Tina: Sexy Teacher

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tom goes to school to talk to Tina, his son's science teacher. He quickly realizes why his son is having trouble in her class. And Tom takes immediate actions to deal with the distractions he'd found.

Tom knew his young son had a very good teacher in one of his subjects at school but for some reason, his son, Alan, wasn't doing too well in her class. The subject was science and Alan had brought home C's for the last two grading periods. Tom decided to go have a meeting after school with Alan's teacher, Miss Tina, and see if there was more understanding she could give him about why Alan wasn't doing better under her instruction.

When Tom arrived at the school and went to Tina's classroom, he knew one immediate reason why his middle school age son might be having a problem in her class -- attention span on the subject. Tom quickly saw that Tina was very pleasing to look at. She was very pretty, a medium brunette with hair that came down to her shoulders. Tom noticed Tina's very sexy and sensual features but as his eyes moved down over her body he began to see the parts of her that probably got most of his son's and other males attention. Tina was wearing a sleeveless white top and the bra underneath it was far from your normal everyday white cotton style. The cups weren't demi but they were shaped so that they definitely drew your eyes to her sexy B-cup sized breasts as you looked at her. Below her sleeveless top, Tom saw that Tina was wearing a dark colored short skirt that came several inches about her knees. So, he knew that for any horny male, middle school or older, this teacher had everything needed to completely distract you from studying and as he looked at her, his cock began to grow very hard and aroused in his pants.

"How in hell is my son supposed to pay attention when he's got a babe like this, dressed like she is, up in front of the class?" Tom thought to himself as he tried to keep his mind on what he'd come for instead of wanting to figure out how he could manage to seduce and fuck Miss Tina right there in her classroom.

Tom tried to pay attention as Miss Tina began to talk to him about Alan and his problems in her class for the last few weeks. Tom responded and tried to understand and he felt like he could somewhat grasp why Alan wasn't doing too well, but he kept coming back to the scenery there in front of him as he sat talking to his son's teacher. Tom knew his cock was nearly fully hard in his pants and he felt sure if Tina bothered to look she'd see the large thick bulge of hardon inside the crotch of his jeans. He hoped she did notice and he hoped she'd make this easier by giving him some sign that she was as interested in him as he certainly was in her. Tina got up from her desk and as she walked over to a nearby filing cabinet to get some more examples of Alan's past quizzies and tests, Tom couldn't help but noticing the sexy roundedness of Tina's asscheeks that were barely concealed by the skirt she had on. And as she'd stood and moved around in front of him, he'd been able to fully appreciate the sexy roundedness and hotness of her nice breasts inside her sleeveless top. Tom wondered if Tina knew how nicely her sexy white bra underneath that top showed up to any casual observer of the ways she was dressed. He thought surely she knew exactly what she'd done when she'd put that outfit on at home this morning.

Tom's cock was pushing firmly aganist the front of his pants. He could feel the coolness of pre-cum seeping from his juice hole too against his briefs and he wondered if he would start having a pre-cum leak showing in his crotch. Tom knew he should draw this teacher/parent meeting to a close and leave but there was another "meating" that he was struggling whether or not to bring to reality, too.

"Can I be very honest and frank with you, Miss Tina?" Tom said as he stood and walked over beside her desk. "I think I understand that you're very committed to your teaching and to your students, but I think one of my son's problems is distractions from his classwork."

"Distractions?" Miss Tina said as though she didn't really catch his meaning. "Do you mean there are things coming in the way of Alan being able to pay attention to my instruction?" Tina asked.

Tina turned and walked over towards where Tom was standing. He pretty well knew that she was very aware of his meaning, but she was going to play this to the hilt and be Miss Innocent and Naive all the way, Tom thought.

"Tina, may I call you that? My son is in middle school which I'm sure you know means that he's entered puberty and his hormones are totally raging throughout his body, his brain, and every single inch of his young male body. It's no secret, Tina, you are a very attractive woman and these young boys are trying to sit in your class and learn science but look at how you're dressed. You look like you're dressed to go out on a night on the town with a man your own age or older. You could dress sexier and hotter than you are today, Tina, but give me a fucking break. You look like you're advertising that you're sexy, you're horny and you're fucking hot to trot, OK?"

"Are you serious? You think the way I'm dressed is sexy and distracting to my male students?" Tina asked and Tom couldn't decide if she was taken by surprise or if she was actually plying him for more compliments and wanting him to succumb to her seductive actions and throw her onto her desk and fuck her then and there.

"Yeah, Tina, I'm very serious. Fuck, woman. Look at you. That bra underneath that rather revealing white sleeveless top shows off your choice in bras and I can look and almost see the dark circles of your fucking nipples through that. What the hell do you think that does to a horny pubescent young boy? I mean, really, are you trolling for some young adolescent cock to fuck you or what?" Tom said and he almost turned to leave at that point. He kept looking into Tina's eyes and he thought he saw the glimmer of the fire of lust burning there.

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