TT Spalding

by thecelt

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Desc: Humor Sex Story: The Waters Case. TT Investigates

The Waters Case

The broad walked into my office and sat down in the chair in front of my desk. She was a real looker: blond, hair cut short like a pixie, green eyes that were big and round, a figure that would make any guy stop and look back and legs that were at least ten miles long. She had a smile that said there were things she had to share that would be worth my time. All in all, she was a knockout!

The description was fairly on the money but the vernacular was right out of a Sam Spade novel. I kind of liked it though and I recorded it just like that in my voice recorder. My part time secretary and full time wife of seventeen years, Margaret, or Maggie for short, would get a kick out of it and would type it in 21st century code.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a PI. My name is T.T. Spalding. The T. T. stands for Theodore Terrell, a gift from my parents. I went by TT and threatened anyone who called me by my real name, except for my wife, of course. Yeah, I was a licensed investigator and I worked for myself here in Richmond, Va. My book was missing persons, business scams and family affairs of all kinds. I generally worked by myself but I had two trainees that wanted to learn the business. Since I couldn't pay them much, they usually worked part time or when I had a big client that paid in advance. Those were few and far between but as I grew, word of mouth would bring in more.

I had been on my own now for just more than three years and I was making a good living, especially on the corporate stuff. I really liked that gig but those were the ones that were just becoming more plentiful. The real day to day stuff was missing persons and family crap. I hated the family crap. But, sure enough, the beautiful blonde knockout was in that category.

"What can I do for you Miss... ?"

"Waters, my name is Karen Waters and I am a Mrs. I'm married to a man by the name of Steven Waters and I think he's cheating on me. I need you to find out for sure."

"What makes you think that Mrs. Waters?"

"He's been coming home later and later, his clothes smell like perfume, there are charges on our credit cards that I can't explain and he hasn't touched me, you know, in that way for over a month. I know he's cheating."

I watched her as she talked. She was nervous, very clearly upset, and she seemed angry, but I thought there was something else. I could tell by the way she fiddled with her handkerchief, almost tearing it apart in her hands, that she had more on her mind.

But, she only mentioned his cheating so that was what I concentrated on. At least, for now. As she spoke, I could see that there were unshed tears in her eyes and she tended to hunch her shoulders, apparently to hid her embarrassment. I believed she was probably right about her husband, and I hated it. But, I needed the money and she was desperate.

"What do you want me to do, Mrs. Waters? I can find out for you very quickly if he's being unfaithful and I can tell you with whom. Is that enough or do you want more concrete proof? Like pictures or tape recordings?"

"How much does it cost? I mean, if I want real proof? I would probably want the pictures to make it so he can't just deny it. And pictures would be better if I went to divorce him, wouldn't they?"

"Yeah, proof will make a divorce more profitable for you and harder for him to hide anything. I doubt he would want to go to court to fight you if you had the proof nailing him dead to rights."

"All right, how much would that cost?"

"I charge a flat fee for this kind of job. It's $3,000. For that, I give you pictures, names, addresses, phone numbers, tape recordings and a daily log covering two weeks. I'll document visits, length of time, that sort of thing. You get the report and if it's satisfactory, you pay me. If you don't like it, you still owe me $1500, $500 up front."

Money must not have been an issue with her because she just nodded her head affirmatively. I pulled out the standard contracts and filled in the money and her name and she signed without a qualm. She then proceeded to give me the information I needed to get going. I promised her a final report two weeks from tomorrow and we shook hands. She thanked me and left, me watching her departing ass as she walked out. If he was cheating, her husband was a fool.

After she left, I called Polly and asked her if she was ready for a two week assignment. I told her $800 for the job and it was up to her how much time she needed to get it done. She happily agreed and said she would be there in an hour or so. In the meantime, I went on the net and found Mr. and Mrs. Waters. Seems he owned a very nice little business, working in the information world. He was rated very high with Dun & Bradstreet and was considered financially sound. We were in business.

I gave Polly the stats when she came in and she was raring to go. Now, Polly was a real knockout herself, just twenty-two with short black hair, boobs that were high and perky and a real cute figure. She was one hot babe, but my wife had her number. Polly and Maggie were tight and there was no chance of any hanky panky there. Actually, I loved Maggie to death, and she knew it so she had no worries.

So, Polly went to work on the Mr. while I went back to the computer and compiled all of their vital statistics. One thing I had learned as a cop back in Baltimore, Md. was that there was always more to a story than clear at first glance. And some of the stuff I was getting was very interesting. But, there was time for that later once we had what we were after.

It was a week later when Polly called and said she wanted to go over what she had with me already. She said she didn't need another week: we had enough to bury his ass and she wanted my help in writing the report. I told her to come in and we would review and compile what she had. I was interested anyway. I liked the lady and I wanted to see if we could make her job of divorcing his ass easy.

What Polly had was this: Steven Waters was seeing a woman about ten years younger than himself. Her name was Sally Kardon and she was a receptionist at a posh downtown salon. Seems he had met her a couple of times when he picked his wife up after having her day at the spa. Polly had pictures of him meeting her in front of an apartment building downtown where she had an apartment, swapping spit with her in several different locations, grabbing her ass right in front of the building and in general, making a total fool of himself. But she had more.

She got the girl's address and had broken in and installed a few small cameras. She had pictures taken inside the girl's apartment showing her on her knees giving him a blowjob, him on his knees slamming into her from behind while she was bent over the back of the couch, her on her back with her knees pushed up to her chest while Steven pumped away buried to the hilt in her pussy. There was still more, him eating her out, her with both hands on his head driving him face first into her cunt, him titty fucking her, kneeling over her while she lay on her back, and one, my all time favorite, him plunging into her while holding her up against the wall. This guy was hell bent on fucking her to death and she was doing all she could to make it easy for him.

I told Polly that she had a first class report and all the proof she needed so to write it up and get it ready. We could do this in less than two weeks and make a tidy profit. But Polly had something on her mind. I just waited while she thought about it. Finally, she let me know what was bothering her.

"You know TT, I don't like this one bit. I picked up on some of their conversations and got the strangest feeling that he was not just cheating on her."

"Go ahead. I think I know where this is going, but follow it through for me."

"Well, I think she started it and I think he was just getting even with her or just trying to even the playing field. I think she was cheating on him and he found out. But there was more to it than that, so maybe this was more than payback on his part."

I was inclined to agree with her. There was the nagging feeling I had after Mrs. Waters left my office. Well, that and the growing erection I got from watching her ass as she walked away. It's funny. My dick seems to know when a woman is a cheater. It seems to think that she's fair game when an unfaithful woman comes in the office. So, I told Polly to go after the wife if she thought it was a possibility and maybe we could get money from the husband as well. Hell, if they were both cheating, why not give both the same ammunition and let them fight it out in court. We make money and they make fools of themselves. And after all, she had tried to make a fool out of me. Worked for me.

Well, Polly went back to work and sure enough, she was right. Seems Mrs. Waters had a boyfriend. Well, actually, she had two. There was one that came to her home when Steve was working and one downtown that she saw at least twice in three days. When Polly told me what she found, I called Mrs. Waters and told her we had the proof she wanted but that it would take us an extra week to ten days to finish up but not to worry as I wouldn't charge her any extra. She wasn't happy but she bought it.

I had stumbled onto what I thought was going on here so I worked with Polly on Mrs. Waters. It was really fascinating and I wanted to use the extra time to see what she had going on. You'd never guess that the sweet thing that came in my office, shy and showing a tear as she talked about the possibility of her husband cheating on poor little her was a conniving slut that had at least two tricks on the side. I, on the other hand, being the cool suave private dick that I was, thought that I knew exactly what was up.

Polly was very good at surveillance and she had set up small high resolution cameras in Mrs. Water's home bedroom and in the apartment of a guy by the name of Wally Cannon who lived in a high rise downtown. Not the best part of town but what the hell. How Polly worked her magic, I never asked. She did the job and I accepted it as is. Within a week more, we had four recorded trysts of Mrs. Waters with the Cannon guy and the lover who made two house calls to service her. His name was Harmon Simms. Seems he was a neighbor who lived three houses away. Convenient.

I sat down with Polly and Maggie. (Maggie was there for my protection). We fast forwarded and reviewed the tapes and selected the best from each one. I had Polly put together a DVD of the best of each lover and get them ready. I thought that maybe she should talk with Steven Waters and see if we could have him hire us as well. I told her we would take a flat $3000 with no questions asked. She suggested $4000 since we had such great movies and it was probably her that was trying to screw him. I agreed as she was a better businessman than me.

Maybe you think there is a breach of ethics here, but there is no such thing. My license had nothing to do with my morals or my duties to the customer. I just had to declare myself as private, make sure no one thought I was a real cop and I was required to disclose anything I knew to the courts under subpoena. If I double crossed the double crossers, it was perfectly legal.

When they was ready, Maggie and I reviewed what Polly put together. Let me tell you, I was so hot after watching the DVDs Polly made that I had to rush Maggie upstairs to the bedroom where I fucked her silly. I had to admit, she was really in to it as well. We lost about 3 hours of valuable work day but who's counting. Afterwards, we went back down and finished the DVDs. God, were they hot!

The first showed Karen and Wally in his apartment. Polly showed Karen arriving, slowly stripping, then a quick shot of her naked except for a pearl necklace, spinning around for his approval. Then the angle changed to show her on her knees with one hand fingering herself while she held Wally's pecker in her mouth with the other as she sucked him off, moving her hand up and down his shaft. There was a good view of her face covered with his spunk. She was laughing and looked quite pleased with herself. The next few clips showed Karen getting royally fucked in the missionary position by Wally, ending with a loud scream from Karen and a deep grunt from Wally as he filled her with his cum.

I stopped, wiped the sweat from my face, looked at Maggie, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively but unproductively, and then back to the DVD. For the next 10 minutes or so, Karen once again sucked Wally back to hardness and then he took her from behind, pumping into her with a long smooth stroke. Since he had already cum twice, he was able to stay with her for a long time and he alternately held her hips as he plunged into her or bent over her back, grabbing her tits as he pummeled her.

Through all of this, Karen was moaning, "Yes, yes, yes." It was sort of monotonous to me but she was certainly letting him know she was very happy with him. He was just sweating and pumping away. I had to give it to him. He had stamina.

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