We Did It!

by falcon29

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, BBW, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A couple expands their horizons with the help of friends.

We'd invited Ted and Dorothy over for dinner but we had ulterior motives. After the barbecue and the drinks and the wine we planned on seducing them.

My wife, Teresa, and I have been married for fourteen years. We were both married before and we both have kids from those early marriages who were well on their way in their own lives when we met. We lived by ourselves and things were pretty good. It was just that, at some point, we had seemed to reach a sort of plateau in our sex life and we suffered it in silence until one fateful day.

It was a Saturday and I hadn't expected Teresa's actions. I got up early, as usual, and made the coffee. I was on my second cup when she came out to the kitchen naked. Now, Teresa is one of these women who are perpetually cold, no matter where the thermostat is set or how brightly the sun is shining. So her nudity was a clear signal that she wanted me to notice her body and, hopefully, take her back to bed.

Well, I love her and I always try to please her. So I played out my role — to a point. I took her back to bed and she did get off. But when it came time for the final act I found my cock had gone soft. From the heights of her pleasure, Teresa plunged into the depths of despair. She blamed herself and that she was 'fat' (she's 5'7" and weighs about 170 — fleshy, and, yes, I guess fat, but I happen to love the woman who inhabits that body). We talked and we both admitted that we were simply bored with it all. It wasn't that I wanted other women or even that I didn't like her body, I explained. It was just that... well; things were sort of stuck in a rut. She confessed that she felt the same way.

"So what do you think we should do about this?" she asked me. I just shook my head.

"I don't know. Maybe we should try getting risky and go make love somewhere we might get caught." That seemed to strike a note for her. I saw a new spark in her eyes.

"Or we could... I don't know... maybe check out some of those ads in the personals column," she suggested. I looked at her to see if she was kidding.

"You mean you want to answer some ad and get together with some strangers for sex? You're nuts! That's playing with fire these days!"

"Okay," she replied, "but what if it wasn't a stranger? What if it was somebody we knew?" That brought me up short. I hesitated to respond because I knew this was an important discussion. I felt that our whole relationship was in the balance. Besides, I was reluctant to admit some of my fantasies about her friends to her. I decided to hear her out.

"Er... well did you have somebody in mind?" We hadn't defined what we were really talking about, whether she was talking about a threesome or a foursome; whether she was talking about swapping or a group free-for-all.

She looked at me and I swear she flushed a little bit, but she soldiered on. "What if we invited Ted and Dot over and... sort of... seduced them? I know Ted likes my body. He's always flirting with me and the last time they were here he made some comments." This wasn't exactly news to me — except the part about the comments. I'd seen him ogling Teresa's ass when he thought no one was watching.

"What comments?" I asked. Teresa looked away but then she looked back at me with a grin.

"He just said he could 'eat my ass for days'." I tried to absorb the idea that my best friend had made such a blatant move on my wife. Then the thought occurred to me: I felt the same way about his wife. I'd just never had the guts to admit it. I set that aside for the moment.

"Well, that's only half the equation. What about Dorothy?" I'd always appreciated Dorothy's physical friendliness. She always hugged me when we met, whether it was at home or at the supermarket. She's kind of a stout woman too — her tits are bigger than Teresa's, for one thing -- but she carries her weight well and seems accepting of things. Maybe that was why Ted was attracted to Teresa. Anyway, as far as Dot went, I'd never gotten the impression that she was interested in me or in anybody but her husband, Ted.

"Oh, she's made some comments. Remember when we all went to the beach together last summer? She said you looked 'delicious' in your swimsuit."

"'Delicious'? What did you say?"

"Oh I agreed wholeheartedly. In fact I told her that I planned on tasting how delicious you were after lunch. And I did, if you remember." I remembered the day she was referring to, all right. We'd gone to the beachfront café for burgers, beers and fries. Then Teresa had made a point of escorting me back to our motel room, letting our friends know that we were going to the room specifically for sex. We'd made love and she had seemed more animated than usual. I wondered at the time, and I felt that I had the answer now.

"So, you took me back to the room and fucked my brains out because she thought I looked good?"

"Mmm... well, no, I really did want you. It just made it more... erotic, I guess, knowing that she wanted you and that she — and Ted -- knew what we were doing right then. Dot gave me a sly grin when we went back down to the sand. And Ted looked me over and winked at me. You missed all of that." I just looked at her. She'd played a flirting game last summer with our friends and now she wanted to play a different kind of game. I told her I had to think about it.

Ted and Dorothy were our closest friends. They lived in a different neighborhood but Ted and I had worked together a couple of years ago. We'd had them over for dinner a few times and vice versa. That was when we became 'couples' friends. We regularly went out together, too. He'd since resigned from the company and started his own business. From what he said, he was doing well. Teresa and Dot had taken to each other from the start. They frequently met for lunch, either at one or the other's house or at the mall.

Still, Ted and I never had discussed our sex lives in any way, other than ogling strange women when we were out together in public. He'd never given any indication of his sex life with Dorothy and I knew I'd never said anything about Teresa and me to him. I turned back to Teresa.

"What makes you think they would be interested in swapping with us?" I took a stab and it was fairly on the mark.

"Well, I wouldn't call it swapping. That's so '70's. I was thinking of it as more of a group effort. You know, with all of us together and being there with each other; for each other. All four of us making love at once." She breathed out in a puff and I realized it had taken some courage for her to put her desires out there, even if it was just with me. Maybe especially because it was to me. I thought about it and I thought I saw what she was worried about. She was, in effect, admitting that I didn't do it for her any more — at least just me by myself. Well, what was wrong with that, really? It was sort of the way I had been feeling about her at times. But she was also seemingly admitting that she was interested in having Dot right there next to her when she was fucking me and/or Ted. That opened up a whole new subject.

Yet, I couldn't see how we could 'seduce' both Ted and Dorothy. "So how do you see this happening?" I asked. Teresa turned to me and gripped my hand. I hadn't rejected her idea and I hadn't reacted in anger. She knew I accepted — at least the possibility — of her idea. I told you we'd been together a while. We had that kind of unspoken communication.

She absolutely changed as she talked about it. Her idea was so detailed that I knew she'd spent some time already imagining and fantasizing about how it would go. I smiled to myself, imagining her masturbating about having Ted and Dot with us in bed. The picture in my mind wasn't repulsive. Of course, I couldn't quite picture Ted naked next to me, but I didn't have any problem at all picturing Dorothy's round, soft curves rubbing all over me. I had no problem at all picturing Teresa and Dot... involved. But Teresa was answering my question.

"We invite them over for dinner and have a few drinks before eating..." She went on to sketch the scene we'd just lived out, but this time we had company. Now came the moment of truth. In Teresa's plan, she would go and change her clothes. She'd change out of her shorts and tee shirt and into a sheer nightie without panties. When she returned to the group, she imagined Ted and Dorothy succumbing to her physical charms.

Whatever happened in the future, once I got that picture of Teresa in a nightie and talking about how our friends would tend to her with fingers, mouths and tongues, I was too excited to finish the conversation. But my response — fucking her until she asked me to stop because she'd climaxed too many times — let her know I was on board with her idea.

As it turned out, the whole thing went pretty much as she described it, with only a few surprises. I grilled some steaks and Teresa made a salad. We ate and Teresa had more to drink than usual. I knew why she was 'fortifying' her courage, but Ted and Dot were right there with us, keeping up. Finally, Teresa made the first step in the long ballet.

"I'm... um... gonna go change," she said, feigning tiredness. "Dot, come with me," she added, holding her hand out to her friend. It wasn't unusual. Whenever the four of us were out they always went to the rest room together, the way most women do. I watched them leave the room. Now it was time for me to 'prime the pump', so to speak. I made a point of making sure they were gone before standing up and going to stand next to Ted's chair.

I started by telling him how good Dot looked that night. "Yeah, I thought she took extra time this evening," he said.

"Well it shows. She's absolutely beautiful." I had to look away because Ted had begun to look at me with a strange expression. I had never been so open about my appreciation of Dot's attractiveness.

"Yeah," he said. "Thanks."

"Hey, I wasn't complimenting you! Don't thank me because your wife is beautiful." I hesitated a second before I lowered my voice and said to him, "Hey, I have something I want to show you." My glance down the hall and the fact that I was whispering told him it was something juicy. He eagerly followed me to the garage. My garage came with the house, of course, but it had been built large. It was a two-car-plus. There was room for two cars with a room-sized extra area at the back. I'd turned it from a workshop into a sort of den, complete with a couch, two chairs. a refrigerator, a TV and a VCR with a DVD player.

It was the DVD that I activated to start showing Ted the disk that Teresa had picked out at the rental store. As the credits rolled and Ted realized it was a XXX disk, he looked at me with almost panic in his eyes. "What about the girls?" Ted wanted to know. "What if they come out?"

"Well they probably won't, but if they do then they do. Teresa knows I have this and she doesn't care. I wasn't sure how Dorothy felt about porn so I kept it quiet. Teresa's seen this but I wasn't sure how she'd feel about me showing it to you knowing she'd seen it and enjoyed it."

"I think Dot would be okay with it," he replied then.

"Good. Then let's watch. If they come out they can join us," I said and turned the volume up. The video was, of course, about a group of people who got together and ended up all having sex together. When I say 'together', I mean exactly that. Of course some of the women eventually turned to one another and we got some juicy lesbian action. But this disk was different in that two of the four men — briefly — seemed like they would get it on together. But they didn't -- quite. All that really happened was one of them licked the woman the other was busily fucking. The first time I watched it I was surprised when they didn't suck each other or something. I also found it strange that I felt disappointed that they hadn't. I didn't think about that much until I was showing it to Ted. The brief thought passed through my mind that he might think I was angling to do something with him. I pushed the thought away. The men in the movie didn't do anything more than what I said, other than leaning on each other a couple of times.

We watched it and about the time the bunch on the screen started shedding their clothes, Teresa stuck her head around the edge of the door leading to the house. "Hey, do you guys want some fresh beers?" I knew the fridge in the garage was stocked, but I also knew she was looking for an excuse to flash Ted and maybe bring Dot into the fold. She knew what we were watching but she acted as if she hadn't noticed.

"Sure, honey. We'll be out here for a while."

"Okay," she said on cue and disappeared back into the house. A few minutes later I watched Ted's face as she — and Dorothy — came out with beers for us and more wine for them. They also brought a bag of chips and some dip. Teresa had changed into a knee-length nightshirt. Of course, I knew she wouldn't be wearing anything under it. Dorothy wore her shorts and one of Teresa's nighties on top. Teresa said later that she'd tried to talk her into going a little more bold, but Dorothy didn't see why she should 'dress down', since she would be going home to bed. "I'm flashing my tits as it is." She wasn't really. The nightie wasn't sheer, just loose and thin.

Ted and I were on either end of the couch. Teresa plunked herself in between us and propped her bare feet on the coffee table. The move caused her nightshirt to rise up on her thighs. Dorothy took a seat in the recliner. "What are you guys... oh, my God!" Her eyes locked on the screen. It was just then that the 'hostess' on screen doffed her panties and straddled the hunky neighbor's lap — and oversized dick. The action turned explicit fast and soon they were all fucking and sucking. Dorothy's eyes were locked on to the action. Ted's eyes went from the screen to his wife, trying, I thought, to gauge her reactions. He would spare a few glances at Teresa, too, especially to see if he could see up her nightie.

Teresa, meanwhile, was obviously restless. I knew she was horny since this was her fantasy beginning to come true. I hoped that Ted and Dot would play along. She scooted forward and grabbed a handful of chips and sat back. But when she sat back she hadn't seemed to notice that her scooting had bunched her nightshirt somewhat. Most of her thighs were now visible and I didn't hide my interest. When my hand stroked along her leg she glanced at me and grinned. She winked and propped her feet back up on the table, her knees falling to the sides somewhat, allowing my hand to slide to the inside of her thigh. I looked at her and realized that, should she look over, Dorothy would get an eyeful of Teresa's shaven pussy. Ted, sitting next to her, would have to lean forward and obviously ogle her.

I wondered then which of our friends Teresa was more interested in. She'd always sworn she didn't have any interest in other women, but things seemed to be changing. I glanced at Ted in time to see him wrench his eyes away from my wife's legs. He glanced my way with a guilty expression. I just smiled and shook my head, letting him see me enjoying the sight of Teresa's exposure. His guilty look vanished and, with a fast glance back at Teresa's lap, he returned his attention to the screen.

I looked over at Dot and smiled when I saw that she was enrapt with the show on screen. Her hands were on her legs and it looked like she was giving her thighs a massage. She was obviously reacting to the sex going on on the disk and just as obviously was not repelled by it. I let my eyes roam her body, over the mounds of her breasts and down to the bulge of her belly. I wondered then if her pussy was plump, her lips pouting out over the entrance to her womb. I wondered if she shaved her pussy. I glanced again at Ted.

Well, when my eyes went that way, I saw that Teresa had almost completely exposed herself. Ted definitely had noticed. He was almost panting as he watched my wife putting the last chip into her mouth and dusting the salt off on her thighs. Her movements 'accidentally' brushed the hem of the nightshirt up even farther. Her pussy was right there, out in the open! Ted glanced at me but I made sure my expression didn't let him in on my reaction at all. He was looking at my wife's crotch and I apparently didn't care. He took it as license and went back to looking, ignoring the hardcore sights on the screen.

Okay, I thought. I figured half the problem was out of the way. I still wondered how she planned on getting Dot on board. As things turned out it was me that sort of tipped the scales. I finished my beer but I could see that Ted had lost interest in his. So, I simply stood up and went to the garage fridge to get another one. My path went between Dorothy and the TV so it distracted her from the action. She watched me cross to the fridge and, after I got my beer, I turned back. She had turned to look at Teresa and Ted and she forgot all about me and my beer.

The sight that met her eyes — and mine -- was enough to strike us both dumb for a few seconds. I stood, rooted to the spot too, waiting for her to react. She took a deep breath as she gazed at Teresa, sitting with her lower half exposed and her legs splayed wide. And she saw Ted, oblivious of everything but staring at my wife's exposed pussy, his hand on her thigh and her hand covering it; welcoming it. Then Dorothy almost whispered, though it was clearly audible to us all, "Teresa... you're... shaved!" She didn't say, 'Teresa, your pussy is showing.' She didn't say, 'Teresa, my husband looks like he's about to jump on you.' Though it looked like that was exactly what Ted was contemplating. She simply reacted to the novelty of a pussy that looked like it belonged between the legs of a ten year old girl.

Her words brought us all out of the sexually charged trance we'd been in. Teresa clapped her legs together and pulled her nightshirt down discreetly, if a bit too late. That was when I realized how nervous Teresa was about doing this. I dove into the silent storm. "Isn't it great?" I said to Dot, as if we were discussing the weather. "If you haven't tried it, Dot, you should. Ted would probably love it, wouldn't you, buddy?" I turned to Ted. He looked like his head was about to explode from the blood that flooded his face. He looked like he'd been caught — which, I guess, he had been, in spite of the fact that he'd been set up.

He glanced guiltily at Dorothy and back, finally, into Teresa's face, where he found only a friendly, somewhat sheepish smile. He seemed surprised. But it was nothing compared to the surprise Teresa gave us then. She kept smiling as she pulled her shirt back up and parted her legs. "What do you think, Dot? Doesn't it look... cleaner?" Her voice was soft.

Dorothy's reaction wasn't what I'd expected. I had thought she would yell at Teresa, and then at Ted (whose eyes were glued to my wife's crotch again). I thought she'd make a move to leave, if not run out screaming about my wife's perversion. Instead, she remained silent as her eyes went to Teresa's hairless crotch. Ted's gaze was still riveted there, as if he didn't care what his wife did, as long as he could look at this rare wonder as long as possible. Dorothy stood up and moved over for a closer look. She perched on the edge of the couch, pushing me aside and seemingly ready to bolt. Then she raised a hand toward Teresa's crotch, but she pulled it back fast. Teresa divined what she wanted. "You can touch it," she said in that soft voice. Dot glanced up at her, then at Ted (who had heard the words and licked his lips), then at me. I just smiled and shrugged, acting as if my dick wasn't clearly hard and making a tent in my shorts. Dorothy hadn't noticed that yet, I think — sort of tells you where her attention was, doesn't it?

Then she turned back to Teresa. This time, when her hand came out of her lap, she reached it steadily toward Teresa's open and hairless cunt. She closed her hand over the mound, fingers together, not probing. She breathed in. She closed her eyes and cupped Teresa's treasure and her nostrils flared. I wondered if she could smell Teresa's arousal. I was too far away, but I could see it in Teresa's eyes as they locked onto mine. She was getting off on this and her pussy was oozing its nectar, and she wanted me to know it. Dorothy rubbed her smooth mound for a few seconds.

Then Dorothy broke the spell. She pulled her hand away and shook her head. Without standing up, she backed off a bit and faced Ted and Teresa. Ted came out of his trance and looked at his wife. He didn't have a clue to what she was going to do. I didn't either, but I wanted her to join us, too. I was pretty sure Ted wouldn't balk at the offer we were about to make them. Before her sense of better judgment could take over I moved down, kneeling behind her on the carpet. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and brought my lips close to her ear. "It's so smooth, isn't it? You should feel it during sex. She gets so slippery." I hesitated before adding, "I'm shaved too. Hairless sex is a whole new experience." I let my arms slide lower so that I was hugging her tits between her arms. I moved my left hand up until I could feel her hard nipple. I gave it a tentative caress.

That was the moment of truth. She shivered but she didn't slap me away. Ted never made a sound. Then Teresa took control. She reached over and found Ted's willing hand. She and Dot maintained eye contact as she replaced Dorothy's hand on her pussy with her husband's, at which point Ted didn't need any further direction. At first, he repeated the cupping and caressing that Dot had given it. But then his fingers got active. Dorothy's breathing quickened as she watched her husband playing with a pussy other than hers for the first time. I opened my hand so I could cup her entire right breast and she still didn't stop me. In fact, she leaned harder against me and her mouth opened as if she couldn't get enough air.

I pushed my hard cock against her soft ass and she gasped. It was clear that she had accepted what was happening. I just didn't know how far she was willing to let it go. The DVD ended on screen but nobody seemed to notice. I used my right hand on her other tit then and when she didn't react, I went for broke. I had both of Dot's tits in hand now, pinching her nipples, and I rotated my hips, rubbing my erection hard against her ass and slipping it into her crack through our clothes. She let her breath out. Then I felt her inhale deeply. She moved away, but only enough to turn around. She tipped her face up and grabbed the back of my head. She pulled me down and kissed me. Her mouth was so hot! She spread her thighs and shoved her crotch hard against my cock and rocked up and down.

We kissed and I forgot temporarily that our spouses were in the room. In fact, the fact that her spouse had his fingers in my spouse's cunt was even wiped away as that tongue slithered around mine! I guessed Ted wouldn't worry about a little kiss from his wife to me! I ran my hands down to cup Dot's ass cheeks and pressed her even harder against my stiff cock. She moaned into my mouth. I let go with one hand and lifted it to the bottom of her top. I had known since they came out that she was braless, as usual. I slid my hand between the material and her skin. Her nipple was hot and hard, covered with those tiny goose-bumps. Her tongue stretched deeper into my mouth and I gave her nipple another pinch. Her hips spasmed and hit my groin hard. This was moving fast!

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