Swinging Foursome: A Fantasy

by Sumisha

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Swinging, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A Fantasy of mine (as narrated by a male character, my hubby), which I want to enact soon, if possible!

My name is Madhav. I live in the USA with my wife Veena. Last night Veena came across a story "My First Lesbian Encounter" on White Shadow stories web site. The story was very exciting and we both liked it very much. Veena and I also write stories about our sex experiences and exchange them with our close friends. We would also like to exchange our stories with your sex stories. I have never had any sexual experience before marriage, but recently we started swapping and now I am having group sex quite regularly which also include Bi-sex or lesbian activities.

I am a Senior Engineering Manager. We are living in the USA for last 15 years. I am 34, 6' 1", 185 lbs., slightly overweight, fair and handsome.

Veena is a housewife, 28, 5' 11", 110 lbs., 36C-26-36. We have been swinging with our close Indian friends for the past 5 years.

About my swinging life. For a long time I suspected that my wife Veena had been fantasizing about making love with other couples. But about 5-6 years ago she started telling me that life is too short and we should also experience how it would feel to make love with other people since before marriage we both never made love with anyone else. She wanted to feel a different man's body in her arms and she said that she would also like me to enjoy feeling of a different lady making love with me. Whenever she talked about this, her performance increased.

So I thought that thinking of her making love to another man and me making love to another lady does turn us on a lot and we were having a wonderful lovemaking those days. Later I thought that if my wife likes it I guess there is no harm in talking and I also started talking about me making love with another lady. By way, she also confessed that she had had two real life lesbian encounters with two different girls (of course, both happened after our marriage). I was at first shocked and felt disgusted whether she was not satisfied with my performance; she assured me that it was not the point but somehow she liked the touch of a 'girl', and I accepted it as a matter of fact.

So after talking about me making love with another lady almost every night, I became little bolder and agreed to do it in reality with another couple.

We started looking around and our eyes fell on Raghav and Anu who were living in our own neighbourhood just few streets away from our house. Over the years we have become very good friends with Raghav and Anu. They both were of our same age. Raghav is 35 and Anu is 26, 5' 9", 100 lbs., 34B-26-36, slim, with sharp features. Veena and I were very attracted with their nature and beauty. After setting our eyes on Raghav and Anu, we started fantasizing about them while making love. Whenever I make love with Veena, I usually tell her how juicy and attractive her pussy is and how easily I can ask Raghav to make love with her. She too sometimes asked me which pussy I want today by taking several of our friends' names including Anu.

When I saw how much Veena was enjoying, I started to ask her gently whose cock was in her pussy. Soon without any hesitation she said it is Raghav's cock. I would not say anything but I can feel that she was fantasizing her having sex with another man, because her level of participation and performance has also increased. Then I also started telling Veena that Anu would also like to enjoy my cock and one day I asked her to make love with me thinking she is making love with Raghav and also call me Raghav while I fucked her.

Soon she also started asking me whose pussy I am fucking and I would gladly say Anu's pussy. I also started calling her Anu when she was making love to me. We enjoyed this fantasy lovemaking almost everyday. So then one day suddenly it happened with Raghav and Anu about 5 years ago without any planning.

One day Raghav and Anu invited us for a dinner. We went to their house in the evening and there Raghav and I had few scotch, and for a change both Veena and Anu had some margarita.

Then somehow Raghav started talking about XXX movies because he knew that Veena and I watch XXX movies quite often. Raghav asked Veena if she has seen an Indian XXX movie. Raghav said that it would be fun to watch these movies with Indian people making love in it. Veena told him that 'now Indian XXX movies are also becoming available in the USA, ' and 'yes, Madhav and I have seen a few Indian XXX movies. They are more exciting than American movies because it is totally a different experience to see sari-clad Indian ladies making love with different men.'

Veena told him that 'I have a rented Indian XXX video in our car that Madhav was going to return on our way back from Raghav's house. If you want to see how Indian XXX movies are, you can watch the movie we had in the car, before Madhav returns it later tonight.' Since Anu has not seen an Indian XXX movie before, Raghav suggested Anu that they should watch that xxx movie in their bedroom before we leave.

Veena said, 'go ahead; Madhav and I can watch some other regular Indian movie in your family room.' Veena did not know what Raghav had in his mind but Raghav said that it is rude to leave guests in the family room alone and insisted that we are all adults and if at all we will watch a xxx movie, we would watch it together. For which Veena and I had no objection, but looked like Anu was not very sure about the idea.

Then Anu and Veena went to the kitchen, and in the kitchen she assured Anu that it is ok to watch such movies with close friends. They came back from the kitchen with more samosas and drinks and after a few minutes Anu told us quietly that she has agreed for watching the movie together. Veena went outside to the car and got the movie 'Garam Mirch'.

We all went to their bedroom. Veena and I sat down on the side sofa and Raghav and Anu sat on their bed. Raghav put the lights off and started the movie. We had seen the movie before so we just sat on the sofa and watched Raghav and Anu's reaction of the Indian movie. After some time it seemed that Raghav got excited watching the movie and suddenly covered himself and Anu with a blanket, and looked like as if he has started doing some kind of foreplay with Anu.

So I also got excited and started deep kissing Veena and squeezing her breasts. Since Raghav and Anu were covered with blanket cannot see us, she also started squeezing my cock over my pants and we both got into a heavy foreplay.

Suddenly Veena noticed that the blanket has got shifted a little and we could partially see Raghav's bare bottom moving back and forth.

He has gone on top of Anu and looked like they have actually started fucking. Seeing that I asked Veena that she would also like to fuck me, but she was very shy and hesitant because we did not have any cover. But after few more minutes, she also became hot watching the fuck film and listening to the noise made by Raghav and Anu. After watching these two fucking on the bed who were now barely covered by the shifted blanket, Veena also agreed to let me fuck her on the sofa.

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