The Bachelor Party Pub Crawl

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Furry, Cheating, Gang Bang, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: His future bride didn't want a stripper at his bachelor party so we took the party to the strippers.

I don't know if I will ever forget that night. I know that on the one hand I hope to God I never do, while on the other I know it might be best if I did. It was the most sexually exciting event of my life and one I would dearly love to happen again. But at the same time it showed me how easy it was to cross a line and I'm not sure that I want to go through the rest of my life knowing that.

It started when Monte went to a knee in front of Daphne and proposed. Five months later it was time for the bachelor party. Harry, Monte's best friend and Best Man designate, started to put the party together. First there was the list of who to invite. The final list had fourteen names on it. Next he had to find a place big enough to accommodate fourteen cigar chomping, beer drinking, card-playing guys and still have enough room left over where the obligatory stripper could perform. Some negotiating, mostly with Dave's wife, secured Dave's house for the event. Dave's wife graciously (never did find out what Harry offered her) offered to spend the night over at her sister's.

Next Harry huddled with Monte over what he would like in the way of a stripper. Daphne was a drop dead gorgeous five foot nine raven haired beauty with legs that went on forever, but her tits, while perfectly fine for her body size, were not really all that large. That fact alone made some of us wonder how Monte and Daphne ended up together since Monte was an out and out tit man -the bigger the better! He had often been heard to say that if they didn't have tits big enough to serve as pillows they weren't worth having around. So Harry came out of the huddle with his marching orders; find a stripper with humongous tits because once married big tits would be a thing of the past for Monte. Harry hit four different agencies before he found what he wanted. Blonde, five foot two and with 42DD tits.

Everything was set, Harry had all his ducks lined up in a row and everyone was looking forward to the party. And then Daphne threw shit into the game. There would be NO, repeat, NO strippers at the party.

"I've heard plenty about what strippers do at bachelor parties" she told Harry, "and I will not allow that to happen to Monte. If he comes to me after some slut has stripped for him, given him a lap dance and a blow job the wedding is off!"

The word slowly filtered through the rest of us and the outcome was predictable. "What!? No stripper? You can't have a bachelor party without a stripper."

There was a lot of grumbling and one or two of the guys even talked about trying to talk Monte out of marrying a 'puritanical bitch' like Daphne. It was Jerry who came up with the idea.

"Is it the stripper she objects to, or is it the thought that the stripper might give Monte a blow job and maybe even a last fuck with a big-titted woman?"

The consensus was that it was the possible sex that Daphne was against. "So," Jerry said, "How about instead of the stripper coming to us, we go to the stripper?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Harry.

"We have two weeks before the party. Make a list of all the strip bars in town, split the list up among the guys and then everyone go to the places on their lists and check them out. Find the bars that have the girls with the biggest tits and on the night of the party we will go on a pub crawl and hit all the bars that have girls with big tits. Instead of one lap dance we can get Monte a half dozen and it will all be out in public so no sex will happen. Daphne can't be upset with that."

We all thought that would be a great idea and then Harv threw ice water on it. "Three or four cars running all over town from bar to bar? I don't know guys. The odds are pretty good that one of us will get stopped for driving under the influence."

That put a damper on things, but once again it was Jerry to the rescue. "We won't go in separate cars. We will hire a limo."

"No way man," Harv said, "You can't get fourteen guys in a limo."

"So we find a limo service with one of those mini-busses."

Harry said he would look into it and two days later Monte's Bachelor Party Pub Crawl was on.

We all met at Dave's place because he had enough room for all of us to park. At six the big, white mini-bus pulled up out front and the driver got out and opened the doors for us. I can't speak for the rest of the guys, but as for me, she took my breath away. That's right - she. We had been under the impression that the driver was going to be the man who owned the company and what we got was a beautiful blond who stood almost six foot tall in her high heeled pumps.

Besides the pumps, her uniform differed from a male chauffeur's uniform in that she was wearing a skirt instead of trousers. The skirt wasn't a mini, but it still showed an ample amount of extremely shapely leg. Being a leg man and having high heels as one of my biggest turn ons I was quick to seize the day.

While she was busy telling everybody that the regular driver, her husband, had been taken sick with food poisoning I was busy staking out the front seat as mine. No way was I not going to do whatever I had to do to get myself where I could feast my eyes on those legs. When she got everybody loaded on the bus and then slid under the stearing wheel I knew that I had made the right choice. Her skirt slid up to mid thigh and I got a woodie. She turned to talk to the guys in back and as she did her eyes swept past me and I know she noticed the tent in my trousers because there was a minute pause in her turn followed by the ghost of a smile on her face. Once she was facing the back she said:

"My husband told me what the plan for the night was, but I have never been to a titty bar so you guys are going to have to guide me. Where to?"

That announcement brought out a bunch of hoots and hollers and a few ribald remarks, a couple of which caused Christina to blush. Harry told her where our first stop was and she started the bus and we headed out to begin the night.

While everyone had been getting on the bus Harry and Harv had loaded three picnic coolers full of beer and by the time the bus pulled up in front of the Landing Strip Lounge everyone had downed at least two. The group was getting a little on the rowdy side and I almost felt sorry for Christina, but she was putting up with it and I somehow got the impression that she was kind of liking the attention she was getting.

We all piled off the bus and Chris said that she was going to recline her seat and take a nap and that we should wake her up when we were ready to go.

"Oh no" said Jerry, "You are part of the group and you are going in with us."

She protested, but the rest of the guys followed Jerry's lead and she was pulled out of the bus. Dave took her chauffeur's cap off and long blond hair cascaded down and almost reached her ass. Next it was get her jacket off as Dave said:

"Can't have you looking like the hired help."

The jacket off Christina stood there looking nervously around as all of us stood there and drooled. The jacket had been loose and bulky and had served to hide the magnificent upper body that did justice to the gorgeous legs below. I stood there looking at her wondering why the hell I should go into the Landing Strip and pay good money to see something that wasn't going to be half as nice naked as what I was looking at fully clothed. But the crew surged toward the door of the Landing Strip pulling Christina along with them and I had no choice but to follow.

The high spot of our time at the Landing Strip wasn't Monte getting huge ta-tas rubbed all over his face during the three lap dances we bought him (although he did enjoy the hell out of them). No, the high spot was the lap dance we bought Christina. She had blushed like hell when the dancer's tits rubbed against hers and when the dancer had kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear and she might have been embarrassed at the start, but she had loved it. She was a different person when we left the Strip and climbed on the bus to head off to the next strip club. She was a little looser with the guys and even exchanged a wisecrack or two with them. As soon as we were on the bus everyone got a beer from the coolers (except Chris of course) and we headed for the Pink Pussy Cat Lounge.

We didn't have to try and talk Chris into going into the Pussy Cat with us - she led the charge. She wanted to have one drink with us, but we wouldn't let her. We still had three more clubs to go to after the Pussy Cat and we told her we would let her have a few when we got to the last one. Lack of alcohol didn't slow her down one bit as she was as loud as the rest of us. Monte got two more face rubs as we all cheered the busty ladies on and then it was back out to the bus, more beers from the coolers and then we were on our way to the Carnival Club.

Monte got three lap dances at the Carnival, but the high point at the club was Christina again. We were sitting there cheering on the girl who was assaulting Monte with her 42DDs when a guy came up to us and asked Christina what time her set was. "Set?" she asked.

"Yeah? When are you on? I'm saving all my money for a lap dance from you honey" and he pointed at a table. "I'm sitting right over there. I'm a big tipper honey, you won't be sorry for doing me first."

That set up a raucous chorus of, "Do it Chris, do it Chris, make us proud Chris." You can never be sure about these things, but I'd bet good money that from the light in her eyes that if she would have had a few drinks in her she would have done it. The guys were still chanting, "Do it Chris, do it" when the stripper who had been giving Monte his lap dance came over and said:

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