Revenge For Mother

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2006 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: The very wealthy have sex too. Follow along as Jeremy, the 24 year old son exacts revenge for his mother. Jeremy's father has passed and has been burried before the photos of his secret sex life come light and Jeremy is out to get even. Then his mother intervenes as only a loving mother could.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Humiliation   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Even though it was early afternoon it was already dark outside with a grey overcast sky and a light drizzle falling, it was an absolutely perfect day for a funeral. When the preachers' last words had been uttered and the casket finally lowered mother and I were the last ones to turn away from the dark hole in the ground and start back down the slippery grass towards the limousine. The mist of the light rain that was on our faces and running down our cheeks effectively covered the remnants of our tears as mother and I stepped inside the black Mercedes Benz and sped off towards our home, my father and my mother's husband was dead and buried at 55. The ghosts of his 80 plus hour work weeks at the law firm that bore his name was now behind us all and yet mother and I were left alone, alone in a 6 bedroom, 4500 square foot home in the most prestigious country club community in the city.

The limousine finally stopped at the top of our circular driveway and I helped mother from the car and we slowly walked up the front steps and into the cold and lonely house. Even before we entered we could hear the buzz of the myriad of guests that had shown up for father's funeral and had now come to our house to pay their final respects. Throughout our home were perhaps a hundred guests, milling around and talking in low whispers perhaps remembering special things about my father. There were the pompous partners from his law firm, the judges and clerks from the judicial system, and of course friends and neighbors from the community and, the many relatives from both sides of our family. The wake went on until well after ten that evening, until I finally ushered out the last of the guests, closed and locked up the house and went looking for mother. I searched the entire downstairs to no avail then I walked up the spiral staircase and there was the first sign of mother, her black high-heeled pumps lying askew at the top of the landing. Further down the long dark hallway and just at the entrance of her bedroom, lying crumpled up on the floor was her long black funeral dress and inside the room sitting at her vanity was my 47 year old mother wearing nothing but her black silk panties and bra. She was staring into the mirror on her vanity and idly trying on a variety of necklaces she had apparently taken out from her safe.

"Mom? Mom, are you OK?" She looked around at the sound of my voice although I'm not sure if she realized whose voice it actually was.

"Wha... what?"

"Mom it's me, Jerry."

"Oh yes, Jeremy. Are you alright son?"

"I'm fine mother but you look as if you could use a stiff drink."

She seemed to think about that for a minute or two. "That would be nice son; yes I think a drink would be in order."

I helped her up from the vanity and into her housecoat and we walked arm in arm, back down the staircase and into the den. I got mother situated on the couch and then I walked over to the bar and made her favorite drink, a gin martini, straight up, shaken, not stirred. Two olives on a toothpick finished it off and I walked back over to the couch and handed mother her drink. "Here you go mom, it's your favorite." She took a sip and eased back onto the couch and seemed to relax just a bit. I walked back to the bar and poured two fingers of single malt scotch in a hand blown, leaded, cut crystal glass, my father's favorite I might add, and looked across the room at mother.

My mother, Mrs. Delores Wilcox III, known to everyone in the country club set simply as 'Dee" was a very striking woman. In my formative years (from 13 to about 16) I had masturbated many times thinking about mother; her worn and stained panties draped over my nose as I inhaled her aroma and jacked off to thoughts of her naked body. Now, years later, sitting there in her underclothes and housecoat she still turned me on even though I had just turned 24 and had already been married and divorced. Dee was a stunning woman who stood almost 5' 10" and at 124 pounds she was still as lithe as when she was in college. She had sparkly deep sea green eyes that were surrounded by her auburn hair that flowed well down past her shoulders. She had freckles everywhere on her body and she had once confided in me, when she was just a bit tipsy of course, that every time you had an orgasm one freckle disappeared — and she still had tons of freckles. Mom's long legs terminated at a wonderfully heart-shaped butt that still seemed to be just as firm as her breasts.

As you might suspect I am not only a hopeless voyeur but a piece of shit for having sexual thoughts about my own mother just after laying my father in the cold hard ground and you might just be right. The one thing I knew for sure about my father was his complete lack of sexuality, at least where mother was concerned. They hadn't made love in years and I knew that because on those rare occasions when my mother had a little too much to drink, sex became her favorite topic of conversation, whether or not I was in hearing range. My father would take her deriding his manhood for just so long then he would retreat into his study and lock the doors and mother would go up stairs and cry herself to sleep. A year ago after securing my divorce I moved back into my parents' home, my failed marriage due mostly to the fact that that although my ex-wife wanted my families money and prestige — she also wanted a woman in her bed, not me.

After mom finished her martini I helped her back upstairs and into her bedroom. I pulled down the covers and helped her off with her housecoat then got her settled in the bed. I kissed her cheek, checked out her bra and panties one last time, sighed deeply and pulled the covers up and went into my room to contemplate life's little complications.

The next thing I remember is hearing a crash coming from somewhere downstairs. Thinking that perhaps someone had broken into our home I rolled over and when I looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was past ten the next morning and I was stunned. Still confused with the ruckus downstairs, I got up, put on a robe and descended the staircase. Dad's study doors were wide open and I could hear mother inside and as I approached I could see things flying around the room.

"God damn you William, God damn you, God damn you." Crash went something else.

I peeked around the door and mother was standing about six feet from the open office safe pulling trophies and any other memento of my father's that she could reach off the library shelves and tossing them willy nilly around the room and damning my father after each and every throw. "Mom? Mom what's wrong?"

"Wrong! WRONG! It's your fucking father, that's what's fucking wrong! Fucking whoremonger! Slut in a pinstriped suit! God damned fucking pimp! I'm glad he's dead Jeremy, I'm glad!"

In all my 24 years I had never heard my mother raise her voice much less use vulgarities. Usually, when she was really mad she used damn and on special occasion, God damn, but I had never heard this type of foul language coming out of her mouth. I eased over and took her into my arms and hugged her. "Mom, it's alright, calm down and tell me what has you so upset." She was still crying and shivering when she handed me a manila envelope which was fairly thick, maybe a half inch or so and about 14"x17" in size. I took it and walked over to my father leather high back chair, sat down and opened it. A large number of 8"x10" photographs slid out and onto the desk, photographs of a variety of women, none of which was my mother.

I looked at the pictures that had spilled out onto the desk and saw that there had to be 15 to 20 different women represented in them, all in various stages of undress, you've seen similar ones I'm sure, women in their panties and bras, topless, and some totally nude. And then there were the sexual photographs - pictures of my father with a variety of women, sometimes just one woman and sometimes with two or three women and sometimes with other men and women. I guess at that point it dawned on me, the men and women in the pictures were all people who lived in the country club, wives and husbands of members as well as some colleagues of my fathers. From the number of pictures it looked like he was fucking half the country club that is everyone except my mother! I looked over to the leather side chair and mother was sitting there, clutching her robe tightly, her legs and feet tucked up underneath her, quietly sobbing.

Taking in a deep breath, I rose and walked over to the chair and helped mother up. "Come on mom, let's go back upstairs." Again, as I had the night before, I helped her upstairs and into her bedroom. The covers were askew from the night before so I opened her robe, thinking that she would still have on her panties and bra, but when the robe slid off her shoulders I realized that she was totally nude. I should have known as much because mother always showered as soon as she got out of bed but I just didn't think and she certainly didn't seem the least bit concerned that her son was seeing her like this. I helped her get comfortable in bed and pulled up the covers and kissed her forehead. I did note that, much as I had thought, her breasts didn't sag very much, at least not until she lay down, then they lay flat onto her chest. Still when I turned and left the room my face was crimson with embarrassment, not because I had seen my mother naked but because I had an obvious erection.

With mother safely tucked into bed I went back downstairs and into my father's study. I cleaned up the mess mother had made then sat down and took a few minutes to carefully look at each of the pictures on the desk. I turned one over and there, in my father's distinctive handwriting, was the name of the participant(s) and the date that the event took place. I picked up another photograph and look at the back and the same data was written onto it too. God this was information that any blackmailer could use to good advantage, especially in our rarefied circles and that gave me an idea. I put the pictures back into the envelope, closed it then locked it in the safe - for later use; I thought as I shut the door and spun the dial. When the study was back as it should be I closed the doors and went up to my room and showered and dressed. When I finished dressing I checked in on mother and saw that she was still sleeping so I left for the market to buy groceries for that night's meal.

On Monday morning I returned to the study, opened the safe and took out the envelope and dumped the pictures out onto the desktop. As I thumbed through each of the photographs I categorized them by how well I knew each of the participants. When I was done the top picture in the stack was of Mrs. Melody Barnes, currently the Principal at our local high school, she had been a teacher when I was a student, and the wife of the president of our local bank. Good, I believe I'll start with her I thought. I picked up the phone and called the school and talked with Melody's secretary and secured an appointment for that afternoon at two o'clock. I made a copy of the photograph of the very naked Melody giving my father a blowjob in what was obviously his private office at the law firm. From the date on the back of the picture she would have still been a teacher when it was taken but I didn't think that made the least bit difference. I arrived at Melody's office five minutes early and sat on the bench in the outer office and waited. At almost exactly two o'clock Melody breezed out of her office and across the waiting area to greet me. She was wearing a pale blue two piece suit with an off-white blouse, tan pantyhose and a pair of cream colored shoes. I stood up and held out my hand, which she took into hers.

"Jeremy, it's a pleasure to see you again and let me say how sorry I am about your father."

"Thank you Melody, I appreciate that."

"Come on into my office and you can tell me what this visit is all about."

Confident in her demeanor she turned and walked quickly back into her office. I followed her and as I entered she closed the door behind us.

"Please have a seat Jeremy." She pointed to a couch against the back wall of her office. I sat down while she pulled up a chair in front of me and sat down. Smiling she said, "Alright now what can I do for you Jeremy?"

OK, here it goes I thought. "Well actually I can probably do more for you; at least I think I can. Here Melody, take a look at this and tell me what you think." I handed her a standard business envelope in which I had placed a copy of the picture. She took the envelope and opened it and took out the folded paper and opened it and I watched as her face turned from a light tan to a pale white, as white as the cliffs of Dover. The envelope and paper slipped from her hand and fluttered down until they lay on the carpet.

"Uh... I don't know what to say Jeremy. I guess that I'm sorry that you had to find this, especially now that your father is gone, but what do you want from me?"

"Here's the deal Melody. I have the original copy put away in a safe place and I'll keep it that way as long as you cooperate with me. If you refuse to do as I ask then I'm going to have copies sent out on the internet for anyone, including your students, to see as well as to send copies to each member of the board of trustees of your husbands' bank and each member of the school board. You see I think it would be very damaging to you and your husband if this picture were to surface, don't you agree?"

Ashen and obviously shaken by my threat she simply nodded, then spoke. "I see Jeremy, its blackmail. My husband and I don't have a lot of money but I think..."

"I don't want your money Melody; I already have enough money..."

"What is it then Jerry, what do you want?"

I noticed that she had changed from calling me the more formal Jeremy to Jerry. "You Melody, I want you and I want you right now!"

"What? You're joking; tell me your joking Jerry."

I stood up and said in a stern voice. "I'm not fucking joking with you Melody not in the slightest, and if you don't take off your jacket and blouse and bra right this minute and let me see if those tits of yours we'll see who's joking." I saw the tears form in the corners of her eyes and for a minute I didn't think she was going to do it then she slowly stood up and unbuttoned her jacket. Once it was opened she shrugged it off her shoulders and laid it on the end of the couch and began unbuttoning her blouse.

She looked up at me again, her eyes pleading for mercy. "For God's sake Jerry, I was one of your teachers, please don't do this!"

"Just keep going Melody, you and I, we're just getting started." She had almost finished unbuttoning her blouse and when she finally removed the garment her bra encased breasts came into view. They looked to have grown a bit larger than when my father or whoever took the picture of him getting the blowjob, but I guessed that was just her age showing. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and let it slide down her arms, past her elbows and off. Her breasts were huge, probably somewhere in the 38D range and they hung down onto her chest. They were a very pale white, like the rest of her skin and her areolas were a very light peachy color. She had really tiny nipples, especially small for the size of her breasts and yet they appeared to be hard. Was she excited? I walked around behind her and reached under her arms and around her chest and cupped her breasts. She shuddered as I touch her and then stiffened as I rubbed her nipples between my thumb and forefingers. I kissed the nape of her neck and whispered into her ear. "I'm going to put my hard cock in that lovely mouth of yours Melody would you like that?" She slowly shook her head 'no'. "That's too bad because you're going to suck my cock until it's dry, now turn around and get down onto your knees."

"Jerry please don't..."

"Turn around Melody and get the fuck down." She turned around her arms covering her breasts trying to hide her nakedness from my eyes. Slowly she bent her knees then she let all pretenses go and simply dropped her hands to her sides and got onto her knees.

"Alright Jerry, but tell me, why are you doing this to me?"

"For revenge Melody, revenge for what you and the others like you did to my mother." I unzipped my fly and reached inside and pulled out my semi-erect cock. Now I'm not all that big, just a little over seven inches hard but I was going to enjoy shoving every inch of it down this slut's throat. "Go on, get started." Melody reached out and took a hold of my cock, leaned forward and let the tip slide between her lips. She had her fingers around my base, so I wouldn't go too deep I suspected, and as she bobbed her head up and down she licked the crown. Damn, I had to admit; she was a good cocksucker. I was getting close to having an orgasm when there was a light tapping on her door, it was Melody's' secretary.

"Mrs. Barnes, your husband is here for your 2:30 meeting, shall I have him wait in the lounge?"

I looked down at the prim and proper principle, my cock still in her mouth and surprise in her eyes. "You forgot that your husband was coming?" She nodded her head. "Maybe I should invite him in to watch us." She shook her head no, almost violently. I pulled my cock out and whispered, "Then you tell her to have him wait and that you'll be done in a minute."

"Joyce, I'll be finished here in a moment or two, please have Mr. Barnes wait for me in the teachers lounge. Oh, and Joyce please get him a cup of de-caf coffee, don't let him have the regular."

"Yes ma'am."

"That was good Melody; now let's get back the business at hand." I grabbed her hair and wound it through my fingers as she took me back inside her mouth. I used my leverage to literally 'fuck her face' until I was once again on the verge of coming. "I'm almost there Melody, suck it all down, I don't want to see any cum leaking out the sides of your mouth." I moved her head faster and faster until I felt my cock twitching and that familiar sensation began in my balls, then my cock expanded, then contracted and I shot out a hot stream of cum. "OH GOD! Yes, yes, yes. Suck my cock you fucking bitch. Drink it all downnnnnnnnnnnn!" I tried to count how many times I shot cum into her throat but the pleasure was so great I just couldn't concentrate on anything but my own pleasure then I finally quit spurting and to her credit Melody sucked it all down. When I finished I released her hair and tucked my cock back into my pants and then sat down on the couch and watched Melody dress. When she was finished she walked over to a mirror and checked her face, for cum I guess, then touched up her hair with her fingers and turned and looked at me with a look that could best be described as hatred.

She sneered as she spoke. "I trust you'll hold up your end of this bargain and destroy the original picture?"

I nodded my head. "I will Melody, you don't have a thing to worry about, trust me.

She snorted, "Oh sure, trust somebody who just fucking raped me, now that's a real laugh."

I got up and walked out of her office, out of the school and out of Melody's life. As I drove home I was smiling because I was completely satisfied at what I had accomplished yet somehow I also felt strangely unfilled. How weird! It was almost four in the afternoon by the time I walked back into the house.

"Hi honey, where have you been?" Mother called out.

She was standing in the kitchen starring out the window, a glass of white wine in her hand and a little smirk on her face. I looked at my watch and thought; God she's started drinking early again. "Oh just out for a drive mother. What have you been up to?"

"Nothing dear, just enjoying the peace and quiet of the house."

That night after I tucked mother into bed I went back into the study and open the safe and took out the envelope of pictures. As I thumbed though the stack of photos I thought about who was going to be number two on my revenge list. Then I came to the picture of Irene Dangles, the wife of State Congressman Jack Dangles. Jack and Irene had been to our house on any number of occasions and Irene had not only been a close friend of mothers', but mother had been the major fundraiser for Jacks' many campaigns. I knew that Jack had aspirations of running for national office and this picture showing him and my father with their cocks in Irene, my dad's in her ass and Jack's in her mouth would make a great photo-op for the news media. As I sat there starring at the picture the thing that irritated me the most was that the three of them had used my mothers' talents for fundraising to help Jack achieve elected office while they fucked each other behind her back. Yup, Irene was definitely number two on my list for retribution but what could I going to do to even the score? Then it came to me, public humiliation.

I called and sweet-talked Irene into meeting me for an early dinner and four days later, on a Friday evening, we met at the Suite Sixteen, a somewhat popular local nightclub and diner located just outside town. I had indicated to Irene a need for a semblance of secrecy, thus the need to meet out of town. I looked up as Irene walked through the front door just after seven watched as the maitre d' showed her to my booth, a booth I had specifically chosen for it was deep into the shadows near the back of the club.

I stood up as she approached, hugged her and kissed her cheek then let the maitre d' seat her. Shaking her head in disbelief she said, "My God Jeremy, if you found a booth any father away from the front door we would be in the next county."

I laughed at her attempt at humor. "I know Irene but I really wanted some privacy tonight."

"What in the world is this all about anyway?"

"First let's order a drink and then we can talk."

She looked up at the black waiter who had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. With a haughty tone to her voice she addressed him. "Young man, I'll have a vodka martini with an olive tree. Oh, light on the vermouth and be damn quick about it, I'm thirsty!"

I ordered a scotch, straight up and while we waited for our drinks we easily chatted about her and her husband and his next campaign. She didn't say one God damn word about my father and how sorry she was that he was gone, nope, it was all about her and Jack.

"God you can't believe the number of hoops the Democratic Party made Jack to jump through before they agreed to endorse him. Christ Jeremy there are so many damn blacks in this district that you would think that even the Dems would realize that Jack has this election in the bag. Jesus the Republicans can't win in this district, at least not without help from 'God up above' and I don't think 'he's' helping the Republicans any more."

As long as I had lived in this town I had never completely understood why the wealthy member of our country club had this thing for the Democratic Party. Most of the money they made went towards taxes; you know the concept, tax the rich to take care of the poor. Now I really don't have a problem with that idea, no what bothers me the most is that these fine citizens don't know or even want to know any of the African-Americans or the poor in their community, they just want their votes! Damn bunch of two-faced hypocrites as far as I'm concerned and Irene and Jack were among the worst of the lot. I had overheard their views on African-Americans ad nausea and tonight I was going to get some sweet revenge for both my mother and the black community.

The waiter returned with our drinks and I toasted Irene, "To a successful campaign!"

"To a successful campaign, and thanks for everything you and your mother have done to help Jack get elected to Congress." Irene and I touched our glasses with a light clink and she took a sip of her martini. "And now Jeremy, to what do I owe to this clandestine meeting?"

I took the envelope out of my suit coat and slid it across the table to Irene then I looked around to make sure that we were alone as I had requested. The waiter and his girlfriend had been briefed that afternoon on what I wanted them to do and they were being paid very well to follow my exact orders. The maitre d' and the manager of the club had also been paid to make sure that no one came anywhere close to where we were seated and that no one interfered with what I had in mind, the table was isolated and was mine for as long as I wanted it. Irene took the envelope and turned it around in her fingers, then opened it and when she saw the copy of the picture she sucked in a deep breath, if fact she sucked it in so loud that it could be heard throughout the restaurant.

"My God Jeremy, where did you get this? Are there any more? Christ I've got to have the originals, if these got out they would destroy Jacks' career."

"I know Irene, that's why I'm here."

"Oh thank God Jeremy, I knew you would help. What are we going to do?"

"We're not going to do anything Irene, you are!"

"Excuse me; I don't think I'm following you Jeremy."

"Well this is how it's going to be Irene, you want the originals and I have them. If you don't want them leaked to the press then you are going to do everything I ask tonight. If you do then I'll get the original to you but if you don't I'll mail copies to every news outlet, both print and mass media, in this fucking town. Now do you get the picture Irene, no pun intended?"

"So it's blackmail you have in mind Jeremy? I would have thought that this sort of thing was above your station in life but apparently not. Alright, what do you want?"

"Tonight Irene, now in fact, you're going to have sexual intercourse, fuck, you know..."

"Yes I know what sexual intercourse is Jeremy and I know what fuck means. But why in here, I mean you could have fucked me anywhere, at my house, at your house, anywhere, why here?"

"Oh you're right on the money Irene, I could have fucked you anywhere, but it's not me that's going to fuck you, it's Charlie. Charlie and his girlfriend"

"Charlie, who the fuck is Charlie?"

I raised my hand and the waiter appeared at our table.

"Yes sir, you called?"

"Yup. Irene, meet Charlie." From the look on her face she was absolutely stunned. Her mouth fell open and her eyes grew wide.

"You have to be kidding. Tell me this is some sort of a sick joke."

I looked at her with what I'm sure was a sardonic grin across my face. "No Irene, I'm not kidding and you're going to screw Charlie and his guest tonight and I'm going to sit right here and watch you and enjoy myself." She jumped up from her seat and glared at me then she slapped her hand on the table, over and over again.

"Alright! Right here Jeremy, right here on the fucking table? Is that where you want me? Fine I'll fuck the two of them, right here and right now but you had better keep your word Jeremy or I swear to God I'll personally fucking kill you." She reached over her shoulder and unzipped the top of her cocktail dress the reached behind her and pulled the zipped all the way down to the back of her waist. The dress slipped off of one shoulder when she pulled it off and threw in onto the seat. Irene was wearing a black push-up bra and a pair of black French cut panties and she reached around behind her and unsnapped her bra and let it slide down her arms until she could toss it on top of her dress. She had small breasts; maybe 34B's but her nipples were huge, at least three quarters of an inch long. She shucked out of her panties and turned to Charlie. "So what do you want Charlie, a quick blow job first or would you rather just get to the part where you fuck me? And where is this damn magical girlfriend of yours?"

I raised my hand and a thin black woman appeared from the inside the kitchen. She walked over to the table and from the look of lust on her face it was obvious that she wasn't any stranger to multiple sex partners or to lesbianism. She pulled off her shorts; she wasn't wearing any panties, and sat down on a chair and spread her legs wide apart then reached down and opened her labia and waited. "Well just don't stand their girl, get down on your knees and do me!" she said. Charlie didn't know what to say or do so he just stood there, admiring Irene's naked body I think. "I want him to fuck you Irene, just like my father did, in your ass. If you want him lubed up you can use your mouth but I want him to fuck you until it hurts." Irene was past angry and I could see the tears in her eyes but I really didn't give a shit, fuck her and fuck her ass hole husband.

"Alright Jeremy I'll do what you want but first tell me why? Why are you doing this to Jack and me?"

"Because of what you both did to my mother, that's why. The three of you actually, I include my father in this thing; you ruined my mothers' life. Christ Irene she never had a real sex life, nothing, my father didn't touch her for years and it was all because of people like you."

Irene startled me by laughing. "Well that's a hell of a line of bullshit Jeremy, you can rationalize tonight all you want but William told me, in fact all of us that your mother was nothing but a cold fish. She either didn't know how or didn't want to make love, or fuck for that matter, that's why he was always going somewhere else; it was for his own God damn sexual gratification."

I had tears in my eyes. "Fuck you Irene, just fuck you. I hope you hate what's coming next because I truly hate you and Jack. Go ahead Charlie, get going." Charlie pushed Irene on her shoulder and she got onto her hands and knees and crawled between the black woman's thighs and tentatively stuck her tongue out and started licking her pussy. Charlie got down on his knees and slipped his cock into her pussy and took a few stokes, for lubrication I guess, then he withdrew and slowly started in on her asshole. First the very tip disappeared then he eased his cock head inside then all of a sudden he was all the way inside her as he started his rocking motion. If I was waiting for her to scream with pain I was sorely disappointed because very opposite happened, she took him all and seemed to be enjoying herself. Irene even seemed to like eating the woman's pussy. I pulled up a chair and watch the three of them fuck. The black woman, I never did get her name, had two orgasms very quickly while Irene, much to my disappointment seemed to be having continuous orgasms, then Charlie let loose with a stream of his cum. It ended like that, too quickly and I'll be dammed if Irene wasn't smiling when it was over.

She got off her knees and looked down at me. "I've never had a black cock or a pussy for that matter Jeremy but you know something, I really liked it! Now I think I'll be a much better campaigner for Jack — perhaps I can even use my new found pleasure to entice some of his black rivals into joining our campaign."

I was as mad as hell! What was supposed to be a humiliating experience for Irene had turned into something she fucking enjoyed. Well I'll be dammed I thought, I sure as the hell lost this one. I got out of my chair and pulled some bills from my wallet and dropped two hundred dollars on the table to cover the drinks and the meal which we didn't get, and walked out of the restaurant, the disappointment showing in my face.

Two weeks passed and mother was still moping around the house and drinking too much. She seemed to be either angry with my father, the community and his law firm or sad because she had been left alone in life. Late one afternoon I was sitting in the study looking at the pictures and planning for victim number three when I heard my mother's voice calling me. "I'm in the study mother." I hurriedly put away the pictures as she came into the room. "What's up mom?"

"Oh nothing really. Well..."

I jumped up from my chair. "Well what mom? Is there something I can do for you?"

"Oh Jeremy I'm just tired of sitting around this old house, maybe we could go out for dinner tonight, what do you think?"

"That's a great idea mom; I'll make us some reservations."

"Thanks honey, I'll go get cleaned up."

While mother went upstairs I picked up the phone and made reservations at one of her favorite restaurants. Once confirmed I went upstairs and got dressed and we met back in the kitchen. We were both dressed like it was some sort of a first date. I was wearing a dark gray suit, blue shirt and red tie and mom had on a nice dark blue cocktail dress, cut just low enough to just reveal the tops of her freckle covered breasts, with black stockings and Navy blue and cream colored high-heels. I had made a nine o'clock reservation and by the time we had a before-dinner cocktail and then consumed two bottles of wine with the meal mom was pretty tipsy. I thought that it was a good thing because it was the first time I had actually seen her relax since the afternoon of the funeral. I held her by the elbow and steered her out of the restaurant and helped her into the passenger seat. I leaned over and snapped her seatbelt and then glanced down the front of her dress, God what a beautiful sight, those half moon globes staring back up at me. Even though I had seen her totally nude just the other day the idea that I could sneak a peek down the front of her dress really excited me. I walked around the car and got in the drivers' seat and started the engine and when I looked over I saw that mom's dress had ridden up and most of one thigh was showing and I thought that she was so damn sexy, sitting there putting on a show just for me. As we drove home I put my arm around mom's shoulder and pulled her over to me and whispered in her ear that I loved her.

She took a deep breath and sighed, her breasts bouncing as she did. "Oh Jeremy, I know you do. God bless the dearly departed, but on occasions I've thought that you were the only one who ever did."

"Don't be silly mom; father loved you too, at least in his own way."

"Sure he did Jeremy. That's why he was screwing all those bimbos from the country club. God knows how many other women he was bedding. Say Jeremy, that reminds me, what ever happened to all of those pictures?"

I didn't want mother to know that I was using them for blackmail because I knew she wouldn't approve. "Oh I shredded them mom, I didn't want any bad memories lying around the house."

"Hummmm, alright."

We were home by 11:30 and when we got into the house mom insisted on a nightcap so we went into the den and I made us drinks. We sat on the couch for a long time just talking then she decided that we should go into the spa and relax before going to bed.

"Jesus mom, I really don't feel like going spa-ing."

"Oh don't be silly Jeremy, please come and join me. Besides I don't want to be in there alone, not after drinking so much so you'll have to go with me to make sure that I'm safe."

"Alright mother, let me go upstairs and get my suit."

"Nope, no suits Jeremy. We'll go in our underwear just like we use to when you were a youngster."

"In our underwear? You've got to be kidding mom."

"No, why not. I mean you've certainly seen me in my panties and bra many times and I believe I was even naked the other night and I've certainly see you naked, so what's the big deal?"

"You haven't seen me naked since I was 10."

"Don't be a child about this Jeremy, come on."

I shrugged my shoulders and to my amazement mother stood up, reached around behind her and unzipped her dress and let it slid down to the floor where it puddle at her feet. She pulled her slip up and over her head then sat down and took off her nylons. She was wearing a dark crimson Victoria's Secret half-bra and a pair of high cut crimson panties and I just sat there, starring at her body, embarrassed but excited too.

"Come on Jeremy, I'm ready now it's your turn."

"Alright mother." Resigned to having to do what mother wanted and realizing that maybe it would give me a chance to legally ogle mother, I stood up and slipped off my suit jacket and carefully folded it and lay it over the back of the leather easy chair. Then I took off my tie, the put it on top of my coat and unbuttoned my shirt. I kicked off my loafers and pulled off my socks then I unbelted my trousers and took them off too. To my chagrin a bulge had formed in the front of my Tommy Helfinger shorts and mother noticed it right away.

Chuckling and pointing she said, "My goodness son, it that because of me?"

Of course it was but what the fuck should I say? "Uh, well actually it's because I'm more than just a little embarrassed at being half naked in front of my mother."

"Well what ever the reason it certainly looks like you have a much better package down there than you father did."

My god, wherever did mother learn this type of language? "Uh, thanks, I guess." I took her hand and we walked down the hall and outside to the spa. I lifted the cover and set it aside then powered up the unit but when I turned on the lights, mother stopped me.

"Please Jeremy, no lights. Bright lights aren't flattering for an old woman's ego."

I turned them off. "You're not old mother, not really."

"Thank you son, that was nice of you to say, still no lights please."

We got into the spa and I sunk down and let the rotating jets work on my back while I watched mother fidgeting around, trying to get comfortable. With the darkness of the night and because she was wearing her dark colored panties and bra there wasn't anything revealing although I had already seen what she was hiding inside her underwear when I had put her to bed the other night. The moon crept over the eave of the house and was providing just enough light to make mother's face seem warm and inviting and I was in the process of wondering if there was any chance that she was horny, when she spoke.

"Jeremy, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure mom, shoot."

"It's a real personal question son so if you're not comfortable please let me know."

"It's alright mother, what is it?"

"Well I know that your ex was a lesbian but I was wondering, did she have orgasms... I mean during sex... with you I mean?"

I took a huge gulp of air. You could have given me a hundred guesses of what she would ask and I wouldn't have even come close. "Well mother, first of all she isn't a lesbian, she's bi-sexual, and to answer your question, sure she had orgasms, all the time."

"Really? That's interesting, how?"

"How? How what mother?"

"How did you do it — give her orgasms? I mean did you eat her out until she came or did you do it with your cock, or perhaps both?"

My mouth dropped open. I was stunned at mother's language. There was my prim and proper mother sitting in the spa in just her underwear, and with her own son, and talking like a sailor. "Jesus Christ mother! When you said personal I didn't think..."

"Oh for God's sake Jeremy, I'm your mother, besides I have a perfectly valid reason for asking."

"And that would be because of..."

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