Smokin' In The Smokies

by Joris K. Huysmans

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Cheating, Group Sex, BBW, .

Desc: Sex Story: After a fight with her husband on a hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains, a BBW has some wild new experiences.

It was on the second day of our camping trip that Troy finally blew up at me and told me how ashamed he was of what a fatass I had become. That was his word, fatass, although fatbelly and fatthigh and bigfloppytit would have applied equally well. After four years of marriage he was still lean and athletic, and I had spread in every direction. And hiking a steep trail in the Smokies at his preferred pace was just getting to be more than I could do.

I cried all the way to the Park Service cabin. When we came within some distance of people he tried to calm me down, but I knew what he was doing and that just made me madder and sadder. Finally we made up over dinner, but I still felt hatred for myself and my blubber with every bite. We didn't even say good night as he bunked down in the first bed on the male side of the cabin, and I went to the female side.

There I felt even lonelier because the only women there were two skinny, well-muscled gals who looked like a couple. Great, I'm alone with two lesbians, and they're in great shape and I'm a porpoise. There ain't nobody on this side of the wall a man would want to fuck.

It was dark by nine o'clock, and the lights went out on both sides soon after. The two lesbians went out to sit by the fire or smoke a joint or fuck in the woods or something, and I just lay in my sleeping bag, hating myself.

Slowly I got to thinking, though... Troy just doesn't appreciate how sexy a full-figured gal-- okay, a fatass porpoise-- can be. He doesn't realize how full my appetites are in all directions. In fact, it'd been a while since we'd had a really good fuck-- the last few times, infrequent enough as they were, I had felt like I was just the most convenient hole. Listen, girl, you want to keep your man, you gotta show how delicious and sexy you can be, a voice inside me said. That was when I got the idea.

I got out of the sleeping bag and took off all my clothes. In the moonlight, I thought I didn't look half bad-- an abundant, fertile figure of womanhood, balloon-like breasts sloshing over a round belly, trunklike thighs holding up a round, eminently grabbable ass. There was a lot to love here, I thought, if I could just make Troy see (or feel) that.

I crept in the dark, with only my sandals on, over to the men's side. The women's door was locked, of course, but the men's was wide open. It was exciting to walk, nude, into that room full of strange men, in the security of knowing that if someone suddenly turned on the light I could at least hop in with Troy and hide myself. I felt along the wall to the first bunk and heard Troy's familiar snore, one of many in a room that seemed to be fully asleep. Just right for a surprise, I thought, and kneeling beside the bed I lifted the cover about halfway down.

My head disappeared under his blanket and found the lump in his boxer shorts. I pulled it out and it started to get hard in my hands. Faster response than usual, I thought, and quickly popped the head into my mouth. It stiffened quickly against my teeth and and I began running my whole mouth up and down the length of his shaft. Suddenly he was awake-- and he sat up with a start. I pushed him back down, covering his mouth with my hand, and continued my ministrations. He let me, feeling my face and then running his hands over my back and cupping one of my tits as if he'd never felt them before. He seemed appreciative enough... maybe this wasn't so hard after all. (HE was, though.)

In a moment I felt his cock jerk in my mouth and I swallowed the head all the way down as he shot streams of warm cum down my throat. I gave the end of his cock a couple of playful flicks and he wriggled in delicious agony. Then I moved up to kiss him-- and froze.

It was highly unlikely that Troy could have grown a beard since I left him that evening.

I shrieked and ran out. Maybe one or two of the guys saw me as I did, but most probably never even heard the noise. I was horrified as the realization swept over me-- I had just sucked a total stranger's cock, in the room where my husband lay sleeping. I spat, trying to force up the cum I had swallowed so eagerly, to prove my love.

I scraped my tongue against my teeth, as if I could remove a layer of skin and thus no longer have the mouth that had sucked a strange cock to ejaculation. But no, I had done that. I was an unbelievable slut standing naked and cum-spattered in a forest, a slut who had put a completely strange penis in her mouth, who...

I remembered the way the stranger had rubbed my face, tenderly. Had felt my tit, curiously. He had enjoyed feeling me, in a way that Troy hadn't for a long, long time.

I felt my vaginal lips moisten and swell apart. I had to admit, it had been the most pleasant sexual experience I'd had in a good year. I reached down and felt the nub between my fat thighs as it swelled and grew warm. As I remembered the feeling of the stranger's cock on my tongue. I rubbed it there in the moonlight, squeezing my own giant balloon tit, and I remembered the sensation of that cock in my mouth, that foreign cum leaving a taste in my mouth I could still barely identify. A shudder built up in my mighty thighs, and with a whimper I came. I had done it. I had shown Troy, I had sucked a total stranger off, and I had enjoyed it. I had enjoyed me, too, all of me.

Without admitting to myself what I was doing, I started walking back to the cabin. I froze in the woods as I saw a man standing on the porch, smoking a cigarette. At first I thought it might be Troy, ready to kill me. Then I saw the outline of a beard. It was him.

I stepped forward into the moonlight.

He looked at me, my bulging breasts and round tummy in the blue moonlight. And he started to walk forward.

"I wasn't sure if you were a dream," he whispered.

"Go get a blanket and meet me in that clearing," I said. "Then you'll find out." He did as I said and I disappeared back into the woods. I knew I could hide, now, I didn't have to do this, I could just try to put a horrible mistake behind me... but I didn't want to. I wanted to prove that I was desirable.

He showed up and put the blanket on the ground. We kissed and one of his hands began to massage my huge tits while another slid under my hanging belly and between my fat thighs and into the wet place between. I moaned as I felt his cock grow in his jeans and unbuckled the belt, and as he squeezed the round mounds of my ass. He seemed to like what he was feeling, all of it, just fine.

I dropped to the ground, ass grinding into the scratchy blanket, legs spread wide. In a moment his jeans were down and I felt his nearly hard cock, his stranger's cock, tickle the outer edge of my lips. My legs bucked up to meet him and he plowed into my steaming snatch. As he did he licked my nipples, smashing a handful of my huge tit into his mouth with each thrust. I grabbed his ass and felt him ram into me, bouncing off my blubbery stomach as my tits flopped up and down in his fast and my ass, my wide whoring ass, ground pleasurably into the dirt. In a few moments, I felt him spasm on top of me and for the first time I had stranger's cum in my steamy pussy. As we lay there, he rubbed his hands over my bouncy belly and drooping tits, admiringly.

We lay there silently for a few moments. Finally he spoke. "You're with that scrawny feller, aren't you?" he said.

"That's my husband, yeah," I said. "He wasn't any too nice with you tonight, I could see," he said.

"I think I understand what's going on here now. You really didn't know it wasn't him..."

"If you've enjoyed a lady's attentions, you won't ask her impertinent questions," I said, grabbing his warm and swollen cock.

"Fair enough," he said, grabbing my ass and giving it a good squeeze. We wrestled playfully and I soon found myself on top of him, grinding my wet snatch into his crotch as his soft cock flopped against the overhang of my belly.

"You have any friends in there?" I asked.

"Matter of fact, I do. My buddy Jim."

"Go get him," I said, getting up to let him up.

Jim came out like he didn't believe what his buddy had told him. But when he saw me he knew what he was in for, and I don't think I'd ever seen a man get out of his clothes that fast. I dropped to my knees in front of him and eagerly took his cock down into my throat. My second stranger's cock. It didn't take him long, but as he got close he pulled out.

"What?" I asked, not wanting to be deprived of another warm load of stranger cum.

"Ma'am, I just gotta fuck those big beautiful tits," he said, a little bashfully. Maybe his friend standing watching had something to do with it.

"Why don't you go get somebody else," I said to the first guy. "Just make sure it isn't my husband."

I reached into my pussy and pulled a nice thick handful of slime, then spread it between my tits and lay back. He straddled me and started sliding his cock between the tits smashed on either side of it. It didn't feel that good to me, to be honest, but fortunately it didn't take long before he howled like a dog at the moon, and a blast of cum arced up and splattered my double chin and up one of my cheeks. A few more shots quickly followed and puddled between my tits and ran down my neck.

As he got off of me and shyly muttered "Uh, thanks, ma'am," I saw two teenaged boys standing there, their eyes about as big as my tits. "C'mon," I said. "Haven't you boys ever seen a woman waiting to be fucked before?"

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