Special Express

by Abe Froman

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Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Stacy works for a special delivery company that only hires pretty young women to deliver packages. A company that offers some services even its staff doesn't know about.

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Stacy's day could hardly have been better — even being at work seemed wonderful. The warmth of spring was in the air, allowing her to fully roll down the windows of her truck and feel the breeze flap her blond ponytail against her shoulders. As she looked around the spotless cab and double-checked her destination, she was reminded why she loved her employers.

Special Express was a niche-market courier company that treated their drivers very well — especially their women drivers. In fact they seemed to have gone to great lengths to lure any women away from the other couriers in town. There were great and flexible hours, equal and generous pay, well-kept clean trucks and benefits packages tailored for them. On top of regular sick days the drivers also received "lunar days" off every month, as needed.

Management had also gone above and beyond when it came to group benefits. Not only were there the typical medical and dental plans but also some fantastic group discounts at local salons, spas and upscale clothing stores — including beautiful lingerie from stores varying from Victoria's Secret to La Perla. Add to that the yearly company retreats that just happened to take place at some of the most stunning beaches and exquisite resorts and it was no wonder that there was hardly a woman to be found working for any of their competitors.

She wasn't so naive to believe that the gender of the person delivering the packages into offices didn't make any difference to the clients but it didn't really bother her. She wasn't a flirt by any means, but she had long ago made peace with the extra glances her looks brought her. Her blond hair was long and thick, striking even in a ponytail — and it was set off well by the deep tan she easily maintained between the retreats and spa visits. Even though the corporate uniform was a non-descript — if a little snug — jumpsuit, she still felt the warmth of a few eyes on her when she stepped into male-dominated offices. She was well curved and she stayed fit. Depending on the day or mood it affected her differently, but mostly it amused her and gave her a certain feeling of power.

When she arrived at the address on the waybill she found a convenient spot for the truck in the building's loading area. There was only one small package to go, so she could easily carry it by hand. She head inside as she tried to recall if she'd been in this particular building before — no clear answer come to mind. The buildings all started to blend together after a while. These offices did seem to be well appointed to her glance, lots of shiny metal and expensive wood. Her eyes moved back and forth between the package's label and the names on directories and doors until she found her way to one Mr. A. Gallway's office. His receptionist was a young woman, so he couldn't be that important. Stacey's had her own rule of thumb that the mid-level exec's get off on cute girls outside their door while the real power players knew that it was middle-aged career administrators that really got things done.

The receptionist balked at signing the digital pad and told her that Mr. Gallway wanted to receive the package personally — security or something. Stacey sighed okay — more time taken out of her routine, but she didn't let her disappointment show — Special Express cherished the customer service it offered — including politeness. She found this a new challenge today — this girl was actually chewing gum.

Following the perky pleated skirt into the main office after a quick knock, she put on her smile and offered the package and signing pad to Mr. Gallway. He looked to be an average sort, not old and not fat. Stacey has long ago stopped noticing too much about the "bosses" as in her world it is the receptionists and parking attendants that merit a courier's good graces and attention.

He took the pad from her and signed it, smiling at her. "Would you mind waiting just a moment while I open this? If it is what I think it is, I should have a return package for you immediately."

"Of course, Sir" she replied. Most other companies wouldn't bother, but this kind of situation was even in her training examples as one way Special Express would offer a higher level of service. She turned, just enough to give him a semblance of privacy but not enough to turn her back to him.

In the corner of her eye she could see him tear open the small box and slide out a small folded card. He must like it, she thought, because that is some smile.

He started to speak but it's didn't really seem he was directing his words to her and his eyes were locked onto the card. He spoke slower than before, like he was trying too hard with each syllable. "Code Special Express 4591."

She was about to think that's a strange thing to say, but she wasn't really thinking anymore, and besides, it wasn't nearly as strange as the way the room was getting darker and kind of blurry.

When a normal light level returned, Stacy found herself seated — vaguely aware of a change there. She was standing a second ago, right? As her eyes opened more fully and she became aware of her surroundings, she found herself in a rather plush wingback chair in an office. She recognized the face of the man smiling at her and the details of a delivery started coming back to her.

"What happened?" she managed to ask.

He didn't really reply to her; he just smiled. "God, I love it... Always a surprise."

This time turning to face her, he addressed her; "You're a Special Express courier, my dear, with a rather unique emphasis on the 'special.' I requested a delivery and I got it, and it's you. So now you're all mine, at least for a while. You were quite expensive, you know."

"You've got to be kidding," she said, not sure if she should be amazed at this guys delusions of his own charm, or to be insulted and his assumptions that she could be bought. She decided it was time to get out of here. When she tried to lift herself out of the chair, her arms didn't seem to respond to her desire to push herself up. Still too weak from fainting, she supposed, or whatever happened.

"Please, dear," he said, "take off your uniform."

She was sure of her emotions this time — anger and disbelief bubbled up inside her mind. This asshole is out of his mind if he thinks she's stripping down for him. Her mind raced to phrase the proper reply and insult before she would storm off to call her boss and his.

While she was thinking, the room started moving again. It took a split second for her to realize that this time the room seemed to be moving because she had actually stood up. Not only that, but her arms and hands seemed be moving about on their own. In fact her fingers are starting to peel open her jumpsuit uniform; opening the collar button and slowly but steadily pulling down on the front zipper. She tries to stop it, to pull her hands away, but despite feeling the sensations and pressure on her fingertips she seems to have no control over her body.

She wanted to stop, to scream, to run out -- to do anything but stand here and be exposed before this stranger. None of it seemed possible, however — she couldn't even seem to change the expression on her face — the soft curl of her lips formed into a coquettish smile mocked her inability to resist.

"In case you're wondering, the delivery code gives me your obedience as well as your presence, my sweet," he spoke in a near whisper, looking upon her in seeming awe. Each second passing saw more of her tanned flesh exposed and his eyes were locked upon the motion of the zipper.

She wasn't just removing her clothing in a utilitarian way, it became clear. Her shoulders and neck joined the kind of dance, shrugging back to slide the uniform from her shoulders as the posture emphasized her firm breasts. Despite the mental resistance she put up, there seemed to be nothing she could do to stop her body turning as her hands moved to her waist, pushing the jumpsuit down her long legs, bending at the waist as she did so — exposing her bottom so shamelessly to him. Her hands reached all the way down to her ankles, freeing her foot from her shoe as it stepped out of the jumpsuit leg. Her next foot followed suit, pulling from the shoe and the jumpsuit, now just crumpled cotton on the floor — and she'd stepped outwards each time, so her feet were spaced out nearly two feet apart — she was suddenly very aware of the view she was giving him.

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