The Accident

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Extra Sensory Perception, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She should have stayed where she was.

She never felt a thing. One minute She was jogging down the street and the next She knew She was looking down on herself as the paramedics put her in a body bag. Off to the side She saw a tearful woman talking to a policeman and She drifted over that way to listen.

"I never saw her! She came out from between those parked cars and was suddenly right in front of me. I never had time to hit my brakes. One second she wasn't there, and the next second she was."

She watched while the cop made the woman blow into something and then write down something in a notebook. Another cop came over and said, "There are three witnesses; their stories are all pretty much the same. The deceased was jogging down the sidewalk and then she suddenly cut left between those parked cars and was immediately struck by this lady's car."

Could She have been so stupid as to run out into the street without looking? She couldn't remember, but apparently there were three people who said She did. That was so unlike her; She never did anything like that. On the other hand, She was dead and there was no disputing that.

Where was She? She obviously wasn't in heaven or hell. She had no form or feeling, but She could see and hear. Could She talk, touch or smell? She floated over to the nearest cop and as She neared him he threw out an arm to point at something and it passed through the space She occupied - She didn't feel a thing and apparently, neither did he. She moved until they were occupying the same space and She shouted as loud as She could, but She heard no sound nor did he. She inhaled and smelled nothing. It looked as if see and hear was all She could do.

She drifted over to the woman who, still weeping, was talking on a cell phone, "No, I'm all right. Just shaken up is all. I can drive okay. I'm only two blocks from Toby's; I'll probably stop for a drink to help me settle my nerves and I should be home when you get there. I love you, bye."

She watched as the woman dropped the phone into her purse and when the woman walked back over to the two cops She felt herself being tugged along after her as if She was a piece of metal and the woman was a magnet. One of the cops looked up from his paperwork and said, "Just one more thing Mrs. Port. Do I have the correct spelling on your first name - ALETHA?" The woman nodded yes and turned to leave and She felt herself being pulled along after her. She drifted a little closer and the pull was stronger and suddenly She was sucked inside the woman's body. She was looking out through the woman's eyes and She felt the beating heart, the blood coursing through the woman's veins, and when the woman opened her car door She felt it - She had feeling again. Aletha started her car and with shaking hands on the steering wheel she drove off.

Aletha maneuvered the car into a parking space in the lot behind Toby's Bar and Grill, and then went inside and sat down at a small table in the back. Aletha ordered a scotch on the rocks and when it came she picked it up with a trembling hand and took a sip. She could taste the smokey flavor and She was astonished - She was supposed to be dead - how could She feel things, taste things? It was all so confusing. Aletha got up to use the ladies room and when she was looking in the mirror, touching up her makeup She got her first really good look at the woman who had killed her. Good boobs, great legs, nice figure overall and a very lovely face. On the way back to the table She noticed the looks that Aletha drew from the men and She wondered if any of them would try to pick her up. Aletha had no sooner sat down than the question was answered; a very nice looking man approached the table and asked if her could buy Aletha a drink. She would have said yes, but Aletha declined and the man went back to his table. Aletha had one more scotch and then got up to go.

Driving down the street She wondered if Ben had heard about the accident yet. He had asked her to marry him and She had told him She would have to think about it. She had decided to say yes, but now he would never know. It would be nice to see him once more; all they would have to do is turn left up here at Second Ave and go ten blocks and they would be at the Landing Strip Lounge where he would be shooting pool.

As if on cue Aletha made a left turn on Second - Whoa! She thought, did I cause that? She looked into the rear view mirror and saw confusion on Aletha's face. Was it possible that Aletha didn't mean to turn there? The Strip was two more blocks down the street and She concentrated her thoughts on it and waited to see what would happen. As she neared the driveway into the Strip's parking lot Aletha slowed down and turned in. She looked into the rear view mirror and saw both worry and confusion on Aletha's face, as if she was asking herself "What am I doing here?" She said, "Not to worry honey, We'll just look in on Ben, stay a few minutes and then you can leave and get on with your life." As they walked up to the side door Aletha kept looking nervously around; she obviously wasn't familiar with this part of town and she was trying to figure out why she was here.

She directed Althea to an empty stool at the bar and was tempted to have her order a vodka tonic (She didn't really like scotch), but She decided that She was already intruding on the poor woman more than She should be. Aletha ordered scotch on the rocks and then She had Aletha turn to look at the pool tables. There was Ben, in the middle of a doubles match, and they sat and sipped scotch and watched him shoot. After several minutes one of the guys walked over to Ben and said something to him. Ben's head came up and he looked over at them. She held his gaze for several moments and then Ben turned away to take his shot. Several times over the next five minutes Ben looked over at them and he always found them watching him. When the match was over Ben racked his pool cue and came over to them.

"Hi" he said, "Haven't seen you in here before. You like looking at pool games, or were you looking at something else?"

"What?" She thought, "Is he trying to pick us up?" She had Aletha say, "Pool never was my sport."

Ben smiled, "Can I buy you a drink?" and She had Aletha accept. Ben asked them to join him at a table and they did. While Ben talked She became more and more pissed off. This asshole had asked me to marry him two days ago and now he is trying to pick up this bimbo (sorry Aletha, I didn't mean that). The shithead doesn't even know I'm dead yet and he's fucking around on me. It's a good thing I'm not going to marry him; he'd be fucking around on me before the honeymoon was over. She wondered if she could fuck over him and maybe make him feel like the asshole he was; make him do a guilt trip. How would he feel when he found out that while he was fucking Aletha She had been lying on a slab at the morgue?

She had Aletha say, "I don't usually come to places like this, but as I was driving by I thought that this looked like a place where a girl might be able to find a stiff cock!"

Ben smiled, "Honey, you have most definitely come to the right place. Would you prefer a motel, or would my van be all right?"

She felt Aletha's body stiffen even as she spoke the words and She used whatever it was that She had to will Aletha into saying, "Your van will be fine."

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