A Lunchtime Rendezvous

by Pussycat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: An innocent sunbathing session during the office lunch hour turns into something more.

She was always coming to work in tight trousers, clinging closely to her firm rounded arse. And no bra; she never wore a bra, although her loose shirts and jumpers often concealed the fact. Her face was impish, fun-loving; always cheerful and enjoying life, her long dark hair swinging across it. Every time I saw her, my excitement was aroused; I really fancied her.

It was a hot summer's day when I met her going through the front door of the building one morning. Her thin trousers clung more tightly than ever, her brief panties outlined beneath them. She wore a light loose shirt, resting gently over her firm breasts. And she smiled. Always such a happy genuine smile.

"Hi, Liz" I said, "Lovely morning, eh?"

"Great" she replied, "I just wish we could be outside sunbathing instead of in here".

"Well, there's always lunch time" I laughed "Have you brought your bikini with you?"

She laughed gently in return "No, I'm afraid not. Still, I could always find somewhere private; I don't like the restrictions of bikinis when I'm sunbathing, anyway!"

Talking to her, my excitement began to mount as always "Ah well, if you need a chaperone, I'd be very willing to oblige" I joked. "I fancy a bit of sun myself at lunch time".

She chuckled "I'll bet you do. See you then" and with that she was off, brushing tantalisingly close to me as I held open the door for her, and wiggling her lovely backside down the corridor.

I stood there for a moment. Her comment had been ambiguous. Was she really going to take me up on it? I couldn't believe she was really; I was just fantasising surely. I tried to put her out of my mind and walked to my office...

It was soon after midday when I went to collect my sandwiches and there she was just picking up hers. "Ah, there you are" she laughed, "Ready then?"

I grinned, unsure if she was serious still. I'd play along anyway "Er, yes" I replied, smiling.

"OK, then" she laughed "See you at the front door in a couple of minutes "We'll have our sandwiches there" and she disappeared up the corridor again. What a super arse she had!

I felt very excited. I couldn't believe it. Was she having me on? Well, I'd have to see. I wandered down to the front door, my pulse racing. It was very hot outside. I loosened my tie and leant against the front of the building, lapping up the sun. The anticipation was tantalising and the bulge in my trousers just wouldn't subside. My hands sweated around the sandwiches.

She must have been having me on, I thought. She was probably peering out of some window at me right now, giggling with her friend Pam. No! I wouldn't make a fool of myself like this, I'd go back in.

I turned towards the door and no sooner had I done so than it opened. It was Liz, sandwiches in hand, smiling as ever. "Hi!" she said "Sorry to keep you; I just had to have a pee before we left".

"Well, where shall we go?" I ventured "Do you know a good place with a bit of privacy?"

She grinned "Well, you can never guarantee it of course" she laughed "but I reckon the grounds of that deserted old house on the corner, about a mile down the road should be pretty safe. It's pretty overgrown so it's not overlooked at all but there are quite a few nice grassy patches. It doesn't bother me in the least if people do see my boobs actually but some people seem to get funny about it for some reason!"

"Yes, it's funny isn't it" I replied "I think the whole nudity taboo is daft really; you see a few naked bodies and you soon get used to them. Anyway, this place sounds super. Your car or mine?"

"Oh, let's take mine" she said "I've got a nice big rug in the back that we can use; the grass is a bit long".

She laughed happily again and I watched the free wobble of firm breasts beneath her shirt with continued excitement. "Great" I enthused "Let's go then!" and we walked across the car park to her small ancient little sports car. The top was down; it was ideal for a day like today. She tossed her sandwiches in the back and clambered in. It was a pity she wasn't wearing a short skirt; it would have been a super view!

I jumped in beside her and we roared off, her long dark hair flying out behind her. It was only minutes before we reached the deserted house and she confidently parked the car on the verge near the far corner of the grounds "How come you know this pace so well?" I queried "Do you often come here?"

She laughed "That sounds like the old 'Do you come here often' line; are you about to chat me up? Anyway, yes, I do come here occasionally, when I fancy a bit of privacy. Once or twice I've been when it's really hot like this and just stripped everything off and shut my eyes to the outside world; it's really relaxing. I've often thought it would be nice to have company though, as long as it was the right sort. It had to be someone easygoing though; someone who wouldn't impose themselves on me but just provide friendly company. Somebody good-looking as well of course!" She laughed again and I blushed slightly "Come on then" she continued, "Let's get in there!"

We picked up our sandwiches and the rug and walked up the road to a gap in the fence. Liz led the way through, bending forward as she pushed her way through the bushes, her superb backside bobbing about in front of me. I couldn't believe this was happening; it was a dream come true.

At last, well away from the road, we came to a grassy area, rather less overgrown than the rest. "Here we are then" she said "What do you think?"

I looked around. The derelict house was just about visible in the distance, but all around were trees, bushes and brambles; it was superbly private. "Great! Absolutely super!" I replied enthusiastically "I don't know how you ever found it".

"Oh, I'm just a natural explorer" she laughed "Come on, spread this out with me"

We stretched the rug out over the grassy tufts and threw our sandwiches onto the corner of it. "There we are then. Let's get these things off" and she started undoing the buttons on her shirt. I just stood and looked, my eyes glued to the ever increasing plunge of her neckline. She glanced up at me, her eyes bright and innocent "You don't mind do you?" she laughed.

"Christ, no" I stammered, coming out of my hypnotic gaze "Sorry to stare, but you have got rather a gorgeous body; it's just a bit difficult to ignore!"

"I thought you were just interested in getting a suntan" she giggled, "Come on, get your things off as well; this sun is too good to hide from!" and seconds later she was peeling off her shirt.

Her lovely boobs sprang out proudly into the sunshine; they were beautifully firm and well tanned all over! I tore my eyes away from her and started taking off my own shirt. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her undoing her tight trousers; a pair of even tighter brief panties clung to her rounded arse beneath. I threw my shirt to the ground and started undoing my trousers feeling rather embarrassed; I had a tremendous erection which would be very obvious through my brief pants. Liz stepped out of her trousers and carefully folded them on the ground. She seemed totally at ease although naked but for the panties, and they scarcely concealed anything; tight and clinging to every contour and semi-transparent as well, the thick mat of her dark hair clearly visible through them.

Having folded her trousers, she looked back across at me. I had just undone my trousers but had paused before pulling them down over my bulging briefs. She smiled at my hesitancy "Come on Tim, get them down then!" she laughed, "I've seen plenty of guys in underpants before you know. And out of them too for that matter!"

That wasn't quite the point, I thought, but still, maybe she'd be impressed; I might as well get it over with so 'here goes!' and I carefully guided them down over my straining briefs. "Oh my!" she exclaimed when she saw the size of the bulge, "I see why you paused. I suppose it's quite a compliment really but I thought we came here for a nice relaxing sunbathe; you seem to have other things on your mind!" Then she laughed, her beautiful natural laugh, "It's OK, don't look so nervous. I don't mind at all. I'm just surprised. Come on, kick those trousers off".

Excited, but still nervous, I stepped out of my trousers and folded them on top of Liz's, my briefs straining more eagerly than ever. I glanced back up at her and she was still looking at the bulge, still smiling. Her firm tanned boobs thrust out boldly still, the nipples looking hard and succulent. My cock jerked again in my briefs, eager to get out.

"It really doesn't look too comfortable in there" she laughed "Shall we let it out!"

"It does feel rather strained to say the least" I replied, "Sure, we might as well get a good tan all over"

She stepped across, her boobs vibrating gently and knelt down in front of me. "Come on then, out you come young fellow" and she carefully eased down the waistband, over the throbbing bulge. My cock leapt out, hard and straight, waving in the open air; Liz jumped slightly in surprise, then giggled, "Christ!" she said "You are a big lad, aren't you. And all this just because you're coming to sunbathe with me. You'll never be able to relax with that fellow throbbing away like that; can't you just pretend I'm not here, or fully dressed, or something?" and she laughed again, her nipples, big and hard, bouncing up and down just inches from my thighs. I'm sure those nipples had grown; they looked a bit juiced up to me, just like my cock. Could she possibly be aroused too?

I laughed "I'm sorry" I said, "I certainly can't help it even if I wanted to, and I'm not sure I want to try and ignore you; I get excited even when you're dressed and now, with your super body nearly naked right beside me, it's quite impossible not to get very aroused. Come on, you're wasting good sunshine, let's get yours off as well! Trouble is, it's not so easy to see if you're excited, is it!"

She giggled and gave my cock a friendly squeeze "I suppose not" she laughed "There's no way you can tell that my tits are all taut and sensitive and my nipples hard and itching, is there! Don't my nipples look bigger, they certainly feel it?" She stood up in front of me, smiling "Come on, get these knickers down then!"

I knelt down in front of her, excitement surging through me listening to her words, my face now inches from her crotch and peeled the flimsy material down her firm tanned thighs. They were quite damp from between her legs. "I think you're getting a bit sweaty in this heat" I laughed.

"Aha!" she giggled "So maybe you can tell after all. Come on, hurry up and get them off".

I stripped them down and she stepped out, parting her legs a little as she did so that she now stood there, feet astride, naked and beautiful. Beneath her panties, she was still tanned, though more lightly, and her thick bush of curling brown pubic hair sprouted proudly forth. I could just see the swollen red fleshy lips beneath.

We were both naked and I felt incredibly excited but still nervous, still unsure what she wanted. She seemed aroused, seemed to be leading me on, but I couldn't be sure. I kissed her briefly and gently in the middle of the triangle of curly brown hair "There we are gorgeous. Now the sun can get to every little bit of you!"

She jumped slightly at the touch of my lips "Ooh, that tickles!" she said giggling, then turning sideways, she stretched her arms up above her head, straining her body towards the sun, her breasts stretched tight, the nipples hard and outthrust "Oh, gorgeous!" she sighed "Beautiful warm sunshine and freedom from silly restricting clothes. Mmm, I just love it, the warm breeze caressing my skin all over".

I gazed up in unashamed admiration at her taut golden body, the firm thighs, flat tummy, swollen proud breasts. My cock jutted forth, proud and eager, throbbing with excitement. "Yes, it's beautiful, isn't it" I agreed "It's a beautiful feeling of freedom; I love it too. The trouble is, I always find it so arousing; tanned naked bodies are so erotic, and when it's a body like yours... well, I'm too embarrassed to put it into words!"

She lowered her hands to her hips and glanced sideways, grinning at me "Yes, you're right; it is arousing. It just increases my general level of excitement with life and that gets me aroused. I love to just run my hands up and down my body when I'm stretching out to the sun like this and of course, the more I do that, the more it turns me on!" She giggled happily and stretched her arms up again, then ran her hands slowly down her sides, over her hips to the sides of her thighs, then back up the front of her thighs, just touching the outer wisps of her curling mound of hair, and on over her smooth firm tummy to her jutting breasts. She cupped them briefly in her hands, squeezing gently, then slid on firmly over the hardened nipples, sighing gently "Mmm, it's just so good!" she murmured "How about you?"

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