Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bob has a younger sister, Missy, who's very cute and very nicely built. He's been desiring her sexually since she entered puberty and she's now 18 years old and no longer under-age. He thinks it's time to make his move.

Bob had had a longterm sexual fantasy that he'd never been bold enough to try and make a reality. He'd had the sexual hots for his younger sister, Missy, since she'd entered puberty and began to develop the budding sexy body of a young woman. He couldn't remember how many times he'd actually jacked off with the visual images of his younger sister in his head and on a few occasions, he'd even been able to watch Missy sunning in her sexy black bikini out in the backyard while he was watching from a bathroom window upstairs and stroking his cock, wishing he was fucking her sexy hot young cunt. Nearly every afternoon or night, sometimes even in the morning when he'd shower for school, Bob would start thinking about various times he'd seen his younger sister around the house in different states of being dressed or undressed and times he'd seen her out in the backyard sunning in that totally hot sexy black bikini she'd bought for that very purpose before summer started. Bob's cock quickly responded whenever he was thinking of how sexy and cute Missy was and before he knew it, he had a raging hardon to deal with and he always dealt with an aroused cock by jacking off.

While Bob knew he'd wanted to fuck his own sister and she was a very attractive and very sexy girl, he'd never been willing to try sleeping with her while she was still under-age. He figured if their mom and dad found out he and Missy were fucking together, he'd be in enough trouble, but if she was under 18 years old, he knew he'd be in bigtime trouble for sure. He knew that most people would frown on a teenage brother and sister being sexually involved with each other, but if the girl was under-age, he felt sure that would gain even further negative reaction and he didn't need his tight muscular ass in anybody's crack for boinking Missy even though she not only needed to be fucked, but he felt sure on many occasions she was teasing and trying to get him to fuck her.

The summer after Missy had graduated from high school and had officially turned 18 years old, she and her brother Bob were left at home in an old farmhouse that they lived in with their parents while their mom, dad and younger sister all left for the evening. Bob was in his room using the Internet and getting fucking turned on when he heard sounds telling him that Missy had gone down the hallway to take her nightly bath. He felt his cock growing hard as he envisioned Missy being naked except for the robe and possibly a thong that she normally wore to the bathroom for her bath. Bob gave Missy a few minutes to get in the bathroom and run her water and get naked before he snuck down the long hallway to spy on her when she was naked and totally exposed to his gaze.

Bob had been lounging in a pair of gym shorts and one of his workout shirts while he'd been in his room. He found that to be a very convenient manner of dress when he was looking at things on the Internet or reading a sexy magazine that prompted him to uncover his cock and enjoy a good session of jacking off. Bob left his room and he could hear the radio playing in the upstairs bathroom so he knew Missy had already run her bath water and was in the tub washing. He made sure he was very quiet so his sexy younger sister wouldn't know he was checking her out. Bob had done this before lots of times but now he found Missy even sexier and more arousing than he had in the years since she'd entered puberty and developed the increasingly sexy and nicely shaped body of a developing young woman.

Bob got to the closed door of the bathroom and he slipped his gym shorts down off of his already partially hard cock as he bent over and got his eye centered on the keyhole in the bathroom door so he could sneak some sexy peeks of his sister Missy's naked body as she bathed or as she got out of the bathtub. Bob's cock reacted to both his hand jacking himself up and down gradually as he angled until he could see Missy reclining over in the far end of the large bathtub. Missy had the sexiest medium-sized breasts Bob had ever seen on a girl. He didn't fucking care if she was his sister, Missy had nice sexy rounded breasts and they were topped by two of the darkest and sexiest round nipples he'd ever seen on any girl he'd ever been with. Bob had snuck enough peeks at Missy by now that when he jacked off, he could clearly see her naked tits in his head as he stroked himself to a hard powerful cum. Bob knew that Missy wished her breasts were a cup size bigger than the B-cup that she currently was wearing, but he thought her tits were just right. Bob had occasionally snuck into Missy's bedroom and gone through her bra and panties drawer, pulling out some of her sexy bras and using them for arousal and stimulation as he jacked off. He'd even shot his cumload into the cups of one of Missy's bras on occasion and he'd then wiped them out and wondered if Missy had ever known someone had jacked off in her bra.

Bob steadily jacked his cock up and down, up and down as he watched Missy and he though on one occasion he saw her eyeing the keyhold like she sensed someone was out in the hallway watching her. He wasn't planning on jacking off to climax there in the hallway, but he would make his way back to his bedroom before Missy got completely dried off and was ready to go back to her bedroom. Bob steadily increased the speed of his strokes as he continued to jack his horny dick and he really felt himself getting turned on when he saw Missy get up from the bathtub and he knew she was about to finish bathing. Then, Bob could hardly believe what he saw. Missy stood there in the bathtub, dancing and moving to the music on the radio. He could clearly see her naked wet body as she closed her eyes and swayed to the throbbing sounds of the music. He could hardly believe it when Missy also reached up, cupping both of her naked breasts and was clearly playing with her naked tits, cupping them, squeezing them, and then both of her hands closed over the hard erect nipples and Missy tweaked and pulled on her aroused titties as she was clearly enjoying touching her own naked body.

Missy then stepped over the side of the bathtub and she continued to sway and dance and Bob thought he saw her looked again at the keyhole as though she sensed he was out there watching her putting on a strip show for him. Then, Missy picked up her large terrycloth towel and she started drying off in a rather sexy and sensual manner and then she turned around and bent over and he could tell she was picking at one of her toenails but what she was really doing was clearly letting him see her naked ass and there, in between her shapely thighs was her pussy, naked, wet and thoroughly inviting looking for Bob to enjoy. Then, Bob stroked his hard meat and he couldn't believe it, but Missy slid her hand between her legs and she was clearly letting her fingers glide up and down over her naked wet pussy and he almost thought she was going to crook a finger into her pussy and finger fuck herself to orgasm.

Bob saw her straighten up and finish drying off and he knew he needed to get out of the hallway. He quickly moved a few steps away from the door and then pulled his shorts up over his hardon and made his way quickly back to his room but just as he pulled the door shut to his room, his hardon still tenting out against his shorts, he heard the bathroom door open and he heard Missy's feet as she walked down the hallway to her room.

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