Paying The Price

by DG Hear

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, Violent, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Some men won't stand for a cheating wife. Clyde takes care of business.

A big thank you goes out to my editors, LadyCibelle and Techsan. Because of them my stories are a much better read.

I read story after story about cheating wives and even cheating husbands. I know every person is different and react to finding their spouse cheating differently. In most relationships, I would expect the husband to fly off the handle and do something if he found a man in bed with his woman.

I just read a number of stories and in every one of them the husband comes home early and finds a strange car in his driveway. In most of them he walks in his own home quietly and hears sounds coming from his master bedroom. He approaches the door which is usually cracked open so he can see inside the room. On his marital bed he sees his wife being plowed by an overly large cock and yelling for more.

Now, please understand that I'm not knocking any writers or authors. I'm knocking these stupid fucking wimps that are boyfriends and husbands. They watch their wives getting fucked and they feel bad. They are in a mind boggling situation on what to do, so they slowly back out of the room and sneak back out of their own home and go to the bar to give it some more thought while they drink a pint of Jim Beam. Later they go home and act as though nothing has happened and then later try and plan some type of revenge. Is this what real men do?

I say, "Bullshit to you cuckolding wimp sons of a bitches. You candy ass motherfuckers who let other men use your wife and stand back and watch. You don't want to mess up your nice little marriage and maybe have to face reality. In some cases you actually stand there and jack-off while watching your so-called lover get plowed.

To all of you so called caring husbands and boyfriends, I say, "Fuck you!" It happened to me and I'll tell you what I did.

Mandy and I had been married for eleven years. We had two kids: Trevor who was ten and Jasmine who was eight. I always thought we had a good marriage. Like most marriages, we made love all the time in our early years. We lived a pretty complete love life. Missionary position, from behind and even bought one of those Chinese books on a thousand ways to do it. About six of them were pretty good. The rest the Chinese can have back.

I wasn't afraid to give Mandy oral sex; I am Clyde and looked like a Clyde, big and burly. I am a pretty big fellow and not afraid of a whole lot. Eating pussy wasn't the best thing for me but I was willing to do it to her since she gave me blowjobs pretty often. She never could take the whole thing in her mouth but she tried. I guess taking her from behind was my favorite position. I'd grab hold of her hips and plow the fuck out of her pussy. She would always meet me stride for stride. I do have to say she was good.

Her favorite position was her on top. I liked it too when I was tired. She would climb on and ride me like a fucking bronco. I didn't have as much control this way but I was able to play with her tits in this position.

I know I sound like a prick, but I wasn't always this way. I carry a big grudge and that's just the way it is. I need to get over it but it isn't easy.

Like a lot of younger people we were in debt. It was our own fault. We wanted the same things our parents have but we wanted it now. It took our parents thirty years to accumulate their belongings. It wasn't just Mandy spending money; I wanted all the new toys too; all new appliances and a big screen TV to name a few. Anyway, we got in debt. I was already working at the factory six days a week. We got profit sharing checks but because of the economy they seemed to have gotten a lot smaller. Anyway, Mandy said she could go to work. I felt bad not being able to support my family but that was the only way out of our debt.

Mandy got a job at one of the local department stores. She didn't make a lot but she was able to work hours around the kid's schedule. Of course that meant I didn't see her very often. At least not as often as I would have liked. Our love making days were fewer and far between. Mandy said between the kids and work, she just wasn't in the mood. I could understand that; there were days that I wasn't up to it either.

We used to always argue about money, but now it was taking care of the house. She told me I needed to do more. She was probably right and I tried. But then it turned out that I couldn't do things well enough or didn't do it her way. You have to understand that I didn't mind doing things, but if I was to do it, it was going to be my way. One argument after another led into no sex. I guess that was my punishment for not doing things her way.

I started going to the bar while she worked. I was just pissed and tired of being alone. The kids were always going to their grandparents because Mandy's parents owned a pool. We couldn't afford one. I met a number of women at the bar but I didn't do anything but talk to them. I did buy them a few drinks. It got back to Mandy about me hanging around the bar. She was really pissed and told me if I was going to fuck some whore then she could do the same.

I told her it wasn't true and whoever told her I was fucking around on her was a fucking liar. She wouldn't tell me who it was. She just went to bed and locked me out. I thought about busting the door down, but then I'd have to repair it. I figured she'd get over it so I slept on the couch.

We weren't getting along good at all then. We argued about little petty things. We didn't talk anymore. We both threatened the other with divorce over nothing but bullshit. The kids spent more and more time at Mandy's parents. I guess they hated to see us argue and it hurt them also.

On Friday, I told Mandy I was taking Saturday off and going fishing. I needed to get my head on straight. Mandy said, "Here we need money and you're taking a day off. What the hell is wrong with you?"

It was another argument. Mandy accused me of taking along one of the bar broads. I didn't know where she got her information but she wouldn't tell me. It wasn't true, although I'll admit in the last few weeks that one of them kept coming on to me. I liked the attention but didn't do anything with her. I did talk kind of dirty with her but I honestly never touched her. One day she reached over and grabbed my cock. It actually felt good but I put my hand on top of hers and removed it. I told her that Mandy and I were having marital problems but I wouldn't cheat on her.

On Saturday, I got up and took my fishing gear and headed out. I was gone for about four hours when I think I finally got my head on straight. Sometimes it takes being alone in the wilderness to clear the mind. It's what fishing did for me. I realized how stupid both Mandy and I had been. Instead of talking with clear heads, we would both argue, neither of us giving an inch.

I decided to go home and have the two of us sit down like adults and work on our problems. When I arrived home there was a strange vehicle in my driveway. Immediately I thought about those fucking stories and how the wimps reacted. I walked into my house quietly and listened for any sounds. I heard Mandy say, "Ralph, this isn't right, even if Clyde is cheating on me."

I peeked in the room and Ralph had his hand on Mandy's breast. Her blouse was opened and her bra was pulled above her tits. I walked into the room.

"Oh, my God, Clyde, what are you doing home? This isn't what you think," Mandy said. Boy, what a stupid fucking answer. We both were smarter than that.

I grabbed hold of Ralph and pulled him off the sofa. He had his pants unzipped and his cock out. I pulled him up and hit him hard in the mid-section. I hit him with a right cross to his jaw. I think I might have dislocated it. I threw him across my living room knocking over a table and lamp. I jumped on him and hit him over and over again. I stood up and kicked him in the gonads. All this time Mandy was screaming and crying for me to stop. I picked up the bleeding near lifeless piece of shit and threw him out the door onto my lawn.

"You fucking whore, get the fuck out of my house."

I grabbed her and she screamed as I threw her out the front door with her tits still hanging out. I slammed the door shut and locked it.

I heard Mandy screaming from outside for me to let her in; she needed to talk to me and to call an ambulance for Ralph. I didn't do either but within about five minutes a squad car and ambulance showed up. They told me to open the door or they would bust it down.

I opened it and they came charging in. They told me to lie face down on the floor with my legs spread. One officer put his knee in my back and cuffed me. The ambulance was already taking an unconscious Ralph to the hospital. Mandy had her clothes fixed and her tits back in her bra where they belonged. They talked to Mandy and took her statement. I didn't say a word. They gave me my Miranda rights and I refused to talk.

They placed me in a squad car and took me off to jail. Mandy called the jail and even came to it. I told the officers running the place that I wanted no contact with her. It was one of the few rights I had left. An officer - a nice fellow named Joe - came over to my holding cell to talk to me.

"Off the record, Clyde, what the hell happened?"

"Communication or lack of it," I replied. "My wife was getting ready to fuck a guy on my couch. I'm not a fucking wimp so I took matters into my own hands.

"Did you hear her side of the story, Clyde?" he asked.

"Joe, let me make it real simple. She wasn't being forced. She was going to do it of her own free will. What kind of man would I be if I took shit like that? I did what I had to do. Now I guess I'm going to pay the price," I said.

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