Miriam's Slave 2

by sourdough

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, DomSub, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carol tries to escape Miriam's clutches. An unauthorized sequel to Cactus Juggler's story. Please read it first (link provided).

Dear Reader: This story is an unauthorized sequel to "How I Became Miriam's Slave" by Cactus Juggler. Please read it first at: http://asstr.org/files/Authors/cactusjuggler/miriamsslave.txt I sent him a copy of my story a couple of times last year but he never responded.

The coach's whistle blew and I knew I was the one who screwed up again. "Where's your head at today, Carol," she yelled. "That's the third time you've blown this routine. Remember we have a game tomorrow."

Miriam sidled up beside me and whispered, "Your head's between my legs, right?" At that point I burst into tears and started walking toward the women's locker room.

"What did you just now say to Carol, Miriam?" I heard coach yell.

"I didn't say anything, coach," Miriam protested.

"Well, you're elected to go find out what the problem is and to apologize for whatever you didn't say."

"Okay, coach," Miriam replied. Oh god! I just wanted to gather my belongings and get out of there. After what happened the evening before I wondered why I even showed up today. Miriam would be there and her mere presence would remind me of what she'd forced me to do and well, I just didn't want to be anywhere near her. Now our cheer coach was sending her to talk to me. I started running as fast as I could.

I sat down on the bench in front of my locker and tried to get it unlocked but my hands were shaking so badly I couldn't get the combination to work. I heard a slight cough behind me and turned around to see Miriam leaning against some lockers. She had a big smirk on her face. "I'm quitting the cheerleading squad," I said. "I'm sure you're happy to hear that."

"Oh, I'm very happy to hear that," Miriam replied. "Coach won't be too happy to have you quitting just before a game but I'm sure the rest of us won't miss you. In fact, I think squad performance and morale will improve quite a bit without you fucking up things."

I turned away and stared down at the floor. I was seething inside. Miriam had no right to say that. I was a good cheerleader. The bitch was just being mean but it still hurt to hear those words. I wondered why it mattered anyway since I had decided to quit and Miriam's opinion shouldn't mean anything to me. I was out of there. "Please just leave me alone now. You don't have to worry about me any longer."

"I'm not worried about you," Miriam said with a quiet chuckle. "I've never worried about you." She walked over and sat down beside me. I cringed but I didn't move away. "It's just that you've forgotten something very important and I want to remind you of it."

"What's that?" I asked stupidly.

"You're my pussy-licking, butt-sniffing lezzy slave. That's what."

"I told you I'm quitting the squad. Please be satisfied with that," I begged. Fresh tears started leaking from my eyes. I didn't want to be anyone's slave, least of all Miriam's.

"I don't care if you quit school too, Carol. You're still my slave."

"I'm not your slave," I insisted.

"But you are my slave. I think that's clear after what happened yesterday. Denying it won't change that fact."

"You... you forced me," I whined as my mind replayed my humiliation from last evening when Miriam made me smell and taste her pussy juices. The stuff coated my face and even permeated my hair. I rationalized that I wouldn't have submitted to her vile demands if I hadn't been threatened with death by suffocation. She demonstrated she was quite capable of carrying out her threat by cutting off my air supply with her fat ass and cunt. I think anyone would have done the same under similar circumstances. The worst of it was being forced to beg her to allow me to eat out her pussy.

"I can force you again if I have to. Would you like that?"

"No!" I cried. "Just leave me alone!" I wanted to leave right then but my purse and car keys were still in my locker.

"I can be gentle too, Carol," said Miriam. "Why don't you let me be gentle?"

"What do you mean?" I couldn't imagine what she was talking about. Miriam took my hand in hers. I tried to pull away but her grip was strong. I glared at her but I faltered almost immediately when I looked into her beautiful dark brown eyes and saw her confident smile. I looked away in shame. I realized I was still afraid of the Puerto Rican beauty. I was just as afraid as I was when lying on the floor of the scorekeeper's booth with Miriam using my face to masturbate with.

"Kneel down on the floor and I'll show you."

"I'm not going to do that," I protested but even as I spoke Miriam was pulling me into position and not forcefully either. If I resisted she'd hurt me again, right? My heart leaped to my throat when I saw her strip out of her skirt and panties. Even so, I didn't try to escape. Miriam then sat down on the bench in front of me. My head was now straddled by her thighs. My face was mere inches from her black thatched pussy.

Miriam didn't speak immediately. She just began to caress my hair as if I was a docile pet. It had a calming effect on me and I allowed my head to list to one side. My cheek now rested on the inside of her thigh. It felt so soft and warm on my cheek.

I could smell her sweat and arousal again. I thought I was going to retch the first time I was forced to inhale her stench but now I thought of it as a not unpleasant odor. Perhaps I'd gotten used to it although that seemed hardly possible since not even a day had passed since she'd been sitting on my face.

"Who would have believed you'd be kneeling here now between my legs when we first met," Miriam said as she continued to caress me. "I couldn't figure out why you were so hostile to me since tryouts but now I realize it was because you were fighting the intense sexual attraction you have for me." It was true I'd taken an instant dislike to Miriam when we first met but I'm sure it wasn't because I was sexually attracted to her and was fighting my feelings for her. I was a confirmed heterosexual. I didn't have a regular boyfriend but I dated a lot and had even been to bed with a couple of boys so I wasn't a virgin. So why was I kneeling before Miriam with my head between her thighs? She hadn't forced me this time but I was definitely intimidated. Yes, that was the reason I was kneeling here. I was intimidated. I just couldn't have Lesbian feelings for Miriam, could I?

"You're going to be seeing a lot of my pussy from now on, Carol," Miriam continued. "In fact, you might say you're looking at your entire future; a future between my legs. You'll be devoted to giving me pleasure with your mouth and tongue or in any other way I see fit. I made you my slave yesterday and this exercise is just to confirm what we already know. I own you body and soul."

"Please... n-no," I whimpered. What Miriam was saying was just impossible. It felt like my face was on fire with embarrassment and humiliation.

"I know it's a difficult realization to have, Carol. You're just having a hard time accepting it. Why don't you just continue to kneel here and relax? You can tell me when you're ready. I think we still have time."

The time? Oh god! I didn't know how long we'd been in here but someone else could walk in at any second. I didn't want to be caught like this. I briefly considered bolting for the door and coming back for my belongings later but I didn't want to disobey Miriam. The implications of that thought didn't even register with me at the time. "I don't know what you want me to do," I said.

"It's very simple," Miriam replied. "Just look up at me and declare that you're my slave." I shyly looked up as I'd been told. Miriam wasn't smirking. She wasn't even smiling. The olive skinned beauty looked totally serious but not cruel, just very powerful in my eyes.

"I... I am your... sl-slave," I stammered.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" Miriam said. She put a slight pressure on the back of my head and I knew I now had to demonstrate my submission to her. I gently kissed her patch of pubic hair. I looked up and Miriam nodded her approval. She then scooted forward a bit and leaned back slightly so her pussy was exposed for me. I knew what she wanted me to do and I bent to my task. I didn't have any choice did I?

I whimpered once before I stuck out my tongue and ran it along her pussy lips. I could no longer see Miriam's face but I could hear my tormentor grunt in pleasure. I should have been repulsed but I wasn't. Her pussy odor was stronger now but I didn't mind a bit. That's not to say I wasn't disgusted with myself. I still wished I wasn't doing this. "That was nice," Miriam said. "Now get your tongue in there and lick me out." I parted her outer pussy lips and saw her bright coral inner lips. It looked spectacular against her black hair and dark olive skin. I really hadn't noticed the evening before. I continued to lap at her pussy until Miriam increased the pressure on the back of my head and started rubbing my nose against her clitoris to get herself off.

Miriam finally let go of my head and I sat back on my heels. I sat there passively and waited for my tormentor's next order. "I don't think we have time to do anything else," said Miriam, "but there shouldn't be any more discussion on whether or not you're my pussy slave." She reached for her panties and put them on. "I'm sorry I can't leave these panties with you to sniff but I'm expected back at practice. Can't be giving everyone a show, can I?" She giggled and as soon as she donned her skirt said, "See you later, Carol. I'll tell coach you quit for personal reasons and it was nothing to do with me."

As soon as Miriam left I got up, went to the sink and cleaned up the best I could. My lipstick was all smeared but I didn't bother trying to fix it. I just wanted to go home. My combination lock now worked fine. I gathered up my belongings and drove home. When I got home I showered, climbed into bed and cried. I knew I could never return to school as long as Miriam was there. It wasn't too late to withdraw and start again in the spring semester somewhere else. I wanted to get my two-year degree in accounting but it would have to be delayed. My eventual goal was to become a Certified Public Accountant. Miriam was sure to find someone else to dominate when I wasn't there. She seemed that type of person.

For the next two weeks I didn't answer the telephone. I let all the calls go to my voicemail. There were calls from friends, acquaintances and even a couple from my coach. There were none from Miriam. I listened to all the messages and then deleted them. I didn't return any of the calls. My mother finally figured out I wasn't going to school. She wanted to know why and I gave her a lame excuse which I'm sure she didn't believe but she only said I should think about getting a job and left it at that. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom. They've been divorced for as long as I can remember and my mother never remarried. I'm an only child.

On a warm Saturday I heard the doorbell ring. I was still holed up in my room but I heard my mom answer it. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on my door and my mom popped in her head. "You have a visitor," she said.

"Mom, I told you I'm not seeing anyone," I complained. The door opened all the way and I saw Miriam standing behind her.

"Hi, Carol," Miriam chirped happily. "I came to see you. Thank you, Mrs. Baxter." My mother smiled and closed the door.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I hissed angrily. "Get out! You're not welcome." I sounded angry but I was really shaking in my boots. I was feeling intimidated again. Miriam acted like she didn't even hear me. She sat on my bed with me and smiled sweetly.

"Don't take that tone of voice with me, slave," Miriam said. "I can still get rough, you know." She wore a short summer dress with plenty of cleavage showing and bare legged with high-heeled sandals. She was dressed to seduce.

"This is my house," I retorted. "Besides, my mother's here."

"I guess we'll have to be quiet, then." Miriam wouldn't take no for an answer. She caressed my cheek. I tried to shy away but it didn't do any good.

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