Debbie Grows Up

by Mstr_Jack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman is blackmailed into having sex to keep her job

Debbie Myers was only 20 years old and already she had made it to copywriter for a large ad agency. She graduated from college the year before, and this was her first real job in advertising. A very attractive young lady her blond hair when down stretched all the way to mid back. At 5 foot 6 inches when she had her heels on she looked most men in the eye. Her blue eyes sparkled when she laughed, and that was often.

Debbie had been working on a project all day, and late into the night until she realized that it was almost 9 PM. It was not easy to make it in the big city on your own, rent, food, and cab fare took all of her money. Her entertainment consisted of a black and white TV, and a radio. She had to buy her bus and subway tokens by the book in order to be able to afford them. She usually liked to take a cab home at night because the subway was so dangerous for a single female. She dreamed of the day when she would be married to a wonderful man that would take care of her and love her.

Debbie was shaken out of her thoughts by the ringing of her phone on her desk. She wondered who it was because most everybody else had left the building already. She picked up the phone and found out it was Mr. Hobbs he was working late also, and he wanted her to come to his office for a moment.

Debbie made her way through the darkened offices, and finally reached Mr. Hobbs office on the next floor up. She knocked on the door, and waited to be let in. Mr. Hobbs opened door himself, and ushered her inside the office locking the door behind her without her noticing it. Debbie sat in the chair facing his desk as Mr. Hobbs took his seat and calmly began speaking, "Miss Meyers I have a report from one or largest clients saying that you forgot to put one of his best products in his advertisement, and he has threatened to take his business somewhere else. I am sorry but my first concern must be to the Corporation and to the Senior Partners. I am afraid that I may have to let you go without a letter recommendation. Do you have anything to say?"

Debbie said there listening to him, and she couldn't believe what she just heard. She was going to be fired from her job, that was a death sentence, because no one else would hire her. All her years and college and sacrifice would be for nothing. She would end up working some little restaurant in the middle of night as a waitress, or even possibly having to work as a waitress in a cheap dive. She couldn't go home, because both of her parents had died in a car accident, and she had nowhere else to go. Suddenly she began to sob, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

As soon as Debbie could compose herself she said, "Please Mr. Hobbs I did not make a mistake on purpose, but from now on if you give me another chance I will double check everything. Please give me one more chance to make up for this mistake. I will do anything that you ask just give me a chance, please."

Mr. Hobbs set their watching her cry as he felt the old familiar stirrings that he had felt a couple times before. Two other times he had the unpleasant task of letting people go because of sloppy work, the first had been another lady somewhat older than Debbie was, and the other was another young man right out of college. Each time things had led down this road, and he had taken advantage of another's misfortune. The other lady was in her 40s and because of the way the copy was laid out she had misplaced a whole page of advertisements.

Hobbs had been a regular visitor to her apartment, and he still had the key that she had made for him on his insistence. The young man had been caught letting a new advertisement out to a competitor, and he could have been sued for what he did. Hobbs had enjoyed making the young man kneel in front of him and suck his cock. When the man left to go to another agency he was an expert at sucking cock and taking Greek.

Debbie was still sobbing sitting in the chair before him, waiting for him to answer her. "I don't know Miss Meyers I have responsibilities to the company that must come first. Anything?"

Debbie sat there sniffling listing to him feeling that her whole world was crashing down upon her. Finally she found her voice, "Please Mr. Hobbs I will do anything, pleases just give me a chance, please."

Mr. Hobbs was glad he was sitting behind a desk, because he had a raging hard on. "OK Miss Myers, this is the way that it is, I will give you one chance. Anytime you want to back out just let me know and you can leave. Stand up next year chair there and take off all of your clothes. You have five minutes to be standing next to that chair naked."

Debbie set there thinking about what he had just said, then she realized almost a minute had passed and she only had four more minutes to get undressed. She had never undressed in front of anybody before, but she had no choice this time. As she got to her feet her fingers were unbuttoning her blouse and before it hit the floor her bra was right behind it. Debbie wasted no time with modesty she quickly stripped out of her skirt and panties at the same time. Kicking off her shoes she reached for her garter belt to remove her nylons, but Mr. Hobbs stopped her telling her to leave them on.

Hobbs sat there behind his desk looking at the body of the beautiful young lady before him, she had one arm across her breasts, and her hand over her cunt. Finally Hobbs was able to speak, "Put your hands at your sides, and stand up straight. Also stop that incessant crying or you can get dressed and get the hell out."

Debbie got a hold on her crying and finally stopped as she complied with putting her hands at her sides. No man had ever seen her like this even her doctor always had a sheet over her. She had been saving herself for the right man, but now she knew that if she didn't go along with what Mr. Hobbs wanted her life was over.

Hobbs admired the body of the beautiful young lady before him, she was truly a goddess. Hobbs had a hard time finding his voice, "Come around here on my side of the desk."

Debbie walked around the large desk coming up next to his chair as he turned round to face her. He motioned for her to spread her legs some so he can get a good look at her pubis with her golden curls covering it. He let his fingers explore the tender folds of her cunt. His finger worked his way of inside a very tight cunt, and he couldn't believe his luck as he felt her virginal skin, she was a virgin.

Hobbs broke the silence as he looked her, "Your a virgin are you sure you want to go through this, for what you've already done I promise that you can resign and nobody will ever know about your mistake. You make your choice right now, can get dressed sign a resignation letter and walk out the door. If you stay I will expect only top quality work out of you as a professional, and take advantage of you sexually. You make the choice?"

Debbie stood their next his desk naked with her legs spread in a very humiliating stance. She could get dressed and walkout after signing a letter of resignation, but she had less $100 in the bank and her rent was coming due. Finding another job would take several months, and she had no way to live for that length of time. She had never felt so alone or helpless as she did at that moment.

Debbie's voice sounded more like a little girl than a woman when she spoke, "Mr. Hobbs I have no other choice but to go along with you. I will do whatever you say just please don't hurt me."

Debbie lowered her eyes and stood there defeated, and at his mercy.

Hobbs raised his hands and taking each breast in one hand began to manipulate them feeling touching and twisting until he brought a gasp from her lips. Hobbs motioned for her to drop to her knees between his legs, and then opened his pants freeing his cock right in her face.

Debbie had given a few guys in college head before, so she had a pretty good idea what was expected of her. She leaned forward letting her tongue swirl over the head of his cock. He had a decent size cock about 7 inches long and two inches wide. She engulfed the head and a couple of inches of his cock letting her tongue tease the underside of his cock as her hand moved up and down the length jacking it off. Her other hand came up to cup and feel his balls. She had learned in college the art of giving the head, that was the only way she had passed one of her math courses stats she had a tutor that got her through it for blow jobs.

Debbie was scared though because she knew that Mr. Hobbs was not just going to be satisfied with head, and that meant she would lose her virginity. She had always meant to give it to the man she chose to be her husband as her wedding gift. Now she had no choice so she would do what she had to. She felt Hobbs cock begin to swell up in her mouth and she knew he was about to cum so she readied herself for his man juice. When he started shooting she was not ready for the amount of cum he had in him and some leaked out of the corners of her mouth.

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