressed by most of your work. I particularly liked the fact that you considered the underlying psychological reasons for ancient family structure. I asked you to come here because I want to discuss something with you of a highly personal nature. Before I begin let me remind you that I am Dean of the history department. You will not graduate if I decide against it, and if you betray my confidence I can assure you that I will decide against you. Do you understand?"

I replied that I thought so and she sat next to me. Gina said, "I am a very dominant woman in my personal life, social life, and my sexual life. I liked your analogy to an alpha wolf. I suppose I am much like an alpha she wolf. I like to be in charge and I like to get what I want. If you believe in past lives and such I was probably one of the most favored wives who ruled a household in ancient times. I am sure that I was born this way. I have a strong desire to dominate and I find any relationship in which I am not dominant is not pleasing to me." Gina paused and then asked me, "How were you born to be? Are you dominant or subservient? An alpha or an omega?"

I sucked in a breath and replied, "I guess I tend a bit more to the omega side of things."

She stated, "I sensed that about you some time ago and I have a prediction about your life. You will never be emotionally or sexually fulfilled by a relationship with any woman who does not dominate you and give you direction. You are a very good looking man and you have much to offer to a woman." Gina leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips. The sensation was electric as her lips caressed mine and lingered. She was a much better kisser than any girl my age.

We parted and Gina said, "I can help you discover a lot about who you are and what you must do to find the ultimate pleasures in life. I hope you will seriously consider all that I teach you." Gina got up from the couch and retrieved a stack of books from a nearby table. The top book was a biography of Catherine the Great. Gina kissed me once more and pinched one of my nipples through my shirt. I was instantly aroused and fully erect inside my trousers. Gina noticed the telltale bulge as our lips parted "You have an arousal response to pain. That can be a very good thing if you manage it properly."

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