The Farmer's Wife

by Sirdar

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Christine marries her Godfather who is dying to help manage his farm when he dies and to look after his daughters. But she is intrigued by Tony a farm hand. Once again it is up to the reader to decide is Christine a saint or the devil incarnate?<br>This story follows on from "The Farmer's Daughter", but is a stand alone story.

Christine was the youngest daughter of Bill Gates and his wife. He had two other daughters older than Christine, both happily married and producing lots of grandchildren. They lived on a farm in the South West of England in a small country market town.

Christine had been a difficult child from the day she was born and having been brought up on a farm she learned all about sex at an early age. She had a natural beauty, a good figure and a vivacious temperament and she had lost her virginity at the age of thirteen to a much older man, whom she actively set out to seduce. She showed little remorse about her amorous behaviour, even though the unlucky victim later served time in prison for statutory rape.

When challenged about her behaviour she replied quite calmly.

"He could have said no. couldn't he?"

This was the first of several older men who fell victim to her wiles and her behaviour was a source of despair to her parents Bill gates and his wife. Despite the publicity surrounding her first court case, it seemed that, older married men seemed to flock to be her next victim

Christine was very selective in whom she gave her favours to and she learned quite quickly that eager randy men can be quite generous. She also learned that to 'kiss and tell' led to big problems. Her preference was for married men as her lovers, who paid heavily in the long term for her favours, they had to be more discreet to avoid marital problems and even after her affairs were over, she always ensured that having kept all the evidence in a safe place of the affair like love letters, cards and dates and places. Her ex lovers ensured that she received small but regular voluntary payments in to her bank account to ensure her discretion.

Educationally she had been a genius and her parents had breathed a sigh of relief when she had gone to University. Fortunately many of her scrapes and affairs had never reached their ears at home. Nevertheless, she had done brilliantly in her studies and on graduating was seeking ways of making her education pay. Her overriding passion as she had grown older had been photographic technology and information gathering equipment.which she had taken as an extra curricular subject.

She returned home from University at the age of 22 and her natural teenage beauty had turned her into a woman of extreme sensual beauty. She had hair which is frequently termed to be a dirty blonde; she had blue eyes and almost perfect features. She kept herself extremely fit by regular daily exercise which was almost an obsession with her and she stood at 5ft 3". Her figure was every woman's dream.

One evening shortly after her return to the farm where she was brought up, her father had a visit from Fred Stokes his friend on the adjoining farm. The families had been close friends for years. They were not related but Christine and her sisters had always referred to him as Uncle Fred. The girls had all been very fond of him and his wife, who had been their godparents and they had been regular visitors at his farm.

Fred Stokes was worried about his two daughters Tessa 16 and Molly 17. His wife had died six months before, tragically killed by the farms normally placid stud bull. For some reason the bull had turned on her and rampaged around the farm yard in his mad rage, dragging her with him. All her efforts to control him had been of no use and he had tossed her twice and all efforts by the local hospital were to no avail. She had died in the operating theatre. The bull obviously could not be allowed to live and shortly afterwards meet his fate at the local abattoir.

Fred had recently been told that he had a terminal illness and had with luck about six months to live. His daughters were no trouble but he knew that they lacked experience and they would not be able to manage the farm on their own. He was concerned about what would happen to them and the farm when he died as he had no close family who could take the farm on.

Bill responded "Ah well Fred thee will have to find a good woman and get wed again quickly."

Fred tried to lighten the gloom surrounding his morbid news. It had not been easy confessing to friends that you were a dying man, but he had felt the need to tell someone. He certainly could not talk to his daughters about such a subject. He tried to make a joke of it all and gave a little laugh as he said

"Now Bill I've had my eye on your Christine, but I reckon she have more sense than to marry an old duffer like me."

Christine butted into the conversation. "You never know Uncle Fred until you ask."

"Quit jesting Christine this is a serious conversation" her father said angrily.

"Who is jesting?" Christine replied seriously.

"I like Uncle Fred and I like Tessa and Molly and I would marry him."

"I'll have thee like a shot Christine if you be serious? Her Uncle Fred said.

"Are you proposing then Uncle Fred? Christine asked."

"Aye lass that I am." He replied not quite believing that she was not joking with him.

"My answer is "yes then Uncle Fred." Christine replied.

She stood up and kissed him on the cheek. "That's done then I will call on you tomorrow and we will arrange matters."

Christine went to her room leaving the parents to discuss her acceptance of the proposal. She had accepted the proposal because she knew that Fed was a good man and would never hurt her and above all it got her away from her parents. She was sure that she could come to some arrangement with him that suited them both about her career. She would look after him and his daughters like a good wife, as long as she was given some freedom.

She left her parents and Fred Stokes in a daze. No one actually believed she had been serious, until the next day Christine turned up at Fred Stokes farm and took him to the registry office to make the necessary arrangements for the wedding. They had a long serious chat and Fred told her that he could not for medical reasons partake in any sexual activity with her, a fact which they agreed to keep to themselves.

He would make her his daughter's legal guardian until they were 21, but Christine refused any offer to have any part of the farm when he died. She insisted that the farm was his daughter's birthright. However Fred did give her an old cottage that had been left to him some two years before. It had been completely renovated but was still unoccupied. It was very old and in a very quiet location about three miles in a deserted part of the countryside. She went to see it with Fred and fell in love with it straight away and during the next few weeks made a number of alterations in her free time.

Christine and Fred had a quick and very quiet wedding three weeks later. Tessa and Molly had been shocked at their father marrying again so soon. After the wedding Christine insisted the girls be told about their father's medical condition and the real reason for the marriage. The girls were naturally quite shocked, but still found it quite hard to relate to her as their stepmother.

Christine took an active part in working the farm with Tessa and Molly and she made a number of suggestions and changes introducing many new lines of produce by buying produce from other local farmers. The profits of the shop shot up and there would soon be an urgent need to employ more staff.

She realised that Tessa and Molly were finding it hard for them to come to terms with what had happened and while they got on well, there was a barrier between them which Christine was finding it hard to break down

Meanwhile Tessa and Molly both virgins had for some time been making plans to seduce Tony their joint boyfriend, who worked with them on the farm and who lived in a small self contained apartment in what had once been a hayloft. He was responsible for the dairy herd and was up early every morning, for morning milking with his boss Fred Stokes.

Tony had gone to the local school with both the daughters and especially Tessa, who had been his sort of steady girl friend being in the same class at school. He had started helping on the farm in the school holidays to be near Tessa. He soon got to know and like Molly as well. After leaving school he had gone to work full time for her father. The girls and Tony was a sort of threesome and very often they all went out to dances and shows together.

Molly showed little indication of wanting a steady boy friend of her own, being quite happy to share Tony with her younger sister. A number of times he had taken Molly out on dates without her Tessa, with Tessa's blessing and as he did with Tessa enjoyed sharing a passionate goodnight kiss with Molly.

Christine found it hard to understand the relationship between Tony and the girls. The fact that the girls seemed very happy to share him seemed strange and unnatural to her. It was something completely beyond her experience. She made a point of talking to Tony a lot and even teasing him, no matter how she questioned him, she could never get him to express any preference for either of the girls.

She also tried getting the girls to talk about Tony and to get them to decide which one was his girl friend. She asked them both which one of them were planning to marry him. They looked at each other and Tessa said much to Christine's surprise.

"We both love him and we can not see why we can not both have him."

Meanwhile the girls still virgins, a state of life which they were a little unhappy with and they were plotting to get Tony to make love to them. They considered all sorts of ways of doing this, but in the end they decided that the best way, was to get him while he was in bed having his afternoon nap. It was quite normal for him to have two or three hours to him as milking started at 5.00 every morning... They knew that he loved sleeping naked, so that they decided gave them a big advantage.

Christine happened by accident to overhear part of their plans. She was convinced that once they started sleeping together, one girl would get preferred over the other. She considered telling Fred her husband, but then decided if she were in their place she had never liked her parents interfering in her sex life and so she decided to stay aloof and just observe.

It happened quicker than she had anticipated, she had thought they were talking about a couple of days in the future, but that very afternoon just after lunch she found the farm shop closed, when the girls should have been serving. She immediately fetched a camera and went to Tony's room, moving very quietly.

That afternoon Tony awoke to find himself sandwiched between two glamorous young naked ladies intent on having their evil way with him. He was not in the mood to resist; in fact he was pleased they had taken the initiative. The girls seemed to know what they were doing and he just let them get on with it.

Christine arrived just in time to see Molly lowering herself on to one of the biggest cocks she had seen for a long time. Tessa was sitting on Tony's face being licked out and Molly very quickly got into the rhythm of fucking him. Christine found herself getting wet as she watched the action. Then it seemed Molly had a number of orgasms and then unselfishly asked Tessa to change places.

It had not been her imagination Tony was huge for a boy his age and as she watched Tessa lower herself on to him, she realised from the little shriek that Tessa gave that both girls had been virgins. She watched for a little while as they enjoyed themselves she took a number of photographs with her digital camera and retired to the farm shop to think over what she should do. The girls arrived after about thirty minutes all bubbly and obviously pleased with themselves.

"I know where you have been and what you have been doing. Christine told them."

"So what? Molly retorted. "Tell daddy if that is what you want to do."

"So then your father will boot Tony off the farm, is that what you want.?"

The girls looked at each other..."Chris I'm sorry please don't do that." Tessa asked.

"I was not intending to, but as you two know it all. You leave me no other choice."

Christine picked up her handbag. Molly caught hold of her sleeve. "Please Christine don't be hasty."

Christine stopped " I suppose you are both taking precautions against becoming pregnant?."

The girls looked at her with surprise on their faces and just shook their heads.

"First thing then we get you to the doctors and get you sorted out tonight. Secondly I am suggesting that we move Tony into the main house and let a new man have his apartment. Your father needs more help now. That means Tony will be nearer you, but I expect and hope that you will both be very responsible and ensure your father does not find out."

The girls were now looking much happier and Molly gave Christine a big hug and said.

"Thank you Chris"

The following Saturday on Tony's day off, he was waiting outside the farm at the bus stop to go and see the local football team. Suddenly he noticed Christine the boss's wife, walked slowly towards him, a look of expectation in her smiling china blue eyes. Her long blonde hair was tied tightly back and held with a band at the back of her neck, showing her dainty ears and large gold earrings. Her full slightly pouty lips were slightly parted in a welcoming smile, showing her pearly white teeth as she walked right up to Tony. Today Tony noticed that unusually for her, she was wearing just a hint of lipstick and eye makeup.

He was fairly sure that she was wearing nothing underneath that cotton summer dress that just reached barely to her knees. The nipples on her breast were clearly visible, pushing the cotton fabric outwards. The dress hugged her figure tightly almost like a second skin rippling slightly over her breast and hips as she walked in an almost gliding motion towards him. He noticed her nylon covered legs which were in his opinion definitely one of her best features which were helped by the two inch heels on her black court shoes which accentuated the shape of her calves.

She carried her light fawn raincoat over her arm and as she stopped in front of him, Tony had a strong whiff of a very exotic perfume. She boldly slipped her arm through his, pulling his body gently towards hers. She pulled him that close, that as she looked up at him he could feel her warm breath on his face as she smiled at him.

"I'm coming with you Tony"

She said as she smiled up at him, from her dainty 5' 4" height, her eyes twinkling as she looked at him.

"You promised that you would take me to the pictures one day, and today is the day you lucky boy."

He did not ever remember making that promise, but he ignored the fact.

"But I am going to the football missus." Tony replied.

"Correction Tony darling boy, you were going to the football, but now you are taking me to the flicks instead."

Before he could think of a reply the bus turned the corner. There were only two other passengers at the front end of the bus and she purposely led him to the back seat, insisting that he took the window seat. She sat next to him ensuring that he could not get past her if he tried.

Tony was speechless; he had not had much to do with Christine, his boss's new sexy young wife and he was at a loss as to what to do or what to say. She had teased him on a few occasions and only two days ago she had caught hold of his balls while he was in the dairy and fondled him for a few seconds.

"I'm sure that you will enjoy the programme I have in mind Tony my dear." She said, as she sat down next to him.

She carefully laid her raincoat over both their laps, giving him an odd sort of smile as she did so. He shuffled in his seat a bit nervously as she leaned closer than h thought was really necessary against him, her body heat transmitting itself through his thin summer shirt. Her exotic perfume filled his nostrils and he realised that his cock was now making a tent in his pants. He was very aware of her sexuality and he could not help himself.

It had been a fantastic week so far for Tony, he had enjoyed his first sexual adventures with the girls and as a result on a couple of nights since, he had spent the night in their bedroom lying between them and enjoying their favours. These activities had made him a bit tired for early morning milking. To show their gratitude and close friendship the girls had turned out to help him with the morning milking although they were not obliged to do so.

"I was looking forward to the match today." Tony said to Christine as the bus trundled past the football ground, bus stop.

"Oh I'm so sorry Tony, but I am sure that you will enjoy this match much more. You see I am sure the home team is sure to score really big today. If you know what I mean?"

As she was speaking her hand had crept under the raincoat and was deftly undoing his zipper, slipping her hand inside to grasp his enormously erect cock.

"You see Tony, I came into the hayloft one day last week and what did I see? I saw this quite enormous virile cock giving a lot of pleasure to two very inexperienced young farm girls. I thought perhaps I should tell their father what was happening. Then having second thoughts, I thought to myself, what a waste, such a beautiful young virile cock should be shared around a bit. Those girls did not really have the experience to get the most from it. It needs a lady of experience to train that young stud to bring the best out of him and so I thought today would be the ideal day for me to start that training."

Tony could not ignore what was happening to him. The message that he was being blackmailed had filtered through. He could not refuse, he was trapped, but somehow, he accepted as she fondled his erection, there were compensations and he agreed mentally that football was now less important than it had seemed a few minutes ago.

"OK Christine, you have convinced me that I will enjoy the film much more than the match."

"Oh Tony did I mention a film. I'm so sorry if I have misled you? I assure you it was definitely quite deliberate on my part. You see darling boy, when you start having illicit sex with the boss's daughters and then his wife, you have to accept that lying and deception are the normal tools of the trade. You don't think I told my husband that you seduced his daughters or that I told my husband where I was going this afternoon and who with, do you? No darling boy, he thinks I am going to a friend's birthday party."

Her comments alarmed him a bit, but the thought of her ripe young flesh completely naked under the thin cotton dress clinging to her like icing on a cake excited him. What she was doing to him under the raincoat was much more exciting than a soccer match, although he knew it could lead to a nasty accident in a moment and so he gently pulled her hand away. '

"Sorry missus but I am just about to spend with you doing that to me" She smiled happily at him convinced that now she had achieved the first part of the plan.

"Oh by the way Tony you can call me Chris now when we are on our own and I am planning on spending a lot of time with you from now on.

They left the bus at the next stop, which confirmed that it was not a film show they were going to, as the bus stop was nowhere near the cinema complex. With her arm firmly locked in his, she led him down a deserted country lane to the cottage she had been given by her husband on its own; it was completely sheltered from the road and any passing traffic by a high hedge. She produced a set of keys and opened the door. The door led them into a tastefully furnished lounge with some stairs in the far corner.

She took his hand and led him to the stairs and up to a large bedroom. There was a large King size bed in the centre of the room and opposite the bed was a large TV screen. Around the walls there was a series of enlarged poster size photographs. As he looked at them, he realised that they showed him having sex with Molly and Tessa. They left nothing to the imagination and showed them all frolicking in the nude.

"They are good Tony love arena't they? The video is even better because it has the sound track as well."

As she was speaking Christine had dropped her raincoat on a chair and immediately started pulling his shirt out of his trousers, she flung the shirt aside and undid his belt and the zip. She pulled his trousers down to his knees and pushed him back on the bed. His clothes lay on the floor where they had dropped. Tony was a little shocked; he lay there completely naked just looking up at her, as her scanty dress soon joined his clothes on the floor.

She put her right foot on the bed and carefully peeled her nylon stocking down, then she unrolled her other stocking, her eyes never leaving his face. His eyes fastened on her hairless groin the lips of her vagina visible as she moved. Then holding out both hands she pulled him to his feet and sank to her knees in front of him. Tony put his hands on her head and closed his eyes as for the first time in his life; he enjoyed the feel of a woman's mouth embracing his cock. Christine was proud of her oral skills, learned when she was much younger and practiced frequently on her many lovers since.

She sucked and stroked him using all the skills that she had learned in the past few years. She held him close round the waist to keep him close.

After seeing Tony in action in the hayloft she knew he was bigger than average at about 8" and proportionately very thick. She knew that he would probably get bigger as he matured. This had given her ideas of how she could use him for her own pleasure and to her own ends.

Finally Tony pulled away as he was so near to coming and he had to remember this was his boss's wife, he had never experienced oral sex before and he was a bit embarrassed. He dare not come in her mouth, but he knew what the next move should be. He reached down pulling her up and gently pushing her down on the bed on her back.

He positioned himself over her and Christine slid her arms around his neck as she felt his cock push at the entrance to her vagina. He pushed in gently to fill her completely. Tony held still in her, for a few brief seconds before he started thrusting home with firm deep thrusts.

After about 5 minutes or so, she put her legs around his waist. Christine slid her legs up and down his sides before locking her ankles around his back. Tony kept on moving steadily and with purpose, surprising her with the variation of strokes he was using from full length drives to a series of short in and out movements in between.

She started having small but violent orgasms, biting him on the chest and shoulders. When Tony finally came, the feel of his seed splashing against the entrance of her womb set her off again. Tony rolled them both over without withdrawing from her. Christine sat up, bracing her hands on his chest and rotated and ground her hips against him.

His cock head was pressed firmly against her cervix. She leaned forward a bit and started lifting and dropping her hips, impaling herself repeatedly on his erection. When she felt him come again, she let herself go and collapsed atop him, limp and sweating. Tony automatically caressed her back and her hair, murmuring words of love and affection into her ear. At last, she rolled off him and they lay there enjoying the afterglow. After a few minutes, Tony rolled onto his side to face her. He reached out and stroked her cheek with his fingers. All his lingering doubts again returning.

Her eyes were open as she looked lovingly at him" Are you going to tell the boss?" he asked softly.

"No Tony. As far as you are concerned. I am the boss and as long as you cooperate with me I will look after you... You know that I have moved you into the house; you will be nearer the girls and of course nearer to me. Won't that be nice for you?"

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