by Kien Reti

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, TransGender, FemaleDom, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Body Modification, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Turnabout is fair play, as the saying goes. But, what if you're the one being turned about -- onto your belly -- and your girlfriend wants to stick it into you?


Copyright┬ę 2006 by Kien Reti

"You what? You want to do me for a change? Why would you want something totally absurd like that?

"Gin, honey, I know I'm the bottom, the one who bends over and spreads his cheeks for you. Anytime you want. But, it's getting to be more and more often lately. Five, six times a day sometimes. Not that I mind you taking me, you understand. But, guess what? Lately I've been wondering whether it'll ever be my turn."

"Your turn, Brent? Your turn? You hooked up with me with your eyes wide fucking open. You damn well knew what you were getting into. I hid nothing from you. Nothing! I told you right at the start that I was planning to get a BioFem-Pene implant. And, you were totally cool with that, or so you said."

"Okay, so you had the damn operation. And now you won't give me a moment's rest. All the time now you want a piece from me. A piece of ass. My ass. My poor, aching ass."

"I'm sorry, baby. I can't help it. I've been feeling so horny and aggressive since the surgeon remodeled me and adjusted my hormones. Just visualizing your bare butt and thinking of the things I can do with it makes me wet. It gives me such a rush of pure, naked power and sends shivers racing up and down my spine. Visualizing my shiny new BioCock slowly pushing into you, disappearing an inch at a time into your hole, reaming and stretching it... and all the while holding on to your hips and pulling you toward me, grinding my crotch hard, hard, into your crack and hearing you howl as I pound deep into your ass and fuck the holy hell out of you. I come so damn hard that it feels like the whole fucking universe is exploding. And, it makes me realize just how much I love you, darling."

"Well, if you put it that way, I guess I sort of understand. I love you too, Gin. But, sometimes it gets a bit much."

Oh Lord, what in the hell had he gotten himself into? Geneva Marklin was the kind of woman he used to have daydreams about. Tall, blonde, and statuesque. And, it didn't hurt that she was the sole heiress to the Millworth Hypermarket fortune. No way he could get a shot at her, was there? No, not him, not a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. A smart and ambitious kid trying to survive in a cutthroat world where only minimum-wage jobs were available to guys like him. A smart and ambitious kid with foolishly romantic dreams of marrying into wealth.

He remembered the very first time he saw her. She was a diaphanous vision of feminine loveliness in the translucent pink dress that clung to her lush hips and showed off her cleavage. But, what really riveted his view was that magnificent ass of hers. That round bouncing, happy ass. Much later, after they had gotten to know each other, she let slip that it was his ass that had attracted her... that had bridged the social barriers between them. How ironic.

More and more women were opting for the Operation nowadays, and it had pretty much flipped the social hierarchy on its head. Women were on top now and men were learning what it felt like to be an oppressed minority. But, things weren't totally in the toilet. Nowadays, a good-looking young man could use his body to get ahead.

The first time they made love, she had asked him to enter her anally. To put himself into that great ass of hers. He had responded enthusiastically. This was too good to be true! A piece of ass, real ass. Fuck the pussy! Unfortunately, he never did get to fuck the pussy.

"Listen, Dr. Huth, what can I do to make sex more enjoyable?"

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