Trip To Sandia

by Rose Noire

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One never realizes all that goes into a short excursion. It takes more time when you pay attention to the nitnoi along the way.

It was late Saturday morning before Tanja and Matt had set off on a trip to Sandia. The plan had been to leave at 6 a.m. so they could put a long day hiking, but well, she took one look at him doing squats in the nude and couldn't resist mounting that 7 inch pleasure rod of his. So between several trips to the shower and a few extended romps over his body, they didn't leave till late morning. Already the heat was almost unbearable.

The truck took every bump in the rode in stride while the two passengers in the truck glistened with sweat. Tanja knew it wasn't only the heat of the day that made her blood boil. Occasionally she'd find a reason to rub her sticky, bare leg against Matt's, then she'd let her mind wander off on the possibilities for the rest of the day. Matt, glanced at her occasionally, but his concentration was on the road ahead.

Along about Yeso, Tanja was more restless than she could stand, so she let Matt know she wanted to stop in Vaughn for a break. When they pulled into the empty convenience store parking lot, Tanja looked over to Matt.

"I'm gonna head back to the john, if I'm not out in 20 minutes, come back and get me." She hopped out of the truck and disappeared into the store.

After a few minutes Matt decided to get some sodas, and headed into the store. He picked up a couple sandwiches as well. When he got back to the car she still wasn't there so he when back to the WC and knocked.

"What's taking so long? I'm ready to go." He said in a hoarse whisper.

"Come in for a minute. I need a hand." She whispered back.

He opened the door and she pulled him in from behind the door. She closed the door and there she stood wearing absolutely nothing. She was wet from head to toe. Her curly brown hair was plastered to her head.

"It's so hot out there, I figured I'd take a quick bird bath. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him gently back to the commode. When he sat down on the lid she mounted him and slid slowly down his shaft; her mouth glued to his. He was responding with all the vigor of a sailor on shore leave after 6 months out to sea.

Tanja rode him up and down, slipping and sliding down and up; up and down the hard mass. She wrapped her arms about his neck, not breaking the lip lock. He gripped the lobes of her ass from underneath. Her firm breasts jiggled and bounced up and down Matt's chest, while she continued to stroke Matt with her inner sanctum. Gradually she increased the tempo of her movements. Up and down, as she came down each time she rolled her buttocks under. The undulations of her pelvis and the up and down movements soon had Matt throbbing; ready to explode. But, she had other ideas. Just at the brink, she grabbed his arms and brought them up and between them, stopping all motion as well.

"Well, Matt," she said. "Tuck it in and save it for later."

She smiled as she went over to the sink and rinsed herself, taking pleasure in the baffled look of agony on Matt's face. He was barely standing when she walked out the door and went to the car.

After their brief stop at the mini mart, Tanja and Matt continued on through to Sandia. About 15 minutes from Karl's Kitchen Tanja spotted an old abandoned shack sitting about a quarter mile from the road.

"Stop!" She said loudly. "I want to take a few pictures for my photo project."

By the time Matt had pulled over and turned off the truck, they had another half mile hike back to the point where she'd spotted the shack.

She grabbed a bottle of water from one of the packs and a jacket in case she had to kneel to get her shots and headed towards the deserted building. As she approached, it became apparent it'd been unused for at least 25 years. With Matt close behind her, she circled around the shack slowly hoping to find a way in. She walked about 100 feet back from the shack and began to snap pictures. Matt stood around then eventually became interested in a path that led further from the road and away from the shack.

"Hey, Tanja, over here!"

Tanja stopped taking pictures at the sound of Matt's voice and then headed towards where the voice had come from. Up here, so much higher in the mountains, the trees grew taller and the air was thinner. Quickly the shack and the road were obscured by the trees. She came upon Matt sitting on the remains of a wooden fence in front of what appeared to be a smoke house of some sort.

"What did you find?" She asked as she strode up to stand in front of him.

He put his hands over her shoulders and smiled his most beguiling smile at her.

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