Mom's Girllfriend

by Marina Tete

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, BDSM, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: sandy meets a wonderful lover but it turns out to be her moms's. this sets her up for a hot rough session with both of them.

I woke up one day to the phone ringing; picking it up I was met with the usual babbling my mom produces on the phone. I was doused from sleep and didn't catch anything from her except that she wanted me to drop by her house for an urgent matter. Knowing mom, her urgent matter was probably some worthless crap she bought and wanted to show it off. I made my self a sandwich and prepared my bath. After eating and checking my agenda for the day, I figured that I have nothing pressing for today and may be I should go and see what the hell mom has bought.

I got up and headed to the bathroom, standing in front the mirror I checked myself. I am 23 but my face says 16 while my body is very mature. My weight is average, mom thinks I should drop off a few pounds to be slender but I like my slightly full body. My breasts and full double B size with large brown aureoles and nipples. Turning, I look at my butt, it is firm and round and so punishable. I check the water and it is perfect, I place my self in the tub and enjoy the warm feeling.

Thinking about last night, I was really horny and needed a nice evening with my boyfriend. I called him and set a date. After getting dressed up and headed for his place. I find a note on the door saying that he had to leave for work emergency. I stormed away, thinking what is an accounting emergency. Anyway I found my self in a bar and ordered a drink. Sitting there alone, half fuming half horny, a lady comes and sits next to me. I usually don't engage in bar conversations and if I did, I never talk about myself.

"Tough night" she said, I didn't answer and tried to think of an excuse to shut her up. "Yeah, I'm just tired." I answered hoping she will stop.

"I bet some guy stood you up, you look so beautiful and angry, probably because of him" she remarked.

I WAS angry, and her suggestion hit a soft point in me, "I bet you got stood up too." I said.

"No me, I never hook up with a guy who would do that." She arrogantly replied. "Well all guys are the same, you'll never hook up with any then." Her arrogance teased me and wanted her to stop it.

"Who needs to hook up with a guy when beautiful girls like you are available." She answered rather softly. "Girls are never enough, for me anyway." I said noting that she is starting to hit on me. I have nothing against lesbians but I need guys too.

"Really, have you been with one?" she said trying to trap me. I knew where she was leading me and decided to go there. May be this one night stand with her would lift me up. "I have been with many, but I am sure you're the best" I answered smiling and placed my hand on her knee in attempt to spread it. She looked at me in pure glee, "care to try" she said then got up and paid for our drinks. "My car is right outside, will you follow or ride with me" she asked.

I came with a cab to meet my boyfriend so I got in her car with her. On the way we talked and got to know each other, the ride didn't take ten minutes and she stopped in front of an apartment building. We got out and she led the way to her apartment. Inside it was really nice and I noticed she had some of the crap mom buys.

That intrigued me a little, mom pays fortunes for these things, she -Pam- looked to be a working woman how could she afford that stuff.

But I soon gave that up when she sat me down on her bed and made love to my body. First her hands roamed me and caressed my skin, and then her mouth and tongue took it from there. In my previous experiences with girls we fingered and went down each other, but she was amazing. Spending what seemed like hours fondling my breasts, sucking my nipples hard and twisting them with her fingers.

Next she nibbled and kissed all over my stomach till she reached my mound, she combed my pubis with her fingers. Reaching my pussy, she breathed softly on it and I was lost. Miniature orgasms coursed through me and I moaned for her to go on, she brought her lips on my mouth and sucked on my tongue. Her lips were amazingly full and tender and her kiss was soft long and extremely erotic.

We were interlocked for a while in our kiss and her hands were cupping and groping my breasts, she had to pull her mouth away from mine for air. She looked at me with her dark kitten like eyes, "please, finish me off" I gasped. "With pleasure" she said and went down between my legs. She played with my wet folds with her fingers then placed her tongue on my clit. I was moaning and groaning from her touch.

She stabilized me by placing her hands on my inner thighs and holding them open. And then she hovered my pussy with her mouth sending me to pleasure land.

I woke up to find my self in her bed, half an hour later as her clock told. She was next to me, watching my face as I slept. I thanked her for my pleasure and began to give hers but she stopped me and said later. I called a cab and we parted for the night after exchanging phone numbers.

I woke from my daydream to the sound of the phone; I finished my bath and went to check for messages. Mom has left me about 10 messages to hurry up and get there. She knew I was still home, I always did that to see if what she wanted me for is important or not. Apparently this time it is, as she has never left so many messages in such a short time.

I got dressed in a soft cotton skirt and a matching blouse, I knew it was hot outside so I discarded my under wear to protect my sensitive skin from irritation. This has always annoyed mom because she thinks it is so sluttish to walk around without underwear. I liked to do that not only from the heat but it gave this thrill of exposure and a risqué feeling. I drove off to mom's place and got there in half an hour, her house is a supreme suburban home filled with all antiquities and valuables she could put her hands on. She lived really off from dad's life insurance income and enjoyed her life to the blast.

Mom was in the living room and her maid told me she had a guest and mom told her to make me wait for her in the terrace. Probably she didn't want me to embarrass her in front of the guest- I thought it was one of the hypocrites who sell the crap she buys.

I sat alone for a while then mom came to me, "hello dear, were you busy this morning?" she said. "Why mom?" I asked her knowing what she will say. "It just took you so long to get here that's all and I had to switch appointments to make up for your delay" she answered.

I was annoyed and knew didn't do such a thing but apologized anyhow, "I am sorry mom, I slept late last night and was drowsy this morning that's all" she didn't look satisfied with my answer, "you was out with your boyfriend I guess" she asked.

"Yes mom, I was out with my boyfriend." I answered not wanting to tell her I had a mind blowing lesbian escapade.

She laughed and said, "all right then let's move on to the reason I brought you in," she looked at me and I was looking forward to thrashing her for her latest acquisition. "You can rest Sandy, it is not something I bought. It is a new acquaintance I wanted you to meet." She said sensing my defenses rise. She got up and called someone from the next room, "Sandy this Pam, Pam this is my daughter Sandy"

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