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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The story of a man keeping his promise in spite of having to deal with a series of difficult life events.

I'd found myself in a very unusual situation about a year ago. Actually the strange turn of events started even before that. Where to begin? My wife was an only child, her father was an only child, and her mother was an only child. She had no cousins, no aunts, and no uncles. There were only a few older relatives. For instance my wife's grandmother had an identical twin sister and the two had been close friends their entire lives.

Being around Grandma Beth and Great Aunt Anne was a trip in itself. From the very first time I'd met the two I had to get used to the idea that two minds could be so attuned that they would take turns with each sister speaking every other sentence and their entire speech still flowing coherently as if each sister knew what the other would say ahead of time. They'd been synchronized like that their entire lives.

Beth and Anne both entered puberty so completely in sync with each other that they had their first periods within twenty minutes of the other. They both married brothers from the same family in a duel wedding when they were seventeen and had the same married name. My wife's grandfather and her great uncle were both long haul truckers who specialized in quick delivery. Brian and Vic would alternate between driving and sleeping so the big rig was pretty much always in motion and their loads would be delivered faster than anyone else so they were always paid a premium.

The two brothers started their own express freight business together and grew it into a sizeable firm that guaranteed delivery times unless some act of god intervened. When their parents died they invested their inheritance into their business and stayed with it as it grew even larger. If Vic decided he wanted to drive on one of the runs, then Brian was sure to go with him. If Brian wanted to do a run, then Vic would be going as well. While it was really nice that the two brothers got along with each other nearly as well as their twin brides, there was a downside; they ended up dying in the same accident leaving both women as widows.

After having been married to their husbands for twenty five years neither Beth nor Anne ever married again. The two women didn't like living alone so they sold their homes and their husbands business and moved in with my wife's mom and dad. Anne had never had any children of her own and had always treated Beth's son Bryce as if he were her son too. When the two grand ladies were in their mid fifties they began to exhibit symptoms of either Alzheimer's or Dementia and realizing this transferred all of their considerable wealth over to Bryce.

Some days the two older women seemed quite with it and other days it was as if they were living in an earlier decade of their lives and out of touch with the current reality. Both women were in good physical shape and if you gave them a bit of guidance they were pretty much able to help take care of themselves — you just had to be really willing to give them careful step by step instructions and answer the same questions over and over again.

After Shelly and I had been married for about seven years my father-in-law pulled me aside for a private one on one conversation one evening after dinner at their place. He offered me a brandy and a cigar as we sat together and finally got around to what he really wanted to talk about after shooting the breeze for a few minutes.

"Jack I remember the day that you and I sat in these very chairs while you fidgeted nervously before telling me that you wanted to marry Shelly and asked for my blessing," my father-in-law said with a chuckle.

"I remember that pretty darn well myself!"

"Well here we are eight years later and I can tell you that Connie and I are pretty happy that you and Shelly tied the knot. Your both good people and it's easy to see that you were meant for each other. When Shelly married you we didn't lose our daughter, we gained a son.

"Now there are a couple of things I want to say to you that are pretty serious Jack, some might even say they're a bit morbid but I don't really think so. As you get older you think about the joys in your life and sometimes you contemplate where you are and how far you've come in this journey we call life. Connie and I are both getting older, hell I'll be fifty in two years, and as we're getting closer to retirement we've had to contemplate the road ahead. We both plan on being alive and kicking for many, many years yet but just the same sometimes things creep up on you and it doesn't hurt to have a few contingency plans in place.

"With all of that said, Connie and I have modified our will just in case anything were to happen to both of us. If that did occur then Shelly would get pretty much everything we have. I have to tell you that neither Connie or I were very ready to deal with this next part of the will, but our attorney asked us what we wanted to do if somehow Shelly wasn't alive to inherit at the time of our death; son, without hesitation both Connie and I said we would want you to have it," Bryce said with moisture in his eyes.

He reached up and wiped the moisture away before it could fully form into a tear and then said "Damn it! Thinking of your child possibly dying just turns on the water works for me!"

Forcing himself to continue after a moment Bryce said "That brings us up to the other consideration we have to concern ourselves with. If, as the result of some unforeseen event, Connie and I are outlived by Beth and/or Anne will you and Shelly take them into your home and look after them son?"

"Of course Dad, Shelly and I have talked about that possibility already. At some point they might be too much of a handful for you and Mom and when that happens we're ready to take over. I don't care much for the option of nursing homes and neither does Shelly.

"My folks died before I graduated high school. You and Connie are the only parents I've got. Shelly and I talked about that to. Unless you or Mom decide you don't want to be with us — well I guess I should just say that we'd never want either of you in a nursing home either; but all of that is way in the future anyway and we're so happy that you both take such good care of yourselves and each other. I only hope I'm half as healthy as you when I hit your age," I told him.

"I guess that's why the brandy and cigars had better be just an occasional vice!" he laughed.

And that's pretty much how things got the way they are now. There's just one more thing that happened and it was a terrible blow to me. It was right around Christmas and Shelly and her mom had more shopping they wanted to do; not too surprising since they both loved to shop so much. In any case neither of the women liked to drive in snow so Bryce and I would take turns driving them to the various stores and malls.

On one of their shopping trips it was Bryce's turn to play chauffer and bag boy while I stayed at the folks' place so Beth and Anne weren't alone. An hour or so after they should have been home I began to get a bit nervous. During the holidays most of the stores kept late hours, but this was late even taking that into consideration. I called Shelly's cell phone and it just rang for a while and then switched into her voice mail.

"Hi honey — Jack here. I was just getting a little worried for you babe. It's getting late and all of the stores are closed. Maybe you and your folks just decided to grab a late night movie or something, but in any case — if you get the chance — please give me a call so I can know that everything's okay," I said into the mouth piece of the phone before hanging up the handset. I was just happy that it was a Saturday night since I didn't have to get up early and go into work in the morning.

I slipped into the large room that Beth and Anne shared to check up on them. The nightlight near the bed cast a soft and warm yellow light over the room. Beth must have gotten too warm because she'd kicked her covers off, wiggled out of her nightgown and was lying naked on top of the sheet. The sight was not at all what I had expected. Her flesh looked quite firm and toned and her generous breasts didn't sag all that much. I have to admit I soon had an erection and had to tear myself away from the sight.

Anne must not have felt as warm though she had kicked the covers off. Her nightgown was still on but it was pulled up far enough that I could see her lightly furred pussy. Her hand was laying on her stomach just above her cunt, her legs were splayed open a bit, her pussy lips were jutting out and open a bit with drops of fluid glistening in the soft light.

"Damn!" I whispered softly. These two women were in their late fifties but looked more like they were just nearing middle age. "They certainly pass the hard on test with flying colors," I softly chuckled to myself as I left the room knowing they were both alright for the night.

Shelly and I had both stayed over in the guest room from time to time, so I left a note on the cork board they used for the purpose and went off to bed.

The next morning I woke up around five. I looked out my second story window and only saw my car in the drive. "Bryce must have parked in the garage," I said aloud.

Generally things at my house and here at the folks were pretty casual and since I hadn't anticipated spending the night I didn't have a lot of extra clothes with me. I pulled my boxers back on and walked downstairs. My note was still on the board where I'd left it.

I opened the door that led from the Kitchen into the garage and saw that it was empty. "What the heck is going on?" I wondered.

The next few hours were so horrible for me that I don't even want to live through them again long enough to pen them accurately; I'll just say this — if you've guessed that the worst happened — it did. I hustled to get breakfast ready since both Beth and Anne were early risers. Then I called the police and my worst fears were gradually turned into reality.

I won't try to tell you how I felt or what awful thoughts ran through my mind at the news I was given. I'll just tell you what I learned. Bryce had been driving home after they finished up their shopping outing. He was driving along a winding stretch of what is known around here as the river road when a SUV heading the opposite direction hit a patch of ice and slid out of control. Bryce's Camry didn't stand a chance against the weight and momentum of the SUV that barreled into his car and both vehicles left the road, plunged twenty feet down the steep river bank, and were submerged in the dark depths of the near freezing river water. Suffice it to say they never really had a chance and I lost my wife and her parents in one terrible awful tragedy.

So at the age of twenty-eight I had to consider one of the unexpected turns in what Bryce had referred to as life's journey. My high school sweetheart was torn from me. The two people I'd come to love as if they were my own parents were no longer here. I had made my promise and now had responsibility for the two sisters and would carry that promise through.

The next four weeks were a blur for me. I hired an in home care provider to come to the house and stay at home with Beth and Anne during the day. Though I'd known I was inheriting everything of Connie and Bryce's I had no clue just how much their estate was worth. At least I could easily afford care for the twins.

Knowing that it would be hard for Beth and Anne to cope with moving to a new home, I began the painful job of packing things up from the house that Shelly and I had bought two years ago. Both of us had been so pleased that we'd disciplined ourselves enough to save up a large down payment. It really was quite a feat. Both Shelly and I had graduated with our four year degrees a year after we'd married and had been working full time ever since paying off our student loans and saving for our first house. There had been many dreams for this place — dreams that would now never come to fruition. I packed things up as best as I could giving a bit of extra attention to things that reminded me of the wonderful times I'd had with Shelly. The furniture and other items were picked up by the Good Will. I sold the house and moved in to what I still thought of as Bryce and Connie's place.

I don't know much about the typical stages of grief that people go through, but mine were tempered somewhat. Yes I was angry at the other driver — but then they'd paid the ultimate price too. I was an agnostic so I couldn't very well blame any higher power. And then there was my promise to care for Beth and Anne. That promise meant that I was around two other people who in their own ways showed that they missed Shelly, Connie, and Bryce. My grief was shared by others and I was never alone for very long and that really helped a great deal. Beth and Anne both had pleasant memories of Connie and Bryce when they were younger as well as memories of Shelly from the moment she was born.

A month had passed since that tragic day and I was trying to establish a successful routine. Each day I had to get the two women up and have them undress. The three of us would go into the bathroom and I would have to stand near the large marble shower that had been built for them. You had to give them really detailed instructions to get them to bathe themselves sufficiently and sometimes I'd get a bit frustrated though I tried to keep it to myself.

One morning while I was stewing about my situation and griping to myself Beth stepped out of the shower sopping wet and hugged me tight and said "Thank you for taking such good care of us!"

My clothes were now soaked with water — but I couldn't bring my self to be upset with her. Beth and Anne had both always been loving creatures and that hadn't changed. So my clothes were wet — big deal they would dry out sooner or later.

I had Beth get back in the shower. "I suppose it would be better for me to bathe them myself than to get upset with the two dears," I thought to myself.

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