Nude Secretaries Day

by Totzman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One day a year, the secretaries come to work naked.

Monica Kelly had just taken off her coat when she noticed the bright yellow sticky note posted on her day calendar on her desk. Another important memo for her to type, she presumed, and paid it little attention as she put her purse away in her desk and switched on her computer.

Her boss, Albert, left notes on her desk every morning for various tasks he wanted completed for the day, and Monica, being the dutiful secretary she was, always got them completed on a timely basis.

Monica put some hot water into the coffee maker so it would be fresh and ready when Albert got out of his morning meeting. She heard loud laughing coming from the conference room so she was pleased to know he would at least be in a good mood today.

Monica sat down at her desk and began sorting through her memos for the day. After answering a few calls, Albert walked in, giving Monica a cheerful "good morning," and grabbing a cup of coffee.

Monica smiled. It pleased her when Albert was in a good mood, and his greeting her made her feel appreciated.

"Quite a meeting in there?" Monica inquired.

"We're a little enthused about tomorrow, if you don't mind," he said. "Any calls?"

"Yes, a Mr. Bakerson is on line two for you," Monica said, and then stopped. "Wait, what's happening tomorrow?"

"Didn't you read my note?" Albert said. With that, he disappeared into his office and picked up the phone.

Of course, Monica thought, she'd been here a good five minutes and hadn't read the note her boss had left for her.

Monica squinted to read Albert's sloppy writing, which she had become increasingly accustomed to but still had occasional difficulties making sense of from time to time. Monica was able to gather from today's scribble something to the effect that she should look at tomorrow on her day calendar.

Monica flipped the page, seeing a large "7" with the word "Wednesday" above it, and "February" underneath, as always, with the day's holiday or other significant event or trivia written in small print at the bottom.

To Monica's surprise, the "significant event" listed for the 7th of February was "Nude Secretaries Day."

That was it. No further information. Monica didn't know what to make of the information, and flipped her calendar back to Tuesday.

Must be a joke, Monica thought to herself, and heard Albert laughing in his office and presumed that's what the joke in the meeting must have been about as well.

Monica continued working on her assignments for the day, all the while rolling her eyes at the smirks she got from her coworkers when they passed her in the halls.

"Some funny joke," Monica mumbled to herself.

At lunchtime, Monica ate in the cafeteria with Shari Kirshner, another secretary who worked in the building. Monica had only worked there for a few months, and Shari and she quickly became friends after she was hired.

"Tough putting up with all the Nude Day jokes," Monica said as a laughing coworker walked out of the cafeteria.

"Tell me about it," Shari said. "It's like this every year."

"They have this every year?" Monica asked.

"February 7," Shari said. "I don't know who adds that to the calendars, but it's always there. Just something we have to put up with every year."

Monica nodded in understanding. Shari finished eating, then got up and put her paper lunch bag in the trash.

"Well, I just try to look on the bright side," Shari said, stuffing her trash in the wastebasket.

"What's that?" Monica asked.

"At least we don't have to worry about what to wear tomorrow."

Monica couldn't muster a response to Shari's statement before she left up the stairs back to her office.

No, Monica said to herself. They were pulling her leg. Shari had to be joking.

Monica was thinking Shari must be in on this Nude Day gag, this being some sort of hazing for Monica since she was still relatively new to the office. Monica decided this was the most likely explanation and dismissed the notion that this "Nude Secretaries Day" was anything more than an immature joke that circulated around the office every year.

Five o'clock finally came and Monica grabbed her purse and coat to leave for the day. Albert watched her carefully from his office as she retrieved her purse from the cubby drawer at the bottom of her cabinet. He had specifically arranged her office so that many important items were stored down low, so Monica would have to bend over to retrieve them. Monica tended to wear tight skirts, and bending over made her skirt material complement the round shape of her buttocks even more, which Albert found very tantalizing. Albert admired Monica's shapely posterior for several seconds, enjoying the soft curves and subtle panty lines. After retrieving her purse, Monica stood up and waved goodbye to Albert.

"See you tomorrow," Albert said, and winked.

Monica blushed slightly as she put on her coat. Albert listened to the click of her heels as she walked down the halls until she had left his range of hearing.

The following morning, Monica woke up like any other day. She got dressed as she usually did, miniskirt, nylons, blouse, and heels, and of course, bra and panties.

Monica quickly ate a bagel with cheese, and as she did, she took a glance at the morning newspaper.

February 7, it said at the top, with a sub-headline reading "Nude Secretaries Day: A Growing Fad?" Monica hadn't had time to read the article, but worried a bit about how widespread the phenomenon seemed to reach. Even the morning radio show made a mention of it, and had a secretary from the radio station talk on the air whom they jokingly claimed was naked. Monica frowned and changed stations.

After pulling into the parking lot of her office, Monica checked her lipstick in the rearview mirror, and as she did, saw Shari stepping out of her car. Shari was bundled up in a long furry coat, as was Monica. Monica got out of her car and went over to greet her.

"Morning, Shari," Monica said.

Shari gave a soft smile and said hi.

"Well, here it goes, let's get this over with," Shari said, walking towards the building.

"I'll be glad when this day is over with," Monica said.

They entered the office building where several of their male coworkers were waiting for them.

"Well, ladies, let's have a look!" one of them said.

"Come on, coats off!" another said.

"Oh, give it a rest, you pervs!" Monica said.

The men feigned offense.

"You want to break tradition?" one said facetiously.

Shari and Monica walked up the stairs to avoid the gathering of men who would undoubtedly be waiting for them in the elevator.

"Jeez, they don't seriously think they're going to see us naked?" Monica said.

Shari looked over at Monica.

"Well, yeah, they are," Shari said.

Monica laughed.

"Give me a break," she said.

Shari looked perplexed by Monica's statement.

They arrived at Shari's office, where Shari's boss, David, was waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

"Happy Nude Secretaries Day, Shari!" David said, extending the flowers towards her.

Shari smiled at the gesture.

"Thank you, David," Shari said, taking the flowers and setting them on her desk.

"All right, let's have a look at you, gorgeous," David said.

"Oh, please," Monica said, as Shari began to remove her coat. "There's no way you're being serious! We-"

Monica was at a loss for words as Shari removed her coat, revealing her stunning and shapely body, without a stitch of clothing.

David seemed oblivious of anyone else in the room as he stared at Shari's round, full breasts and long slender legs, and smiled.

Shari was at least a D cup and appeared to be all natural, so Monica felt a bit inadequate with her modest C's. Shari tried not to notice David's admiring stares as she set her coat aside, sat down at her desk and began her duties for the day, in the nude.

Monica backed out of the room slowly, and Shari turned toward her.

"You'd better get your coat off," Shari said. "It's almost eight o'clock."

"I will. When I get to my office," Monica said.

Monica walked swiftly down the halls, with the clicking of her heels alerting her coworkers to her presence. They peeked out their offices as she passed, disappointed that she still hadn't taken off her coat yet.

Monica strode into her office and shut the door behind her. She braced her body against the doorway and took a deep breath.

This was for real. Today was Nude Secretaries Day. She would have to be nude.

Monica took her coat off and placed it on the hook on the door. She paced nervously around the room, and was relieved to see Albert wasn't in his office and couldn't see that she was fully dressed.

There has to be something, Monica thought. I could fake being sick. I could claim a family emergency. I could quit! Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Monica stammered.

"Roger," the voice said.

"Who?" Monica asked.

"Your deliveryman," he said.

Roger was, in fact, the deliveryman. Monica was so distraught she completely forgot about him.

"Leave it by the door," she said in a nervous panic.

"Is there a problem in there?" Roger asked.

"No," Monica said.

"Then open the door."

Monica's thoughts were a train wreck inside her head. She grabbed her coat and put it on, and opened the door. Roger stood there with a perplexed expression.

"You need to sign," Roger said, extending a clipboard and pen towards her.

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