I Should Know

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: An old friend's son asks my advise about marriage. I've been divorced three times. I should have the answers by now.

Thank you to LadyCibelle and Techsan for editing my story. I couldn't submit it without their help. They are the best.

"Mr. Wilson, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Tim, feel free to ask me anything, anytime. What can I help you with? By the way, just call me Ray. I know I'm older but we work together and it's fine with me. I call my dad Mr. Wilson," I laughed.

"Ray, I want to ask my girlfriend to get married. I'm afraid, because so many marriages end in divorce and I don't just want to be one of the statistics."

I laughed out loud, "Tim, you should be talking to your mother, not me. Your mom and dad were married nearly twenty-three years before he passed away a few months ago. I've been married and divorced three times in my life."

"Mom told me a lot of what works in a marriage, but I think that a young couple need to understand the pitfalls if they're to make it. Not being disrespectful, but there are reasons why your marriages didn't make it. If I could learn to avoid some of those types of mistakes, I believe it would give Katie and me a better chance of survival."

I looked at the young lad and thought about how mature his thinking was. Here I was his foreman in our warehouse where I've worked twenty-five of my forty-five years. He was hired about two months ago and was a hell of a good worker. His mom was one of the secretaries that worked here and helped get him an interview. I remember telling him when I interviewed him for the position that if he ever had a question or a problem that my door was always open.

I sat there a few minutes and started to think about my past.

The kid was right. I was married and divorced three times. My first marriage was when I was really young. I don't think I was ready for marriage but my hormones thought differently. I had sex with my girlfriend at the time and of course she got pregnant. I liked her a lot but was it love? Looking back I think I loved her but it was the hormones doing most of my thinking. We did get married and she had the child. Two years later we had our second one. Now we had one of each, a boy and a girl, and she started on birth control. Our life was full of ups and downs. I can't paint a pretty picture here. I was an immature kid that thought I should have my cake and eat it too. Whenever we had an argument, I headed to the local pub and drank. A couple of times I had sex with a bar broad. All I wanted was to get my rocks off.

Life went on for about twelve years. I wasn't the best husband but I wasn't the worst either. I liked my sports and went to a few different games a year. When the kids got a little older, I took them with me. As far as sex was concerned I thought our sex life was pretty good. I didn't realize it at the time but when we both put love into the equation, it was much better. She got off most of the time, so I figured I did my job, forgetting about the cuddling and romance.

One day Marsha, my first wife, and I were invited to a Fourth of July pool party. We had just had another argument over God knows what. She told me to go to the damn party alone. I was pissed and, of course, I went. There were about fifty people at this party. A lot of the people I had grown up with. There stood Jessica Parker, every guy's wet dream all through school. I remember wanting to lay this gal, but she always teased me. I heard she was back in town. She was recently divorced from an attorney.

As the party went on, I approached Jessica. She had taken her shawl off and had only her two piece bathing suit on. Damn, she looked hot. I began talking to her and we were both getting kind of high on booze. I asked her if she wanted to take a walk back by the pine trees. It was dark back there with very little lighting. They had a few lounge chairs set up back there. Jessica and I began talking about our old school days and I reminded her of how hot she was and how I always dreamed about her.

She smiled and said, "Do you want that dream to come true?"

God, I couldn't believe my luck. I pulled off my swim trunks and she came over to me and while facing me, pulled her bottoms to one side showing me her shaved pussy. She climbed on my lap and let my cock slide right into her wet cavity. Damn, did it ever feel good! She rode my cock until I spewed my juices deep into her cavern, as she was making noises of climaxing also. We both were coming and I looked up and there stood Marsha. I had no idea she was there. I was totally lost for words. What do you say to your wife who just saw you fuck a woman in front of her?

"Hope you enjoyed your piece of ass, Ray. You'll never get another one off me," spoke Marsha.

She turned around and headed out of there. By the time Jessica got off my lap and I got my shorts back on, Marsha was gone.

Jessica didn't say much of anything. She pretty much said, "Thanks for the fuck," and walked away.

I wasn't sure what to do. My marriage, my kids, my life were all turned upside down; all for a fuck. I drove home but of course she had the storm doors locked from the inside, so I slept in the car.

The next morning one of the kids let me in. Marsha got up and wouldn't talk to me. I begged and pleaded with her to take me back. I promised I would never do it again. After days of arguing, she told me I could live there for the sake of the kids. I think back now how many people stay together for the sake of the kids. Are the kids really better off in a home like this or a single parent home? We could act like a normal family but there would be no sex. For the time being, I was happy; I figured eventually things would get back to normal.

We did stay together for the sake of the kids. I pretty much ruined our sex life. It was a couple of months later when she finally gave in. One evening after we went to bed, I cuddled up to her butt, pressing myself against her. It wasn't the same; she didn't put any love into it. Once every two or three months she would spread her legs and we would have sex. She called it her wifely duty and did her best not to put anything into it. When our daughter turned eighteen, Marsha, handed me divorce papers. I was almost dumbfounded.

"What the hell is this all about?" I asked.

Marsha, said, "I stayed with you for the last six years for the sake of the kids. I lost my love and respect for you; you know when. I'm going on with my life now. I'd like to say it was fun, but it wasn't."

There was nothing more to say. I often wonder how many marriages are out there like mine was, everyone going through the motions, but deep down suffering in their own way.

Marsha worked at an attorney's office and had all the papers ready. She handled all the bills and had everything in perfect order. She actually had everything broken down in two stacks of who got what. She even had two savings accounts set up, separate credit cards, everything divided equally. She must have been working on setting this all up for the last six years. I was just too blind to see.

There was no reason to fight anything. Her love for me, if it ever existed was gone. I guess I was a guy just going down his own path, doing my thing, till it bit me in the ass. I moved out with my share of the equity she had set up and moved into an apartment.

The kids were now eighteen and twenty, but stayed with their mom till they finished their education. I didn't pay child support because they were older and she didn't ask for spousal support since she made as much as I did. I found out later that she told the kids a year or so before that we probably wouldn't be staying together. I guess it lessened the blow for them. They're both married with their own families now. I see them all on special occasions but not much more. I love them but I guess a lot of not seeing them was because of how I screwed up their lives. I was there for both of their weddings. Their mom took care of most everything. She did ask that I not bring my wife at the time. It was actually a good thing which I found out later, since the next two marriages didn't last but a couple of years all together.

Marsha got remarried about two years after our divorce to an attorney at their firm. I honestly don't know if she ever cheated on me but it's all in the past.

Wife number two was Brenda. She was more of a rebound wife. I met her at the bar and we talked regularly and of course it led to sex. I didn't like living alone and Brenda was also divorced. One day while I was pumping it into her, I guess I found a moment of weakness and after I came I told her we should move in together. She was probably five years older than me. She could sure move those hips. She also gave great oral sex. I often wondered how she became so good at sex. She could do it all. Sexually, she was great, but that's where it ended.

She wasn't much of a cook and we didn't have much in common except for the sex. It was only about a year after we got married that I found her screwing a contractor. I decided to come home for lunch for some sex and found this asshole in my bed pumping Brenda for all he was worth. I grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him off of her. I got in a couple of good licks before he was able to get up and run out the door.

Brenda sat up on the bed and screamed. I told her to get her ass out of my bed and get the fuck out. She grabbed a robe and ran out, afraid I was going to hit her next. I went to the closet and started throwing out anything that belonged to her. After the first couple of handfuls of clothes went out the door, she screamed for me to stop. The neighbors were coming out to see what the commotion was. She asked for the contractor's pants and I threw it all out except his wallet. I told him his wife should know what a fine husband he was and I would deliver it to her personally.

I took the next day off work and went to see his wife. She came to the door in a near see through nightgown. I could see she didn't have on anything under it. I asked to see her husband and she said he had called her the night before and told her he would be home late. He had an emergency plumbing job and might even have to spend the night away. I guess my wife was the one who needed her plumbing fixed. He didn't make it home. He had called her just before I got there and said he would see her that evening.

She looked at me and asked if she could help me. I knew right then that their marriage was a fuck who you want marriage. I gave her his wallet and told her I caught him fucking my wife. She hardly batted an eye. She invited me in and as soon as she closed the door she told me it was time to get even. She unzipped my pants and had me sit on the couch. She then straddled my lap and lowered herself onto my rigid cock.

I took her once from the front and after a cup of coffee and a little rest, I took her from behind. She told me later that they had a very open marriage. There was no real love but they both did their own thing. She said I could come back anytime. I often wondered what would happen up the road in a marriage based on nothing but loose sex. It probably wasn't any worse than mine.

Marriage number three came a couple of years later. I met a younger gal who was in a bad marriage, or so she said. We met in a lounge one evening and hit it off pretty good. We began having sex, even that first night. She ended up divorcing her husband and we ended up getting married a few months after the divorce was final. The marriage was full of sex. As long as I was available for sex and took her places, everything was fine. She had the 'What about me?' complex. I told her I wasn't made of money and we couldn't eat out every night. I had a job to go to everyday.

Of course, it was the same old story. You've read it over and over again. Wife gets job, wife gets bored with husband, wife finds another boyfriend, because husband doesn't pay enough attention to her. Wife fucks new boyfriend, husband finds out and divorces third wife. Of course I beat the living shit out of the guy. Well, anyway the cops came and locked me up for twenty-four hours. I went to court but the judge just fined me and put me on probation. I applied for divorce number three and told her if she even thought of fighting me and asking for anything she could end up dead. It was enough to scare her into accepting my demands. I was alone again.

I was thinking how stupid my life had been. I screwed around on my first wife and got divorced. My second and third wives both cheated on me after failed marriages. Shouldn't it stand to reason that if a woman cheats on her husband to be with me, that the chances of her cheating on me are about ninety-nine percent? I think there is a lot of truth when they say the blood flows from your brain and into your dick. It's why we don't seem to think enough about the consequences when we get a hard-on.

It wasn't anyone's fault but my own. I made my bed and now was sleeping in it. I really have matured throughout the years. I guess we all have a lot of things we would do differently if we could do it all over again. There are no do-overs in real life. All we can do is learn from our mistakes. I sure learned from mine. Maybe I could really help Tim down the right track in life. All he would have to do is look at what I did and do the opposite.

I looked over and the young lad and said, "Tim I'm going to give you the best advice I can give. I do want you to understand that this is just Wilson's Law, it's only what I think. When you first get married, you think it's all about love, but it's not. It's mostly about sex and how good it feels, and how you never want it to end. You vow to love eternally during these love sessions. You both enjoy each other's bodies to the fullest."

I continued, "What you must understand is that men and women are truly different. You want your rocks off, while your wife wants to cuddle and be romanced. The two of you will argue over the dumbest things and one of you will walk out to cool off. This is not good. You need to talk and communicate with each other. Let her know your likes and also your dislikes. You must know hers as well. Communication is the answer to a happy and successful marriage."

"Ray, what if we don't see eye to eye on things?" Tim asked.

"You won't always see eye to eye, but you both need to know when to give in a little. You must find a mutual ground or you will fail. If you don't like meatloaf, she shouldn't make it for you. Of course, you need to tell her and don't lie about it. If she doesn't want you to go out with the guys, find out why. A night out with the guys could make her feel insecure. In the same vein, a night out with the girls might prove disastrous if other guys are involved. You both need to know where you stand. A night out together or with friends might be rewarding for both of you."

"Wow, Ray, you seem to know a lot."

"Tim, it's learning from experience. I did a lot of the wrong things. Don't put anyone or anything before your wife. She's more important than your friends, parents, work, or anything else. Always do for her first. If you both always put each other first, then you have a good chance of lasting. It's funny in a way, the more you do for her, the more she will want to do for you. That is, of course, if you two truly love each other and want to make it work.

"Also, Tim, don't think the grass is greener next door. It might be different but not better. Do your loving at home with your wife. Cheating is the number one cause of divorce in a marriage. If you feel an urge around another woman, get the hell out of the situation. Tell Katie the same thing about other men. Don't think just your love for each other is enough to pull you through. In today's society, there is going to be a lot of sex stuff thrown at you. You two need to be together to make it through. So, above all, be honest with each other and always communicate your feelings to each other. In very simple words, 'Put each other first always'. I hope this helps out.

"Oh, Tim, I almost forgot one the most important points. Love her like there is no tomorrow. Never, and I mean never, take her for granted. Sometimes you might even just hold and cuddle her. Let her know that it's her you want, not just the sex. When the kids come along, she'll have a lot more stress. Help her and compliment her often; never ridicule her in any way. You may think it's funny, but she might not. Last but not least, always tell her you love her and makes sure she knows it."

I continued, "The truth is, Tim, the greatest contribution is being there for each other. Granted, work is important but the time spent with the wife and kids is much more important. I learned this lesson too late. Don't assume you know what each other's needs and wants are. Ask and she will answer. Just remember the more you do for her, the more she will want to do for you, in a loving relationship." I told Tim as honestly as I could.

"Ray, how long have you known my mom?" asked Tim.

"Oh, ever since grade school. She was always so nice to me even though I was an idiot. Your dad was a really good friend of mine in our younger days. The three of us were pals growing up. When we all became teenagers, he started dating your mom and the two of them hit it off from the start. Your dad was one lucky bastard. I mean that in a good way. We hung around some together until my life started falling apart, due to my own ignorance. After the first divorce, I kind of went my own way. Your mom and I both worked here and she always treated me nice. I respect her more than any woman I've ever known."

"Mom said that you've both worked here for most of your lives."

"Yes, we have. I always wished that, if I could have started over, I would have asked her out. Your dad just beat me to her and besides, she'd probably have said, 'No'. We were quite the opposites at the time. I was wild and crazy and she was so nice and refined. The funny thing is, she is still the nicest woman I know."

"Ray, will you do me a favor?" asked Tim.

"Sure, son, if I can."

"Will you be my mom's escort to Katie and my wedding? Since dad passed away, I don't want her attending it without an escort. She's too beautiful and too nice of a woman to be alone at an event like this."

"Tim, the offer is fantastic, but don't you think it should be a person that your mother chooses? Believe me, she can do a lot better than a man with three strikes against him," I replied.

"She asked me to ask you, Ray. She told me that you've been through a lot in your life, but it was your choices. Deep down you are a good man. She's the one who told me to ask you about what would make a successful marriage and that I would understand why she would pick you."

I didn't know what to say. I was wondering about fate. Of course this was just to be her escort to her son's wedding, but could it grow from there? Is there such a thing as a second or even a fourth chance for a guy like me? A guy who made a mess of his life due to his own stupidity. I told Tim I would be more than honored but I must talk to Sally about it first.

Tim headed back to work and I sat there thinking about everything.

Tim's dad, Dave, and his mother, Sally, and I were all best friends. We were all neighbors in the old neighborhood. We were the three peas in a pod, so to speak. From our sandbox years to our teenage years, we hung together. Sally always told us when we got older she would marry us both. We didn't know any better since we were kids. Once we got into high school, Sally started dating Dave. I wasn't sure what to do, so I didn't hang with them as much. I felt like the third wheel even though Sally tried to keep the three of us together.

I started dating other girls myself but none met the standard of Sally. I guess it was the puppy love that we all go through and I was comparing all girls with Sally. I began dating girls that were easy. If I couldn't have Sally, I'd have sex. I double-dated a few times with Dave and Sally, but it didn't work out really well. The only one who was not uncomfortable with the situations was my dates; as I mentioned, they were easy and Sally didn't appreciate the groping going on in front of her.

One day at one of the school dances, I met Marsha. She was a pretty girl and a little more refined than the ones I had been dating. We dated through the last year or so of high school and she got pregnant. We got married and after that I didn't hang with Dave and Sally much. Marsha knew that the three of us grew up as buddies and wanted me to stay away from Sally; she was jealous, I guess. I never really got over Sally. I just put her in the recesses of my mind.

I mentioned that Sally and I worked at the same warehouse. She was one of the secretaries of the big bosses. She went to the local community college and got a business degree. Dave became an insurance salesman. They led a good life. Tim was their only son, but they also had a daughter who was married and has a child. She lived in another state.

Dave was killed around six months ago in an auto accident. It really got to me. Even though we didn't hang out together anymore, I had all the memories of the three of us together. I got tears in my eyes whenever I thought of him. Now there was Sally all alone again. I went to the funeral and was even a pall bearer. I wasn't sure what to say to Sally. At the funeral, I just held her in my arms and let her cry. She took a month leave of absence to get her affairs in order before returning to work. She did have family around her for awhile but like all deaths, people slowly go back to their own lives.

After returning to work, I talked to her whenever I saw her. I even had lunch with her in the plant cafeteria a few times. Nothing remotely sexual, just friendly talk with the woman I had always loved. She was still the sweet Sally I always knew. I wanted to approach her about dating but didn't figure it was the right time yet or what if she said no? I didn't think I could handle that right now myself either. I hadn't dated for quite awhile and to be turned down by Sally could be devastating to me. My old puppy love feelings were beginning to emerge.

After work that afternoon, I went to Sally's office. She was smiling at me; she was such a beautiful woman who seemed to glow.

"Did Tim talk to you?" she asked, still smiling.

"Yes, he did," I replied. "I was as honest with him as possible. He sure is a level headed kid. You should be very proud of him, and besides, he resembles Dave. Sally, will you have dinner with me this evening so we can talk?" I asked.

"Are you asking me out on a date, or just dinner and talk?" she smiled.

"What's the difference? Whichever it takes to get a yes answer," I stated.

She called it a date and yes she would go out with me. It would be Saturday. I was a nervous wreck the rest of the week. I even avoided seeing her so she couldn't change her mind. Why the hell was I so worried? Damn, man, I was a grown man who'd been divorced three times and this was dinner with a friend. It must have been my puppy love rearing its face from the recesses of my mind.

I got my truck washed and I even bought a small bouquet of flowers to take to her. I guess I was acting like a kid on his first date. I rang the doorbell and Sally answered it. She looked fantastic! I handed her the flowers and she smiled.

"I feel like a schoolgirl on her first date," she said.

I guess we were both a bit giddy. I opened the truck door and she slid in. I noticed her legs as she got in. Why was this such a big thing to me? I've know her all my life. I got in the truck and we headed for the restaurant. We ordered and then I asked her the big question?

"Sally, why me? Your son's wedding, it's such a big day for you. Why do you want to be with a three time loser at such an event?"

She smiled at me and even had a slight tear in her eyes. "Ray, there are only two men I have ever loved, Dave and you. Yes, Ray, I love you and always have. I truly loved my husband also; he was a wonderful man. I don't quite know how to explain it. When Dave and I got married, I was really happy. But, at the same time, seeing you standing there as his best man made me sad. I felt I lost a major person in my life. I guess I just put you in the recesses of my mind. I watched you date and get married over and over again. I felt so bad, my heart hurt for you each and every time. I knew what the problem was. You needed to find the right woman. I knew who the right woman was - it was me, and I was already taken by Dave. So, if that answers your question, can we eat now?"

I was dumbfounded, and was a bit lost for words. "Sally, I've always loved you, too."

"I know, Ray. I've always known, ever since you groped your first date in front of me. Yes, I was jealous but wasn't going to let you know. I don't know what's going to happen between us. Well, that's not exactly right. I do know what's going to happen but I just don't know when," she smiled.

"Are you going to let me in on this secret happening?" I laughed.

"Sure, you're going to get lucky and have the best sex of your life with the woman you love and who has always loved you. Me!"

"What? When?" I asked.

"Not tonight, so you can forget about it for now. When the time is right, I'll let you know. Are you going to escort me to my son's wedding?"

"Yes, as long as you don't mind being seen with me. My reputation isn't very good, you know."

"I know the real Ray; most people don't know him. It might take awhile for him to show up and stay around. He's lived a pretty crazy life up to now. When he does show up for good, I'm going to marry him, just like I promised."

I dropped my water glass and the waiter showed up to clean up the mess. Sally sat there laughing all the while well I felt stupid. I had no idea she would say such a thing. Life looked as though it was getting better for me. I was just hoping I wasn't dreaming.

"Ray, you're the only person other than Dave that could make me laugh. I truly miss Dave, but I'm so glad you're still my friend. I don't know what I would do otherwise. Everyone thinks I have it all together, but I have my moments too. I've always remembered the three of us together and now there is just you and me." She had that sad expression on her face.

We had a nice dinner and talked about our past. She told me she really loved her husband, Dave, who had passed away. He was a good husband and provider but he also had faults. She missed him and will always have a special place in her heart for him. She was always faithful to him and did her best to be a good wife. He was gone now and life would go on.

When we arrived back at her house, I kissed her for the first time in God knows how many years. I felt like a kid again. I was on her porch and kissed her over and over again.

I knew right then and there that Sally was the missing link in my life. She just felt right. I told her I wanted her so bad, I hurt. She told me in time we would be together but it was to be love, not infatuation, not lust. I kissed her one more time before heading home.

On my way home I remembered everything she had told me. She said that her only regret was that she fell in love with two men but could only have one. Now because of fate, she could have the other, which was me. She thought we could date and make sure our feelings were still compatible. I never realized she knew so much about me. She mentioned that she and Dave often talked about my messed up relationships. Dave felt bad about the way my life had gone.

She told me that Dave knew that I had serious feelings about her when we were young and it often bothered him. She told him that even though she had feelings for me because of the three of us being friends our whole life, he didn't have to worry about her. She married him and as long as they were together, she would always be faithful to him.

She kept her promise to him and now life went on. We would have lunch together a couple of times a week and I was going to be her escort to her son's wedding.

I did take her out to a dinner and a show or movie almost every Saturday night. Kissing her was wonderful but just being with her was what was so special to me. One day I asked her, "Sally, how will you know when the Ray that you talk about is back?"

"Believe me, I'll know. He's been back for quite awhile. I just need to know that he is going to stay. Ray, you lived a life quite different than me. You've been with a number of women. I've only been with Dave. If we are to be together and I give myself fully to you, I need to know that it is forever. No straying, no walking out when you get mad. The bar scene will no longer be your hangout. If - or rather when - we get married, it will be forever. I need you to truly understand that."

"You honestly would marry me, knowing my past? You could be with just about anyone you choose. Why me?" I asked.

"Ray, you know the answer, you don't need me to keep telling you. Right now I'm just hoping you still feel the same about me."

"These last few weeks with you have been some of the nicest days of my life. I felt like an incomplete puzzle with a piece missing and someone showed up and found it on the floor and made the puzzle complete. Damn, I just want it to last. I want to tell my kids about you. I want your kids to know about us. I want it all out in the open that you are my girl and I want you as my wife," I shouted.

"Ray, my kids know about you. They know we were the best of friends. They told me that they remembered when you used to come over when they were little. They did wonder why you didn't show up as often as they got older."

"You know why, don't you? It was too hard on me. Dave was my best friend and I knew I was in a very bad situation being around you. Maybe you could have handled it, but I couldn't. Whenever Dave and I played golf or went to a game, it hurt when he talked about you. I don't want to get into it. I just don't want this to be a dream; if it is, I don't want to wake up."

I told Sally I was going to tell my kids about her. I know they would think I was an idiot for trying again but I wanted them to know. I started with my son, Ray Jr. I went to his house and he and his wife asked me in.

"What's up, Dad? Is there a problem?" he asked.

Ray and his wife sat down. Their son Ray the third was in for a nap. We sat down and they asked if I wanted a beer. I just asked for coffee; that alone bothered them.

"Ray, I'm in love and want your blessing to get married."

"Dad, you've been married three times. What's so different about this woman?" he asked.

"Love, for one thing. She was my childhood sweetheart before I met your mother. Her deceased husband, Dave, whom you've met when you were little, was my best friend. Her son's getting married in another month or so and they want me to be her escort. I want to ask her to marry me eventually, but I want yours and your sister's approval. I want to be a family; I want to enjoy time more with your family and your sister's family. I can understand if you don't want me here when your mom is here; that's up to you. I just miss you guys and am tired of being the outsider, the outcast."

"Wow, Dad, this gal must be something to have changed your thinking like this. Yes, Dad, Joy and I both want you as part of the family and we would be honored to meet the woman that can make my dad happy," he said with tears in his eyes.

I went over to see his sister and it was pretty much the same. I think Ray called her before I got there. Rachel was smiling when I got to the door. She was holding my granddaughter Brittany.

I walked in and Bree, as they called her, came right to me. I kissed her on the cheek as she called me paw-paw. Rachel reacted pretty much like Ray Jr. They were both happy for me. They knew I had made some big mistakes with my last two wives and was glad to hear I found a good woman. Rachel told me that if and when I got married again, she would be there for me. She then invited me over for a barbecue on Sunday and asked me to invite Sally. I knew they wanted to meet her, the woman that possibly tamed their father. I told her I would let her know the next day.

I kissed my daughter and little granddaughter good bye and headed for home. My daughter Rachel gave me a big hug and said, "I love you, Dad."

I was happy in the way my life was changing. I was getting my family back and wasn't as lonely anymore. I stopped by to see Sally and told her I went to see my kids and they wanted to meet her.

She was excited and told me she would love to go with me. I kissed her, and then kissed her again. "Sally, when can I make love to you? Do we have to be married? If so, marry me today. I want you so bad."

"After Tim's wedding, that's less than a month away. I need to talk to you a little bit more first. I don't want any secrets between us," she said. "There is still a lot I have to tell you."

I wondered what she had to tell me. She and Dave were married for twenty plus years and had two wonderful children. What did she have to tell me or at least talk to me about?

The following weekend we went to my daughter Rachel's place and Ray Jr. brought his wife and child there also. I introduced them to Sally and they seemed so relieved. I guess they thought my choices in women weren't the greatest. At least that is what they told Sally. She was laughing and agreeing with my kids. It felt so good watching Sally and my kids getting along so well. Of course I was the butt of all the jokes but it was worth it.

Ray Jr. called me over to the side and said, "Dad, we love her. Please don't mess it up. She is just what you need and by the way she's talking about you, she really cares for you. We wish you two the best of luck. Rachel and I both want to be there as witnesses for your marriage."

After we ate, Sally smiled and said how nice my kids were and how cute the grandchildren are. She was going to have fun being their grandmother if everything worked out between us.

I told her it was about time she talked to me. I was beginning to get a little nervous about some of this negative talk. I was wondering if things were going too good. In my life that's when the bottom falls out.

We headed over to a little lounge and had ourselves a few drinks while she told me her story.

Sally spoke out, "Okay, Ray, I'm ready to tell you some personal things. Some you know, some you don't. Please don't interrupt me. I need to tell you everything. I've always loved both you and Dave ever since we were kids; you know that. I honestly could have married either one of you. I guess I wanted you two to fight over me. Well, it didn't happen. Dave asked me out and you walked away. I never considered that you two were great friends and it was my choice. After you walked away, it was Dave and me. I guess it was selfish of me, but I was just a young girl too.

"While I was dating Dave, he asked me to promise him that I wouldn't date you also. I guess he wouldn't have known how to handle the situation. The situation never came up since you never asked me out.

"I was mad at you in a sense but still cared for you. I told you how bad I felt at my own wedding. A part of me was gone and it really hurt. As I have said, 'Life goes on' and so did our marriage. It was a good one for the most part. We had our two kids and Dave was a great father to them. The four of us did everything together. We were a happy family till Dave messed it up.

"About five years ago, Dave went on one of his insurance trips. When he came home I found lipstick stains on his shirt. He was able to talk it away but the lipstick stains on his briefs was another story. I knew he had an affair. He did his best to deny it but the woman called his cell phone and he was in the shower so I answered it. Apparently he told her he was separated.

"She apologized to me; Dave and I had a heart to heart. I found out later that he had an affair a few years before that. I was going to divorce him but we stayed together for the kids. I loved him but hated his cheating. Of course I know your past and I can't go through that again.

"The kids don't know any of this stuff about their dad. There would be nothing to gain by them knowing. He was a good father to them and that's the way I want them to remember him.

"As for me, I never had an affair or cheated on Dave. We stopped making love after his affair. I tried a few times but my heart wasn't in it. We did have sex about once every two months after that but I never tried very hard.

"I'm telling you this because I don't know what kind of lover I will be for you. As I told you, Dave has been the only man I've been with. I guess he was a good lover. I never had anyone to compare him to. I know you've had a lot of women and I'm afraid I might not be able to please you sexually.

"There is one more thing I must tell you. A lot of people think that executive secretaries put out. I need you to know that I don't. Twice men have cornered me. Once three years ago and the other last year.

"The one salesman came by and we all headed for lunch. He tried to put his hands on me while we were getting on the elevator. The next day he was put in the hospital. Someone had beaten him up severely that night.

"Why are you smiling, Ray? Oh, no, it was you, wasn't it? You beat the living shit out of the guy. What about the other one? Were you the one who told him if he came near me you would cut his nuts off and jam them down his throat? There were a few smaller incidents also. All these salesmen have been threatened throughout the years. I was told by them that a man said if any of them were seen hitting on me they would regret it. Those are the only ones I was told about. Tell me it wasn't you who did all that, Ray. Look at me and tell me it wasn't you."

"Do you want the truth or a lie?" I asked. "I couldn't stand to see other men come on to you. I've always loved you. At first I told myself I was doing it for Dave but I knew better. I hope you didn't lose a lot of business over it."

"I don't know whether to kiss you or hate you. I could never figure out what was going on. Dave never mentioned a word to me so I didn't think it was him. The salesmen were afraid to talk with me for awhile. I guess word got around about the two who were beat up and some that were threatened. I finally told the men that I wanted to be treated with respect, not like one of their sex objects and the threats sort of went away. God, I should have known. You always were my protector when we were younger," she replied.

"Okay, Sally, I have something to say. We are going to leave here and get a motel room and I'm going to make love to you. I'm not going to wait any longer. I will be gentle but loving. I love you and you say you love me. We are two adults in our forties. I think we are both capable of handling this. All I need from you is a yes or a no."

"Ray, I wasn't planning on having..."

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