Back To School

by just-this-guy

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Humor, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Girls! Get All Your School Supplies Here! (This is my humor-laced advertisement)

Girls! Middle School to High School! Ages 12 to 18!

We want you!

We have everything you need from your head to your toes and everything in between especially for what you have in between.


Does the guy you have a secret crush on prefer blondes and you can't get his attention?

Does your boy look over at any redhead that walks by?

Change your hair color!

We have any hair color you want. Make one side blonde and one side redhead. Your hair is completely under your control.

Want to turn Japanese? (I really think so!) Get our black hair coloring and our eye makeup to give you the look.

Want the drapes to match the curtains? All our hair products work on your head and pussy equally well.

Save money on hair products by purchasing our hair removal products and shave off that bush. We can shave it for you! Just ask one of our staff members. No, don't talk to his cock! You know what we mean!

Hey, young teens. Don't be afraid to change your hair color for a guy. We know you care too much what older boys and guys think about you and so we are here for you.

To keep your hair nice and shiny and clean after your special time with your guy, all our shampoos are specifically designed to get cum out of your hair.

Maybe you want to brag to your girlfriends and leave cum in your hair but we know you want his cum gone before Dad and Mom see or before you go to school. Pick up a bottle. We also carry large sizes for those days or nights when you are the center of attention. We don't want you to pass up the chance for thirty college frat boys to enjoy you just because it would take forever to shower all their cum out of your hair. Our shampoos do the job.


Speaking of cum, all our make-up is cum resistant. When your guy or two or twelve blows a load on your face, you don't want your make-up smeared all over your face. You want your rouge and base and powders and shadow to stay in place. You want to be able to massage that warm sticky cum over your face without worrying whether your eye shadow will rub off. Our make-up stays on until you remove it with our soft, gentle make-up remover.

If you put make-up on, you need to take it off. You may want to look like a tramp for the boys but you don't want your Mom to see you like that and you don't want your Dad to jump your bones when he spots you in that make-up, so you need to take it off. Our make-up remover takes it off easily including any cum you used to accent your make-up.


Going to a rainbow party? We have every color of lipstick you can imagine and then some. You want twenty shades of blue? We got it.

Just in this month! We have a new lipstick that allows you to make a rainbow on your special guy's cock when it's just you and him. Make sure you end your session with your guy painting your tongue and mouth with his white frothy color.

Sorry, we can't let you put a rainbow on our customer reps but you can get the insides of your mouth painted gooey white by any of them. Just ask!


Most guys will supply you with a pearl necklace anytime you want but if you just want one or never tried one on then ask a customer service representative and he will gladly give you one to wear. Receive a complimentary double pearl necklace for every 25 dollars spent. (50 dollars equals triple pearl and so on. Maximum necklace is contingent on staff available)


We now offer tit massages in 5, 15, or 30 minute packages.

No appointment necessary. Keep your tits firm and vibrant.

Ask any customer service rep for more information. We also offer gift certificates so get them for your friends. For those with big tits, we recommend combining your massage with a pearl necklace. There is no extra charge for the pearl necklace. Nothing invigorates your big tits like two squeezing hands and a cock thrusting between them and all capped off by a big pearl necklace.


We have hundreds of shades of nail polish for your fingers and toes. Match your outfit! Match your hair! Match your pussy! Match the cum on your face! We have it all!


We have all types and sizes of dildos and vibrators from the beginner girl all the way to the most experienced girl.

We help you prepare for your favorite fuck friends!

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