How High A Price - Another View Conclusion

by Joesephus

Copyright© 2006 by Joesephus

: How can two people who are "attractive," "highly intelligent, caring and feeling." make such a mess of their lives? What happens next? This is my second attempt at this story.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Cheating   Slow  


Authors Angst... This is not a stand-alone story. In order to understand it, you must read E. Z. Riter's "How High a Price - Another View," Mr. Riter's version of The Troubadour's excellent "How High a Price," With Mr. Riter's permission and The Troubadour's I'm using the characters from both their stories. I have attempted to pick up exactly where Mr. Riter's story stopped.

This is my second shot at this excellent tale... It's what I wanted to do the first time but I hadn't received permission from Mr. Ritter. Since I'd started on the assumption that I'd get it, I slapped together a different start and posted "HHAP-The Next Step." I hoped that Mr. Ritter or some one else would send a reply so I could write my ending and waited. Mr. Ritter took pity wrote the reply letter found in this story. I've used it with his permission.

Finally, if you've read and remember my earlier take on HHAP, "The Next Step," there are only a few minor changes until Early's reply to Susan's letter. If you skip to that point, you won't really miss anything.

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