Consequences 3 - Sister

by FamilyMan

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Desc: : Consequences is a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue is the effect of illegitimate sex on the family unit. Readers who are looking for active sex scenes and descriptions '" please find other stories to read. This is the third story of this group.

Special thanks to my proof reader, Naked Sailor.

The rumors started reaching my ears about 4 months before finishing high school. It seemed that every body I'd known, plus lots of others, had been fucking my 16 year old sister, Cindy.

At first I tried to defend her honor and had a few fights with the boys who were spreading the rumors. Then, I happened to come home early a few times, and that's when I saw that the rumors were all true. The slut, thinking that she had the house for herself, never bothered to shut her bedroom door.

The first guy I'd seen with her was my very best friend, Tim, who had played with me on the basketball team, who visited me regularly at home and I visited his. He was the guy who had told me about his experiences with girls and I had told him about mine. He was the guy I'd confided in when I had a crush on his sister and he was the guy I'd told that I'd seen his mother playing nookie with someone other than his Dad in the back row of the local drive-in. Based on that info he told his Dad, who after employing a detective agency found out that his wife had been playing around quite a bit and divorced her. That was only 6 months ago and now Tim was furiously fucking my sister.

"Well," I thought, "Maybe I shouldn't interfere. If she wants to fuck him she will, whether I like it or not." At that time I thought he may have been her boyfriend or something.

Tim left near the time I should have arrived home, but came back immediately. He'd seen my car on the driveway.

He came straight to my room.

"You saw us, didn't you?"

"Yes. How long have you been dating Cindy?"

"Dating? Haven't you heard the stories about her at school? Look, she has a logbook. I was number 327 in her book. She showed it to me. Cindy fucks anything that wears pants and has a cock! I couldn't turn her invitation down even if I wanted to, because she'd see to it that MY reputation would be mud if I didn't fuck her. If I was the first one you've seen you should come home early more often. You'll see sights that you can hardly see in porn movies!"

So I arranged to come home early every few days. In those days I saw Cindy 'entertaining' about 25 boys from school — in singles, doubles and in gang-bangs of up to 6 boys at a time. Then I had a few more surprises like my basketball coach, quite a few teachers and even the school principal.

On a weekend we had a sort of family reunion, and I noticed Cindy sneaking away with three of our cousins (the others were girls), and even with Uncle Joe — Dad's brother, who came back to the gathering after about 45 minutes with a very happy smile on his face.

Once I tried to talk to Cindy about what she was doing.

"Cindy, don't you care at all about your reputation? Or about the dangers of STD's?"

"It's none of your business, Bert. I do a lot of what I love most — fucking, and there is nothing you can do about it. But I may let you fuck me too if you want."

"I wouldn't touch you with a 10' pole, you slut."

"Why do you hate me, Bert? I'm only having fun, that's all."

"The whole school is laughing at me straight in my face because my sister is a slut. Every day I hear the boys telling stories about you. I can hardly even face my basketball coach, a few teachers that you fuck and even the principal and you ask why I hate you. As for fucking you — after so many guys, so often, it will be a miracle if you don't carry one kind or another of STD, and by God, you are not worth the risk. You say there is nothing I can do, but although I don't want to, what if I told Dad?" (Our Mom dumped us all about 5 years ago, for a lover much younger than herself).

"You may be surprised at what you find out if you do."

Not understanding her meaning I left and went to sulk in my room. The situation at school with all the rumors and the stories that were told about her right in front of me was becoming unbearable. I contemplated even dropping out of the basketball team but I had a basketball scholarship for the local college so I couldn't.

Then one night, at a very late hour I had to go to the bathroom. Getting out of there I heard a noise and just then Dad stepped out of Cindy's room in his underwear and with a huge smile on his face. Our eyes met, and suddenly I felt a wave of nausea. I ran back into the bathroom hardly in time to vomit into the commode.

After washing my face I went back to my room and there was Dad waiting.

"We have to talk."

"There isn't much you can tell me, Dad, but I want to tell you two things. First, go have yourself checked for STD's. Maybe you can still help yourself."

"Why do you say that?"

"I am not sure what you know about Cindy and I won't go into details, but if she is not an STD carrier it's only by a miracle. If she is not then at least you'll know that you are clean and can protect yourself in the future."

"OK, I will. Now what's the second thing?"

"I'm registered at the local college to start my studies next year. Scholarship or not, I want to go to an out of state college as far from here as possible. If you say that you can't afford it I'll work my way through, but I won't stay in this house one day more than necessary."

"Why is that? What's so bad at home?"

That's when I unloaded everything. I told him that I had no more friends, that I still played basketball only because I had to. I told him the long list of people I've seen with Cindy, and I told him about my feelings being the brother of the town slut. I told him that I want to leave town because I can't show my face around any more. In a concluding sentence I told him that I was so ashamed of being Cindy's brother that I'd rather die than keep seeing it all. Then I stuck a needle into him that I later regretted. I told him that I was also ashamed being the son of the man who had accepted his daughter's whorish behavior just so that he can fuck her too.

He turned white, got up and left my room.

A week later, after not seeing any of them at all, I found the documents in my room. I'd been registered into an east coast college, and my basketball scholarship would be honored if and when I get tested for the college basketball team. Attached to the documents was a one way airline ticket, an envelope full of money and a new credit card with my name on it.

As I hadn't seen either Dad or Cindy for a whole week, it was now clear to me that the documents and the cash were my ticket out of there, letting me know I was no longer wanted.

I packed all my belongings into two suitcases, and the next day after school I picked everything up, left home and checked into the cheapest motel in our town. A motel that usually sold the rooms by the hour. I had one more week till graduation, so I rented and prepaid the room for 8 days. I had a flight ticket for the 8th day.

Then I dialed Dad's cell phone and said:

"Message received loud and clear. You can move back home now. I've cleared out." With that I hung up.

There were endless messages on my cell phone from Dad, but I deleted them all and never answered any of them. Then there was a message from Cindy's phone.

"Please, please talk to me."

I dialed her number.

"What do you want, Cindy?"

She started crying and didn't stop for a few minutes.

"I can't tell you how sorry I am. I know that I was selfish and only thought of my pleasures. I've never realized how much I hurt you. Only this morning Dad told me that it's possible that we'll never see each other again. Dad is also hurting about something you told him and about losing you. Bert, had I only listened to you when you spoke to me last time this could have been avoided, but with my selfishness I only dug the grave for our family."

"So what do you want now, Cindy?"

"I want to know what I can do to have my brother back, and for Dad to have his son back. He is totally heart-broken."

"Right now I can't think of anything you can do, Cindy. I'm too hurt and humiliated to be able to offer you any help. It's too late anyway as I'm flying tomorrow. Good bye Cindy. Just think about one thing — now you have your fun and your pleasures, but when the day comes and you want to settle down with a guy you won't be able to, because sluts can't find good guys, and a bad guy will want to keep you as a slut."

The next day I went to the airport very early. I saw Dad and Cindy looking for me but I kept dodging them until I boarded the plane. When I looked out of the plane's window I saw Dad leaning against a column in the departures hall, both his hands over his face, and Cindy was hugging him. A few tears ran down on my face but I felt no regrets about leaving home. I had nothing more to do in our town.

The four years of college went by quite fast. I was a good student and finished one of the top five. My basketball was good and kept the scholarship through all four years. It seemed that Dad was following the account on which my credit card was drawn and kept filling it with money. My social life stunk, though. I found myself dating only girls who were like my sister — sluts. I had lots of quick sex, but didn't develop any serious relationships. Whenever a girl wanted to get more serious with me I became abusive and pushed her away. At age 22 I found myself with a diploma in engineering, but with a history of relationships none of which lasted more than two weeks. At the graduation ceremony I saw Dad and Cindy from a distance but avoided meeting them. Dad had white hair and his back was bent. He WAS broken.

I had found a job with an oil company and went straight from college to an off-shore oil rig, where I was signed on for a two year period. If I completed the two years I'd be promoted to a nice on shore office job, but I heard that most people ran away after one year or even less. But this job gave me a good hideout for two years, and I was certain that by that time they will stop searching.

The two years went by faster than I thought, and as promised, I was promoted to a desk job at the company offices in Florida.

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