Gypsy Charmed

by Amanda

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Lesbian, Harem, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: 3 college students attend a fair, and they are told what their future will be. Caution: Elements of this story include slavery, please do not read if such would upset you

This story was inspired by the wonderful artist Sue-Chan

Please do not reproduce this work anywhere else without my express permission ©Amanda 2006

"Sold, to the gentleman with the grey beard!" Harold said as he tapped the table with his small wooden gavel.

Ariana stepped forward from the side of the makeshift stage and took the young blonde's hand for the last time. "Good bye, my darling." She whispered softly as she walked the girl through the departing customers, but if Patricia heard her, there was no sign of it in her glassy eyed stare.

The tall, elderly man reached Harold's table at the same time as Ariana and his purchase. "Does she get to keep the costume?" he asked, admiring the way the young woman's body was displayed by the gossamer thin top and harem pants, the sheer veil hiding nothing of her pretty features.

"For fifty, more." Harold said and watched as another crisp note was added to the sizable stack he was just about to count.

Ariana hated this part, where her beautifully trained girls were sold to the highest bidder, and she had been especially fond of Patricia, saving her till last in the hope that all the bidders would have finished before she was presented. But her plan came to nought, too many had seen Ariana's favourite as she danced with the others each night around the campfire to the sounds of guitars and tambourines. She had obviously taken the eye of her eventual owner, for he had only made low bids on the others, keeping his powder dry for what he truly desired.

As Harold nodded that the purchase price had been paid, Ariana put Patricia's hand on the arm of her new owner and told her, "This is your new master. You will obey him now, just as you obeyed me before."

And that was it, the crowd had departed and now Patricia was being led away to whatever fate her master decided would be hers.

"That was the best yet." Harold said, waving the stack of crisp bills.

At times like these Ariana hated her father, whose only interest seemed to be in money, he didn't care that his only daughter's bed would be empty until they could, as he so inappropriately put it, restock.

But at least Ariana would be spared that cold bed tonight, for before dawn the travelling show would be dismantled, the stalls, rides and authentic gypsy caravans stowed on flat bed trucks, the only evidence of their presence the whitened grass squares and circles in an empty field.

"You got any plans for this weekend, Karen?" Emily asked as she walked in to the sitting room of their shared apartment, rubbing her wet, jet-black hair with a towel that matched the one that was only just tied around her.

Karen twirled a lock of her curly red hair around her finger as she replied. "Not as yet, why?"

Karen tried really hard to keep looking at her magazine rather than the hem of Emily's makeshift robe that only just managed to hide the diminutive girls dignity, especially when she threw herself onto the sofa and then tucked her legs up beneath her.

At times like these, Karen sometimes wished things would go back to the way they had been when she had first 'come out' to her fellow students. What a night that had been, all suspicious looks and talk of betrayal! And for a couple of weeks after Emily and Janet had been very cagey around her, locking their bedroom doors each night and never appearing in the living room unless fully dressed, and certainly not as almost undressed as Emily was now.

However the tense atmosphere had gradually eased as the two young women finally realised that Karen wasn't going to 'jump them' at the first opportunity, and life in the house returned to normality. But now it was Karen who sometimes found herself a little uneasy, for despite what she had assured the other two, she certainly wouldn't throw either of them out of her bed if the opportunity arose, and singly and together they had featured regularly in her erotic fantasies, almost to the exclusion of all others from the day they had moved in, in short she was in lust with both of them.

"There's a fair setting up on the field near the campus, I passed it on the bus this morning." Emily said enthusiastically. "The Poster says the tonight is the first night and all rides are half price."

"What do you think, Janet?" Karen called out.

As the young blonde entered, removing a pair of rubber gloves she always wore whilst washing up, she asked. "Think about what?"

"Do you fancy going to the fair this evening?" Emily butted in.

"Never really been into all that waltzer and big dipper stuff." Janet said as she sat next to Emily on the sofa and took the towel from her and started to dry Emily's glossy black locks.

"Oh, but it's not just the rides!" Exclaimed a now excited Emily, "It's the side shows and all those muscle-bound hunks that man the booths and rides."

"Well, that's fine for you two, I'm sure." Karen said, a smile now lighting her slightly freckled face.

"Ah, sweetie." Janet said in mock sympathy. "I'm sure there will be some muscle-bound women as well."

Karen wrinkled her nose, her 'rabbit face' Emily called it. "No thanks," She replied, but added wistfully. "But I suppose there might be some sultry gypsy girl with long black hair, dusky skin and deep, dark eyes. Now that I could go for."

"I didn't know I was your type." Emily said, for she certainly had the dark hair, although her bob cut would hardly be described as long and her skin was far too pale to be termed dusky, and her eyes, as beautiful as they were, like milk chocolate Karen thought, were no where near dark enough to match the image Karen was seeing in her mind.

"I said sultry, not slutty" Karen said and then deftly caught the cushion that winged its way from the sofa.

"Then it's a date! Hunks for us and a sultry gypsy maiden for Karen" Emily said before the other two could change their minds, for although Emily was the youngest, and smallest of the three, she was certainly the most bossy, and also the one most likely to go for a bath when the washing up needed doing.

"Alright," Janet agreed with a sigh, "but lets stay together, okay, I get nervous on my own in places like that."

"Sister's honour!" Emily said with a mock salute. "Meet here at eight?" The other two housemates, as usual, acquiesced to Emily's plan.

Karen didn't spend long getting ready, she didn't feel it was one of those nights where she might get lucky, 'like most nights' she'd sighed to herself as she pulled on her favourite white jeans teamed with a tight fitting purple T-shirt and a pair of well worn sneakers. She slumped in her chair in the lounge at seven thirty and read her book while she waited for the others.

"Wow!" Karen exclaimed as Janet arrived, a mere five minutes late. "You sure are intent on grabbing yourself a hunk tonight aren't you!"

"You don't think it's too much do you?" Janet asked as she looked down at her clothes, a very tight white vest and matching shorts that together showed off her best attributes, which, if asked, Karen would have said were her legs, her arse and most definitely her wonderfully firm breasts. The whole 'young athletic blonde' image was certainly not hindered by the white cowboy boots and wearing her long golden hair in a magnificent pony tail that sprouted almost from her crown.

Smiling, Karen replied. "I don't think too much is the phrase anyone would use looking at you."

"You'll catch your death of cold!" Emily said as she finally joined the other two. Karen raised her eyes to the roof, for it was a constant battle to control the temperature in the house between the southern blonde and the northern brunette with Karen trying to keep out of with an 'I'm okay' whenever one of the others tried to get her to agree that it was boiling hot or freezing cold.

Janet glanced at Emily who, like Karen, had gone for white trousers but with a pink silk camisole top and matching cardigan, and said. "I'll go and get changed."

As if following a script, Karen and Emily chorused. "Oh no you don't!"

"We're late as it is." Karen continued as she stood up. "And if we have to wait for you to not only decide what to wear but then actually get dressed, restyle your hair and redo your makeup the fair will have packed up and gone!"

The crestfallen look on Janet's face was enough to break Karen's heart. To soften her words she looped Janet's arm through hers and said. "And anyway if I looked like you I think I'd dress like that."

"But you're gorgeous." Emily retorted.

"Yeah, right." Karen scoffed. "Every woman's dream, that's why I get to spend so much time here alone, while you two are out nearly every night."

As they left the house, Emily linked her arm with Karen's free one and they decided that they would walk the mile and a half to the fairground, for despite what Emily had said, the evening was quite balmy, a warm breeze blowing softly and carrying with it the scent of scorched sand from the dessert.

They could hear and smell the fair before they could see it, loud music seasoned with screams of delight or fear and the heavenly aroma of burning sugar, frying onions and barbecued meat that set their taste buds watering.

When they finally turned into the field it took a little while for their eyes to adjust to the glaring neon and coloured bulbs that flashed and spun with rides.

"Yeah!" Emily cried. "They have got a waltzer. Come on."

Emily pulled Karen along with her but Janet let her arm fall from the redhead's as she said. "Look I said I can't cope with rides like that, especially with all these foody smells around."

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