Panties Tailor

by Marina Tete

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: a girl dreams to have an encounter with a tailor and this dream continues with her, read about the journey she made to achieve her dream!!!

I had this fantasy since I was young. It included me and an older very sexy lady that works as a tailor the weird thing is that she works as an underwear tailor and especially panties. I used to fantasize about would she take my measurements and that she would make them very small just to play around them and try to fix them on me while I get the most wonderful sensations. At that time (I was probably six or seven years old) my sensations were purely genital and non sexual and I didn't know about sex and orgasms at the time. It only felt nice to touch and be touched on my thing (my word for pussy and pee hole) and buds (my word for breasts then).

Of course this fantasy accompanied me throughout my life and development and when I grew enough and knew what sex is and that I could enjoy orgasms; my experience with the tailor evolved to her giving me orgasms and having sex with each other. At this point you might think my whole idea of sex was this fantasy. But this is completely false; this fantasy only helped me to be more creative and eager to learn about sex and of course to try it. Now I must say something important: I don't believe in the idea of either being straight or lesbian, I don't trouble my self with this thing. I only look at the person whom I wish to have sex with to find out whether he or she can pleasure me or not, the fact of being male or female is secondary and sometimes doesn't matter at all.

Back to my fantasy, as I said before it evolved with me during the different stages of my life till now. The real big step I took to go along with it was my career choice. I decided that the best way to meet and have contact with underwear tailors is to work with one. So I took up modelling and entered that career, I didn't go to lingerie and underwear first place. Because I wanted to get familiar with the whole modelling thing before trying to bring my fantasy to life. I became a hit in modelling and I actually enjoyed it, after a while I decided I was ready enough to pursue my fantasy. I applied for lingerie modelling jobs and was accepted. Of course they were of the usual type; very modest and practically revealed nothing. The sort that was in general clothing catalogues. I was looking for more and hit my chance through my search. I found out that they are looking for models to help in designing lingerie for stripper clubs and stuff like that.

This job wasn't totally different but the lingerie was more sexy and revealing and I made several contacts in that field. The objective was for us to model the new lines for club owners or representatives to choose from but I learned later that exotic designers attended these shows to pick models to work for them in inspiring their designs. I didn't fully understand why they needed us but as long it included exotic designers I was in for it. Well then I got the chance, I was chosen by the top designers for inspiration in her work. I didn't get the chance to meet her except after I had signed the contract. At that time I felt my fantasy was becoming real, she was this old sexy and busty woman who really dressed to tease and reveal. I was taken by her and her attitude and felt my whole body respond to her voice and her looks.

My first assignment with her was more modelling but this time she was the only one watching along with her assistant. I was told to come to her studio and was met by them there; she told me today she will begin fitting me to her work. Next she told me to strip naked, I was embarrassed because I knew I had nothing on underneath my skirt and jacket. I thought since I was going to model lingerie there is no need to put some on as I will take them off anyhow. But I found some guts to take off my clothes in front of them, I received mixed reactions. The assistant was completely head over heels with my naked body, I have full firm breasts and bald shaved big labia and pink pussy but the designer was somewhat angry.

She looked at me and said that I was here to model lingerie and at least I should have some respect for my profession by putting some on. I didn't know what to say and I silently took the first pair of underwear and put them on, they were kind of nice lacy and bright and yellow in colour. Elsa (the designer) only needed to fix the bra cups on me and reveal a little white from my goblets; she did the same with my ass cheeks and tucked the panties inside to reveal more of my body. I was told to pose and they took several shots of me and I found it strange as they kept on tugging in the panties and bra and concentrate on my body. I was told before that some designers like to have spotlight on their models as well as their designs. So I shut my mouth, after all this was my fantasy.

After trying on several sets and performing needed adjustments, Elsa and her assistant called it a day. I was sent home, hot and dry as some girls' say. It was weird, my fantasy was alive and put in action but I wasn't happy. Partly because I didn't really like Elsa I thought she was snobby and insensitive. I wondered how could some one with that personality achieve such high standard position in the designing community, and do a good job at it.

When I got home I soaked myself in the tub and dreamed about a designer taking my pussy's measurements for his artwork of a panty. This got me excited and soon my hand found it's way to my breasts and played with my rock hard aroused nipples, I moaned to the exquisite feeling I get every time I masturbate to my long term fantasy. Playing with my tender folds while resting in my tub, I remembered Elsa's attitude today and wondered how am I going to get her fulfil my fantasy. I quit thinking in that direction when I felt my sweet orgasm approaching, moaning into the silence. After catching my breath I got up and rinsed myself, removing the plug in the tub. I found myself staring at my naked form in the mirror.

Checking my image out, I thought how was I beautiful according to society standards. Firm medium breasts, flat tummy and long round legs accentuated by white muscular thighs, and my little tight bottom with it's blushing colour. Sure I could seduce her, and have my fantasy for real. Next I went to my bedroom and had some rest, I have a big day tomorrow with Elsa. Waking up at 9, I prepared myself some breakfast and then went to pick out my clothes for the day. Standing in front of my wardrobe, I began to think what might turn Elsa on, and then I remembered that she got extremely angry that I didn't have any underwear on yesterday. So I decided to go for a very classy set of underwear, may be that will please her.

I checked the time and it was 10 already, Elsa's assistant Cindy told me to call her at 10 to find out where will we work today. I grabbed the phone and dialled her number off the card she gave me.

She told me we are going to work out from Elsa's house and gave me the address. I smiled to myself as I hung up with her this is getting better. At her house there will be fewer people and more private settings than at her office. Which will be perfect for my seduction.

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