by King Wesley

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Carla gets a special massage at a high class spa

"Welcome to the Pavlovian Suite" said the masseuse as she led Carla into one of Heaven's many custom designed massage rooms.

The masseuse continued "All our rooms are named after the figures who have inspired us here at Heaven be it through their vision, mind or beauty"

If the name hadn't already given it away then the soft blue and pink furnishings of a room filled with pictures of Ballet scenes whilst Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite played quietly in the background made it clear from whom the Pavlovian Suite took its inspiration. Being a lover of Ballet Carla was thrilled that her fiancé had chosen such a perfect pre-wedding gift. "I just want everything to be perfect for you on you big day." He had told her. "I can handle wedding things on my own for one day, you go spend some quality time with yourself"

It was then he revealed he had booked her in for a massage and aromatherapy session at the States most exclusive Health and Beauty Spa: Heaven — famous for its slogan 'Now Heaven really is a place on Earth'.

Carla loved Mike, and from this wonderful present it was clear to her that he loved her just as much. Carla was already thinking of the perfect outfit in which to 'thank' him in. She knew that the sight of her stunning figure in that tiny pink lace negligee would cause any guy to stand to attention and the brownie points gained today more than covered such a privilege for Mike.

Carla's attention then switched back to the masseur who was motioning her over to a table.

"If you could just leave your clothes on the dresser and lie face down on the massage table we can begin. I will come back in five minutes once you have changed."

As the door closed behind the masseur, Carla slipped out of the red dress she had arrived in and neatly folded it onto the table. Then after removing her bra and panties she made her way over to the table.

The massage table itself looked no different from any other she had seen but upon lying down she realized it was different. Normally Carla found it quite awkward to lie face down due to the size of her breasts but not here. The upholstery seemed to mould around her body. The fabric was like nothing she'd ever felt before. It was firm yet also soft and silky. "Forget the massage" Carla thought to herself "I could just lie here all day".

With that the masseur returned.

"If you are ready we can begin." she said as she approached the table.

Carla gave a hum of compliance; melting into the table beneath her.

"Very good." continued the masseur. "Now first I shall start by rubbing some aromatic oils into your skin. It is a special mixture of natural ingredients which shall both open up your pores and sooths your senses allowing all your anxieties to just wash away."

Carla lay there as the masseur began to rub scented oils into her back. She felt herself becoming looser the girl's hands rubbed her back and shoulders. The experience felt like magic. As the masseur continued to work and caress her body, all of Carla's worries and inhibitions seemed to just float away. She was in a dream world and it felt great.

"I'm now going to work on the rest of your body." the masseur said casually.

Carla could feel the girls hand start to work their way south, rubbing the oils into her lower back and hips. The feeling seemed almost sensual as everything just drifted away. All that remained in Carla head was how good this massage was.

Seeing that Carla was now deeply immersed in her massage, the masseur knew it was safe to move onto stage two.

"How are we feeling Carla?" she asked

"Mmmmm," replied Carla in satisfaction

"Good, now Carla, from here the massage will become a little more unorthodox. Do not think about it. Just think about how wonderful and relaxed you feel and you will have the massage of a lifetime. Can you do that for me? "

"Uh Huh." confirmed Carla, miles away from the discussion she was partaking in.

"That's a good girl. So you just lie there and enjoy, don't think about anything, or what is going on around you. Just focus on the pleasure and you're day will be perfect. "

Carla wasn't quite sure what the girl was saying. All she cared about was how fantastic the girl's hands felt. By now they had gone past her back and were now working on her ass and thighs. Carla just sighed in approval as this girl worked her way towards Carla's pussy. The whole experience was so euphoric that Carla did not even realize that she was getting wet. She was just lost in relaxation as the probing hands of her masseur edged nearer and nearer to her ever dampening sex. Carla's hips began to sway in an attempt to encourage the hands to reach their target. By now Carla had gone from sensual to fucking horny and when the first oiled digit brushed against her clit she almost cried with delight.

"Now Carla, I want you to close your eyes for me Ok. Just close your eyes and enjoy. Think only of how good everything feels. "

Carla was already too far away to really take on board these new directions but the orders sunk in nonetheless. She was far to 'relaxed' even to notice the large masculine figure enter the room and make his way over to the massage table.

"Hey Nikki," he called out casually,"She ready yet? "

"I think so. It's time to give the customer what they want. "

At this the man unzipped his fly and stood patiently just by head. By now Nikki hand had really gone to work on Carla pussy. Mixing penetrative explorations of inside the naked masagee's cunt with soft caresses of her clit and thigh. Carla's senses were having the time of their life as Nikki began issuing further instruction.

"Now Carla, I would like you to lift your head up for me and face forward. Can you do that for me? Remember to keep your eyes closed. "

Carla's response was almost subconscious as she lifted her head and stared closed-eyed at the penis which was hanging barely three inches away from her face.

"That's a good girl," Nikki complimented. "Now, next I would just like you to do whatever you think is natural, can you do that for me?"

"Uh Huh," sighed Carla

Nikki then turned to her colleague:

"Simon, I think she's ready."

On his queue, the man began to edge his cock towards the face of the young naked girl lying before him. The moment it touched Carla's lips, her head instinctively began to back away. However she soon stopped when she realized that this reaction had caused the tingling that had been in her pussy to slow down.

"Just do whatever you think comes naturally." Nikki reassured her.

At this Carla moved her head ever so slightly backs towards the cock which was patiently waiting for her. To her joy the tingling began to pick up again and soon she was reacquainted with the feel of flesh against her lips. Simon began to gently run the tip of his somewhat sizeable member across Carla's closed mouth searching for a way inside.

Carla was now becoming desperate to orgasm. Her refusal to open her mouth had caused the tingling in her pussy to plateau and her frustration was growing. Carla knew what she had to do to get what she wanted, with that her lips part and Simon's growing cock slid in.

She was instantly rewarded as two of Nikki's fingers slid into her cunt and began to pump away.

"Very good Carla." Nikki congratulated her. "Now I want you to imagine you are sucking on an ice pop. You just need to keep sucking gently up and down the whole shaft, Ok. You can also give it a lick every now and then. If you can just to that for me I'm sure you will like it. "

At that Carla's head began to bob slightly as she lightly sucked at the cock which was stirring within her mouth. Working her way from the tip to as close to the base as she could reach, Simon was soon fully erect.

"We've got a fast learner here Nikki," Simon remarked,"Are you sure she's never done this before. "

"Positive." Nikki replied,"The notes from the client state that they were college sweethearts. She was the first girl he ever slept with and vice-versa. However she refuses to give head and even though he loves her yadda yadda ya. "

"So basically this guy's got everything he'll ever want: money, probably a job we could only dream of, a girl who's completely in love with him and he's still not happy because she won't suck his cock. "

"That's about right." confirmed Nikki,"sad isn't it? "

"You got that right," agreed Simon,"and does our young Romeo know the methods we use here at Heaven? "

"Of course not, " Nikki chuckled, "In fact it says here how 'it will be all the more special knowing that his will be the first and only dick she will ever taste'."

"Proof if it were ever needed that money can't buy you sense isn't it?" Simon remarked.

"You can say that again." sighed Nikki.

By now the fingers pumping away at her cunt had caused Carla sucking speed to increase quite considerably. In fact her head was pumping on Simon's cock almost as rapidly as the fingers were penetrating her sex.

"I think I'm getting ready to blow." Simon informed Nikki.

"This is a bit quick for you isn't it?" Nikki teased. "I'd have thought you'd have more stamina than this, or maybe you're just getting old."

"Hey!" He cried,"Less of the age talk if you don't mind. I'm telling you this girl's a natural. The rest of the guys will tell you the same, trust me. "

"Ok, Ok," said Nikki with a wink,"I believe you; now let's get this over with. How close are you? "

"About ninety seconds at this speed." Simon answered.

"Right then, so it's time to send this girl over the top." declared Nikki.

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