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Sex Story: You saw what she did. What would you do?

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Pretty much everyone knows about Stockholm Syndrome - the name given to the condition that occurs when a hostage befriends or starts to feel compassion for his or her captor. I wonder if there is a similar syndrome for rape victims? I watched my wife being raped but she never told me about it and never reported it to the authorities. And even though I know she can't stand the asshole I know that she has seen him at least twice more.

Trisha and I have a cabin up in the mountains. It isn't much, just a place for weekend getaways. We get up there once every six weeks or so and when we are there Trisha usually lays out and soaks up the sun while I take our two boys and go rock climbing. We have a neighbor who is semi-retired and who lives on the mountain full time. Trisha can't stand Archie and I don't know why. I can only guess that it might have been because Archie is black

When we bought the property and were surveying to build Archie came over and introduced himself and started giving up pointers on what to avoid when building in the mountains. He was extremely helpful and put us in touch with all of the right people to get all of the necessary clearances and permits. During the construction phase Archie was the self appointed watchdog over our property and was twice able to stop the theft of our building materials. Even though the boys and I liked Archie and considered him a friend Trisha never did cotton to him. The trouble was that she didn't hide it.

It was the first weekend in October and the weather was unseasonably warm for that time of the year. The boys and I had packed a lunch, filled our canteens and had headed out for a rock outcropping that we wanted to try and climb. As we left Trisha was spreading her blanket and getting ready to catch some rays. I told her to be careful, "Don't forget what the sun can do to you at this altitude" and then I kissed her and the boys and I set out. We saw Archie sitting on his front porch and we waved as we passed by and he waved back.

It was about twenty-five minutes later when we topped a ridge that overlooked the site of our cabin and we sat down to take a break. I put my binoculars to my eyes and looked for our cabin and when I found it I focused in on it. Trisha was lying on her back on her blanket with her arm over her eyes to block the sun. I sat there drinking in the sight of my sexy wife in her bikini bathing suit. I was just about to put the binoculars down when I saw Trisha suddenly sit up and look to her left. I panned left with the glasses and saw Archie walking toward her. Trisha sat there and watched him approach and when he got to her they started talking to each other. After a minute or so I saw anger on Trisha's face and she scrambled to get up off the blanket. She said something to Archie and turned to walk away from him, but Archie's arm shot out and grabbed the back strap of Trisha's bikini top and he jerked her back. He spun her around and said something and Trisha slapped his face. Archie spun her around, forced her down on the blanket and then sat down on top of her.

Trisha was fighting to get out from under him and even though I couldn't hear her I could tell she was screaming, not that it would do any good, except for Archie our nearest neighbor was two miles away. Archie took out his pocketknife and cut Trisha's bikini bottoms off of her and tossed them aside and suddenly a cold fear gripped my heart as I realized what I was seeing and that there wasn't a damned thing that I could do about it. It was too far away to run back in time to stop anything and too far away for me to yell and have Archie hear me. If I jumped up and down, waved my arms and screamed to try and get his attention all I would accomplish would to bring the boys over and then they would use their binoculars to see what was going on. I didn't think that it would be a good thing for a twelve and a thirteen-year-old to see their mother being raped. All I could do was watch and observe everything possible so I could give the police an accurate statement.

Archie tossed Trisha's bikini bottoms aside and then he unzipped himself and pulled out his black cock. He got off Trisha, pulled her up on her knees and then he took her from behind. He fucked her for almost five minutes before I saw him pull away and I saw his soft cock fall out of her. He looked down at Trisha, still on her hands and knees and said something. I saw Trisha say something and her shake her head no. Archie undid his belt and stepped out of his trousers and said something and again Trisha seemed to respond in the negative. Archie walked around in front of her, reached down and grabbed a handful of Trisha's hair and jerked her head up. He pushed his cock toward Trisha's mouth and she turned her head aside. Archie jerked her hair real hard and when Trisha opened her mouth to scream Archie pushed his cock between her lips. Then he held her head in both hands and fucked her face and as much as it pains me to admit it I found that her white face and his black cock had a certain erotic symmetry to it. That went on for several minutes and then Archie let go of her head and stepped back from her and I saw that he was hard again. He said something to Trisha and I saw her look up at her with pure hatred on her face and say something back to him. Archie went to his knees next to her, pushed her over on her back and grabbed an ankle in each hand. He said something and Trisha spit up at him. Archie forced her legs apart, lifted them up on his shoulders and plunged his cock into her pussy.

It took Archie almost ten minutes to cum the second time and for almost five minutes of that time Trisha just laid there with her eyes closed and her hands clenched into little fists. Suddenly her eyes shot open and I saw the horror cross her face as she realized that her body was starting to respond to Archie's assault. Her hands unclenched and I saw her start to reach up to take hold of Archie's ass cheeks and I can only marvel at the will power that Trisha must have had to be able at the last second to pull them back, but I knew that Archie's cock was getting to her. Her head was moving from side to side and even though I couldn't hear I knew she was moaning. I thanked God that her legs were up on Archie's shoulders because I don't think I could have taken seeing them come up and lock around him. The boys started hollering, "Come on dad, let's get going." I told them that I had a charley horse in one leg and told them to go on without me. I'll just stay here and try to work it out until you get back."

Down at the cabin Archie was banging into Trisha and I could see that she was pushing her ass up at him and that she had finally grabbed his ass with her hands. She was looking up at him with a mixture of anger and lust on her face even as the two of them fucked each other. Finally it was over and Archie lifted himself off Trisha and stood there looking down at her while he stroked his cock a couple of times. Trisha was on the blanket watching him as he walked into our cabin. She made no move to get up when he came back with a couple of beers and held one down to her. She just stared up at him for several seconds and then she reached up and took it from him. She sat up to drink it and I watched as the two of them drank the beer and looked at each other. Trisha finished her beer and tossed the bottle aside and started to stand up. Archie said something and Trisha said something and shook her head no. Archie said something and again Trisha answered and I saw her head shake no. Archie stood up and took a step toward Trisha and she hurriedly took off her bikini top and dropped it to the ground. More words were said and then Trisha looked around, as if hoping someone would come and help her. There was no one of course and she got up and walked over to where Archie was setting and knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hand. She stroked him a couple of times and then she lowered her head and began sucking on him. It took Trisha almost five minutes to get him off and even from as far away as I was I could see the cum running down her chin. Then Archie did the totally unexpected - he leaned down and kissed Trisha. It surprised her as much as it surprised me and I saw her head jerk away from his. Archie said something and after a moment of hesitation Trisha leaned forward and Archie kissed her again. Archie said something and Trisha sat down in front to him. She was still between his legs and he was saying something to her. After a minute or so I saw her lean sideways and rest her head on his leg.

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