Barb Cheated

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He didn't want to believe it, but then he saw it with his own eyes.

Authors note: Not much sex, just a story.

He couldn't face me. He knew what he had just done to me and he knew how much I was hurting. How could he not? My best friend since the third grade, the best man at my wedding, Brandon knew me inside and out. To make him feel easy I said:

"Relax bud, we don't shoot the messengers anymore. You sure she didn't see you?"

"I don't think she did, but am I sure? No, I can't say I'm sure. I saw her as soon as I walked in the door and I turned to go over to her and when I saw her kiss the guy I turned and found a dark corner to sit in. If she saw me she never let on."

My best friend had just told me that my wife was cheating on me. He had called me at work and asked me to meet him for a drink after work. I knew as soon as I saw his face that something was troubling him and I knew Bran well enough to know that it wouldn't do me any good to go right at it and ask him what was wrong. He would work himself up until he could get it out; all I could do was wait. It took five or so minutes of small talk and beer sipping before he finally got to it:

"Rob, I'm sorry as hell to be the one to tell you this, but Barb is cheating on you."

I wanted to jump up and scream at him, "No, no damn it, you're wrong!" but I knew he wasn't. He'd known Barb as long as I had so it wasn't like he could see someone else and mistake her for Barb. I asked him how he knew and he told me the story.

He had gone on a blind date as a favor to his sister and, no surprise, at least to him, the date was a disaster. He dropped the girl off at her apartment and decided he needed a stiff drink. He was in an unfamiliar part of town so he decided to hit the first bar he came to. He walked into the door of the place and spotted Barb walking off the dance floor with a guy. They walked to a booth along the wall and just before they sat down he saw Barb give the guy a steamy kiss. Surprised, he found a place where he could sit and watch and for the next hour he observed Barb and the guy drink, dance and make out in the booth.

When they danced the two of them plastered to each other and the guys hands were all over her. When they got up to leave he had given them a minute and then had gotten up and followed them out of the bar. He saw them get in the back of a car and a minute later Barb's head had gone down out of view and the guy leaned his head back on the seat. Bran didn't try to get close enough to look into the car, but he was sure that Barb was sucking the guy's dick. About three minutes later her head came up and they moved around and Barb disappeared from view again and seconds later her legs came up in the air. At that point he pulled out of the parking lot and went on home. He had sat on what he knew for two weeks, not wanting to have to tell me until finally he couldn't hold it in any longer.

As I drove home I was thinking of the night that Bran said it happened on. I remembered that I was in Baltimore taking care of a production problem. I had called Barb at noon to talk with her she told me that she was going out with the girls after work for drinks so not to worry if I called and she didn't answer. I wondered if what Bran saw her doing is what she did every time I went out of town. If it was then she was doing it at least twice a month.

It just didn't make sense to me. I'd seen absolutely nothing in Barb's attitude toward me to indicate dissatisfaction or a loss of affection. We had been married ten years and I thought that it was a good marriage, but I was apparently wrong. One thing I did know; I would find out.

The first thing I had to do was find out for myself what was going on. I couldn't confront Barb with what Brandon saw because that would just degenerate into a shouting match punctuated with things like:

"I'm your wife! Who the hell are you going to believe, him or me?"

Quite frankly, I was going to believe Brandon. He had no reason to lie to me whereas Barb did. If, for some strange reason, Bran was lying to me it would be easy enough to find out. I'd give Barb plenty of rope with which to hang herself and if she didn't I would take a closer look at Brandon.

I was due to take an inspection trip to our Anniston facility, but I rearranged the schedule so Gary would make the trip. I arranged with my boss to take a week off and I told him why so he would be able to properly handle any calls that Barb might make to the office. Next I enlisted Gary's help. I knew he would give me a hand because he had just gone through a nasty divorce after catching his wife in bed with another man. I explained the situation to him and he said he would be glad to help.

I bought a throwaway TracFone at a convenience store and the only one I gave the number to was Gary. Monday morning I kissed Barb goodbye, told her I would call her as soon as I was checked into a hotel, told her I would see her in four days and left for the airport. At the airport I left my car in the long-term lot and then hit Alamo and rented a mid-sized sedan and then I went and found me a motel room for three nights.

At two in the afternoon Gary called me and told me that he was checked into room 416 at the downtown Marriott under my name. I was parked down the street from where Barb worked when she got off work that night and I followed her. She went straight home. I gave her an hour and then I called her on my regular cell phone and told her where I was staying.

"If you call me and a strange man answers don't hang up. There was a mix up with our reservations. There is some sort of Shriner's convention in town and they were short rooms so Gary Williams and I are sharing a room. I'll check in with you tomorrow. Love you sweetie, bye."

I sat down the block until ten-fifteen and when she hadn't come out of the house by then I headed for my motel. I called her at noon the next day and reminded her that Wednesday was trash day and not to forget to put the garage cans out on the curb.

"I'm having dinner with the general manager and production managers tonight so if it runs late I probably won't call and wake you up. If you don't hear from me by nine don't wait up."

"I love you too. Bye-bye."

That night I followed her again and she went straight home and didn't come back out. I was beginning to wonder if I might have jumped to conclusions when I figured that she used my out of town trips to run around on me. I only had one more night until I was supposedly due to come home and she had gone home and stayed in every night I had watched.

I didn't call her the next day at lunch and at four-thirty Gary called me and told me Barb had called and had left a message for me at the desk. I called her on the throwaway phone to see what she wanted.

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm stopping with the girls after work tonight and I probably won't be home until late. I didn't want you to worry if you called and didn't get an answer."

"Be careful sweetie, take a cab home if you drink too much. I'll be home tomorrow and we can pick up your car."

"That's what I love about you baby, always thinking of me and my welfare. I love you."

"I love you too. See you tomorrow. Bye-bye."

When she got off work I followed her as she drove to the other side of town and stopped at the same lounge where Brandon had seen her. I'd never been in the bar and didn't know the layout and I didn't want Barb to know I was following her so I moved my car to where I could keep an eye on her car without her noticing me. I knew a lot of girls that Barb worked with and while I sat there watching the doors I didn't see even one of them show up.

Just after Dark Barb came out, got in her car and started it up. I got ready to follow, but all she did was move it to the back of the lot and park it in the darkest corner. She turned off the lights and then just sat there. Maybe five minutes later a couple of guys came out, walked to a car and stood there for several minutes talking and then one man got in the car and left. The second man stood there and watched until the car had disappeared and then he turned and headed for the back of the lot where he got into Barb's car.

He and Barb slid toward each other and began making out. After about five minutes of necking they both got out of the car and I expected to see them walk back into the bar, but what they did was get in the back of Barb's car. I know it sounds stupid, but until that moment I had been telling myself that Brandon had misread things, that Barb loved me and wouldn't screw around on me. I was convinced that there was a reasonable explanation for things, but deliberately climbing into that backseat stomped the denial right out of my head and heart.

They started making out again and slowly Barb slid down until I couldn't see her any more. I could see the man looking down at her and even though I already knew all I needed to know I had some perverse need to actually see what Barb was doing. It wasn't enough to just know that Barb was fucking the guy, I had to see. I got out of my car and worked my way towards Barb's car, trying to keep where the man wouldn't notice me moving up on them.

As I got nearer to them I heard Barb's moans. I got into position so that I could see into the car and Barb was naked from the waist down. The man had his fingers in her cunt and she was moaning as he finger fucked her. Her legs were spread wide and I could hear her juices squish. She pushed his hand away from her cunt and said:

"Hurry baby, I need the real thing."

He didn't even take his pants off, just pulled down his zipper, worked his cock out of his pants and shoved it in her. I heard her cry out:

"Yes, yes, that's it, fuck me baby, fuck me."

He was pounding into her and I heard the "slap, slap, slap" of his balls hitting her ass as she moaned:

"Yes, yes, like that baby, hard like that."

The guy didn't talk, cry out or moan, he just kept pounding into Barb. Her legs were flailing and her hands were clutching his butt as she tried to pull him in deeper.

"That's it baby" Barb moaned, "Fuck me hard, make me cum, make me cum baby, get me off."

Another minute or so of the 'smack, smack, smack' of flesh hitting flesh and the Barb cried:

"Oh God, oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oooh shit! So good baby, so good."

The guy gave a small groan and then said his first words since I got there to watch.

"My turn" he said, "Now it's my turn."

"Not in me" Barb cried out in panic, "You promised, not in me."

The guy moved back and his dick popped out of her cunt and he shot his load on her stomach and into her cunt hair. Barb reached down and scooped up some of his cum on a finger and took it up to her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Mmmm" she went, "Bring your cock here lover and let me suck it clean." He moved up until he was sitting on her tits and just before she took his dick in her mouth she said:

"Bet I can get you ready again."

At that point I started clapping my hands and calling out, "Bravo, bravo, great performance. Marvelous first act."

Barb looked up, saw me and her face lost all of its color. I'd heard of faces going pale, but that was the first time I'd ever seen it.

"Great show kids. I'd like to stick around for the second act, but I have some pressing personal business to take care of."

Barb was scrambling to get out from under the man as I turned and went back to my rental. I was just pulling away from my parking spot when Barb finally managed to get out of her car and came running toward me. She was calling on me to wait when I floored it and pulled out of the lot and headed on back to the motel.

The next morning I drove out to the airport, turned in the rental and got my car out of the long-term lot. I drove into the office and Marsha, our receptionist, told me that Barb had called half a dozen times and said that it was very important that I call her at work as soon as I got the messages. I thanked her and went into my office and called the company attorney and asked him to recommend a good divorce lawyer and then I called the number he gave me. Luckily the attorney could fit me in that afternoon and I made an appointment.

Then I did all the things that I thought I needed to do to cover my ass. I cancelled all of the joint credit cards, called the local papers and put a notice in the legal section that I would no longer be responsible for any debts incurred by Barbara Ann Mercer nee Barnum. I hit the bank and took half of the checking and savings and had my name taken off all the accounts leaving them in Barb's name only.

That afternoon I got the bad news. We lived in a no fault state so everything would be split fifty-fifty. It didn't matter to me so I told him to go ahead an initiate the proceedings. He told me he could file then next day and I asked him about a restraining order keeping Barb away from me and the house. He said that restraining orders were tough to get without very good reasons for requesting one and so I lied. I told him that Barb and her lover threatened to kill me when I caught them and I was afraid they were going to try and do me in to collect on my life insurance.

"Good" he said, "A threat like that can fast track things, but you will need to prove it when we have the hearing or it will be cancelled."

"That's okay. Once I've moved out of the house I'll drop it and we won't even have to have a hearing on it. How soon can it be done?"

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